What World of Tanks Could Become!


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    Here's what World of Tanks could become if crew 2.0 from the Sandbox test server comes to the game.
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    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

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    1. M Master

      When free to play players were complaining about unfair advantages and pay to win they were always insulted by the wallet warriors. Now the wallet warriors are concerned others with bigger wallets can outspend them. Next generation of HUgetsrs and streamers will teach you what to spend on to wipe the floor with those Defenders, Progettos 46, Boris, LIS, Skorpion G and the rest of the wallet warriors like they teach now how to fight bottom tier stock tanks with 75% crews. With crypto making new highs every week there will be a whole new generation of wallet warriors pumping huge money for unfair advantages. Not cheating just paying to make your 75 points crew look like the 75% crew of today and the Progetto 46 like the AMX CDC. The only reason they give free 6th sense so it rings the moment you press W cause a guy payed for sattelite view large consumable. Next update self-guided missiles. Goes full up than on the other side of the building in your engine deck like the real world Javelin, but only for gold. Not cheating cause it exists, just like those HEAT shells.

    2. Vlad Blaga

      Time for someone else to come up with a better game, now is the time, while WG and Gaijin is messing things up.

    3. Franklin Clinton

      This is outrageous. It's unfair!

    4. Dtrain McLean

      I think they got the money out oif the older players so now they want to arcade it for the nest gen

    5. Dtrain McLean

      I will stop playing

    6. Michael Trivette

      I'm thinking of playing world of Trains instead


      i lost my all tier 10 account,searching for one free

    8. Doogle Ticker

      Naked greed will destroy a fun game. Shame on Wargaming.

    9. Max Smirnik

      Totaly agree.

    10. MGTOW Red Pill

      It's comical to two EBRs driving like retards round the map WOT is a joke fuck this Russian garage game.

    11. André Ambuter

      I stopped playing the game a long time ago, maybe 5-6 years, but I've kept watching videos on matches and its development for nostalgia's sake... I'm sad this is happening and a lot of you might leave the game because of it. Perhaps Wargaming won't implement it? It's not concrete yet. WoT was something really special and I think, even if a lot of you might end up leaving, you'll still keep some really fun memories with you. Either way -- life does continue.

    12. Dan Juhl

      WoT has become more and more pay to win for each passing year. Sad.

    13. Anthrax

      So, WG screwing up the crew system of both their main games only for short term profit. They've truly become a disgusting company.

    14. Federico Fernández

      I think the right question is "did you get beaten just because the other person now can pay to win crew skills?"

    15. DarkTimePatriot

      BEEN WITH WOT SINCE THE START....probably time to move on now.. i cant play as much as some.. i will never get crew skills that high

    16. limso cro

      Just stop playing this game and let it die or maybe WG will change something I stopped playing a year ago shame its still going downwards...

    17. Mastercam

      the reason you dont see enough discourse qb is bc we can offer good ideas and they wont incorporate them. We can give feedback and they create pay to win conditions or appalling events. They dont care about the communities on a wide scale. All this shows is more evidence for how STUPID this company has become in 11 years of being in the business.

    18. anonymous

      I tried to get into WOT, but the game is so unforgiving for new players. Toxic player base to some extent, poorly trained crews limiting what I can do with my vehicle compared to what others can do with the same vehicle, losing credits too often, sometimes I just get 1-2 hit from vehicles that I can't seem to damage like they will deal 400-500 damage when I only have 700-800 health total for my vehicle on full health, getting hit across the map from artillery players, etc. I just don't see how new players can get into the game. :(


      yo mates if any of you veterans want to quit lets talk about something i want to ask you

    20. Anonymous user

      quickybaby please stop making crazy eyes

    21. Anonymous user

      wait quickybaby is a viking now?

