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    Pulled a Linus and dropped your CPU? Got a couple busted pins and want to fix them? Want to save a whole lot of money? We got you fam, we walk you through the process of fixing a Ryzen 3700x with broken pins and get it up and running again. Big thanks to Zettabit. lab and their video: lmg.gg/aHAAH
    Also Ethan for trading the CPU for us to work on.
    Solder mask: lmg.gg/TzGT4
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    1. Linus Bodén

      Im just back here a few months later to let u know this was the first LTT video i watched and u are now one of 4 youtubers i watch on a daily basis =D

    2. LucidTrip

      You know that meme were Spongebobs are running around with paper and filing cabinets on fire? This is that

    3. Merionix

      If I had a dollar for every time he said “Hail Mary” I’d have two dollars. It ain’t a lot but it is weird it happened twice.

    4. Samay Advani

      Bro the same cpu is coming on Saturday for me and now I am really nervous to even install it.

    5. Matt92


    6. Moran Henriquez

      poor nicholas

    7. Jose Pineda

      Remember when you said that not having the tips wouldn’t be a big deal… Maybe if the heat was concentrated on a smaller spot.. 🤔

    8. c.elly.b

      Man nicholas is finna get fired

    9. FrameCZ

      what if you get cooling pasta on pins ? it worked for me for another 5 years XD

    10. ksandur

      2:54 BORAT! VERY NICE!

    11. DeeK

      7:59 ngl he kinda sounds like gru

    12. Eivind Brækkan Engstad

      Omg i watched it all

    13. Paras Jain

      17:55 best moment

    14. S M

      Next time keep a punching bag near you so you can handle the frustration without taking it out on the thing you're trying to fix

    15. Antique Gaming

      We watch a 22 minutes bullshit to finally see the golden screws getting stacked which we won't and then how is this not a click bait

    16. Yasin Aziz Abir

      shut up!!!

    17. Summer

      Ethan why did I sold it God dam it

    18. Masud Khan

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    19. Bethany Collins

      When i was 16 i begged my parents to let me build my own computer and not buy one from the market, they didnt trust me because they thought it was only done by pc expert and i wasnt one but still at the end they agreed. when everything was shipped to house i was so happy and started to assemble everything with my 13 yo brother. We spent our whole afternoon on it and after loooong time of build i couldnt properly fit the cpu cooler. Later i realised that the cpu couldnt get in the socket because i had bent one pin forcing the cooler on top of it. I felt like heartbroken and terrified because i had to tell my parents i broke the most expensive piece... my brother told me lets try to repair the pin with a tweezer and it fkn worked happiest day of my teenage no joke

    20. Huy Nguyen

      so you know what parts to buy first

    21. Huy Nguyen

      learn about parts of a pc first then learn how to build

    22. Huy Nguyen


    23. Huy Nguyen

      LEAVE A LIKE :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    24. Huy Nguyen


    25. Huy Nguyen

      watch dave lee

    26. Huy Nguyen

      upgraded ones lol

    27. Huy Nguyen

      and my first pc is better than most people

    28. Huy Nguyen


    29. Huy Nguyen

      but sales on black friday

    30. Huy Nguyen

      its hp omen for 1000

    31. Huy Nguyen

      prebuilt from hp i7 9700k gtx 1660ti and 8gb ram hyper x realtek wifi

    32. Huy Nguyen

      just get a prebuilt unless ur crazy rich

    33. Huy Nguyen

      also watch techsource

    34. Huy Nguyen

      nobody would want to hire him because of this video

    35. Huy Nguyen

      this episode should be NICHOLAS LAS DAY

    36. Huy Nguyen


    37. Huy Nguyen

      linus tech tips more like linus how to rage

    38. Huy Nguyen

      linus a raging at14 minutes lololololololololololololol

    39. Christian Afanador

      when my pc was shipped it got damaged and some pins are bent but the pc still works

    40. Gerard AC

      U sound like Gru from despicable me 😂

    41. Fractal R

      HEY EVERYBODY - I found a much easier solution : 1.Take the pins from the donor CPU. 2.Properly find the EXACT position of the missing pins on the CPU. 3.Put new pins directly into corresponding holes on the CPU socket and put the CPU into socket like you normally would. 4.Enjoy.

    42. Gondos Adam

      Yeah this hapenned to me

    43. Aixyu

      someone got fired

    44. Scam Pickle

      0:20 Idk wtf he was thinking... "Accident" suuuuure. He just kicked the screen lol

    45. POTATOMAN 74

      Who would trust this dude if he was a surgeon?😶😶😶

    46. fortifyreffic

      So all of the pins on my motherbaord look bent but if if they are. And yes I don't have pins on the cpu.. it's a old computer I'm trying to upgrade

    47. Kilo Foxtrot

      Lol I did especially like how much Nicholas had screwed with you in this video. Much fun 5 stars

    48. SPECTRUM

      12:12 - xDDDDDDDDDDD

    49. Samson Sassoon

      Just happened to me last month - Damaged the Intel i7 10700K CPU pins and Asus ROG 490- E motherboard socket when i pushed the noctura CPU cooler very hard. The guys at the store said they will try to fix the pins on the CPU and apparently the motherboard had other issues so got free replacement . For a month I thought i had lost a lot of money as I had invested in new DRAM , power supply etc. After 1 month I get a message on the mobile , the parts are fixed come to the shop and pick it up. Luckily now I have a good gaming desktop.

