King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

King Von

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    From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
    Shot by @jerryphd
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    Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

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    1. Unique Talley

      We love you king Von 😘💕

    2. you Joe


    3. Deandra Mitchell

      R.I.P. von best storyteller

    4. Jacoby Johnson

      I thought this was rylo rodriguez at first

    5. NoLimit CJay

      Only real King Von fans that knew him before death can say R.I.P🕊👑😔

    6. D money

      2021 this king von year RIP homie

    7. Sarah Moua

      He is good at basketball u my son I'm yo daddy

    8. Sarah Moua

      I hope king von is okay but rip von

    9. RanMind YT

      I thought he was dead

    10. Quando Rondo


    11. Layla


    12. Teedee_33rdon YT


    13. Julius Williams

      N***** dying a whole lot of October the real Halloween”

    14. TIK TOK


    15. Antoine

      you know how they say everybody who made song called armed and dangerous died? they all had police involved too; you cannot be a black millionaire and confess to that when that's what they want ...i believe that dude shot von but also believe the police probably shot him too; and they didn't even help fr smh rest in peace g


      rip. king von........😭

    17. Joseph Caputo

      lets just be honest even tho this dude died he was hot trash

    18. Ibrahim Kaba

      RIP TO DA GOAT 🐐🔥😤💪💯

    19. Liam Farley

      Rip von🙏🏻🥺❤️

    20. Khwanito Alg

      That nigga dead , he gotta pay for everything wrong he did on this earth and yall niggas still post music of him smh, same thing for pop smoke that shitt gotta stop.

    21. DaeDinero29

      Bro this shit just fire🔥

    22. kierra banks

      Rip king von 😩😩

    23. Zgunz Gaming

      Most lyrical rapper of this generation besides eminem, nle choppa, polo G , Kendrick lamar, and so on

    24. Trap Expendables Records


    25. bwr. miles

      The best rapper in the rap game

    26. Carlos.

      smoking that von pack

    27. Slim Stoner

      Don’t say “who’s still here” Were never leaving!!! #LLKV💙🕊

    28. 24k Sosa

      Y’all riding his dic like he a god😂😭

    29. Ace Boogie

      He was* armed & dangerous

    30. mari to cool

      rip 2020

    31. Estphon Skaterlife


    32. kendall sprouts

      Long live king von the best let's go

    33. OTW OnlyTheWolfordz

      Dat boy Von been paying homeage to Chief 🆘🅰️

    34. Jalal sewilam

      Chicago gang

    35. Kylen Burnett

      Brother not dead

    36. Xx_ crash-pac _xX

      Do yall know why his nickname is "Grandson"? Cause I do. Just Stop I'm not telling you Your trapped He got it- nevermind Ugh fine He got it from a old head in prison when he was locked up for Malcom Stuckeys death and ran with it ever since

    37. DJMONEYFAM Lit

      Bro just drop I DONT PLAY DAT

    38. Jayden Maldonado

      Ain’t he dead how he make this

    39. Cassie Hauser

      I Love King Von

    40. Akoid 1 VLOGS

      Long Live King Von 💙🕊

    41. Lia :3

      Why tf are there 5.3k dislikes

    42. Drano Wilson

      RIP my nigga von

    43. Kie Smith

      Knock a kid out and say oo that n**** WEAK friends start to laugh.

    44. Kayden Turner

      Sup. King. Von

    45. Michael Miller

      I've listened to King von my entire life ever since he made music he is fire rest in peace king von and if you don't believe me I'll put it on God bro he's a real one

    46. CollinProYT

      Coped juice wrld

    47. DiasporaDanny

      🔥 🔥

    48. unknown user

      Long Live Von

    49. Berriel cahnce

      is that james harden

    50. Tyler Emilien

      0:40 that face I make when my nigga roast me for a girl

    51. Li Kymani

      I thought king von was dead

    52. Jermaine may

      Your people dislike this videos you are as haters you're always haters

    53. Lisa_643

      Who Else Misses King Von 😔😫😫😭😭😭☠️

    54. Nathan Ogiugo

      i confess that i always knew who he was but didnt start listening to his music till after his death,same with xxxtentacion

