I FINALLY DID IT! AFK ACHIEVEMENT! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds


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    Hearthstone Battlegrounds - FINALYYYYYYYYYYYY
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    1. Scott

      Drops his rating by 4k, so he can enjoy the game. But doesn't understand that the byproduct of him doing that means the players at 6500 are playing against a player well above them, ruins other's enjoyment.

    2. Greed1sGood

      this city needs kripperino blaming gamerino because of boomer apmrino or some shit

    3. Sealthrux

      "the game froze" yah then stop waiting until the rope shows up to do your shit. You had MORE than enough time to do everything you needed, youre just slow af

    4. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      Master Chief? You mind telling me what you are doing on Hearthstone? Sir, finishing this achievement.

    5. Crimson Fyre

      I tried that about 5-6 times before I finally got it last week. Weirdly, I managed to get it done while starting with a demon build and taking even more damage. But I was lucky to get a load of goldens, including Goldgrubber and a Lightfang Enforcer with different minion types on my board. The only thing I have left besides a few class wins is the 60/60 Tabbycat.

    6. Jose Delgado

      You were super slow lol

    7. Jay Ess

      Kripp literally sounded like he was gonna cry after that lag turn

    8. Legion Lezar

      Glad you finally lost your Virginity

    9. MepawnzuXO


    10. Justin Dux

      I love that you took you headphones off to not spoil it!

    11. Unlocked Epics - Home of Fantasy Films

      Now Kripp should try 4 turn AFK achievement that doesn't exist

    12. Josh Ratzburg

      I know the results and I'm still getting excited

    13. Adrian Gabriel Wilczewski

      6:23 it WASN'T lag, game DOESN'T froze, it's just you, dear Boomer.

    14. buLLy Streaming

      i did that in the first try i didn't fcking know how that was possible

    15. CobaltMage

      This guys going to complain about scripts then turn around and smurf so he can ‘enjoy the game’ smh

    16. Ricardo Bernardo

      Moved like a sloth...#I WASNT SLOOOOOOW# xD I like Kripp but he is the incarnation of salt

    17. Mehmet Ads

      Miss the old good kripp.Your tumbnails are so cringe...

    18. Thehero394

      Why are you only palying battleground. We want ranked gameplay and decks

    19. Twisted Fate


    20. Matthew Crist

      It isn’t a real AFK game until you eat donuts while afk.

    21. Alex C.


    22. epsleon

      Spends 70% of the video complaining about lag that never happened. Classic Kripp.

    23. Reason077

      0:58 I see what you did there 😂

    24. Major Mystery

      That achievement? That's easy. All you have to do is absolutely destroy your mmr from afking battlegrounds for weeks at a time and then play in a lobby against 7 other people afking which isn't hard since that's the only games you get put into since your mmr is garbage

    25. Vegeta Sayajin

      wow, you live the game haha

    26. garg0v

      Maybe now he'll leave some time for error instead of roping for no reason each turn

    27. Thumazz

      6:30 nah dude it was on 1 sec xD

    28. stefan johansson

      I srsly love you man but lets be honest now :D it froze at 0 seconds :D

    29. Peazyy

      Got so many lags since 5/6d too I don’t understand 🤔

    30. Kay Cavighie

      6:55 DW... frozen..., for me it's the other way around: I freeze. & Kripp never freezes ;)

    31. Stonewall337

      Boomer apm.

    32. Andrew Gagne

      That was a lot of sooking.

    33. bakacs1n

      At a specific moment at the end when he won I thought he's not gonna complain about that turn which he intentionally boomed and payed the price, but Kripp is just Kripp ... he had to complain.

    34. Misha Beroev

      booper apm

    35. Lustrigia

      Afk’d 4 turns

    36. SpaceCrazyAlpha 1

      This was the character I got my first achievement with :)

    37. V01t45

      I returned to Kripp after like three years, not touching HS at all and I have zero idea what the fuck is going on

    38. Alejandro Jacobo

      This was the most boomer win I've ever seen, 4 afk turns at 100 mmr

    39. Tikiplayer 26

      Okay but where's my dad joke?

    40. Victor Uwe

      Cinderella run for sure

    41. Reiana Cooper

      Wow I don't remember the last Krip used a spore

    42. Reiana Cooper

      Learnt not to lie in this video 😂😂

    43. Seabear, kupo!

      It's so frustrating to see Kripp try to squeeze in like six actions in two seconds, especially when in my games, actions stop processing at around a second or two before the rope burns out. Be safe well before time runs out so random lags don't screw you over.

    44. manifestasisanubari

      I went deep down the ranking (

    45. Menega007

      "I wasn't slow" LOL

    46. DOOM GUY

      Lets open this mine of salt, boiz

    47. Sastank08

      What a legend.

    48. Average Pro

      I've gotten 2nd place trying this achievement 4 or 5 times now...so frustrating

    49. Czarny _447


    50. Kevin Bos

      Nice that was a tough one. Apart from the freeze he got very lucky with the trades and the lightfangs

    51. Cheekyct1

      Grats Kripp! I got my spicy pretzel mustard achievement the same day as this with Millhouse, so it must have been a lucky day for... some people :D

    52. Bill Martin

      What a match! That made my day.

    53. Rosa Barks

      6:55 why the fuck do blizzard games lag more then like any other game. i sweear to go is fucking sad how many problem blizzard has yet they stay relevant. like fucking imagine if they tried to make good games.

    54. Rosa Barks

      did you do it by actually being AFK?

    55. Benjamin Morton

      Kripp lost about 10/10 in stats and 3 gold with that boomer speed, and still got the win. Crazy.

    56. Lost & Found Travel

      Congrats. It's the one that I'll probably never get. Harder that Spicy Pretzel Mustard you think?