    50. Ianmundo

      Pot calling the kettle black at the beginning there! Linus is the roughest tech reviewer, unboxes tech like it stole his lunch money. I swear he does it to show how worthless all the complimentary tech is to him

    51. Karam Marji

      Imagine people in 2045 looking at this, laughing at being able to see pins with only a magnifying glass

    52. # Anonymous

      Our future laughing on us 😂

    53. Davi Beatz

      This entire video the experience is my life daily in a nut shell 🤠

    54. soup ow

      did you give him back his cpu

    55. Doyler

      You know this guy bullies his friends and disnt no nothing about computers there's videos exposing him

    56. Un usuario Cualquiera

      After soldering anything it's recommendable clean the area, cuz the flux could act like a...something strange and make short circuit between two terminals or act like a plastic

    57. Budget Tech

      cpu was not dead lol jesus these guys are clowns

    58. Bizpixel

      Damn sonnnnnn ..... 0:25

    59. ThunderBudd

      Alternative title: 22 minutes of linus not knowing anything he's doing.

    60. Dunked Animations

      Stayyyyyyyy good boy

    61. Abdul Ahad

      no one is jackass at least not me. I have "faith" in you bud.

    62. Daniel Souza

      That was painful

    63. Aswin Ram

      first stop shivering you hand

    64. Dan Harris

      "I told you I had faith" "You had no reason to have faith Brandon!!" Lmao

    65. Worst Controller Player

      I love Nicolas messing with you Linus

    66. Iain Lippitt

      a flatmate when I was at Uni managed to build his new pc without installing the motherboard standoffs, the pc booted he got the OS installed then wouldn't start again, he managed to RMA most of the affected parts and got replacements

    67. ToughLuck Gaming

      if this isn't me in engineering circuits lab idk what is. That was so funny and exactly how i talk to electronic components

    68. ross lakey

      Linus:"accidents happen" *Proceeds to show the only 3 accidents on the channel that weren't his fault*

    69. AL KraL


    70. Jack

      ahhhh remember february.

    71. Zandarz

      What a way to fake a video!

    72. Lynx of Light

      that is not supposed to be working.... that is incredible. Dangit linus you did it again

    73. Girik Maur

      The cpu be like *U wont let me live* *U won’t let me die*

    74. Logan Fox

      does the ltt store sell the cold water? and when its shipped to my house will there still be ice? these are important branding specifications needed

    75. Brayant Videos


    76. Liam Otto


    77. Dale Benton

      sod that,Its to much of a fiddely job,trying to get the pins in place,I rather buy a replacement

    78. moath sabrie

      Imagine what the guys at the factory has to go through to attach every pin 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Ewan Gardner

      Probably one of THE most funniest videos on the internet!

    80. Sarthak Rajour

      ha ha haa haa totally laughed in agony after 15 mins

    81. walkman4420

      This is what made him switch to meth tips

    82. Jonathan Duenas

      Imagine just buying a new ryzen chip

    83. Hyperranger X

      all of those sponsers are too much I bet you could even make a gaming rig

    84. Logan

      hi I'm logan and i have a amd fx 6 core cpu but only runs with 3 cores could you help

      1. TimePro

        Check msconfig.

    85. Giovanni_m_9

      So I dropped my CPU and the pens only bent, so when I saw the first 30 seconds where he said bent pins were okay and easy to fix, I immediately stopped watching and worked on my CPU and fixed it. Now, a few days later, after having a running CPU again, I've come back to finish the video and I will say that if I watched this video all the way through the first time, my anxiety would've shot through the roof!

    86. Mihailo Živković

      He can't make it right: This machine for temperature or something idk: NOOOOOO PLEASE STOOOOOP!

    87. Zack Howell

      This was one of the most funniest videos of Linus and crew ever!! Haha OMGOSH they are so funny

    88. Los Thanos

      Sell out🤣

    89. Otex

      17:36 The perfect match between music and video is so satisfying ...

    90. Somethings fishy fishing

      There were so many that’s what she said and that’s what he said moment Linus

    91. Chris Gardner


    92. RobbiePNA

      Mercy on dat boy nicholas

    93. Travis Brown

      I thought Canadian's Did Not Get Mad... Linus AM NOT MAD

    94. Paytoslay

      Teach the verge

    95. Boykin

      *nicholas no*

    96. Walter Fredrickson

      That was as funny as when I tried to fix my own Led Tv . I now own a new Tv . My wife said I broke the old one on purpose.

    97. Runner 4714

      come on , just buy a new proccesor

    98. Omar Khan

      At 08:01 when he said and we're gonna add a little bit of flux he sounded like hey from despecible me

    99. dream's sleep paralysis demon

      Why couldn't you just use the other cpu?

    100. Bane Biddix

      Let me guess, Linus was the one who broke it?