Funny Animals Reaction 2🤣 Try Not To Laugh - Shark And Dolphin

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    Funny Animals Reaction 2🤣 Try Not To Laugh - Shark And Dolphin
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      1. The guiinz keg

        2:08 what is that thing


        @Amoya McCarthy ààlsuddudjldjj kW Jch Jfk Djr

      3. Eleonora ferrari

        @Lᴀιʟᴀ Sʏᴀнғιɴᴀ i risultati ll

      4. justin harris

        The snake with the beautiful eyelashes got me

      5. Torlae TV

        I am thaiไทยเว่อร์ใครไทยกดไลค์จ้าา

    2. Christian Carmona

      Me and the homies during covid-19 1:01

    3. MK MK

    4. Bigbodyslidin _22

      1:00 I have the same food holder and problems

    5. Berty Bertface

      Black Friday monkeys at Wallmart.

    6. Motolani Eko

      The one that ran past the lions was very fast😂🤣

    7. Motolani Eko

      I use to wonder where they get all these funny videos and animals from🤣🤣

    8. Janelle Mabunga

      3:47 all I can hear is kim jungwoo

    9. Silvia Okika

      The money with the banana is me when I hear free food

    10. Jaymeson Dolen

      Who tf wears yeezys at a safari/zoo???

    11. mis muertos 33


    12. Funny Shots

    13. BLACKpink is the REVOLUTION

      3:20 is the most cutest thing I seen in 21 years 🥺

    14. 3Skull

      wtf this same shit over again...

    15. betteray

      The poke into the ass tho🤣🤣

    16. supaudeman 4_7

      Why you take a this a sheep you're evil

    17. Airin_ Milktea

      Me seeing hippopotamus Me again: HIPPOPOTHANOS 😂😂

    18. Dima like

      Ох жадные обезьяны

    19. Chakkraphat Sopabun


    20. Phil May

      Why do all hamsters act like they’re on meth?

    21. KePoint

      2:03 by the way, what kind of fish is that? Never seen a flounder that big

    22. yuoop noke

      I feel like the Smiling Gecko had a filter but then again at the same time not.

    23. Matt Emert

      The monkey video reminds me of when I broke the vending machine at lunch in middle school haha


      i hate all the added sound effects

      1. yuoop noke

        I feel like the Smiling Gecko had a filter but then again at the same time not.

    25. Shakira McCann

      3:38 Just watch

    26. Ibrahim Sheikh

      2:00 the odd one out

    27. Ibrahim Sheikh

      Cat: why u standin on my property?? *cat slaps seal* *Huh? Huh? Yeah you better get off*

    28. Rosie Padua


    29. Trevin Gagne

      1:43I thought that was a helicopter 😭

    30. Andrea Dole

      🙋‍♀️. Hi 🙋‍♂️

    31. Waffling Gaming

      1:51 Me: Cheeto

    32. ภักดี ทรัพย์บดี


    33. Desi Daisy

      0:25 Smile-alamander

    34. Heh Heh

      I disliked the vid cuz the vid is just cringe =/


      mom: hunny wahts ur favorite anamail me: ELAFIENT my sister: shows a video of a eleafent shaking his nose me:mommy nvm i like dogs

    36. Daniel Play :v


    37. Treesje Wiro

      To be honest i could not resist it

    38. Max Thomas

      I feel like the Smiling Gecko had a filter but then again at the same time not.


      3:32 I thought the crocodile/alligator was gonna take her hand

    40. Ramona Carter

      2:46 Cat : attacc Parrot: (cought cat red handedly) Cat : yoah that's a nice wall over here

      1. Jack E

        You copy pasted a comment from a week ago lmao

    41. C.Jeannie Vz-Brown

      Videos like this are much better without the annoying laugh tracks.

    42. The guiinz keg

      2:08 what is that thing

    43. Amy Navarro

      My favorite animal is the sea ocean

    44. Itz_ Sophie

      3:45 Family photo

    45. Edmundo Dante

      Fake miniature,...

    46. aayushi sharma

    47. Just Vibin

      The monkey one reminds me of the riots🤫

    48. Hudson Van Every

      8:05 when someone gets the ps5

    49. Hudson Van Every

      6:17 when my mom tries to kiss my forehead

    50. Pablo Morales

      whats the name of the little buddy animal of minute 2:57

      1. Pablo Morales

        because I want one UWU

    51. Lol At You

      3:30 thats how ultra instinct works guys.

