Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

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    1. Abdul Hannan

      No one Literally no one 2:20 Linus : I used the top of the aaaoooo

    2. Varun K

      is it just me or does Linus sound like James?

    3. rjc862003

      so the issue was that Eaton didn't put a 5cent nut on those posts, classy of them to blame the installer for a assembly error on there end

    4. tkhoppus

      wtf happend with linus voice

    5. Aaron Trinity

      buy batteries and get an eltek valere, rookies !!!!!

    6. oscyloskopu

      doing D clas amplifier from those THICK, BIG, MASSIVE mosfets inside that ups (this burned one)

    7. BOMBOM 10EZ

      2017: haha April fools go brrr 2020: HOLY CRAP IT ACTUALLY ON FIRE oh the sponsor OH NOOOOOO

    8. Brendan M

      oh eaton, they make good outlets and switches

    9. Bobbie Sterling

      brian the electrician full length theme song when?

    10. Rumi Mohammed

      how many goddamn links for sponsors does he need

    11. Merrit -Dox_Army-

      Someone from Linode hacked my private server so sad

    12. Steven Horton

      Linode is heavily used by hackers and pirates(seedboxes), I have had to block their entire network on my servers across multiple companies because of the constant automated penetration testing and ddos attacks.

    13. YaseenGamePlays

      Linus Burn Tips

    14. Matthew Talisay

      "We need more clearance behind the UPS so we took out the wall which is where I plan to cram it full of loose crap."

    15. Brayan Nexon

      8:42 Linus is a male Karen now?

    16. Bere678 0978

      is it just more or does linus sound nasally?

    17. TheStevieP

      I love how it's supposedly Brian's fault even though the thing is literally designed to fail if they don't have an Eaton tech installing it.

    18. Aaron Parrish

      love linus but his shoe selection is not good

    19. The-Timid -GAMER

      Companies always blame someone else, even when its there fault.

    20. Andrew Wallace

      Linus: "Does this pallet have any 2x4s in it?" *His hand is resting on the 2x4 in the middle of the pallet.*

    21. Martin Očko

      linus: puts locks on server front door also linus, puts magnetic doors in the back

    22. Erwin Goud

      Linus: buys a steel door for in front of the server room. Also Linus: let's put some giant ass holes in the side of this room

    23. Adil Atif

      0:42 Oh now I no where to find Brian the electrician

    24. Richard Carlson

      One would think a company like LMG would have a large server room with sound-proof walls and dedicated circuits instead of a repurposed closet, extension cables and sketchy dust magnets taped up.

    25. Skywalker Gaming

      Austin: first time?

    26. Raafat Gilani

      Is no one gonna mention that Linus sounds like he has hit an influx of puberty in this video?

    27. 1Eilatan

      "If you're gonna go kaboom, I'm gonna go kaboom, too." That's real friendship right there.

    28. Ali Naqvi

      irl among us tasks

    29. Raine Heartily

      Yup, in my place Large scale UPS need installation check and supervision from supplier before running it for the first time for the warranty to be valid

    30. Draken Fireen

      Eaton is not as reliable as they used to, i work in manufacturing using there High Hose hydraulics and found quite a few manufacturing defects from voids pits and damaged jackets that they deny they done. you can tell we left and moved to Parker for out products. i hope someday Eaton would fix there stuff and possibly higher new QA staff for there products.

    31. hypokrit07

      the advertising for cloud services on all those server room showoffs are kinda ironic

    32. mrkeefor

      I'm with Brian on who to blame. Someone at Eaton forgot to put the nuts on the bus bars. Linus should be getting the stuff for free and an apology. If not then take money elsewhere

    33. Sharcc

      Finally, a PSU that can run a 1050 ti owned by a non-tech person.

    34. Robert Lawrence

      Being a retired electrical engineer who spent a third of his career in an IT department and seeing your server room brings back scary memories of what I had to deal with. I ended up spending close to $3 million on replacing all the power systems in their radio sites, telecom rooms and server rooms. So the prices you mentioned are par for the course. Oh ya, your installation it is totally against electrical code, so I hope an inspector does not come around because they will shut you down. Cheers .,. Bob

    35. Arclite02

      "I dunno... Maybe they don't trust us." Honestly now, Linus... Would YOU trust you, at this point??

