Minecraft: Saving Hamood and Avocados from Mexico #Shorts


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    Minecraft: Saving Hamood and Avocados from Mexico: Hey it's GEVids from TikTok! In this video I saw Hamood, Avocados from Mexico and GNOME (from gnomed.wmv) stuck in a cave... I was only able to choose one but I may have found a way around it... Keep watching to see what I do!
    TikTok - gevids
    #Minecraft #Shorts #AvocadosFromMexico
    This video is my original creation, and has NOT been taken or reuploaded from another channel on HUgets. This includes my recordings, subtitles, editing, and the final product of this video.

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      "You can only save one" *three, take it or leave it*

      1. Gabri Onet

        I love you

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    3. Chiper Loredana

      Wrong but I don't want to be the one

    4. Krisna asa hidayat

      What music name?

    5. Reginald Del Rosario

      name of song im blue da ba dee

    6. Kate Villanueva

      Multiplayer online in Minecraft

    7. 3bas3 gamer


    8. ¿YN? Riku

      He didint even mine enough cobbelstone

    9. Orcun Akkaya


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    11. starbutt amused

      finally u do this lol

    12. Wolf Gaming

      If they had diamond so much then they can make blocks of them

    13. Alex Dequilla

      I like that song

    14. I S A A C

      tbh there all bad.

    15. Juli Lee

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    16. EfeGuy

      İt says only 1 Man u can Chosse Bruh

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    20. Ernesto Zorilla

      Wow how nice you saved your friends

    21. Ennard ???

      Wait that’s illigle

    22. Bozic Marko


    23. Monke

      I love how he mined 3 blocks and placed 5 At least put some effort Please stop doing CRINGE video's °^°

    24. amogh chengappa

      Bro song name

    25. Mariel lacaste

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    26. Lennart Heck

      Wow what a amazing combination: 3 most annoying memes A really old song that nobody likes And the trend that is not good anymore (and actually never was)

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    29. Pandapuding 101

      If I were in a situation like this I would rescue all of them and jump on the lava

    30. Game Play2win

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    31. Game Play2win

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    32. kypolston-minecraft


    33. sparkles

      Like all tiur vidieos

    34. ac3nd_

      Dude when are you gonna stop making these, it’s like all the same thing ever single time

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      Cute 😍🤩🤩🤩 hamood

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      Welcome to episode 25 of "Why Is This In My HUgets Reccomended Section?"

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    42. King Emperor

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    44. Nisha Tiwari

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    45. Marisa Pugh

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    47. Bertalan Kiss

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    48. Master doge 2

      Sign:you can only save one Him:you can't stop me because i can't read Please don't get mad at me i don't mean any harm

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      There is so much underrated content on HUgets but this shit blows up. Some people are just built different.

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    55. Avocados From Mexico

      Avocados 🥑 from Mexico🇲🇽

    56. Bolla Lety


    57. محمد X 10


    58. Andri

      They van just parkour over tho

    59. ayah slais

      Who noticed that in the end there is arabic language😁

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    61. Master Wu

      And u made a d***

    62. Emu Varke

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    63. blue fearZzZz gaming 2.0

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    71. Apk Pro



      Me encanta es mejor salvar que tirarlos a la lava

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    83. Brickmobile

      "You can only take one" 1+1+1 = 3 And is does call as "one"

    84. Uniboss

      Why is Hamood in everything


      I love this thing

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    95. Average Normal Player

      Yes finally someone saved all of them instead of leaving one behind or breaking the block that the other one was standing.

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    97. AH indian officer

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