Minecraft Ultimate Hide & Seek REMATCH


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    The Minecraft Hide & Seek REMATCH!
    Today my Friend and I played Hide and Seek in Minecraft but you can transform into mob. Otherwise known as Minecraft Prop Hunt! We had five minutes to find each other. If you found the other person before the time was up you win the round, first to win 5 rounds wins! Inspired by Dream's Minecraft Ultimate Tag, and Minecraft Manhunt.
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    1. KaanTheNoscoper YT

      Yooo this vid is awsome make more!

    2. Ze Piglin Brutus

      I wonder whats the name of the mod?


      You should really try out hide or hunt videos. 👍Always love your videos..

    4. Steel Dead Eye

      did he litterally said ultimate hide n seek to prop hunt

    5. Student Rodrigo Chofre Esbec

      22:26: the return of watersheep????

    6. Sad boi Cube

      ok but nobody’s talking about round 3’s arrow play that was genius or uh accident

    7. time to draw

      T H A T ' S P R E T T Y C R A Z Y

    8. Spike Skullz

      Typical Nazi HUgets unsubbed me like usually. It's probably because this channel doesn't support racism against whites, communism ideals, or destruction of u s of a.

    9. Tinnerito

      I'm subscribed

    10. GLaDOS

      there is one way u can know someone who morphed is if they dont look at u in the eyes

    11. Pavel Sever


    12. Scott Frankard

      Gotta win WADZEE

    13. Scott Frankard

      He’s a sheep


      This is the ultimate pog

    15. Aditya Kumar

      It seems to be staged.

    16. Spider

      he kinda sounds like levi

    17. Drag0n

      what mod is this

    18. Kristoffer Krogh-Mayntzhusen

      do a part 3 plsss (u are so good

    19. Netherite Minecart

      oh wazee wadzee says oh shit

    20. Luck

      Mega baseeee!!!!

    21. Blast

      Switchy noob

    22. FireRuby1

      why am i holding my breath like i cant tell them where theyre hiding? They cant even hear me XD

    23. German Hoffman

      Someone please!! where can I find the plugin to play?

    24. Stormine

      Great video Wadzee. I have a question, where can I download the plugin to play?

      1. German Hoffman


      2. German Hoffman


    25. SpyPepper's Son

      can we have a moment of silence for Switchy losing by 1 SECOND, BRUTAL. Press F to pay respects

    26. Maria Ortiz

      Found found diamonds in 56 seconds that’s the world record naniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii if you’re not aware of what that word I just typed in Nani that is a Japanese word of what I think oh my God

    27. Clara !•-•!

      Like this vid

    28. Michael

      Ender man is so OP if he used it

    29. Am Pro

      Spoiler alert: ... Read more

    30. Amar

      100% real

    31. Janan Ahmet


    32. Pkpinkllamas

      You’re really good at Minecraft

    33. Leo Lipasti

      Congrats for 3m subs, WadZee 🥳🥳

    34. Some Dude Who Voted

      Switchy in this video in a nutshell: This can't possibly be you. Wadzee in this video in a nutshell: *BURN EVERYTHING*


      Congo foR 3 MILLION CHEERS

    36. zawlin28175 maung

      Switchy got a great IQ play

    37. Aiden Vega

      Become a bat and fly to sky limit

    38. gaeb dines

      Clearly faking to extend the video

    39. Mugiwara

      I like how wadzee slowly sounding like dream.

    40. Memeber Berry

      You don't count hider wins in games like this other wise the first person who hides wins by default if noone is ever found

    41. Payback Alpha

      Imagine if they got a village, they could become a iron golem lol

    42. Ryan Seppy

      Step 1: turn into ender dragon Step 2: Fly up high Step 3: wait

    43. Gamy Amy

      Can you play Hide & Seek in the nether?

    44. DisguisedTurtle

      Tip 4 finding the hider if the movements are sharp its not the hider. and the if animals head slowly look's at you then its the seeker. (I've noticed that you both slowly look at the seeker when their near you)

    45. sophiamareade

      Does a cow

    46. Simply Cxrwiissa

      Am I the only grind watcher that is bloated rn bcs of the water checpoint?

    47. Maverick the Wolf

      The bow should be infinity so players cant pick up the arrow


      Is it a mod that you use to turn into a mob animal

    49. WarGodYT

      whats the seed for the beautfiul boime ?