    22. Youssef Sammouh

      Wargaming making the game increasingly pay to win... I quit years ago with the way it was, and it is only getting worse. I always hope that someone else takes the game over and fixes this crap, because I really want to play the game, but this is disappointing

    23. Andrei Grigoras

      I will save my money!! Zeroo buy from this game.

    24. Skelica

      Where can I get vocal? Do they have some social media or something m?

    25. AA Zheng

      It is ironic that you have to spend money to be good at this game, because Belarus, where Wargaming located, is a former Communist state. LOLOL

    26. Sze Hong

      Is this the same as the console's crew 2.0??

    27. Nedelcu Dragos

      Maybe the game finally dies

    28. STARZFAN31

      This new crew training shit is nothing but confusing,, they need to leave it the hell alone. Just ignorant.

    29. STARZFAN31

      QB, you know they are just screwing everyone over and making it so they make more money. They are going to piss off enough people pretty soon that they will not have a NA playerbase.. it is already shrinking. People are migrating to games that make more sense and contain less "fantasy" tanks that existed in nothing but a drawing or on a blueprint that never worked.

    30. STARZFAN31

      What it has become is that light tanks and tanks like the bourrasque and ebr rule the game and the real tanks have become useless. Why doesnt the EBR have a repair time when you hit the wheels just like you have to stop when your track is damaged?? Im sorry but if you blow off one of it's wheels, it will stop, it will not simply slow it down. The little tanks have become the bane of this game. There should be no such thing as a tier 10 "light" tank. Totally fucks over the game.

    31. STARZFAN31

      What world of tanks HAS become... total shit. And with all this sandbox crap, they are just brainstorming new ways to fuck it up.

    32. JT Taylor

      i,m dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

    33. Top10RandomVideos

      bruh its not any diffrent on the live server, the more you play the better ur crew stop crying kid

    34. Three Axis

      This tank line literally ruin the game along with all the premium tanks in this shat hole game.

    35. David Žižka

      My head hurts from watching this crazy fast driving camera movement

    36. Maurits van Eijnatten

      Remove the wheeled vehicles, restitute players for XP and credits spent.

    37. Simon Stevens

      Faster and faster game play is the WOT objective. Shorter games more $$$$$$. I'm quitting soon. The enjoyment is almost gone now, with 3 EBRs or 3 Arty per game.

    38. Michael Williamson

      Tbh for me it already often feels like I'm at a disadvantage compared to other players because it takes so long to grind the current crew skills and get equipment for your tanks. Even with some tier 8 premium tanks I find it takes me so long to grind out enough credits for just my vehicles I can't afford equipment for half of them.

    39. Teodor Beneš

      But the grind/pay to win is already in place, just imagine trying to play a passive scout with no concealment and viewrange perks... It also just doesn't work. And yeah I agree Crew 2.0 increases the level of bonuses you get so if they just tweaked it down a bit I think it would be all good.

    40. LaGG Productions

      They already destroyed the game when they introduced the EBR 105, its not like they can get much worse

    41. Markus Hämäläinen

      You turned your Ebr into John Cena

      1. Mr. Bunk

        I'm happy I'm not the only one to think of that.

    42. PHRG

      Just watching the gameplay left me feeling carsick...

    43. MeatCook

      it's a disgrace how you streamers like you manipulate your viewers. Crew 2.0 will be realy bad for streamers on so many different levels because even if you are good the game will become much harder to have these super carry round when there are people with super strong crews because most streamers drive a huge ammount of tanks and they will have a big disadvantage because they cant have a maxed out crew on every tank. Most wot player dont drive that many tanks i think most of the players play like 5-6 tanks or some people even less when you look at battlepasses sure they have 100+ tanks but maybe like 20-50 matches on them and then there are like 5 tanks with 500 or 1000+ and even more. For the avarage player that player that drive just a view tanks these changes will be not bad because even if they dont get that much better they still have a progress were the tanks get stronger and stronger. And unikums have these maxed out crews allready and dominate many games it doesnt metter that much if they have these op tanks because you will not play against them moste of the time. and bye the way 1:04 everybody that play the game for more then 2000 games know that the ebr is totaly overpowered and they doesnt need stats nerfs they need to change the wheel mecanic and make that they cant bounce shots with it. 2:45 k first you can see by the turn arround how busted the tanks are + whats wrong witht he fact that if you play 10k games on 1 tank that you have a stronger version of that tank then people that play 50 games on that tank ? what do you mean the game is desined arround leveling and maxing out stuff no 2 tanks are the same if i have a better crew right now i can outspot another player with the same tank allready !!! did you lissen to yourself ?

