Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

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    come get yall juice
    lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
    Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
    Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
    Flamingosis - Sunset Park

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    1. Michael Reeves

      Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

      1. Winter Stanley


      2. Gabriel Mcelligott

        Make a robot (creepy doll/puppet/some creepy fucking thing) that moves towards you whenever the light is off. (Btw it needs to be average speed to get a creepy vibe to it, to get a feeling of. DEAR GOD!)

      3. The_Fonz_HD

        Please make a scale that moves when you step on it

      4. Capra Robotics

        Hi Michael. I wonder what you could do with our Capra Hircus Robot: hugets.info/show/xp2NjJnJn6aJrIY/vide.html

      5. Heart Breaks Channel

        hugets.info/show/u3-Ajai7nat9loY/vide.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊

    2. LiamJ_ Still_Playz

      There goes the last of my brain cells...

    3. LiamJ_ Still_Playz

      RIP green screen

    4. er_cajas

      Make a plane_robot that poops on peoples head

    5. Jamie Watto

      Can you build a robot that gets diabetes?

    6. The Quiet Kid

      Me when I'm drunk: "I'm gonna fuck off and find more cups to piss in"

    7. Wurstebrot

      Want to make a robot with spot that hunts people with an airside gun

    8. Literal bomb

      Many would think this is a downgrade, this is an upgrade. Michael, where can I get a robot dog that pisses beer?

    9. COOLER

      You should add code so it lifts its leg lol thanks for the chaos Michael

    10. raja samuel paderna

      It's out of control 😭😭

    11. ALAN Kadiri

      You should do a collab with I did a thing

    12. Kripton YT

      Me in 2017:Michael reeves= Harry Potter Me in 2021:Micheal Reeves=Crackhead

    13. Jure Majer

      Hej Michael. Can you make home made Cubli : D ...

    14. c c

      make it only scan when it hears the cup go down! BONK

    15. John Alfonso

      When he said "you still lied to me" at 2:08 it played a purge ad

    16. Cursor

      Boston company, i dont know: "There is someone in our parking lot peeing." other dude:"What?" "Wait, they have a spot and it looks like its peeing too?" other dude:"This is what we get for giving out spots away.."

    17. Eugene Lim

      Now make it shit cake

    18. CreeperCat Gaming

      Make a robot drone that just flies at walls.

    19. Seth Sollano

      Now make it shit

    20. Mpiq 13

      You made it..teaching dog pee to its maker...awesome 🤤🤧😂😂

    21. Bootleg Crusader

      I some how missed this upload and I’m only NOW finding it. This is a crime and I feel robbed but good video fuck HUgets notifications

    22. Torbjörn Hedin

      Lots of Rick and Morty :-)

    23. BEASTFRAG435 Pro

      finally i thought you were fucking dead

    24. valduks norvai

      Can you make a robot spider plz

    25. Sharingan Dude

      Hey Michael I’m a robotics fan and I really want to make my own robot so what if you made a video on how to make your first robot? Including programming so you don’t just have a bunch of wires and metal?

    26. maddog 2501

      Hey Michael you should do the electric avenue from jackass

    27. I am braindead

      You should make a robot that doesn´t let you order something online while you are drunk

    28. Bernt Tong

      If there was a problem with the cup falling you can pout a quarter on the bottom and tape it on

    29. Sahan Jayarathne

      Hey Michael, I have an idea for a new project. You built a drill that spins for a sub right?. How about you build a taser that tase you if someone donates you a specific amount. You are the only one knows that amount. Once someone successfully guessed it, a new amount will randomly generates. How about that huh ? LOL

    30. Caldora Scroll

      Robot Idea: A robot that gives me bad robot ideas to comment on your videos

    31. I’m a WAFFLE

      Nice now,make a time machine .

    32. Bao Nguyen

      Make glasses that auto focus for any person.

    33. Crazypenguin1

      You remind me of a youtuber called dani

    34. The Mad King

      This feels like something that anything4views and maxmoefoe implanted into micheals head when he was on cold ones

    35. Tom


    36. AveryHype


    37. Ryan Crosby

      Can we appreciate this amazing intro, “ITS AN ENGINEERING MASTERPIECE, I wanna make it piss beer into a cup-“ *instantly starts written intro*

    38. Zander Dev

      Michael, you need a "dismount" function and timer. time the pressurized beer to see how long it takes to fill the cup then have a function that has the dog move about 2 ft to the side to avoid knocking over the cup.

    39. nothing to see

      7:15 cheap and easy to assemble camere lol

    40. nothing to see

      7:00 lol

    41. Britton Bissette

      You need to make socks that electrocute you when you try to take them off... it would be funny to test

    42. FNT

      How someone invented humans and testing them be like

    43. Mason pompo

      Any one notices that micheal has the same last name as Keanu Reeves. .-.

