Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

Tom MacDonald

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    FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
    INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
    TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. Txangel922

      I'm glad to see you improving your life and change in life to some degree is inevitable. If your not changing your not growing as a person.

    2. Justin White

      This is probably the most real and tasteful "I made it" video I have ever watched!

    3. American Patriot

      Nothing wrong with making a better life for you and your family. Haters will always drink the hateraide!!

    4. Travis Allred

      Man you can buy your Gucci straight from the man himself and that's your perogative. We ain't pissing on nobody for making it.. we WANT you to make it. Because you're not just making it you're making a difference!

    5. Emmett tatter

      Thank you Tom

    6. Emmett tatter

      Favorite 🤩

    7. Emmett tatter

      So proud of this guy giving it his all and not scared

    8. Madeline Intravia

      If you're a TRUE fan, you will WANT your favorite rapper to make the "come up" & gain notoriety... otherwise you are just selfish & a fraud 🤷🏼‍♀️ I SUPPORT you (since the start) and am so damn blessed for you, Tom!! I will pray for you tonight 😇🙏🏻❤️

    9. David2lj david2lj

      In my eyes u didn't sell out, you just upgraded your life and there is nothing wrong with that.

    10. peter gonzalez

      yo man I ain't even going to lie I just came across you on HUgets man and let me tell you I've listened to a bunch of your songs and I love the way you spit I love the way you keep it real yo man I don't even know what to say I just love listening to your music and lyrics u speak from the heart speak the truth and I wish you nothing but blessings and the best of the best for you in the future and that's real just like you my brother you are real!!!

    11. Katherine Stewart

      Nothing in this world can stay the damn same. People are always hating. You deserve all the good that comes your way!

    12. Katherine Stewart

      Keep being you...i appreciate the amazing talent and the genious! Much Respect!

    13. David H Kopelic

      T fk em all you do you . The dumb just don't know . Everyone remembers your worngs , some how can't ever remember your rights in life

    14. Kesar Nijjar

      I’m glad things are working out . Prayers for both of you to prosper even more .

    15. Marjorie Aaron

      How did he sell out? Lol his music is the same and all truth

    16. Work Stuff

      I will forever follow you bro. I hope i can meet you one day

    17. zapcali

      I love him because he keeps it real. If you got it spend it but most us don't have that.


      Dude I don't care what anybody says I think you're amazing and important dude keep up the good work

    19. NEEMO

      this guy always speaks the truth

    20. robert Latta

      You deserve nothing but success bro! Keeping being you! The true Fans will always have your back.

    21. Yvette Reelie

      that was sweet

    22. Kara Melograno

      I love this y'all deserve everything people who are talking shit are jealous your not a sellout your just able to move out the ghetto and provide and live comfortably. I can't wait till me n husband can move our family out the ghetto n say "hey babe we ok now!" Love y'all HOG 4LIFE I'll be blasting this song too as we leave our ghetto!!! Oh wat a beautiful day that will be to get my babies out this hell.

    23. Andrew Pitocchelli

      Love the lyrical creativeness in every song.

    24. Lisa Truth Seeker


    25. Ben Harper

      Well at least he's honest right

    26. John Davey

      You make better music than anyone bigger than you, you haven't had any real big help, you done it bro but please dont ever take a record label because you will lose fans but it would be better if you did but youve got this far with you two so keep going with just you two

    27. Jeremiah Rubin

      I'm so happy I came across Tom's music

    28. DBroncoz

      This couple are fantastic.

    29. Charles Edwards

      People say u sold out bc u better fuck em.they are the sellouts

    30. SPANKY 541

      "Burn it all down before I lose myself in it." ✊

    31. Phoenix B

      You know who the real sellout is?

      1. Phoenix B

        Oh yea eminem my bad he forgettable now

      2. Phoenix B

        Its that one guy i forget his name

    32. Stacie Lynn

      You go Thomas and Nova! I am almost 50 years old and dig your jams and vids. What a special life you have created and surrounded yourself with the beauty you wished to see, on your and Novas terms. I am a believer of Jesus's teachings, no label, no church, no preacher and appreciate the shout out and truthfulness you are helping to expose. They only rule because they are allowed. Stay strong and get fooood and supplies for you and yours, time is short for all our freedoms!

    33. edthewicked

      Thanks, Tom, for doing Real Hip Hop with Old School values (storytelling, telling the truth, giving good advice vs cloned wannabes bragging about "stacking chips", slinging dope, pimping hoes, yadda yadda yadda 🙄)

    34. Emily Mc

      Don’t ever apologize for buying whatever you want. You EARNED it. It ain’t about deserving something and you earned it.

    35. Angel of Timeless Dispair

      Just keep on spitting out The facts and the truth When you're posted up in The recording booth.

    36. Maureen Parisi

      Tom you’re movement is so authentic I very appreciate you and Novo and Brandon God Bless the HOG4EVR!!!!

    37. Murph Dog

      I love how real this dude is!

    38. Wyoming Prepper

      I wouldnt read these either but for the record your bars go harder than the time i did at 11 years old.

    39. Beakytzw

      Fuck the haters, Enjoy the fruits of your labour and enjoy your life.