    44. Srymybad

      I 100% agree however the same can be said about tanks too. Some tanks dominate despite what the players skill is.

    45. fnm04

      They want a fast pace , money "fornite/call of duty" version of WT.

    46. Dirk Diggler

      There is no such thing as balance in this game.. it’s gone a long time. Wheeled vehicles but even before the introduction of top tier lights messed the balance up completely

    47. Dirk Diggler

      Even without crew 2.0 This game and meta is at such a shit state.. low tiers are kinda dead and I can’t blame that are aren’t any new players in this shit fiesta. Time stop wasting money this game seems to go down fast

    48. Cam R

      Every year just gets worse pay to play

    49. FPV ShowDown

      I stoped playing WOT a longe tim ago, because of gold noobs.

    50. RTW Iceorb

      Well it was about time this game dies

    51. Monchichi

      Those cars should be removed completely they destroy the game day by day so why keep shit ingame? and why we wil never ever see german cars ingame for example


      if this passes its a game ender

    53. Cid Dax

      W000t ... the annihilation of World of Tanks by Mario Kart! Who would have thought?

    54. Yak

      I stopped playing a year ago, the game was already too much P2Win for many years, and SPGs are still anti-fun, game just got worse and worse.

    55. MrSuperGossip

      why has he become CryBaby?

    56. Oblivion2013

      jesus christ . . .

    57. bitkarek

      its a trend... even now its like "i got killed coz somebody buys prem ammo and spams it"

    58. Geordie6740

      just quit and play a better game QB. some other games deserve your dedication.

    59. ArchitectJacinto

      Not spoted .. until now... really QB??? You forget it takes some 5 seconds for 6th sense to trigger?

    60. Daz J

      Its has become a crap and totally fixed game, mm is so unfair so hence my clan has stopped playing this unbalanced game

    61. Eric Haagen

      it's all about the money Quacky

    62. BCarey1970

      Trash game! Need more maps

    63. A Albert

      just check how WG screw WoWs if you don't think they can broke the game while trying to implement what we think is bad. WG is to big it's no longer passionnate developper, it's just too administrative guy who have "good idea" but don't play the game at all.

    64. Thomas Sawyer

      These guys will have to tread very, very, carefully with the coming complications to avoid alienating the ordinary player base. It suggests to me that the problem is the Tier 10 cap on progress. Better to keep the current tiers fairly straight forward to understand, but introduce a "Premier League" level above T10 for the real expert players, who really should not be in the same games as us Regular Shmoes anyway. That could be broadly the same as the current levels, but more difficult and with more complicated mechanics & rules. Mixing up Super-power players with bog-standard players is simply unfair, and we all see that very clearly, more so with every update. They need a higher-level for super-heros to inhabit.

    65. mortl

      crew should not make you win in a 1vs1 situation against the same tank.

    66. my80chevettes

      I don't think it will survive a patch like crew 2.0. Wish they'd just leave the game mechanics alone and focus on content.

    67. Alex Wirtz

      2.0 is bad, as it is rn. Nevertheless, crew rework is absolutely needed, the current crew system is just not engaging.

    68. Marki Reinikainen

      I will delete wot if this Crew 2.0 comes. And yes, I have used much of money over the years. Also HE patch sucks if it comes.