    50. jake collera

      Have you have any other friend than switchy

    51. name name


    52. snow3pea

      tip : if you are playing this game, if a mob stares down at you it's the hider. normal Minecraft mobs cannot look down. only up and other directions

    53. lakkyluuk YT

      Som can't sub Becaus they dont have a Google accaunt

    54. Megan Schwartz

      Wadzee: I am a pig Switchy: Pfft Are you really a pig? Wadzee: I am THE pig.

    55. Ben Almeida

      Why does Wadzee always set off his firework and switchy never does. That is so unfair

      1. Ben Almeida

        I am dumb, won

      2. Ben Almeida

        And he still one

    56. aruliyadam Chanel

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    57. Saruultugs Unentugs

      While moving minecraft animals do very sudden turns, and look directly at you or the direction they're going. When idle they look directly at you, or somewhere random while also doing very sudden turns. They never look at your chest or your feet or something. They also don't move diagonally.

    58. Alex Sherfield

      27 days on minecraft

    59. Rowan Reid

      you shold do a nighttime edition

    60. GoodBoi_PL

      One of this is fake you look at him and left xd

    61. Ipek Aker

      U r gay purple i best

    62. P-Star Collector

      Yay wadzee winner, lol.

    63. The First Hexxel

      This is such a joke. 100% faked, also unfair for switchy

    64. nonsence studios

      Now we wait for final rematch, 3 more hunters , rematch, final speedrun and final 3 hunter renatch.

    65. Freda Martin

      The robust sort probably laugh because basement retrospectively juggle but a upbeat vein. premium, even excellent excited process

    66. Hisyam Ismail

      Wow, Switchy got prediction power dupe!!!

    67. Justus Hudson

      U should do more of those videos they are really entertaining

    68. Dr.Shagrat

      The point of them , not seeing the diffrence betwen the regular head movement of the animal , and the movement of a controled head of the animal , its just ... ehh, like , its easy to say the diffrence cuz , usualy when mob turns its head its flitching and switching and , its not smooth many times , and its not slow , and when player is contronling , its just too smooth and , yea , unless the player would know how the mob head movement looks , and , yea , its kinda feekd up .

    69. Simba Channel


    70. Boosted Rival

      6:40 i could tell this wasnt a real sheep just by the way it was moving its head, its too smooth of a movement, i knew it wasnt a sheep dude this is so easy to guess, whenever you approach a mob it will stare at you, none of you did that

    71. Gaming Lucas_MLBB

      Its so funny when switchy bow him and the cow take the arrow

    72. Xaleander S

      22:40 - kinda sus

    73. anime lord




    75. Mustache Muffin

      No one: Wadzee: If you cant find them burn the forest

    76. Action Rens Koldewe

      Idk why but I have a lot of fun watching this.

    77. Erwin Diaz

      No wadzee

    78. Emmett Jaakkola

      All you need to do is drop an item and you know if it's him

      1. NullBot

        That's kinda scummy though.

    79. patrick aherne

      a good trick would be to mimick the animals poor pathfinding by spinning in circles when trying to jump on top of a block

    80. halo

      basically prop hunt

    81. Charles Nowak

      what mod is this and where to you find the place to download it?

    82. Austin Baumbeck

      2:34 the sheep acting sus because of the pig lol.

    83. Free


    84. Funkkis

      how you can play this??

    85. Brennan King

      Wadzee wins 💨

    86. Fire Proof

      8:27 smart

    87. The callout

      Are we gonna talk about wadzee plays fortnite

    88. Stephen Landrum

      to make the netherite beacon

    89. Stephen Landrum

      I dont know if youll get this over the thousands of comments, but how many shulker boxes of tnt did it take?

    90. Dan Nelson

      Perfect example of ''they had us in the first half not gonna lie

    91. DarcAnjel

      Why doesn't the hider just dig down and cover themself with dirt? Or is that not allowed?

    92. Humza Akhtar

      Is this possible on bedrock?

    93. mobysei

      What mod is this

    94. Hunter 000

      The best way is to drop items near the animal that would too big brain

    95. Chris Crapo

      The sable hawk quickly undress because freighter ultrascructurally juggle save a enchanted comb. watery, ratty lemonade

    96. rangers pubg mobile

      Moreeee hide & seek

    97. FlyMaster

      2:33 the sheep is giving him out by looking at him

    98. Max Muller

      Switchy: tries to find wadzee Also switchy: *finds diamonds*

    99. Alrenoth

      fake i think

    100. Maddyn Henry

      That arrow play was cool finding out wadzee was a cow