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    👕❤️ OUR FRESH MERCH 👇🏽👖
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    1. 웃웃TwinsFromRussia

      👇🏽 OUR FIRST MERCH IS OUT 👇🏽 👆🏽🥰😍👆🏽

      1. Marcos Bona


      2. Adrian Barlianu

        Este foarte rou

      3. Safiya Safi


      4. andzia1825


      5. Marcos Bona


    2. Ana Rios

      Hola 😘

    3. Tabotato

      The fact that he busted open the bathroom after less than 2 seconds of knocking.. Smh

    4. Dawa Yanuk


    5. Christel.

      If you think your life is so brutal and depressing, remember that these guys exist

    6. Aarush Sanghvi

      Omg this is so scripted Like cmon

    7. ランサー抹消者


    8. Fikri Lhistanto


    9. Iska the first

      Hey google, what is the definition of cringe?

    10. Jhonnie Ron Sibunga

      Mga siraulo amputA

    11. Miryka 散Chan

      Is girl kindap

    12. Ionix spear

      Don't worry the camera man was invisible

    13. Регина Головченко

      What’s the name of song?

    14. Harshad Panchal

      I need to know the name of music

    15. Mervin Botha


    16. Bapakmoe Gaming


    17. jayant sai

      Music name plzz??

    18. Ivan Teves

      Useless video super scripted

    19. andzia1825


    20. On Purpose

      They used an Arab to be the bad guy.....

    21. Fandi Matheos


    22. 戸塚那由多


    23. Aaron Dave Rabadon

      Nc hide 100% invisible

    24. kiran vlog


    25. Riko Simanjutak

      Hf ngh ftvz

    26. Riko Simanjutak

      Fhfjrvuh trs ya sayang hp mu 5enteni ng

    27. Martin

      If a guy walks witch girl you must kidnap her

    28. Wizardry 88

      Nice haircuts ! 😁😜👎👎

    29. Dede Smith


    30. Dede Smith

      Douche bags

    31. Marcos Bona


    32. Yaman Yadav

      What shit is this ?? & The worst part is that people actually buying it.

    33. Tophatsheep

      Wait so if I'm reading this right the girl got kidnapped by the non twin and the twins saved her by kidnapping her themselves

    34. Ольга Мельникова

      Болливуд нервно курит

    35. Stefany Hernández Martínez


    36. Sofiapaz Arrua


    37. Dat boi

      What girl would fall for these two irl? Stupid ass hair

    38. Olga Beatriz

      Tão natural quanto a luz da noite

    39. Amin Laskar

      Why you guys are posting cancer on HUgets? Stay in GayTok

    40. wesley santos

      Debi e Lóide 😂😂😂

    41. Hemanth M

      What song is this please can anyone tell me?

    42. Fsychox

      Name song?

    43. dark_cyrezz

      Nobody: Litterly nobody: That guy that is trying to break the door but the door is just open🤡

    44. kazunopo


    45. Sondi

      Tiktok is cancer

    46. Klaudia Jakas


    47. Çiğdem Oğuzatay


    48. Ілля Мороз


    49. Jeremiah Nations

      What in the actual fuck.......fucking cringe...

    50. Krishna gopal

      What the fuck is this ?

    51. sheeff oghlan

      I hate my internet

    52. FAV Official

      Rcr before writing aye dil hai muskil

    53. Neman Priadi

      this is weird

    54. kiran vlog

    55. kiran vlog


    56. kiran vlog


    57. ram is waifu

      I thought that woman was mocking them and thought theyr gonna flex on her but no that was unexpected

    58. Sardor Akauka


    59. Manu settan piro

      The number of dislikes on this must be way bigger. That’s why their hiding it

    60. Geralt of Rivia

      Russian Jedward?

    61. Oogha Boogha

      Definition of CRINGE

    62. ORGR1

      Ain't gonna lie but they look like crocker the teacher from Fairly odd parents

    63. The sans behind the slaughter

      He's the imposter

    64. Arrogância

      Anyone know the music?

    65. Nubstex

      TikTok is cancer

    66. Fapper z

      Cringest thing I ever experienced

    67. Hamza Habibi

      What is this?

    68. SebasKillz

      So your telling me he was talking to 911 in front of the guy, wtf?

    69. Brennen

      Joe Sugg has a twin?

    70. Lula Elta


    71. I Mehra

      Can I say one thing, this is an act and not real life incident. Obviously that's why cameraman is here. But can we practice this in real life, if we saw someone in trouble, can we try to help them like these. I think this might be the motive of this video

    72. A S Samsuz Zaman

      Song name please

    73. Geraldine Lucero


    74. Ginger Nutz

      The only twins in the world that look like that.. Must be..

    75. 登録者60人目標!ひなPON


    76. Sam Sung

      IQ absolute zero cold

    77. Brick Square

      뭐야 웃웃은 한글인데??

    78. OHH ME OHH MY

      In a REAL situation I'd hope THEY WOULDN'T be STUPID enough to hide right under the abductors nose, I'm assuming he is... In front of a 2 foot wall SERIOUSLY C'MON PFFFT HAHAHA LMFAO JKJK.!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Cruz Sejas Sebastian

      disgusting video


      I can't take anymore of this CRINGE

    81. Thiago Torrico

      Yoo bangbros

    82. Mr. Wetlikewater

      This is why Thanos wanted to collect the infinity stones. So he could get rid of these type of people

    83. yFell

      É os irmãos pikin blaudon

    84. Curtis Core

      Idk how the fuck this 10/10 acting got 2,6 million likes...

    85. ゆうちん


    86. pomidor ka

      Почему они из России. Были бы они норм пацанами отпиздили его или вообще не лезли.

    87. balcersaurus

      Videos like this is why HUgets hides dislike counters

    88. Danna

      I thought the davinky twins dyed their hair

    89. Cristal Otaku


    90. Peter Gagne

      Where is doctor crying when you need him

    91. Александр Ткачик

      Ходят слухи, что они там до сих пор лежат


      Tu spui chiut🤗🤗🤗😘😘

    93. Alihan Betiev

      Как. Страшны. Этот. Паренъ. Вы. Лучший. Из. Всех

    94. 心太


    95. Arbion Hajdari

      Our fist