*1 IN A MILLION* RARE STORM CIRCLE!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #1108

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    In today's Fortnite update video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and don't forget Galactus! Can we smash 30,000 likes for Episode 1108 Tomorrow?
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    Here's Episode 1106 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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    1. Hatem Al Shaer

      let's go dieing

    2. Ramisa Sultana

      2:34a close one

    3. Ex0t1c_ Times

      4:55 is why the game is dying

    4. HASSAN3295

      سبايدر الأسطورة

    5. stuju




    7. Mats Jonna


    8. Incabeeh

      4:49 this is why i deleted the game

    9. Mason 4Life

      4:50 What a sweat

    10. Arshan Saidur

      R.I.P big boi galactus

    11. Patrik Zvolenský

      I miss fortnite so much

    12. kwame damuah

      4:49 does that guy ever go outside? What a loser

    13. TACO

      4:55 my friends 5:15 me

    14. M7md Alketbi


    15. M7md Alketbi

      7:51 hahaha

    16. IsaiahReyes1222



      Buy me a Nintendo switch


      Johnny Lopez I want Nintendo switch


      Johnny Lopez I want Nintendo games


        Yes or no

    20. itzraees_on_61fps

      4:58 my guy you can hear his keyboard and he is doing solo if it was arena then🤣😅

    21. OleX Games

      0:38 JAK CI SIĘ UDAŁO

    22. K1raGOD

      1:15---"*1 IN A MILLION* RARE STORM CIRCLE!!"


      1:00 everyone knows he had a friend named galactus at this clip

    24. The Allexx

      1:00 accidentally eliminated the person called "galactus" who appeared next to his name

    25. hBuxx

      And know we see the wild 9 year olds playing fortnite and only getting a minute and 2 seconds of sleep each day.

    26. Dawn T.

      4:18 I need that back bling I’m a Steelers fan by the way

    27. Slugbug

      Back when the pump was in the game😭

    28. Kaleb Self

      Im here in season 5

    29. AD2130

      1:06 is what you came for :)

    30. ironbike TV

      1:13 100% legit

    31. AGTS

      1:00 fake its battle lab

    32. -_- Martyna -_-

      0:29 pozdro polska 🇵🇱

    33. Liam Rouen

      When you a day late to the video and there is not a this is what you came for comment

    34. Saro Nahro

      And 5:23 the choper

    35. Saro Nahro

      4:49 is so nice

    36. Sergio Olivas

      4:49 how tf do you even know whats going on

    37. Fortnite Top

      Русские даже тут уже

    38. Sheepishcap

      2:24 I know right?! It happened to me, too.

    39. Melon

      4:49 Bruh

    40. User Jacobg0d

      4:49 When a girl is in your room

    41. RpgOverlordGamer


    42. Monder Games

      Всем привет

    43. isaac gaming 21

      1:05 is what you came for use code bcc on the fortnite item shop

    44. Have a good day

      The wolvering one happed to me

    45. Citrom Trio


    46. Beamer Lover

      4:26 Last words of default: haw hee haw(gets sniped)

    47. Hyp3r X

      4:57 needs to go outside

    48. Imran CODM

      Bro no way I had the same zone and it was on team rumble

    49. LEGO MEN Россия

      1:00 what

    50. kai_ YT

      4:49 he abused the keyboard

    51. Slurp Nation

      4:48 I half expected for him to start saying LAYZAD LAYZAD LAYZAD

    52. J STRIPES


    53. Syntax 3RR0R

      1:06 is what you came for Code BCC 😃

    54. Anderson Stidd

      This is all normal stuff find some actual content for once jeeze

    55. Seba Gayol

      3:56 una llamaaaa

    56. michael young

      the one where they ''killed'' galactus is fake the had a friend with them then they built so far that they didn't render inXD nice try

    57. Minato Namikaze

      this game is dead and boring but they still record it acting like they'll get 1M views each video.

    58. WęŻu JPZ

      3.56 another kevin lake

    59. Quixysaidggs

      2:00 finally a closer pov

    60. Mike Mellor

      4:48 what a sweaty little nerd. I promise you this kid skipped thanksgiving to grind this.

    61. DaylightDawn

      1:05 is what you came for 🥰 Use code BCC in the fortnite item-shop 😍 and stay safe during covid-19 😘

    62. ShadowDragon258

      The man leveling up from the storm circle to get holo Wolverine was the most satisfying thing I've seen on this channel

    63. Walter


    64. Savi Paramsook

      The person in 4:48 I just dislike because you can tell they don't care who has fun just as long as he wins he is happy.

    65. G. Contini

      what game is this?

    66. 8S Envasion

      At 1:16 Imagine landing fortilla


      4:49 listen to those keys

    68. Abukis

      4:50 i hate him

    69. Guyton

      4:08 oh non oh no oh nonononono

    70. Finn Barnes

      So all you have to do to make the TOP clip is blow yourself up with a gas can? What has this channel turned into

    71. Lucas Ochoa

      4:49 is the reason why most streamer's quit Fortnite and the reason why people hate this game

    72. pragya saripalli

      1:05 is wacha y'all came for . Use code 'BCC' in the fortnite item shop - peace ✌

    73. Essam Elmasry


    74. Sanjay S

      I wish i can play fortnite :(

    75. OB Winz

      The Event

    76. MJching23

      Stop uploading Fortnite videos

    77. Khaosllama

      Reason 984782947894782498729382479827489272987489278437983732: why I don’t play fortnite and it’s bad 4:59

    78. Boston Boy

      Wow Fortnite added first person now😂 at 2:13

    79. Z X A /زد إكس اي

      العن ابو حضه 0:35

    80. Black

      4:49 wow and people tell me to go outside

    81. RCT Mr Martin

      Anyone else see the llama in the middle of the screen at 3:51?


      the one with rainbow ironman was planned

    83. Nataša Duma


    84. Hlebyshek GG

      5:43, сразу видно наши люди

    85. kostek mazur

      1:06 my storm!!! in this same match!! XD

    86. Nartkan Kozok

      70% of these clips are from r/FortNiteBR

    87. Moheeb Munir

      Iam the one thousand coment😂😂😂

    88. Krishna Bondre

      1:05 Is that you came for!!!

    89. Hunt3rzHeHe

      Could ya check out my vid?

    90. Aly Ghoname

      4:48 what kind of creature is that


        Now you see, that right there is a sweat, their natural environment is usually a gaming setup with rainbow lights, they also tend to say they are very cracked on twitter and spam their code... Better be careful

    91. Little boy463

      5:40 не знал что тут есть русские

    92. Imaan Ebrahim

      2:50this idiot disabled his movement bind

    93. ummuro tura

      nice bruh

    94. ThatBoi Gamingツ

      where are those HERE IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR- ❤️BCC ❤️ comments

    95. Soushil Tamme


    96. affan khan


      1. zakroarg

        SUSCRIBE And mi chanel

    97. Tuna Kahrıman

      6:26 turkkk

    98. Mama Joe

      4:06 all gorgers do that in storm

    99. qin.

      5:43-"Сидят чилят нахуй"))))))