    69. Hoogleman

      Equipment 2.0 with CVS was bad enough. That equipment is game breaking. Crew 2.0 will be the final nail in the coffin, regardless of what they do with it.

    70. Jimbo's Armored Division

      It doesn't matter what we say. It hasn't mattered what we've said for yrs now. They will do whatever to please the Russians and their wallet. Thats why i quit this game and started giving money to COD cold war.

    71. Georgi Ivanov

      Yep Cash 2.0

    72. Skarka Trongard

      I wish they would split the server into: (1)their take on GTA; and (2)a realistic one. I would play the HELL out of that realistic server!!!

    73. Zularak

      This is the classic "turning players into payers". "Not asking is this good for the game/player, but rather will this make more money". Basically the video "The decline of gaming" perfectly explains what's wrong in my opinion. Dropped WoT years ago(I stayed free to play the whole time) and seeing this I'm glad I did. :)

    74. xNecro666x

      left the game a couple of years ago when they started sniffing harder at the wallet, guess what, they got their fingers so deep in the wallet now, the game dont matter anymore, you all wanted proof? here it is, QB just showed it to everyone, and it' not going to matter what you say, or what you do, it's not going to change anything. how many times has QB bitched about loot crate, and purchasing them, and the whole gambling thing?do you think they friggen listened then?no, and their not going to listen now.*salutes WoT8 you were good when i first started playing you, but you're a pile of hot trash now. GG.

    75. Gixxxable

      They always touch the things which don't have to be touched.

    76. Aslan Burnley

      Might makes right.

    77. Taudlitz

      just let the skills increase armour values same way as camo or view range. there fixed and balanced. LUL

    78. Ray hack

      Will 2.0 affect tanks that are already purchased or purchased in the future?

    79. Hardstyle 4life

      They did the same thing to WoT Console and killed the game and they don't want to admit they made a mistake,they know what they are doing,milk more money from the game and kill it.they are dumb and there is a saying "when you are dead,you don't know that and it is the same when you are dumb "

    80. trevor hill

      Get rid of EBR's, they are ruining the game.

    81. Nathan Dross

      Thank you! I hope wargaming is listening!

    82. Dan B

      This game has became a big bull$$it. Do something better with your time.

    83. Dan Channer

      It's Wargaming. It's all about paying more $.

    84. Ciphercdr

      Wargaming has always get backslash for things they just implented anyway. Autoloader, free Gold Ammo, literal pay2win vehicles, wheeled vehicles, I remember huge backslash for all of them and WG just implented it anyway, because them seeing ways to squeeze more money out of the playerbase is much more important to them, then having any resemblence of balance in their game or a stable and growing playerbase.

    85. Almost Full

      Crew 2.0 is not the only reason why do ppl leave World of Tanks for War Thunder. I did so, im so freaken happy about that, since there is counted purely Your skill - not how much money You put into the game. Whole spotting system is very different in realistic battles its just Your eyes who can see the tank, no markers no names above spotted tanks. You have to recognize enemy tanks Yourself. More realistic weakspots, literally everything is better than in World of Tanks. In short WoT is highly RNG and money based. WoT was a good game up to like 8.6 or so, then it has fallen so hard to unplayable. You either are really good or horribly bad most of the times.

    86. Adrian Broda

      I'm a WoT player for over 7 years and as well as you QB I'm really worried about the road the wargaimng wants to go. With more of this kind of changes i'm thinking more and more about just quiting this game. I don't want to be pushed to have to pay in the game to have some chances of winning. Enjoying to play this game is becoming harder and harder with every patch like this.

