Juventus 3-1 Genoa | Kulusevski, Morata and McKennie All Score in Juve Win! | Serie A TIM

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    Juventus took the 3 points against Genoa with Weston McKennie scoring a goal seconds after being subbed on! | Serie A TIM
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    1. TABUTC


    2. Ernest Onwona

      Ronaldo: Misses off the post. Morata: Converts off the rebound. Ronaldo: "Avarro, if anyone asked say I ment to do that."

    3. Brax889

      final days in Serie A ! Soon all 3 Super League teams will be removed from Serie A!

    4. si boy

      Pirlo out

    5. zikri suhada12

      Pemain Juventus hanya ronaldo chiesa dybala bonucci dan kiper,yang lain hanya pengisi lapangan,apalagi pemain tengah bisanya kasih umpan ke bek,eh malah bek nya umpan ke kiper gitu aja bisa nya,jangan mimpi juara liga Champions,wkwkwk sekelas Juve pemain pada lelet,

    6. Luis Miguel

      They aren’t playing with Ronaldo at all What a disgrace and shameful way of treating the best player in the world

    7. Love Hate

      Everybody knows juventus and serie A today i n d world is bcoz of Ronaldo .this is for cky owners just be thankful for Ronaldo he is playing frim ur club

    8. Kidaa Alhamad

      الله على يوفنتوس و ملوكها

    9. Noorzai 52


    10. Soni Yadav

      Nice Ronaloo

    11. Soni Yadav

      Nice 👍👏

    12. sekou kaba

      Let ronaldo leave sign haaland

    13. Sosma Ramage

      *Delantera= x-Ronaldo-Morata-Chiesa* _-La mejor delantera._

    14. Lena Bollaert

      Juventus Turijn Rules !

    15. Suraj

      Ronaldo waiting for a tap- in 👌👌

    16. Recimène Cyrise



      Dybala es mejor que Chiesa

    18. Octaviano José Moniz

      My favourite team Juventus in serie A. Forca Juventus 💪 ( From Timor Leste 🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱)

    19. abhishek kunwar


    20. Taker Moni

      Ronaldo almost netted the ball

    21. Kinan TV

      Advice for Andrea Pirlo, you have to put Ronaldo in the center forward

    22. Rizki Ramadhan

      F chiesa is very impresif .. he very talented as Young Players & he is one of the best miedfilder in the world..

    23. Dammar Chhantyal

      Welcome to europa league juentus in next year

    24. Çağla Baykara

      Juventus:😎😎😎 Genoa:😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Qwerty Ytrewq

      What a goal 1:02

    26. Brice Some

      Bjr.les fanes

    27. Andyrista De' Lioncourt

      Chiesa 🔥

    28. erdem berk mol


    29. Khairul Syam

      sell ronaldo.. other players could not express their talents with ronaldo in the team.. ronaldo is individualistic who would be angry if he doesnt get the ball and score.. frustrating to watch

    30. Radcliffe Clarke

      CR7 with the best assist I've ever seen

    31. Malakhra TV


    32. Ali Demir

      Atalanta juventus score is what

    33. Prod by. BLYAT6

      Kulusevski best


      genoa ataccer eldor shomurodov the. Best game in future transfer juve

    35. Feven Habte

      No don't leave Juventus

    36. Feven Habte


    37. Karma Lundup Lama

      Juve have all selfish player,, They cnnt pass the Ronaldo.... Ronaldo leave the juventus...

    38. andi rohandi

      ronaldo spt di asingkan

    39. Football Shorts


    40. Alparslan Korkmaz


    41. Rohan Chatterjee

      Penaldo threw his shirt in frustration. Messi would never. Força Barça !!! 🎉🎉🎉

    42. Mad Ting

      The only reason I watch Juve is for Chiesa. Special talent we have on our hands for the national team, Lorenzo Ciro and Fede is a scary front 3.

