VP Fly Debate Cold Open - SNL

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    Susan Page (Kate McKinnon) moderates a debate between Senator Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) and Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett).
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    1. Laura Minet

      Whoever decided to reference The Fly and make Biden teleport is a genius XD

    2. Yoda ZX

      What what

    3. Divya Balaji

      That lady’s impression of Kamala is spot on!

    4. Izuku Midoriya

      *Fricking fracking*

    5. TrumpsWarZone

      7:26 those poor little piggies

    6. Frank Moses

      Prettt funny how they dont even cheer for fake mike pence

    7. Cee Cee

      I love how she says Joe Biden like it's one word...Jobiden

    8. Lauri Mäki-Kojola

      8:42 the fly

    9. Gloria Collins

      The first question is for you “Thank you” About coronavirus “Dammit” 😂😂😂😭😭

    10. Gary Conner

      It's over for Trump and pence.

    11. mayonnaise

      Herman Cain was the friggin best

    12. Myla Loves You

      Mr vice president I'm speaking on point 👏👏👏👏

    13. Scott Rhodenizer

      I watched the debate and the minute I saw the fly land on his head I knew Twitter was gonna eat him alive

    14. robert garza

      Carrey doing Biden doing Goldblum doing a fly. That takes some talent.

    15. MzVirtue ReLoaded


    16. Katie Masiello

      mo vlogs

    17. Joshua Youngs

      Lost my collective shit with “WHITEY’S GONNA GIVE YOU THE RONA!!!”

    18. GG GG

      Let me tell you, "Kate McKinnon" is one of the best impersonating lady I've seen yet!!! Kudos to Maya Rudolph playing the role of Kamala Harris, saying, "I'm Speaking, and I'm Speaking!! Love it!!

    19. John Drake

      Is she going to pack the supreme court?

    20. ShopAIRDA


    21. William Royer

      4:22-4:30 the dialect of my home town

    22. jovivianed

      it really was a cop “fly” debate lol

    23. Belle Jonisdottir

      Is this what's passing as "humor" now? Even the audience hesitates before laughing as if to say "um, is this where we laugh?" Pathetic...

    24. Gavin the Great

      my first question is for you great the subject is coronavirus dammit

    25. Achilleas Valioulis

      imagine impersonating joe biden turing into jeff goldblum.

    26. 33legion,b****

      RIP Herman Cain

    27. Mitch Joseph

      Beck Bennett is so hot.

    28. Mitch Joseph

      This is SO GOOD.

    29. J D

      Kamela Harris is a Communist!!! TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸✌🏽

      1. Nicole Salinas

        She wasn’t responsible of killing over 200k people.

    30. Rufus Turner

      Yeah but she's speaking

    31. lemmony dope


    32. Daniel Henderson

      Carrey doing Biden doing Goldblum doing a fly. That takes some talent.

    33. Justin Calderon

      “Everything fine, Herman” 😂😂😂 11:11

    34. Jerry the Magical Llama

      "The SenTator" HELP

    35. King Boo Zhion

      OMG, that beginning when Kamala came out was so funny because it's true.

    36. Joey


    37. Juan Trinidad

      1:12 - My favorite LOL moment: >>"Mr. Vice-president, my first question is for you". >>"Thank you" >>"The topic is Coronavirus" >>"Damn it"

    38. Isaiah 55

      Eatoy hablando Nevada, Arizona, and some parts of Texas, I’m speaking.😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Andrew Hawkins

      Mike Pence:bows and no own (but a few people) Kamala Harris:everyone yells

    40. Evalyn Baun

      What are you talking about wasn’t this the real debate?

    41. agu420

      This is not your first time here

    42. Ashley Alvarez


    43. Creative Llama

      This is so funny I love Harris! She’s so funny! The actor is amazing (I forgot her name). The actors!

    44. Nathan Copetas

      i know whenever i think of kamala i think of this woman she is so funny

    45. George Smith

      Flies go to lies.

    46. George Smith

      Oh gosh. Can u imagine if Mrs. Harris was a teacher ???

    47. George Smith

      Jim Carrey. Genius

    48. George Smith

      Great writing. George Sparky Smith

    49. jackskellingtonsora

      SNL really knows how to drive a meme into the ground don't they?

    50. Casondra Burnard

      okay maya rudolph says "j'biden" once and now it's the only thing i can refer to joe biden as.

    51. Natalia

      this is better than the actual debate

    52. Carlos infinite

      Wow I loved Maya in Idiocracy

    53. Faith Ingerson

      I only came here to see the jojo pose in 4:00, the amount of respect i have for that women right there

    54. Nia Ellis


    55. Ben gmail Thomas


      1. London Montgomery

        Trump won’t win, no matter how much he whines 😊

      2. Xplane-11

        Trump lost

    56. Ben gmail Thomas

      parts of texas, they latterly got escorted out of texas by a giant group of cars, and rather got scared

    57. CATS EYE The Psycho

      What if Kamala says, "I'm speaking" to President Xi Jingping.

    58. Not Bad

      I can’t help watching this over again. SNL’s best.

