Epic Cycling on Ice

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    Epic Cycling on Ice
    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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    1. ja ne is klar

      The comment section is literally just John Lennon's Imagine (extended version)

    2. BlueSta1n

      Now put that on a motocross

    3. Bsho Ali

      هنبلنختغ اريد طلعت

    4. Geeta Panwar

      What is the use of this ???

    5. Mats

      who stole my iceykle

    6. arturiux mandarinas

      This shi et doesnt work at all, its good if you want to cut the ice and drown

    7. 엉클샘포인트

      보행자랑 사고 나면 다리 한 짝 떨어지는거여...

    8. HYPER彡๛KING

      If anyone sits behind like it happens in India

    9. Simon Lim

      I suspect that it failed on first attempt not because the shape of the blade, but because one of the blade is in the wrong cut direction. One can see that clearly at 4:28, the front and rear blade cut in opposite directions, and it is the front one which is wrong. And at 4:48 one can see that both blade rotate correctly this time.

    10. polina kurilina

      want this bmx!

    11. Phúc Phùng Trần

      How to stop with that wheel ?

    12. سنفورة

      3 دور

    13. Tiana Cery

      Me: is he dismembering a bike now?

    14. Kaif

      After seeing the thumbnail my first thought was AOKIJI??????

    15. NovaZoid

      Everyone gangsta till he falls into ice..

    16. Jj

      Good idea yeah but high chance to injure so be safe

    17. princejhio garbo

      Hello pashot out po

    18. Devan Saini

      Dont you fucking fall on that

    19. ·ɓoɓɑ ɓɑɓɨɛ·

      All i can say is AMAZING camera quality-

    20. elon musk

      me and my homies on my way to ravenhom

    21. psychic reflection

      do follow for oaychological facts

    22. Hugo Tame



      ???????????????????????? no

    24. wallpaper unique design

      V bbbbbhjjhgghg8

    25. Lan anh vlog

      Hay lắm bạn tuyệt vời

    26. • Kènjí Mízükì •

      Tge ice is a crack now

    27. INVENTOR 46

      useful in snowy countries

    28. Hayat Zada

      What will happen if you fall on the wheels 🤔

    29. Нурали Абдибалиев

      Папа а я вас тут увидела

    30. Micro Max

      I don't like cycles. I'm car user

    31. NONO 06

      Je vois pas l'utilité de cet engin

    32. F B I

      Imagine someone ride this towards you while saying "why are you running ? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING ?"

    33. 강나루

      축하합니다 당신은 한국말을 찾았읍니다

    34. kaka o

      4:55 "제작과정봐서 따라할것도아니고 시간아까우신분들 여기서부터ㄱㄱ"

    35. Azriel

      Wanjirrr orangg luarr semua

    36. Amir Hadzic

      imagine doing wheelie and accidentally falling on rear wheel

    37. Zahra Shahabi

      The best creative idea of all the times

    38. 躲在你家里

      Put the bike upside down u will have a wood cutter

    39. Booker Adams

      Call it the icycle lol

    40. kan

      Give it I'm going to take it to the orphanage

    41. Me and my Tools

      99% of comments: Imagine if... 1% of comments: why...


      Ladies and gentlemen this is how legends cut pizza

    43. unknown


    44. Lukáš Baumgartner


    45. Kluyne Shune


    46. Дмитрий Литвин

      Надо было б крылья приварить, а то очечко раздолбишь себе космонавт.

    47. Ardan Iaquinta

      Doom Guy: Heavy Breathing

    48. Сардор Хамзаев

      Parott hahaha

    49. iGabriel -

      "Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet."

    50. Aaa Bbb

      When this is on public road Wait! Thats illegal.

    51. C. Mersin

      Naadar Dehlikeli bilemeng

    52. Mossa Ahmed

      يا الله

    53. OKB Cars

      Imagine that bike is yours

    54. Lol__- __-bit

      Netflix be like :

    55. Lord Feish

      dare i say... icecycle

    56. Danya_v_tanke19

      Годно, пошел повторять

    57. hey, mom im on the YouTube comment section

      He falls down and is going towards you..

    58. Ferenc Szabó


    59. Ph.D KIM


    60. 감자

      알고리즘이 또 나를 이상한 곳으로 인도했네

    61. sKYfALL

      why i m having final destination vibes

    62. VEN - echo

      I give mad respect to this guy not only cause he risked either his face or back depending on where he would of fallen if I did or does but the work it took to make this and take the wheels off the the work it will take to but them back on

    63. Bed Less

      till any gangsta noticed that the ice is breaking

    64. Anmax Gamerboss

      What is name of music on 4:16

    65. The Doctor Barbershop

      Orang indonesia komen dong!

    66. Luciffrit

      Sliding backwards off the seat would be a disaster! ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

    67. Playerblox2090

      POV: 80% 8 year old watching this

    68. ŞAHİN K

      No music good video

    69. Bharath kumar Srikakulapu

      4:51.. thank me later 😛

    70. Meme Trends

      You could just ride on normal wheels and have the same effect bruh

    71. 何日來


    72. The_Bearded_Engi


    73. Jonathan Oniada

      The bike is so cool! But those transitions tho!

    74. Yang Zhang

      Cool stuff! 😃



    76. Андрей Берков

      Встал Ильич, пожал плечами, х - - ли делать, с дураками ???(((

    77. Sheela Joshi


    78. lima nomor


    79. ks ss absz

      # sabare අපි ආව

    80. Allan C

      Everybody gangsta until :

    81. Улжан Коркембаева

      Классно супер

    82. Legion

      Peeche mudgard lagado warna result u know well😁😜

    83. kartick sundar

      once i was cycling and my leg slipped and the tire tore my skin. imagine that happening in this cycle

    84. Matthew Montgomery

      That looks safe

    85. Ifupihgr Iifgphg


    86. Klo_n'sbestfriend /nightmare

      it would be overkill if you do a wheelie infront people

    87. Ngọc Lê Minh Nguyễn

      Finally, I can achieve the dream of driving on a pizza cutter

    88. aqim crna


    89. Dude

      Зачем было ставить диск пилы? Сразу к ободу (без шины) приварил бы пластины. Имхо тоже самое по сути (не по виду)

    90. FireVinn Plays123

      If you wanna skip all and want the ice cycling part then here u go 4:29

    91. WorldKingOfPower Lurking

      Now that’s what you call a shredder bike

    92. mpireone

      That looks like a Ratchet and Clank weapon

    93. Ilma Arifudin

      Indonesia juga hadir bosku

    94. Ilma Arifudin

      Indonesia ini

    95. pepe-bondiola yt

      Esto va a salir en un poco de todo

    96. Axiao_Lei

      Basta tubol

    97. celfo gamer


    98. 99nouns

      You should install the front wheel tooth facing the other (forward) direction so if would help braking better doe to teeth cutting into the ice, and you should experiment with that and post braking video, you might even be able to come up with some ice bicycle tricks, totally different physics. Who was the famous bicycle trickster? İ can even think of one, İce Breaker. Make willy and slam the front wheel on to the ice after, İ dont even know if you can pull a willy on ice!