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    1. jojo memes

      36:05 please no

    2. DPROD YT

      because its to laggy and it takes me out

    3. DPROD YT

      because im in the group

    4. DPROD YT

      ya and i want my story mode

    5. DPROD YT

      yo war is the best but you should add more rell

    6. Shpat Vokrri

      whos watching this in 2021

    7. Aser Family


      1. SpRaYZ cHiNoBoE

        then just try to get it

    8. CRYPTIC flame

      Well u got 141k

    9. ysaque gamer

      let me put the codes to work for me please Nick ysaquegamerpro

    10. Gennadij Stepanec

      я подписан

    11. BadRbxgamer

      He got 100k likes lol

    12. josue all

      Wow i just came back

    13. Rafa OMG

      get to 1 mill subs year gonna end

    14. DraghentaTekz !

      Can you please make an orochimaru gen Kai pleaseeeee

    15. lighteagle2012002

      When does sengoku release wasn't sengoku going to be it's own bloodline sasuke rin?

    16. Teenage Faze

      I just came back to remind me that they do the best they can

    17. R4MB0 1.2

      ​12D4yz0fh0tsauce! CODE

      1. R4MB0 1.2

        ​12D4yz0fh0tsauce! CODE hi code its ​12D4yz0fh0tsauce!

      2. R4MB0 1.2

        ​12D4yz0fh0tsauce! CODE

    18. notitachi Tahet


    19. Mason Riggle


    20. naruo Player

      A biju e otima

    21. F3T4T0

      remember me and my spaming

    22. Amin rehman

      Yall better sub to rellgames

    23. Elaina Nicole Abuel


    24. Purple Weeb


    25. khalid saleh

      im your mum subs

    26. Bulls Eye

      Send code pls

      1. luke cuizon

        add nyo ko gangbobo123 help get tails

      2. luke cuizon

        me to ilove your game

      3. luke cuizon

        help me get ten tails plsss guys

      4. luke cuizon


    27. Vicente Mello Bernardes

      I love your game 🍌🍌

    28. LGH_Ninja

      good video

    29. Supreme Ki

      Got the scroll I can now sleep in peace

    30. Pubg mobileFlegEr

      Jin bug no spawn

    31. draven aguila

      can i be rell too

    32. draven aguila


    33. draven aguila

      can i join

    34. ghosty 99

      bruh idk about you guys but the codes aint working for me i think its glitched or something

      1. ghosty 99

        whoops wrong vid

    35. Eva Lascano

      rell game can you help me get mode pls my name its kenopogi155

    36. angelo king


    37. angelo king


    38. Aaron Acharya

      Can I get it achy ms I spin on it I didn’t mean to plz rell games

    39. Aaron Acharya

      Can i

    40. j a


    41. 2fox g

      That’s not fare I waste all my 67 spins just to get trash stuff I need my spins back😡😡

    42. Diego Gonzalez

      P O O P Y B R O W N

    43. Lgam3s



      hello rell please help me i'm from pc but i have console controls and i don't know what to do really i can't anymore, i lost my jokei because of that bug help me !!!!

    45. Gaming Dxpe

      Shindo life will rise to the top of roblox.

    46. توم العرب


      1. توم العرب


    47. calex 1122


    48. Yellow Flash


    49. mr gamer

      that so pp

      1. Wilbert Castaneda

        Can I eat it


      did anybody heared farmer go green?

    51. Paguia Jhunmar

      I need help to get tail best who what help me

    52. dachi charxalashvili

      Alr thanks anyway i dont want :D i ranked up rip

    53. dachi charxalashvili

      Rellgames, Please made another code for stat reset. i got tyn tails max lvl 10 mil money but not Chi.5000 please made another stat point reset. Thank you

      1. dachi charxalashvili

        i used one stat point reset when i was new in this game i used it for nothing and please made another stat point reset please D:

      2. dachi charxalashvili

        Please Rellgames answer before i rank up and get max lvl again D:

    54. apelsinka_YT

      ПОНИ ОДР😍😀😘😊😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭

    55. Lance Karasu Ch.

      did u hire valorant's artist

    56. FA

      I HAVE QUESTION When are u going to add the armor?

    57. Phoenix Gaming

      :nut: if your from discord you know.

    58. derpy


    59. Jer Rob


    60. Dragonbeastmas

      rell games please patch this glitch whenever you buy too much spins it says you can’t buy anymore! and there’s a teleport glitch where it doesn’t let you teleport

    61. Jav Carter

      It pops up on Xbox why can’t I play it?

    62. BODO - LAH

      I dont like this shindon life,why!!?? : Because Shindon Life is messed up because I don't know the name ninjutsu / bloodlines anymore because the picture is not clear

    63. Călin cu Știință


    64. Lim Alex

      how to activate paper wings i cant activate is

    65. donutnoodlss

      He got the 100k likes tho

    66. fathi dhiya zhafar

      i got jashin 3 times in a row is that fair

    67. seju gamer

      Melhor jogo do roblox

    68. dino jose

      Que idioma es

    69. AUTBeNNY6 Dinh

      What if it gets banned again? XD

    70. Joseph Johnson

      I hate you

    71. Savage HS

      100k likes you got it rell we support you don't worry 😊😊👍

    72. Slobodanka Janceva

      Your game it's very good

    73. Slobodanka Janceva

      Pls give sam more spins

    74. Wen Gan

      I need a code of 140k likes on the video! This is a record

    75. Wen Gan

      Мне нужен код 140к лайков на видео! Это рекорд

    76. Evan E

      Is xbox ever going to be on shindo life i want to play it again

    77. love music

      How I can take nine tails

    78. Slayer Hypez

      Can you put trading inside Shindo Life pls that will so helpful ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    79. JeffryJacker

      i dont know if its my cmputer but when i join i cant move my mouse but its probbly my computer

    80. Guilherme Moraes

      Hello RellGames, I would like to ask you a favor through this message. So I know that you were forced by us to release shindo-life very quickly, so I know that you are dedicating yourself to fix it like bijuu, jutsus among others, but I would like it very much and would be very grateful and happy if shindo-life start running on the new PS5. I'm from Brazil and I'm not very good at translations, so I'm sorry if my text is incorrect. Thank you for your attention :).

    81. Drk Zack


    82. Drk Zack


    83. Drk Zack


    84. Drk Zack


    85. Drk Zack


    86. Renz Marie Amper

      i hate shindo life is not like shinobi life 2

      1. VoidGaming


    87. fire lazy

      Why he sound like fearless???

    88. Alifia Via

      Viz media

    89. Morpheus Kiel Capote

      Me crying cause shinobi life is back

    90. lobinho games l

      shinobi life 2 has been baned from roblox? or was it my account?

    91. Aaron Maldonado

      what the code

    92. I Simxly I

      Whenever I load into Shindo life my screens just stuck on a blue screen

      1. Konohamaru Sarutobi

        skill issue

    93. A L E J A N D R O ._.

      Thanks rell games :'D😄

    94. Ace’s Bizarre Adventures

      Noway ur tho owner I didn’t know u have yt omg woah

    95. Ace’s Bizarre Adventures

      We gchan hear ya

    96. aru maito bombadão


    97. Dekapt

      okay you fr reskinned Phoenix????