    52. Rai SuiTea

      5:15 is this "ice age"?

    53. в свободное от работы время

      Здравствуйте , товарищи! Поддержите наш канал, будем очень признательны ,взаимная подписка и просмотр видео)))


      Why you deleted your all videos from the channel.Whyyyyy

    55. Angeline D. Sacayan

      Lol😂 the hamster🐹 was Good😄 at maze

    56. Hans Landa

      I already died at the second clip 😂😂

    57. Poglinn

      Advertise on this comment if you think these animals shouldn’t exist. Do anything else if you’re cool.

    58. tamer gamer

      3:56 there is one imposter among us

    59. 山猫

      0:31 what is this bgm

    60. Studio BingBangBoo Kangaroo


    61. aola wili

      I don’t get how the dolphins are goofy.. like they are just doing an act with the people

    62. Oliva !!

      2:20 It’s actually not a hamster having fun it’s them trying to escape because they’re enclosure is too small for them and that can lead to stress and a shorter life

      1. lizyzaivj delarac

        Hi, I am a vet and you are absolutely correct

    63. ARALASH. UZ

      1. aola wili

        Nobody : Dumb 3 yo kid : 0:32

    64. omeza _Kun

      3:09 Videos of Thailand Very cute🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭❤️❤️❤️

    65. Yogadwi Dharma

      Funny animals ☺️😁

    66. Film_ f


    67. PitBullsWorld K9 PBW

      Who's the person that put her hand in a alligator mouth fucking awesome close to. But good shit

    68. Imari 2.0

      2:09 wtf is that

    69. Anna M

      That bloody snake looks funny 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

    70. George Cruz

      Lizard is so cute I wish I had a cute lizard

    71. ฮิ โระ


    72. Benny Arie

      5:02 hahaha..

    73. Llannah theresa Catarina


    74. Patricia Joyce

      ●_● ⊙•⊙

    75. AAP KI RASOI

      Nice sharing 👍😊👍


      Like = Dogs 🐶👍 Comment your favorite animal❤️

    77. Maruka Melchor


    78. Kazuma Hirotaka

      Nobody : Dumb 3 yo kid : 0:32

    79. Camryn Sturgeon

      The hamster was doing that because the cage was to small get bigger cage

    80. Green Slurp Gaming

      3:33 nah you just got lucky like if you thought the croc bit her XD edit: and also 6:25 the bird be like "WhAt YoU DoIn CaN I GeT a KiSs"? XD

    81. Tray Smith

      For those who watched the second one more than five times give this a 👍🏻

    82. Tray Smith

      The dog and the duck killed me 🤣


      That reflexes on that woman with alligator bro OMG.... SHE ON X-GAMES MODE.

      1. MrLTD

        not to ruin it for you but afaik, thats not reflexes. People touch their tooths while pulling their hands out quickly, triggering a bite response from the alligator. Makes it look super cool and brave thing to do ofc, but nothing to do with reflexes :)

    84. Vivien Vicenová

      2:09 slovak

    85. Initial BM

      2:08 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!??

    86. Sooofi

      That worm thingy on the stick absolutely terrified me

    87. Mr Chubby

      1:12 yiga members huh

    88. Carlie Nolan

      Omg 0:20 was so funny that reminds me of my dogs

    89. JakeAndKitten Plays

      3:51 there is an imposter among us

    90. Gabriel Hiner

      4:41 what breed of dog is that?

    91. Mayar Canary

      Fishermen was like yes I finally caught a fish 1 second later hey who ate my fish ok I will kill you I worked for 1 hour to catch that fish and you just eat it

    92. Honey Valler

      No 4 is so funny

    93. Qbi Wan

      What was that sea monster!?

    94. 222 الارنب

      الجزارین و المغارب والتونسین الی یشوفو فی التعلیق یدعمونی یرحمکم الله

    95. Владислав Магац

      LOL fox Hhhhhhhhh

    96. helloraven

      I kept on waiting for the vid that's used for the thumbnail

    97. King Smith

      Some of it is not funny in is funny

    98. 엔시티NCT

      The dog in the second video is the type of dog my uncle has and she is super crazy and always pushes people to the floor and crashes into doors.