    43. I'mBatman

      1:18 the only way you could ever get Morata to score a goal

    44. mehran hatami

      The only reason this video got 1.4 million views is becoz of the king cr7

    45. Rahman Gafar

      7 🥰🥰🥰

    46. Alli Maïga

      Juventus 3-1

    47. Alli Maïga

      Juventus 3-1

    48. Kee Aun Tiew

      What an assist from Ronaldo. hahaha

    49. Pasang Ronaldo

      Cheasa should have passed to Ronaldo😭😭😭😭

    50. Amal Rifaei

      Puasa lah wahai orang2 juventus

    51. ACE

      Ronaldo is Slowly becoming a Meme with All these Misses. He will always gave great movement and instinct for those TAP INS tho

      1. ACE

        @sekou kaba Grow up

      2. ACE

        @Fahad DepressedCR7Fan Grow up

      3. sekou kaba


      4. sekou kaba

        I will tell him that you said that

      5. sekou kaba

        Be quite

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    54. dkunha39

      One more great assistance from Ronaldo in the second goal.

    55. Muhammed Enes

      DEMİRAL ne zaman dönecek ya

    56. Calon Bahagia

      Assist lansung ke orang❎ Assist mantulkan ke tiang✅

    57. timmyobass

      Selfishness they still don’t pass the ball to ronaldo #juventus #ronaldo

    58. Akbar Skrd


    59. Abhishek pv

      There will be more goals if the team could pass the ball to Ronaldo..

    60. Stephen George

      Haters will say "Ronaldo didn't mean that"

      1. Gfresh844

        No, people who aren't delusional will say that. He clearly was unaware where Morata was. Also, if he had known, he would have simply backheeled the ball, instead of attempting to hit the post.

    61. Muhammad Dhimas

      Ronaldo 👍

    62. noor hafsa

      Honestly sad to see Ronaldo like this Respect legend 👑🐐🙏

    63. Robert Neihsial

      Ronaldo should b in the content. Dislike the video

    64. Adhil Salam


    65. Mikhail Tikhonov

      Please, don’t show the results. It’s much more interesting when you don’t know it.

    66. bodhisattwa sharma

      Ronaldo was not looking happy, even after a unintentional bar post assist🤣🤣

    67. Shan00

      Mckennie is perfect at what he does. Little more game time will make him unstoppable

    68. Jo chim

      Chiesa's pace needs to be talked about more often

    69. Jo chim

      Chiesa Dybala Cuadrado Kulusevski McKennie. 🐐🔥

    70. murat bağlı

      Chiesa is a machine

    71. hemanth sai

      We love McKennie😂🤙

    72. Felipe Valenzuela

      JAJAJAJAJAJAJ lo que se perdió CR7 en el gol de Morata...

    73. Only Pubg

      Sett play

    74. Abu Bakar Qureshi

      poor coaching .. poor defending

    75. Robinson Ordoñez

      Qué bueno es Chiesa!!!

    76. Wilder Cordero

      Cuadrado in the best


      Amazing crossbar assist from Ronaldo for the second goal's juve

    78. Josfur Gaming

      is it me or the GOAT wants out of juve.... he looks so unhappy... alone..

    79. Muhammad Revan

      Madih klh sm persib, persib 40detik aj dah masuk

    80. Iskandar ART

      Ronaldo mengajarkan gol

    81. Marc Aomine

      Ronaldo made an assist to Morata like in basketball lol 😂

    82. NTX 7

      What an assist by Ronaldo for Morata

    83. Partho Deb Nath

      what is the song name in last moment?

    84. Addo Densu

      Chiesa is something else

    85. elena gallego

      TEAM PLAY !!!!!

    86. Nureeda Doloh


    87. Sheha Issa

      Mumetisha an 2

    88. Muhammad Fiqih Ariansyah

      What at assist by Ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣

    89. saidahror 19_92


    90. Ahmad Samsuri

      Forza juve.. From persijap jepara

    91. Reus Arul

      Juve per sempre!

    92. Reus Arul

      Forza Juve

    93. Reus Arul

      This is Juve

    94. Ajay Pal Singh

      Mckennie looks a bit like R9.

    95. Wawan Prasetyo

      Juve selawase

    96. Prithvijit Mukherjee

      Who rhere after watching cr7 controversy

    97. Nicolau Gomes

      Is Cristiano invisible!.. this team is really jealous they do the best not to pass him the ball, ball into the bar went o Cristiano by mistake should pass him long before but instead shoot to goal and missed... just hope Cristiano leaves this shift team in the summer.

    98. Karol Żarkiewicz

      HI Serie A 🙋