    55. Nathan Ogiugo


    56. JimmyNuetron 42s

      1:12 your welcome

    57. Peyton Labella

      Taking attendance everyone say here or present

    58. Ryland Tapper

      i been balling

      1. Ryland Tapper

        I can do all of the 64 gang sings

    59. landell miller

      yo is he still alive

    60. Brandie Sims-Garcia


    61. Damien Knight

      The people who pressed the dislike button were just crying from king vons death and pressed the wrong button

      1. Brandon O'Connor

        @D Low thats disrespectful better be looking over your shoulder some of his homies gone run up on you👀

      2. 1229 YUNG AI 09

        Whats up wit u d low???

      3. Mayia Craig

        @D Low thats mean😭😭😭😭

      4. D Low

        Fuck von

      5. Yvng_weeb_fb


    62. Brandon A Newton

      Don't seem like a threat to me...isn't he dead? lol smh

    63. Queen Zephaniah and Zamoria zz

      The real halloweeen

    64. Jack Roesch

      Nice job this kid stole a song name

    65. Dylan Hall

      rip von it hits diffrent

    66. Travis Wilkerson

      Long live von Smoke and juice. Fuck the new world order ....u my son im yo Daddy!!

    67. Alexander Billalovos


    68. Q2OZ YT

      Rip man

    69. Q2OZ YT

      November 6, the day a Lengend died🕊🥀

    70. Q2OZ YT

      King von was a real g

    71. Q2OZ YT

      King von🥀🕊

    72. Q2OZ YT

      King con🥀🕊

    73. Q2OZ YT

      King von🔥✨🥀

    74. D K

      Remember how he said “When I die, I find Tooka ass and I’ma beat em up”?

    75. Q2OZ YT

      Choppper spuad police steady watching huh???

    76. Precedence Is Daddy

      Fuck your youtube likes, RIP VON a real legend

    77. Rufina Chua

      No auto tone nice♨️

    78. Thomas Hayilee


    79. Melchizedek Harriott


    80. K.D.K 601

      He went tf off🔥😩💯💔

    81. NeKo 7272

      Long live King Von 👑

    82. Isaiah Le Hanie

      RIP Von 🕊🪦

    83. Tommy Thanh Bui

      Bet story rapper yo fr🥱❤️❤️

    84. Jeha Sisieisi

      Rip Von

    85. Teddy Gudu

      rip grandson

    86. Musica Mundial

      Rip Von🕊❤️ best storyteller in the rap game

    87. Lamar Tae

      He killed that best rapper in the game

    88. Miguel Romero

      Lil Durk

    89. Brian Arodi


      1. Mason Cochran

        It’s in the right order


        Watch his funeral here :(

      3. Kabunare Tienang


    90. Jordan Burrows

      This song will never get old

    91. Pharel Raysor

      Rip King von we miss you bro ❤️

    92. carlpe

      Those who disliked probably meant dis I like

    93. r.i.p savage_xxsavageksg & r.i.p kkxmsii

      Best rap stuff he telling I need a heart from king von in my comment if he do imma cry

    94. M•K•D• SINGERS

      “You my son I’m yo daddy”

    95. M•K•D• SINGERS

      Long love V.ROY🕊🤍😘

    96. Nirzs xtry


    97. wynn salomon

      We all love u king von

      1. wynn salomon

        And miss y


      1:29 When yo mom put u in charge of yo lil brother * Long Live Von *

    99. Smooth and Creamy Italian

      Best of the new rap out there. Dude goes hard AF. That’s coming from a OG Much love gangsta. RIP King Von

    100. Kobe Bryant

      *yo does lucifer have any weed down there? Can he rap like you*