    44. Victor Tovar

      Make a robot that feeds YOU chicken

    45. Jazzy Oats War robots gaming

      “Low iq brain idea” Sure... I couldn’t do that

    46. Jacob Bartrug

      Make a bed that tases you after a specific time so you dont stay in bed for an hour after your alarm


      The beer piss tastes like shit

    48. sheepdogHCO

      As a Flagstaff resident, thank you for pissing on the NAU sign. You have a made a friend for life.

    49. Technis Rave Machine

      Make a chair that weight shames you depending on how much you weigh

    50. Alexander Cedillo

      I love your videos it think they are funny

    51. Jadin Herron

      Cool video 👍

    52. TheMilkMan

      next vid when?

    53. Luke Garcia

      you should make robo dog have the tazer tag gun and play tazer tag again.

    54. El Caponè

      Now teach it to poop ice

    55. Logan Shultz

      make a robot that can play the Bop-It game infinitely

    56. What can I do

      Another edition to the robot uprising. (Kind of hoping for a automatic laser cannon the follows you as a shit load of drones ram into you)

    57. Olyoshi 65

      You did nothing except turned the robot dog into an actual fucking dog

    58. quekua

      How do u start ur hobbie slash job like the coding part and the hardware making part.

    59. Generic account

      Coming back for my 5th watch

    60. santino capellari

      the Elon Musk of bad ideas is back

    61. Andres Blacklaws

      i think these boston dynamics robots are cool but this is way more cool

    62. ken cookson


    63. Proper Dude

      Make a robot that gives you your phone charger if its on the ground and you want it

    64. Ticket-lucky153

      Just another 7 months until he makes a new vid

    65. Matthew T

      Ok, can I ask why I have seen no one in the comments or anyone that has reacted to this video talk about him drawing the X mark for Boston in Connecticut and not Massachusetts?

    66. Ruben Miranda

      Can you try to remake robo dog the best you can do we can see your skills?

    67. aProphetofRNG

      Fuck, this is just perfect humor. The movie magic scene, genius, godlike.

    68. Kovács Andi

      Next video: I attached 10 pistols to a beer pissing robot dog.

    69. john dere

      Make a trash can that opens when u throw something at it

    70. Chickenator

      Yo I just had a robot idea Micheal, I know you don't care but I neither do I. How about a scale that tells you how fat you are, goes like "ooh somebody needs to go on a diet..."

    71. 8bit cat

      i love him

    72. dankcycle

      This is why we're all subscribed 👍

    73. Ku Ezriq Raif

      That dog looks drunk

    74. Caisa1991

      Nice video loo

    75. Silvajs

      do an exoskeleton

    76. Kira Yoshikage

      Nice hands

    77. DaFirst Spoo

      What about soap that screams when you leave the bathroom without washing your hands

    78. Lewis Chappell

      A robot that builds another robot then destroys itself.

    79. Darwinian Glitch

      Michael, You should put a taser gun cartridge on the dog, drones, and RC cars. drone war.

    80. Li Bros

      “They’ve gone from nothing to a heroin bot that snorts crack and just wriggles around on the ground” - I laughed so hard

    81. Dylan Raymundo-Neal

      I'm also half Filipino

    82. Dylan Raymundo-Neal

      Even though the camera is $30,000, it also ships in 6-8 weeks, 7:08

    83. Slix Renn

      watching these videos is like watching a kindergartner get a hold of "Artifical" cocaine that was made out of white crayons

    84. cranberry·ᴗ·

      U should make a robot that says to subscribe to ur channel

    85. randomly founded

      Can you make it so when it detects human legs , it shoots bullets?

    86. Wasdey!

      the trip seemed fun

    87. Guy Young

      Can you try a sound cannon?

    88. heitorgoku

      did i see a among us character on the bottom right of the screen when michel said among us

    89. Lumby Gaming

      PLEASE MAKE AN ELDER WAND FROM HARRY POTTER (and possibly make it able to control stuff like curtain closer/smart light controller using voice recognition) hehe

    90. Heart Breaks Channel

      hugets.info/show/u3-Ajai7nat9loY/vide.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊

    91. RairuuDesu!

      Can u make it into a taser equipped attack dog?

    92. DancingEnginier

      if its stupid but it works then its not stupid - Soundsmith

    93. ValLas 30

      How can the camera be so expensive

    94. KryoVibin

      Why couldn’t he be my robotics teacher😔

    95. OneBigMeatball

      Just a reminder that this robot dog costs more than some houses

    96. Reilly jarvis

      Michael, what was the last time you where sober.

    97. Flame YT

      why do u uplode once a month

    98. Tiny Oats

      Wow Michael Actually went to Boston wtf.

    99. GamerPepperPig99

      im scared of michael would do if he was mega mega rich

    100. Shady pri

      Boston dynamics: why?