    36. Grounds

      That network adapter is 550 canadian rubles more expensive than my friends pc :( Intel i5 650 Gt 560 8gb 1333mhz ddr3

    37. Dom

      2015- at least the server room isn't on fire, yet. 2017- april fools the server room isn't on fire, its flame retardant 2020- well shit. our server room actually did catch fire.

    38. Donair

      How dare Eaton, throwing Brian under the bus for thier own mistake

    39. Next Scion

      I'm going to buy an impact gimble now. Thanks Brian

    40. Matt Gamer

      Idk wtf they talk about the entire video

    41. Paul Burns

      Eaton: the electrician should perform a quality check on our products, if they don't, it's their fault when our product fails

      1. John Adams

        I have wired these before. It is in the included documentation to check the toque on the buss bars along with a few other things. Airflow, spacing, and environmental requirements are also found in the same documentation in addition to maintenance requirements. As for the missing/loose nuts. As the copper buss bars heat up under load they expand at a different rate than the steel nuts. Over time this cycle of expansion and contraction will loosen the connection. Once a connection becomes loose it will begin to make very small arks that dramatically increase heat. This increase leads to an even looser connection that produces even more heat. This cycle continues until a fire starts. This issue with expansion and contraction of different conductive materials leading to loose connections is very well known throughout the electrical industry. Many heavy commercial and industrial electricians carry thermal cameras so they can easily detect this type of issue during routine annual maintenance. This is actually why AFCI breakers have become required in more and more places over the years. These breakers detect and protect against this type of fault.

    42. Deafening Silence

      My man's wearing socks and sandals...

    43. Jordany Enmanuel Vasquez Pimentel

      they are 100% human....

    44. AC3

      Get another Red camera, orrrr... new power supply!

    45. Rgee

      server is lit fam

    46. Japanese symbol for beginner

      And he said that his server room is not flammable

    47. BlackTapeProductions

      lmao linus being amazed by a swivel socket from canadian tire ahaha

    48. LaiKaMing黎家明

      I know a little bit late ,should linus ask for a ups bypass switch then the power source able to bypass the ups . The you can switch off the ups for checking and maintenance .

    49. Romin Banijamali

      wait a sec of they put those doors in the back with the magnets, then what's the point of locking the front if you can get in from the back?

    50. driver g29

      I dont get it, you live in canada you probably dont have poweroutage

    51. Cassper


    52. Elijah Vivio

      The fact that Eaton Blamed the installer is just so shitty.

    53. thisbarb

      Why do they not put HD caster wheels on that bad boy?

    54. Jztvchannel

      Must’ve played my song

    55. Nebuola

      Anybody else remember the server room fire prank?...

    56. Jack Alvarez

      Linus don't you install servers for other celebrities??

    57. Jack Alvarez

      Looks like you need better cooling management

    58. Molten Snowball

      My favorite recurring character! Brian the electrician

    59. Nikita Del Rosario

      I've been watching a lot of Linus recently (during work hours) and his voice in this particular episode sounds different.

    60. utube4greenfuture

      When kids play with big boy toys.

    61. The Micro ATX Maniac

      Notice how Linus made his voice intentionally deeper when Brian was there... He feels inadequate and emasculated.

      1. The Micro ATX Maniac

        @Solar Brazy idk man, just an observation

      2. Solar Brazy

        @The Micro ATX Maniac ive seen other videos of him with brian and this is the only one where his voice is deeper

      3. The Micro ATX Maniac

        @Solar Brazy he's fine normally, but he clearly feels inadequate WHEN HE IS AROUND Brian, and feels the need to act in accordance

      4. Solar Brazy

        He has a picture of himself in underwear and he could’ve had a sore throat or sum weird ass comment lmao

    62. knug

      yall really didnt rtfm when installing a 30k battery?

    63. Josh :-D

      Linus's voice finally dropped!

