Man Pranks People by Wearing Realistic-Looking Face Mask - 1175805-1

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    1. Fron Villa

      This needs to be a series...

    2. its 5.56 somewhere


    3. Louise Jeffries

      That’s cool I like that, good for you.

    4. Archie Flanagan

      It doesn’t look real

    5. Vandelay Industries

      That's so funny. How did he keep a straight face the whole time?

    6. Carol Driehorst

      I like that mask, looks natural.

    7. Big GD

      😂 This shit funny as hell

    8. Keith Schubert

      where can I buy one of these masks?

    9. Smooth Operator

      Or you could just not wear one and not be a bitch

    10. Jason Draws

      “ this is how we role”

    11. Arian salehin

      this man was the inspiration for ex-arm anime hahaha

    12. reihan2007

      Is that guy dumb because he already know that is a mask is real and not his mouth his mouth will be moving when he talks bruh🙄

    13. Deb Ferguson

      Haha 😆 that’s good darn mask it looks like real he pulled the mask down without covering.👍👍👍👏👏👏😂

    14. Sam Superman

      LOVE IT!

    15. GRJCLyon

      I want one for work. F em. LOL

    16. KiraLea Simms


    17. 19.008 Mufli Rafiandy

      dad jokes

    18. CovidBS


    19. Eileen Camacho

      That’s funny

    20. Mod 66

      Funny until someone punches you in the face for thinking you are going to infect them or their family !

    21. Neal Beach




    23. Katie Burke

      That's funny...

    24. Saint Mike

      Does anyone know where he got his mask?

    25. Mingo295


    26. Brent Ufkes

      Pull your mask up. That's where I turn and exit

    27. mario g

      funny but not funny. phake vyris

    28. Richard Crawford

      He ruined it by saying “this is how we roll”

    29. Julie Wellington

      Good stuff ! Great to have a laugh in these tense, sad times. 👍

      1. Powell John

        Hello Julie

    30. Spinster Jones

      They need to make one with a cig in the mouth.

    31. coolboythepug 64

      He kinda looks like Homer Simpson

    32. aola wili

      "Oh wow that is to cool"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Sun shine


    34. Peter Pizzurro

      Bunch of pussies!

    35. Apple Pie Gaming

      I love it lol!

    36. alexandre hendges dos reis


      1. alexandre hendges dos reis

        @aola wili VERY COOL!

      2. aola wili

        I got this recommended

    37. Colin Belchamber

      Clever ,brilliant

    38. Greg Brimstone

      Can I get a *"GOT EEM!"*

    39. Sangwoo’s Ashes

      oh... a way to make people mad... i love it

    40. zmasher

      even i felt for it

    41. Suhara Salam


    42. James Dorsijiuhjuh

      Didn't take long for the mask police to come out!

    43. amerah Hamdi

      Deprive a cell of oxygen for 48 hours and it becomes cancerous.. the dr. Who did this study won noble prize for this particular study... and he had concluded that in high levels of oxygen cancer cells die!! To be healthy you need to breathe right and good amount of oxygen all the time. And yeah if masks dont restrict breathing then why are people with breathing difficulties exempt from wearing one?

    44. Gina lovespenguins

      Feel like this was staged lmao

    45. JTTO

      Now that FN awesome!!!

    46. Blake W

      Nothing better to do with your time. I’m sure.

    47. Matthew Grisham

      “Pull your mask up” like a little bitch ass dude.

      1. Blue Lotus

        F nazi he is

    48. Hisbeautiful Truth

      Pretty cool!😄

    49. Native Nfree

      I know he probably doesn't want to wear makeup but he could get foundation that matches that mask exactly & it would make that mask even more realistic.

      1. Blake W

        That’s overkill honestly

    50. Lantempoo

      I got this recommended

    51. Wharton Madkins

      😀 If YOU could CUSTOMIZE that to every FACE... YOU probably can make SOME💰

    52. Chrome Firefox


    53. Noseefood

      I thought about just painting a mask on my face

    54. tiffany nottage

      How do I get one of these!

    55. Body Balance By Ben

      Can this mask bull shit just be over

    56. Penny Montano

      Where can I get one ?

    57. Martin Granderson

      Face mask looks better than his face. Sorry. Facts.

    58. Consuella Turner

      That is funny!

    59. Nola’s Randomness

      The guy that told him to put his mask up was not even a worker?!?!l

    60. Pro Fisherman

      Only lunatic lefty snowflakes get mad that the government doesnt make them follow more orders....smfh...retards

    61. Bonnie Bester

      I have a Fox, Bear and Lion...Roar!