    87. Jamie McGlynn

      I was furious that they posted an "official" news article on the NA website that was word-for-word identical the EU's; which then led me to believe that the pledge that was made when Rubicon came about was defaulted on. Victor Kislyi, in an interview with Polygon in 2017 just after Rubicon, said that each studio would get to choose its own direction. He clearly hasn't delivered on this. Now, you ask hows this relevant to this video? Well, firstly, we all were on the same sandbox server, known as SB1. And the published results are not region-specific, so it is still the case that one region can clearly affect all the others, backing my point on the failure of the aforementioned pledge on Victor Kislyi's part. Currently Wargaming NA have been in a salty overdrive and have been recently censoring out comparisons to the sheer scale of this in relation to Rubicon "1.0". They claim that Rubicon is "irrelevantly old", where in-fact it is relevant because, as correctly pointed out by QB in his previous video to this one, that the same sheer scale of errors repeated itself. Clearly Wargaming don't like being held to account, let employ the old saying of those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. I have uninstalled once before, and only returned because of the pandemic to try and fill in time gaps, but I may again this time for good for not only Wargaming's general disrespect but also its increasing narrative of censorship.

    88. Санчез Зечнас

      Lol,ok,but what about new player, with 2,3 perks that buying hes first tier10 tank?And old player that have 5+?and all bon equipment? Actually now we have commander bonus for 100% skill crew,and to achieve this bonus with crew 2.0 we need big amount experience,after reaching 75lvl..well i thinking,what you have some extra bonuses for reaching max lvl is cool idea,but need to slow a bit numbers.. 1% per lvl after 75 maybe..

    89. Steven Walmsley

      It don't matter what crew changes they make, or what other changes they make, who wins and who looses each game is decided by the server, its all a load of tripe. Most fixed game there is.. And in evenings the game is played by alcoholics and players out their faces on drugs.. It is really that mad... Bit like ww2 really lol, Germans were addicted to meth, brits and yanks shit faced on booze.

    90. ralph1bart

      Went back to tier 5 and enjoying it.

    91. Ben Loveday

      You hit the nail on the head there QB. I had a play with my Obj 416 and couldn't believe the camo rating I could get it up to, even with my 2-3 skill crews.

    92. Mark Esser

      I have spent a lot of money over the last eight years because I really like playing this game I am very worried about these changes as it just seems to get more frustrating for the semicasual player And this is sad because I don’t really want to leave but if it continues on this path I will have to

    93. Spartan1986

      Those that spend money to makeup for lack of skill fund the company. The ones who play thousands of hours to become skilled are the cannon fodder Wargaming needs to attract the money bags. And for transparency's sake, I'm a money bag. I don't have the free time to become as skilled as QB (6102 battles in four years,) but I certainly have the means to buy better crews, premium tanks, et al. But at least I've not spent anywhere near the amount the QB fan last Sunday admitted to: $5k over the years! OMG, that's almost tragic, but so long as he's having fun I'm not one to judge.

    94. General Saufenberg

      wheeled vehicles already destroyed the balance of the game....

    95. MyLateDroid101 D

      Least it isn't 6.0 like console...

    96. La Ward

      Thank you QB for continuing to make these updates! I really enjoy watching them to check in on the state of WoT in case I get the feeling I'd enjoy the game again as a mostly FTP player since I stopped playing about a year ago. I just didn't feel I could compete in random queues due to a lot of the new tanks coming out driving my older German models and with out bankrupting my account every few matches with premium items. The feeling of fighting from behind had only been growing more and more up until I shelved the game.

    97. William Dobson

      Everyone is acting surprised. WG have been making bullshit decisions for year's now. I quit playing not long after wheeled vehicles were introduced, seems I made the right decision.

    98. Kustosz

      I've been playing WoT for about 8 years but some time ago I started playing War Thunder and I can clearly say that WT is better than WoT in absolutely every way, and those changes only makes me sure more and more in opinion that WoT have turned into garbage

    99. Tim H

      What is that skin for the EBR?

    100. Jay Hernandez

      I think Crew 2.0 is appropriately named. Because now there will be 2 groups of players the haves and the have nots. Those who pay a lot of money to win and those of us who are going to get less and less enjoyment out of the game.