    64. imark7777777

      Are super secure server room, we just added back doors that are magnetic!

    65. Carter McKay

      God do I love how Linus avoids saying Canadian Dollars at all costs

    66. Joe at Nara

      That network card, is really an SNMP card. Also change the SNMP community string for security.


      Am I crazy or Linus's voice got changed finally

    68. Kejjin's Youtube Channel

      Brian the Electrician's theme will go down as one of the greatest songs ever made, alongside Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven, and Die Very Rough by Mario Judah

    69. Hollow

      Eaton blames Bryan, Bryan blames Eaton, me the viewer blames Linus

    70. the m the m

      go yottabyte^^

    71. darren b

      Right from day 1 of construction why would you put your server room right there why not in a bigger spot.

    72. Recorder Is Better

      Good thing he has the Arctic Hobby Land Rider 503 RC Firetruck around

    73. almightygarapon


    74. SM3

      I was just watching him on a pulse way ad

    75. Blake Wanotch

      I LOVE Brian the eletrician/ refrigeration professional.

      1. Blake Wanotch

        And apperatly professional adult babysitter xD

    76. Jeren Joshe R.Agustin

      WHY im timed out

    77. Redman Outdoors

      I love how they go “well cover the unit” but..... “you have to spend an additional 20k on batteries and other misc things.”

    78. Web Luke

      You would think with continuous remodeling a more reasonable sized and vented server room would have been set up from the original hole in the wall server "room". He would probably have to keep switches in there since the wiring is all going there but, the servers and battery could use a new home with about 3 full hight racks and dual cooling.

    79. MsMc111

      8:30 Thought Linus was losing a finger for a second.

    80. SithGaming

      You sound strangely sick

    81. Silke Mertenss

      What are thoseeeeeee they call it sandals 😂😂😂😂😂 (6:00)

    82. Brantendo

      Im trying to save $6000 for a car and linus is just burning money on a battery.

    83. Tyler Harkins

      Question from someone who isn't very knowledgeable in tech, what is the point of the massive expense of having servers for a business? Is it data storage or optimization of the amount of data needed to run a company? Really curious about this

      1. Tyler Harkins

        @James Bedford thank you! This makes sense

      2. James Bedford

        Its data storage. I believe they like to store all old video footage to pull from in the future. This means that features of old vidoes in future videos will be full quality as well as being able to show sponsors, etc stuff i guess? Also the editors edit the footage off of the servers due to the Red 8K cameras producing big files

    84. Mo Al-jubouri

      For you american viewers that’s like 10usd

    85. Yan ᜌᜈ᜔ ヤン

      typical american's pointing the finger, when obviously either LTT, eaton or this electrician fucked up somewhere. they can all just collectively take the blame.

    86. RVS Satyaditya

      Did just Brian revealed that he's Santa?

    87. J024

      Deductible expense; no big deal for a company that size.

    88. I Don't Have a Username

      We’re just lucky Linus can’t drop an entire server

    89. BAgodmode

      That April’s fools from three years ago didn’t age well.

    90. Vurux

      *shakes hand* Brian Electrician, Brian Refrigeration.

    91. Lemon Tree

      This guy has a whole warehouse to work in, but uses a shoebox as a server room. XD

    92. Edaz

      Night of fire

    93. Thibish Anbu

      why there is a Indian BGM here

    94. Randeep Bimbh

      I know i am commenting late... but @linus if u r reading this never keep flamable material along with your rack... in case of fire they just help it grow...

    95. Jannik Heidemann

      6:28 Modular modules... ...mmmh, ok, but are they modular? I didn't quite get it. ;-D

    96. matthew Higgs

      Yeah. I just had $9000 burning a hole in my pocket, so, Enterprise UPS

    97. TheHammerGuy

      linus after coming back to the office LMG staff: Why is pewdiepie in LMG? oh wait its beard linus

    98. Planeguy A380


    99. sam playz

      brian yey

    100. Andy Burn

      Why does Linus sound sooo American at the start/mid of this video? Like he doesn't sound like himself at all