    62. REGGI ENN

      Lol. It would have been better if you painted a crack pipe inbetween those lips

    63. Adam Macias

      The mouth not moving part. Oh what a beautiful day!

    64. Kaden Blankenship

      That was generally good. Great job

    65. Minnie Mouse

      Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love it.

    66. JeremyTheGamer08

      Ventriloquist expose

    67. rustusandroid

      Took 3 seconds before the mask jackboots confronted you. 2 more seconds, and you would've been assaulted.

      1. rustusandroid

        @Anthony Walker Good point.

      2. Anthony Walker

        Assault means they would have to get more than 6ft. These type of people would call the cops.

    68. DJ TechnoGuru

      Where do you get this mask, I want one!

    69. Standing Elton

      I want one of those masks! I could do so much pranking. I'm an investor & that's a real headache, so pranking with mask would help me relax! Thank You!

    70. ItzCaptainFridaee

      who's here from ddui 👍😃

    71. Classic Mopars


    72. Cuwo

      This is gonna be on ur recommended

      1. K1 BCG


      2. Super Terabyte


      3. Jonathan Gladney

        Why do I see you everywhere

      4. Iris Zhu

        lmfao yes... my teacher did this to me and i was just like... hell yeah i know this already i wacted this vid

    73. M D

      Put the martin tyler “Ohhh YESSSS!” At the end of this

    74. Dybix

      Tylko dlaczego najman tam szybko spierdolil do USA

    75. Saberrawk

      Hey bro, I heard you like facemasks. So I put your face on a facemask so you can wear a facemask of your face in a facemask.

    76. john thompson

      we would of walked out the second they said to wear a mask,,, keep your vehicles!

      1. Clouds & Unicorns

        @Logan Miller it means they are their to sell cars and make money not be rude to customers.

      2. Logan Miller

        what does this even mean

    77. VIBIN

      This is how we roll

    78. dome ENT. firm

      Ppl still believe in this fake virus

    79. tomitstube

      good on the salesman for telling him.

    80. Eh Thomas

      Science has taught for over 100 years that a cotton face cloth will not stop a virus,now all of a sudden it will lmfao libtards are pathetic

    81. Valerie Henderson

      link to the mask?!!!!

    82. VirtualKing

      First off how did he not notice that his mouth wasnt even moving when he was talking

    83. #theworstyoutuber

      What kind of prank is this? Where's the explosions?

    84. Paul Geyer

      Other than to show the world he is a complete jerk, what is the purpose of his video?

      1. Anthony Walker

        What's the purpose of forcing someone to use a mask properly. He wasn't sneezing or coughing. Virus still spreading and these mask still haven't done shit. The true jerks are the ones demanding him to wear it properly

    85. Justyna P


    86. Ellie

      I,m More cooler an this boy

    87. Emmett Turner

      I love how the mask seems to smile after he puts it back on. :)

    88. No Prep Stretch

      FK Biden and his fake corona😡

    89. Pablo Van Cleef


    90. Jason Dauzat

      Bwahaha!!! Nice!!

      1. gioyu comi


    91. NothingCanStopWhatsComing

      Then pull out a fad wad of cash and say well I was going to buy a car cash on the spot today but since you want to make me wear a face diaper for no reason I think I will pass. Yeah I actually did this. The look on the salesman's face was priceless.

    92. Kriti Wadhawan

      You guys, I will see you after 8 years when this comment gets famous 😄

      1. gioyu comi

        Other than to show the world he is a complete jerk, what is the purpose of his video?

    93. alfonse coppola

      mask is as useless as the guy in the white house

    94. Philip David

      The correct answer is fuck right off, worry about yourself

    95. xxTrue Gamingxx

      "Oh wow that is to cool"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. Un learnin d learn'd

      Imagine being a celebrity with a whole face and body suit acting like someone else

      1. Un learnin d learn'd

        @pjmcray101 lol

      2. pjmcray101

        Or a Politician or Dr. Fauci oh wait....😯😯😯

    97. My Pussies

      Крутая маска😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

    98. Fred Forbes

      someone has too much time on his hands

    99. Jaslyn Lomibao

      Nobody gonna talk about how he kinda looks like Dr. Phil or maybe he is ...

      1. Rima Abu Suheil

        He looks 0% like dr. Phil

    100. Kevin Harris

      UK police will be offended by this as no fine given out