Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

Tom MacDonald

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    FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
    INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
    TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. Jason Knapp

      god o to see the shift

    2. Victor Olanna

      Let's hang sometime

    3. LiveLifeLove 4

      I honestly love your songs of how they are now and if they are hating then try not to care about them.

    4. tanner11151

      I want your dogs. can i has them pweeze?

    5. Brently Gates

      Tom you are a huge inspiration to me!!!! You’ve helped me over come so many of my demons when I’ve felt I was alone in the dark after I came back from the service. You’re music and story has been helping me get help and fight to see tomorrow 😁❤️

    6. Bebe and John: Not so Nomadic Life

      You already know... Thank You. Happy Thanks Giving 💞

    7. Jesse Brewster


    8. WorldofWrestling

      Tom MacDonald you are the man. Sell out definitely not you. Fuck the haters. You speak your mind and that's what makes Tom McDonald's music stand out from all the rest. Keep doing you're thing dude!

    9. ride wrench repeat

      At 1:47 novas smile is priceless

    10. Lando Jackson

      Good song

    11. jeremiah dorman

      Lol do you

    12. scrubzz playzz

      I love all your music and your videos. You are my favorite artist. Keep doing what you're doing. We support you 100%

    13. Troy Foster

      Man fuck the fake fans who say you sold out lmfao. Brother you are real. End of fucking story. Real fans gon ride with you till we die! Independent!!!! 💯💯💯

    14. Tork TheBear

      much love brother

    15. Gary Todd

      I love that he makes cds so fire, also if you think about it, what he is doing and rapping about goes against the whole world the amount of courage he has is insane, Your awesome a true American( from canada like wow) keep making this songs we have to stand up against the media.

    16. Josh Strickland

      You are amazing. Thank you Tom.

    17. WilTheSniper

      I Appreciate every song you've ever put out. Thank you for being you mate! Keep Grinding

    18. Russell Capper

      You are a inspiration to everyone who has dealt with things that goes wrong in our lives. I can’t wait to hear what else you put out. I would love to get a signed cd from you but I’m broke right now.

    19. JaXXTroNaut

      This is such a wholesome video, I had a smile the whole time. Glad everything is going right for you Tom❤️🇨🇦

    20. Crystal Robinson

      I'm 31 and wish I was where you are. But I'm very proud of you and your girlfriend! We need to be happy for each others hard work and success more❤️

    21. JayJake

      I'm glad that I'm listening to this music.

    22. Ryan Meade

      Tom, My man... Are you reading my mind right now>

    23. Samantha Boo

      Omfg I absolutely love this song your Amazing

    24. Cameron Hanscom

      You always terrible an I never hate on ppl but I have to stfu

    25. William Neves

      Never heard of him before...this guy a goat.

    26. Jaymz Wolf

      he's true

    27. Jaymz Wolf

      and he's not what people say when they talk shit

    28. Jaymz Wolf

      and he serious about everthing he say's

    29. Jaymz Wolf

      if any of you talk shit about him your talking about your self because he speak's the truth..

    30. Michael Bruce

      This video just makes me happy.

    31. Bobby Clay

      I’m proud of you and how far you have come ❤️❤️

    32. Misty Yeagle

      I still love you both!! Be you fuck all the haters that mad now that you can financially take care of your selves... If they think your a sell out then they truly dont listen to your words/truth you speak!!!!!🙃😉😊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. inglish TIC

      All the way from Nigeria, you are one in a million ❤️

    34. J O J O


    35. Kenneth Palmer

      Great song bro..keep making ur dreams real man

    36. John Clemit

      Great song and no hate but you gotta get some more vert on that backflip into the pool. Granted it’s your pool so do as you please with it.

    37. Briana McWilliams

      I absolutely adore you❤❤

    38. Stephen LeGuern George

      It is old fans turning on you?? That's a shame everyones a critk the man.