    57. raiduk

      His hapiness was cute

    58. Ex0rz

      LOL first he whips it by picking the Sensei instead of the elemental and then happens to get a 2nd one next turn from that triple... The amount of luck lol...

    59. Giuseppe Mantova


    60. Richard Jones

      kripp: the game froze wtf the game: turn is literally ending as he tries to sell a minion the chat: FUCKING BOOMER JESUS JUST MAKE THE PLAY STOP DECIDING

    61. fEtZo

      I think you need a better internetconnection, faster speed or a better comp. because of the lags

    62. Gabriel de lima

      I did it on 4k mmr, it was pretty easy

    63. Billy Begood

      "Is this new this patch? Random three second freezes?" Sorry sir, your game did not freeze. That timer went 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... round over.

    64. Khrizalida Sterben

      Who else closed their eyes and ears at the end ,not to spoiler the achievement even though Kripp said about it at the start of the video?

    65. Rpground

      Remind me why people pay for Blizzard's games again?

    66. Fire Star

      gratz kripp!!

    67. Mäxchen Musterhausen

      Actually, the lag looked like a working game for once. If the last second goes away everything should stop, not going and going and going and going until the game feels like it should start.

    68. Alex Maat

      Kripp tries to complete 7 actions in less than 2 seconds, even without a freeze he wouldn't have pulled it off.

    69. jk Li

      From the video, I realize the way to get the AFK-achievement is to actually Away-from-keyboard for the first 3 turns. Kripp go wc for the first 3 turns instead of waiting the first 3 turns to pass

    70. Nuel

      where is the achievement?

    71. Nathaniel

      Epic RP.

    72. siberiusrahl

      I had the same thing happen to me while I was discovering a reward game froze at 4 seconds, it sucked!

    73. Mohammad Kassim

      First of all, congrats for this achievement, I have a question please, the win stats and viewing the previous player minions, is this mode you are using? could you please send me the link?

      1. J Chase

        just google hearthstone deck tracker its free its black circle application

    74. Elijah


    75. Arron O' Neill

      Dude i did all these achiements weeks ago , why are you so far behind

    76. Oldpro87

      Got first place AFK tonight with Golden Macaw and Golden Warden of Old.. I had 6-10 extra gold a turn and that was online really early. I went from 4 to 6 in a single turn and I think the next up was tavern 4 that turn so I was miles ahead. I full comp swapped to golden death rattle units just for fun b/c I was so far ahead that it just dealt like 30-40 dmg a turn and killed everyone I played. It was my best run so far. That is around 7k rating if that matters.

    77. sxychtulhu

      Kripp was so animated this game >

    78. huckelikuck w

      6:25 keep blaming the lagg, hahaha it lagged for like .5 seconds when the timer hit 0, you didnt get robbed at all. maybe couldve played 1 more card, but you just boomered it, dude :)

    79. Rpg 39

      Dude imma be honest, you were lagging ass it wasn’t the game.

    80. D0nOT

      wouldn't be Kripp if he weren't complaining half the game

    81. Kyle Rae

      Yoo Kripp, the haircut looks great!

    82. Naz

      Although I agree with Kripp, and it wasn't fair that the game froze... you've got to be real here. He keeps putting himself in these positions, where he spends 80% of his turn rolling/looking at his board/PAINFULLY slowly playing a few things and only AFTER all of this he makes his entire move, while there are less than 3 seconds left. Every single game of his HAS to have at least a few of those moments where I go like "How the fuck did the game let him manage playing so many things in one second?". Sucks that it happened, but it's his fault for putting himself in a situation where this is punished.

    83. Daniel La Zarr

      who's going to make a "bald'arino" ??

    84. A. Settje

      Knowing the game like you do; you overcame! Congrats on the achievement. Thank you for the video it kept me at the edge of my seat rooting for you.

    85. Alvaro Luiz

      came for the tittle stayed for this beautiful bald kripparrian

    86. Shay 1337

      At what point does the errinos get too much i love looking at kripps comments ahahah

    87. Ming Tsai


    88. StefanGeorgehs

      I guess he play on a paralel universe. how the hell can you have such a slow , weak lobby? and final guy playing last game with junkbot + bran + 10/7 wtf...since zero to 9800 rating i didnt get atleast ONE of those weak lobby that kripparian have them almost on every upload

      1. TheStrongestBaka

        Just NA things?

    89. paleodan

      How many times did he try for the achievement before getting it?

    90. Moose

      Even though I knew he was going to win, I was still on the edge of my seat the whole time

    91. Давор Војнић

      Pi network invitation code:davorsubotica

    92. Rohan Kishibe

      I love this comment section so much

    93. Kyle

      reading the opponents and audibling for each matchup. toptier madman

    94. Gerardo Aguilera

      Feels like we all that follow Kripp get the AFK achivement

    95. M. Beauchamp

      Lag turn.... dude you tried to sell 3 minions and play 2 with 2 seconds left 🤣

    96. Bad Gammers

      I'm actually upset that you got he achievement because it sort of validates it. I personally think the achievement shouldn't exist as it WILL causes you to lose fights by attempting it and not just a few but a vast majority. That seems like a piss poor achievement.

    97. Desockme

      sooooo many lucky rounds and he's still salty. even starts the game with a triple

      1. Desockme

        "sigh ugh, FINE..." "I got TOTALLY WRECKED by a 2 or 3 second lag"

    98. Oscar

      6:25 that was one of the dumbest thing i've seen lately, you definitely had nowhere near enough time to sell, buy and play in the 2 seconds you had left, lag spike or not

    99. Alagass

      V for Vegeta.... 's Hairline

    100. Gwydion ML

      6:24 welcome to mobile lol