      1. 1HAND SMOKE

        Yes it is. laughing is good for us. When I need a laugh after a long day at work. SNL is where I go and get it 😹😹😹

    59. Bella Lazaro

      3:50 I like this

    60. Michael Huffman

      She’s got Harris’s annoying mannerisms down cold! 😆

    61. Mexicanmapper Production

      When He did the Jeff Goldblum Impression with the Apartment.com thing, I laughed so hard

    62. Ian Himmelstein

      0:42 Listen I am a huge supporter of Kamala I love her but that’s the most applause I’ve ever seen her get

    63. Joey Christmann

      SNL was better in the 80s and 90s. Now they just hate on Trump and his admin

      1. Xplane-11

        @Joey Christmann Not exactly.

      2. Joey Christmann

        @Xplane-11 a lot of ppl like trump

      3. Xplane-11

        Because whoever likes tr

    64. CaptEoNinja83

      Beck Bennett is being too lively and emotional, it's creeping me out.

    65. 5 44

      Donald is a spoiled brat throwing a big baby temper tantrum putting our nation in potential danger.

    66. yohannes wubu

      Doesn't Maya Rudolph sounds the same as Kamla Harris.

    67. bih kat

      She is sooo goood.... it’s great Go Kamala

    68. rashida7777

      Maya should get an Oscar for this performance! Lol. Hilarious!!!

    69. Brandon Haines

      I feel like liberal voters watched this instead of the real debate and then went and voted🤣

    70. dewa s

      I almost died for suffocation laughing to hard

    71. Lauren Upchurch

      4:10 had me dead

    72. Lauren Upchurch


    73. Janet E

      Kamala is more indian than anything. She’s so fake I cringe

    74. Pendragon Love

      Beautiful...💕💕🎉💕💕 it was a beautiful moment...🥰😘

    75. BananaBossLord

      Impressed that they got the real Mike Pence and Kamala Harris

    76. dreamxfn

      "ja biden fracks" 😂😂😂

    77. •Sad Clouds•

      She looks so professional 👌🏽

    78. disappear

      thats Interesting!

    79. Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

      Just Wondering: Am I the only one who hopes Jim Carrey actually JOINS the cast of SNL and not just be President Biden (damn, that felt good to type 😍🤗)?

    80. Empedocles

      Pence : I think th... Harris : *Im SpEaKiNg*

    81. Caye Duran


    82. Soldier4Life • Official Youtube

      Im a republican but you guys are so funny 😂 Awesome parodys 👍🏻 Happy to see Jim Carrey here "He the man"

    83. Jaden lee

      "What a magnificent state" "Even though their basketball team is named after my greatest fear" "J A Z Z "

    84. Lisa Jones

      The fly

    85. Notthefather

      Claire Huxtable side eye.

    86. paper NASCAR

      "yeah, but im speaking"

    87. Jinx Adnix

      3:50 Wait... You do not understand what that means? How can you not? It's such a mood.

    88. Nonpartisan Unbiased

      They left out the part where Mike Pence put Kamala Harris over his knee and spanked her bar butt. Face it she got dominated in that debate! She resorted to disrespectful remarks and facial expressions every time Mike Pence put her on the defensive.

    89. Lisa McClain

      who watching this after joe biden won

      1. 1HAND SMOKE

        Trump should get over it already. Someone had to be elected and someone had to be rejected. Trump acts like this is a bad break up relationship and he doesn’t want to let the relationship go.

    90. 1dborsey

      This one is killing me it’s so funny OMG! A fly man ! Ahh ahh this is too much ah ah!! 😂 LOK! This episode of Saturday night Live has got to be one of the best, naaaa they all are!!

      1. 1dborsey

        LOK laughing sooo hard couldn’t spell LOL!! Haaaaaa haaaa

    91. Saraaa!!! ?

      I LOOOVE the lady who played kamala, she played it on *point*

    92. Sunako N

      Watch "Joe Biden pledged to not declare victory until election is certified" on HUgets...... hugets.info/show/kp2crKm72apfq4I/vide.html Watch "EXPOSED: Dead Americans' identities were used to vote in the election" on HUgets hugets.info/show/0KN2d8-4sa59uaQ/vide.html

      1. Seán Michelangelo Charles Egan

        That whole thing about the dead Americans in funny. Because 2 of those cases in Georgia are proven to actually be false flags (one is a widow who does that thing where they go by Mrs. [husband's name] and the other is literally just another person with the same name voting). hugets.info/show/zpx4eNTF2peIroY/vide.html That leaves 2 other cases in Georgia and a handful elsewhere. And oh my god, they truly decided the election didn't they. What would Joe have done without those precious few votes?

    93. Cristina Gonzalez

      I've never noticed how Kamala harris is annoying 😭😭

    94. Emmie Blue

      And the idiot masses going around like imbecile brainless zombies, cowering to their Luciferian Freemason Zionist government, obediently destroying their own economies and livelihoods -- for what everybody knows is a elite scam!

    95. Emmie Blue

      That lady had the sleaze bucket down.

    96. Jadeite Marvel


    97. Kodai Kodai

      Wow she was great impersonating Kamala lol

    98. Qingyun Zou

      "Ja-Biden fracks....in his free time. Ja-Biden will frack you sooo good Pennsylvania." "Yous guys can bet on your wa-wa-cheese steak hoagie and all the water in skookle river; that Ja-Biden ain't bannin' fracking. Go Wiggles." Hahahhahahahahahaha.

    99. G P

      Whatever her name is - the one who plays the moderator. Ugh! what's the deal w/ her popularity? Is it that everyone else js THAT bad? I searched Maya & this came up. A reminder why I don't watch SNL anymore.