    39. Brootal Roogue

      You haven't changed up, sound the same on every single song Should become a preacher

    40. Infinite Asshole

      this was beautiful. Thank you Tom & Nova

    41. Austonland Hero

      Don’t listen to the comments man. There are billions of brainless keyboard warriors that know nothing. 🙃

    42. SewerChewer89

      You didn't sell out at all lmao wtf

    43. Chip Bagwell

      Hey Tom from kokomo indiana your songs are true of how the world is your next song should be of joe biden

    44. Carl Arnett

      That was an awesome song. 🔥

    45. Carl Arnett


    46. Michael Williams

      I hate rap but i like your lyrics, sounds like you have a mind of your own.

    47. Jez wain

      the ability to provide security and material things for those you care about doesn't make you a sellout it means you doing something right, don't stop doing it

    48. Amarok the Furry

      this is all of ur songs ever

    49. RV Aka Screwer

      Man, you are real amazing keep it up and be at the place against labels independently, well wishes from India brother

    50. Fals3 The0ry

      Worst flow in rap

    51. Hannah Morgan

      Far from a sell out man, Me and my husband love your music old and new. Its all fire. You just got haters from all the fame. Ppl that started out the same as you but didn't get no where in life. You played your cards better.

    52. Fals3 The0ry


    53. Dan Smith

      Love watching your videos HOG

    54. Niklaus Sparans

      Love you bro

    55. billy bart

      Man I wish I could meet you. You're way of life. Just inspires me to do more with my life. One of the realest rappers ever

    56. Dave Kushner

      Envy is the prevailing defect of our time. It might be jealousy, but I think it's deeper. In envy, the person despises the other for having a good; jealousy is about the good. It seems like people hate the other more than they want what the other has. Don't let the envious bring you down. There eyes will be sewn shut with wire to prevent them from seeing and envying others, according to Dante.😉

    57. Krishna Khatri

      What about your dad Nepal? Love from Nepal

    58. General Reevis

      this is gold

    59. Stephen Jones

      Mad respect bro

    60. RunThermal

      I think that this marks the beginning of the Tom McDonald Golden Era......This song absolutely slaps!

    61. Kooler JR Santa Cruz

      You’re not a sellout definitely

    62. bill reilly

      So were are supposed to criticize someone who is trying to be honest about themselves. maybe we can remember bob Dylan lyric... One whos sings with his tounge on fire gargles in the rat race choir, bent out of shape from society pliers cares not to come up any higher but rather get you down in the hole he is in..... Tom being honest not trying to drag anyone down in a hole..

    63. Muana Pachuau

      Keep Going Tom... Much love from India🤘🏿😎 live long stay blessed

    64. sotuur aeei

      Keep doing what your doing Tom, you're music isn't like anything I've ever heard before and I love it! Keep it up and I can't wait to hear more!! 🤑👏🙌🤘

    65. brand smith

      Yall that think he sold out are fools, yall think he is suppose to stay broke or something. Glad someone fucking made it out of the streets.

    66. Jennova Slyne

      So happy for you when you go from rock bottom and having nothing to finding a way to support your self and those you love and enjoy doing it it is the greatest thing ever (working on mine) people who say money doesn't buy happiness have never stressed where there next meal would come from its true it doesn't buy happiness it self but it does allow a piece of mind a moment of stress relief that allows you to feel happy with that which is around you keep killing it you and nova are awesome prayers of love and success for you and your family

    67. dudevids gaming

      This song and video shows how Tom is a person like the rest of us, who went thru struggle. Worked his ass off to be where he is. And, still humble AF. If you hatin on Tom Macdonald you are the one with the issue. How could you possibly hate on someone like this. Someone with real talent, spits truth, worked his way up with no label, and still a thousand times better than the artists who are signed? People realize hes independent. With his wife as a badass video producer . No label. That's truth. That's well deserved.

      1. dudevids gaming

        @sotuur aeei what are u talking about?

      2. sotuur aeei

        gonna call someone they if you want me to call you something else than he or she ill call you it

    68. Jcity Wrestling

      My brother

    69. Danielle Luna

      GOD BLESS YOU MAN !! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🥰 THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKIN WHOLESOME!!



