Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020


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    This Christmas, give something only you can give.
    Be it in person, over an awkward video call, or just a quick message, making time for the ones you love is what makes Christmas truly the most special time of year, no matter how you do it.
    Wherever you are, we hope you have a good one.
    Merry Christmas

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    1. All_Off Stream

      They should now self-quarantine!

    2. Женя 777

      В письме написано, дорогой санта закрой папину ипотеку к рождеству. До слез просто🥺

    3. Simpson Mania

      Не знаю как так получилось, но я в конце заплакал

    4. wazzuuuuuuup


    5. Olivier Chayrou

      One of the best ads I have ever Seen

    6. Μαρια Αραπιδου

      bruh tell my I started crying

    7. Danix Playz

      Just beautiful! 😍❤️

    8. K PD

      Sugar water’s coming

    9. Артем Стружка

      Коротко о том как мой дед добирался в школу

    10. Clara Gamez

      Que hermoso 🤩 me encanta 😊 amor 💓

    11. Artemios Filatov

      Just keep destroying my planet Coca-cola while I'm crying watching your pseudo-social adverts

    12. Ruslan Iskaliyev


    13. Joseph Farquhar

      Must have been an trump vote

    14. Just Thinking

      Hey Coke! With the exception of this ad. We're in the middle of pandemic and your still pushing non-social distancing ads on YT. ?

    15. Alex Berezkin

      Ахуенно мужик на работку сходил :)

    16. Helen Hamada

      LOVE IT! Yes, only gift one can give ... sometimes, it's just yourself!

    17. Lucas Pareja

      OHh was nice

    18. Kelly Powers

      It's a good thing she didn't ask for any other gift....since dad left work and went on a long tedious Journey to deliver the letter he missed out on a good 2-3-week

    19. Christian 1994

      Very powerful message 👏👏👏

    20. Zenn22

      All I want for Christmas is obesity 🥤😘

      1. bowen voowy

        I like new year

    21. Zenn22

      show Santa's waistline! 🥤

      1. bowen voowy

        I wasn't generally for it but the ending was pretty cute.

    22. S Pugsley

      Where are the polar bears?

    23. Gustav Mix


    24. kalep tv luciano

      WOW dad :D

    25. Zain

      Cool ad but I’ll still prefers Pepsi

    26. Flynn Moore

      Soo ok why is the TV so bad ?

    27. Ola X

      thx for the english homework content

    28. BagelCrisp


    29. John Doe

      1:50 Full beard 2:16 Why beard short or beard from the beginning? Continuity department, you're fired!

    30. Yerson Ato Sanchez

      Excelente coca cola

    31. Yerson Ato Sanchez

      Asu mare me partio el alma. Que pena pero hermoso

    32. Mr Jason

      He almost cost her his dads life writing that letter. Maybe his dad is coming home for xmas anyway after his work...seeing how he loves his daughter so much he wouldve gone home. Instead he went on to a useless trek that was meant for him to be home aswell. anyway..its just a joke

    33. Roberto Balzi

      When truck stops, it transform into Optimus.

    34. Aaron D

      I wasn't generally for it but the ending was pretty cute.

    35. Robototexnika Uz

      I like new year

    36. Master Chief

      Place minute of silence, Santa Claus just died of the coronavirus because he didn't wear a mask

    37. Master Chief

      And then they spend the next few years in lockdown happily ever after

    38. abaho samuel

      Am watching this every day my aunt used to buy for us big coca cola on Christmas and she died on xmass rest in peace my sweet aunt

    39. SHO lupus


    40. mikin lirou

      This is how my parents claimed they got to school everyday

      1. Zenn22

        cool copy paste bro

    41. Martin

      Who's cutting onions!?

    42. M

      It's okay to steal the motorbike, as long as you deliver.

    43. Kylown Official

      Nice commercial

    44. Mii-G

      It is the only commercial that I look for to see it complete.

      1. mikin lirou

        love it

    45. AcrσssTheSkγ

      This is so sad I actually cried 😭

      1. Jack Low

        I didn't find it sad. I found it poignant and heartfelt. That's why I teared up.

    46. Cynical Drummer

      I don't like the cola cola company that much. Hell I don't really like the product. But that right there is a good advertisement

    47. Morgan Cox

      Ich finde den Spot sehr Aussagelos.

    48. Sophie Joy

      Definitely not crying...

    49. Sandy Sandra

      I live for this!

