how my COLLEGE found my channel...


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    TommyInnit explains how his college found his youtube channel. This was insane.
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    Today I played Vanilla Minecraft 1.15 / 1.16 on Bedwars and told the story of when my college (aka school if you are american found my HUgets channel. Similarly Technoblade made a video called That Time My College Discovered My HUgets Channel however mine is much more funny and funnier than that due to the fact it happened to me and I'm TommyInnit (no, I am not Wilbur Soot or Dream or GeorgeNotFound, I am Tommy! Stop getting it confused!). Although this story was insane, we still had lots of laughs and it was fun & funny! POG CHAMP!!!!
    Not Dream SMP / Dream Minecraft Server or Minecraft, but Lava Rises or any other fun challenge like that. No speed run / speedrunner of Minecraft, this is a Story time video explaining how not college but school found my youtube channel. POG CHAMP!!!!

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