    71. Kyler Hinkle

      Get it Tom F@#% the haters bro you earned it!!

    72. James May


    73. Justin Sexton

      Those are badass statues the black and white one and the black with neon colors why do they look familiar. Love all your guys work you are killing it without the backing from some assholes clawing your way to the top where you belong well done

    74. MĪDNĪGHT X

      This man is Awsome

    75. heidi jean

      Keep doing what makes yall happy, sending positive vibes 💜🤙

    76. J k

      When you do a backflip try to set up more, swing your arms up and lock them at shoulder height and while you're doing that imagine you're jumping over a huge beach ball to make sure you don't jump straight up and come back down on the ledge, don't whip your head as much and knee yourself in the shoulders, great song and lyrics as always.

    77. Marco Gianturco

      I think I can say this honestly, I've never really wanted someone to be president, rular, grand adviser, overseer, captain of the world; but I want to follow you.

    78. Betty Rem

      Love his music 🙌

    79. Bludd Hound

      Man bro! 5 years ago I was homeless under a bridge, and hungry. Now married, new little girl, new truck, new harley, wife's suv, home, etc etc. They say I "soldout" but I just tell them I fucking sold up. Because they won't get off the pot and bust a move it's their fault not ours. BUST A MOVE AND KEEP IT MOVING!!!!

    80. Nature2Dich

      MONEY IS THE WORST invention that was made by humans beings. Because slavery us all, but who cares right? The Global Elite control us by money, they're the rulers of our world... And we are doomed! 🌎☄

    81. Leah Garland

      Dude, this is real.. 🖤🖤

    82. nikko jimo

      hi there just wanted to say this somewhere didnt know where put here really i find this days people really easily offended my self i go with mentality there are two genders im not gonna call someone they if you want me to call you something else than he or she ill call you it

    83. James Woods

      One of the realist artists I know. Always having some substance and creating relatable music. I've been a fan since before Mac lethal... keep going in bro 💪

    84. Daniel Bish

      Love your music it's all true keep up the great stuff you put out

    85. Trent blackbird productions

      Soooooo good!!!!

    86. The Visioner

      I like you, you rock

    87. Ciel Mylord Phantomhive

      Thank you for sacrificing to give us something to help us keep breathing. Love you Tom

    88. Péter Bolla

      1:35 I have the same dresser bruv

    89. D Cypher

      I've never cried as much listening to one artist, man.. From Castles, to Sober... Coronavirus to Sellout... The things that you say in some of these songs are so fucking perfect, and so heartfelt that it hits a really weird spot for me, & I don't mean to brag as if I'm some badass that just doesn't have feelings, but I don't cry.. Ever.. Being a Schizophrenic I've killed a lot of myself, intentionally, because I thought I needed to, and your music is bringing me back to being human and feeling things again and I wouldn't change a single lyric in a single song. You're so genuine, and I'm so happy for you and Nova.. Growing and learning is not "selling out".

    90. Elliot Thorne

      Critics are like backseat drivers. They be wishing they were in control so they criticize you for something they can’t do themselves. It’s okay. We still love you for just bein you. Hang Over Gang for life.

    91. Will Faulkner

      The big dog must be keep being you tom. Your words have powerful message that ppl will never know.

    92. Slick Wolfy

      Some people talkin bad bout' Tom cuz of putting lots of money in a vid, lmao its fake money

    93. James Ellis

      not a big fan of Tom but the last few songs have been on point

    94. Drew M.

      "Yeah I have a little gucci but I hardly even wear it....." Word.

    95. jess cro

      Wah wah wah

    96. Blade Kick

      We know ur no sellout bro. Love ur music.thank u.

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    98. Monkey Phoenix

      Everybody changes and you are not the same no matter how much you wish it

    99. Knockdown T dog

      Yooo good shit. When is gravestones coming out? I can't wait to hear it!

    100. Yaboi Rodriguez

      Love your music bro always will!!!