    50. Bouwerke

      Coke ads are the best in the world

    51. Viktor Stevich

      The depressed guy from the sales team MUST GO! You make me cry every year.

    52. Volker Wenzel

      Nice Movie.!👍

    53. Christ Pip

      Le coca et dangereux

    54. ennio gatto


    55. jordana severo

      Ho meu Deus que coisa mais linda!! Parabéns aos criadores, me lembro bem de quando criança eu amava aquela das carretas com o papai piscando o olho, pra mim umas das mais marcantes. Agora essa nova me fez chorar tbm. Não percam essa criatividade nunca, pois marcou minha infância fui muito feliz por essas propagandas, e espero que outras crianças sejam feliz assim como eu fui com a propaganda de vcs!!

    56. Мұрат Тұрсынай

      Coca-Cola Christmas commercials are the best 👍👍👍

    57. Luke Foord

      Taika is a saint

    58. ROZA HELIX

      love it

    59. Ashen Shandeep

      Merry Christmas for all!🎄🎅

    60. Zoltán Katona

      heartwarming advertisement for a parent

    61. Kim C

      She could've saved her daddy going through all that troubles if Coke had not made this fake fantasy in the first place. But this sweet lie still make sense to many of us. Nice advert.

    62. Balouch Nadim

      christmas plastic in the oceans.... thank you coca cola

    63. debsirin116

      The good story of new years. But I'm not sure daddy lost his job or not. Just kidding. Love Coke zero bigfan from Thailand.

    64. Dániel Török

      I don't want to sound negative, but the guy left his spot on the oil rig, or whatever that was, so probably he was fired, now considering the ongoing pandemic, he will not be able to find work for minimum 3 months, furthermore, since he was working on a rig, that says finding job before the current events, a well paying job was probably scarce in that region and since we live in capitalism, that guy must have atleast one loan, hopefully not mortgage... This little action, going to the North Pole, was more than risky. He put his family in a financial breakdown. .. But hey, atleast he had a bottle of Coca Cola, which is nice. Oh and merry Xmas to you all.

    65. Ben Alder

      I laugh because he didn't expect that from his daughter and Santa. Love It.

    66. tommygal1974

      Yes. Just yes.

    67. TRVE

      Именно такой и должна быть реклама. Браво!

    68. Matthew Hoey

      Holidays are coming, holidays are coming

    69. jimmy jesus


    70. Rowan Wallace

      its not the covid 19 vaccine but was something to keep my heart beating.

    71. Cumulus Terraticus

      Hope sometime in future there is such a Dad and a Truck for all !🎄🤟

    72. Cieran Paterson

      Why is the daughter smiling when her dad has been missing for like 3 weeks

    73. Enrique Barajas

      Moving. Startling. Wholesome. Whimsical. Tender. Humbling.

    74. Олег Сафин

      Блестяще. Браво.

    75. Panicbombz

      im not complaining but its not even *the* month yet

    76. James Day

      The moral of the story is oils well that ends well, slick advert

      1. Ardi Neufeld

        Choice dad joke hahaa love it lol

    77. Anthony Dugas

      "Where's Larry? Isn't he supposed to be doing this?" "Dunno, last time I saw him he left on the emergency boat." "Well, he's fired."

    78. Sap

      A little bit to much

    79. antony cavallo

      Very emotional. I love it!

    80. K VT

      I need a full movie

    81. anastasopoulos

      So did he lose his job?

    82. Jacob Denz

      Its enough to men are cry

    83. Micro Ondas

      SO CUTE :(

    84. gustavo tapia

      Que hermoso video

    85. A M

      He finally arrives in Christmas 2021!

    86. Jayo 111

      How my parents said they used to get to school...


      This is way better than sainsbury 😌

    88. Said Nimatov

      I love Coca Cola

    89. Carla Moore

      Wow that's awesome, so emotional!

    90. LaughterVanguard

      I cant even get a week off in November at my work let alone go on this trek

    91. Dani Wright

      Its not christmas with out the truck advert!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Ernald Shehaj

      no im not crying

    93. tomasz tw


    94. Sam Okelly

      That paper built different.

    95. Sebastian Orlando Barojas Garcia

      Alegres del barranco

    96. Elvira James

      Christmas has officially begun

    97. oniOn

      All that for nothing?

    98. Pedro Marcelo Brollo

      Eu amo isso!

    99. Fabio Civale

      non sto piangendo giuro...

    100. Gianfranco Palumbo

      I'm 33 I did have a little tear...