    40. Ana Castro

      The darkest day I remember your song playing in the car. Just me and a blunt.

    41. Ana Castro

      When's the next tour. I'll drive a hundred miles dude. Please.

    42. Todd McKean

      dude, selling out doesn't mean getting rich... it means fluffing your tunes with cutesy auto-tune choruses to prey on simple minded radio fans my man. Without that set of beats from a drum kit sample cd, this would sound just like a country song. Wack.

    43. Leitha Norris

      I am almost 60 and listen to you everyday. You are the best rapper...."F" an Eminem. He doesn't have the skills to keep up with you and Nova. Much love and success guys! Love from Ohio

    44. Mr. Emanon

      When I wake up recently and lie there, easing into the day, with my eyes closed and blanket over my head blocking the sun, This is a more than common song playing in my head as I plan the day.

    45. clayton matheny

      Being burned myself from at 5 from the Bulls down oh, I don't advise the gasoline pants bro

    46. Jan Morrison


    47. Jan Morrison

      Tom a

    48. Rylie Spada

      Am I the only one who loves this guy and wishes that we could meet him and also all his songs are so good like he is so funny and a great artist one of the best ones I know #1 on my list

    49. cheryl hukill

      You make me smile!!!!!!!

    50. Travis Tharp

      I’m happy you found yourself and are not broke anymore. I remember living in my truck and stealing food to survive. Now I know who I am and I have a great job and love the choices I’ve made to get here cause I exposed the bad people in my life and I cut them out. Keep being yourself love you music.

    51. Misty Marick

      How can people not like this guy? He has an amazing story and he tells it .. Sellout my ass!!!!

    52. Travis Lance

      God you are the man Tom! Your words are so perfect. You are legit bud!! You help more people than you could ever know!!

      1. Travis Lance

        Glad to hear the truth from someone. I don't like rap.. I'm a country boy but your words are so true and I love how honest you are

    53. Zach Johnson words. Moved outta the hood into a you could show ya girl you ok fuckin legit is that.

    54. Jordan Buskow

      Thank you for the change up.

    55. Payden Cashe

      I sincerely believe that Tom mcdonald should be president of the United States...I don't care if he's canadian .. he's our only hope..

    56. Not Hulkhogan

      When I first made some money I went out and bought my mom a new washing machine and dryer I new I liked this dude he seems like a good dude

    57. Danielle chastain

      Dude, keep it honest, you're Raceland unique in a sold out generation. I love hearing your music.

    58. aria9850 aria9850

      tom i like your vidios

    59. Rachel McDaniel

      Tom, you speak the truth. Let the haters hate, you are not a sell out. You ROCK!! I love all your music. Just keep being you. Much Love and RESPECT from Minnesota!!🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

    60. Jason Paul

      Bro I don't know you personally..but I think you're a real good guy man and nothing will ever change that🔥

    61. Don Oliver

      I just found you and your music speaks to me.

    62. Chris Kenyon

      realist rapper in the game. IDC who says different IDC who isnt riding IM HERE FOR LIFE

    63. Dawn Gibson

      As a fellow aspiring musician myself.. can I ever identify with this song! Thank you for not making me feel so alone in such a vicious industry. Cheers!

    64. Relax With Us

      You're my idol Tom.

    65. nikki allen

      We all love you

    66. lance wright

      Is that real money? Please stay true, we all love you.

    67. Terry Bohling

      I'd rather you be rich, happy, and healthy and never put out another track than be sick and unhappy putting out bangers. Fuck em all, Tom, be you, Brother!

    68. Mark Edwards

      so glad I was born in the same generation as you

    69. Jack Johnson

      when you have 155K likes and 3.9K're doing something right.. this man speaks truth and WE love it

    70. Elliot Vanderleest


    71. Thomas Irwin

      Real talk, I teared up a bit when I heard this one. Definitely hits home for me. Got 5 kids and barely making it. Always working on my next come up. Can't wait till the day I can say words like this to my family. Just sayin bro, you can't say words like this and have changed up on people. People just mad cause you made it out. God gave you angels and blessed you with a gift. Those who are mad can't see their gift and wish they had yours. Stay true. HOG MOB.

    72. Wayne Hickey

      Cringe af

      1. Mark Edwards

        why? idk what you listen to but it's probably polar opposite of this.. . meaning it's trash

    73. Ray Farley

      Love your music tom you the truth 😁

    74. Go West Young Man

      You didn't sellout, you evolved. To not recognize the difference is other people's ignorance.

    75. Revel Sun


    76. judy Rogers

      Tom and Nova Fucking inspirational! The kind of humans we all need to be.....

    77. THE CURE

      Haters hating on MC for been his own manager

      1. Mark Edwards

        for real or just hating cause he tells the truth or hates cuz he killed bambi, knocked out a kid, he's related to trump and they both hold illuminati meetings

    78. SubZeroHunts SavageGamer

      He tells the truth about himself so no one else can lol I think they did that on 8mile

      1. Mark Edwards

        I don't know about that

    79. J S

      there is only 1 thing to say... "I CANNNNNNNT" ❤😍

    80. VIVI T6

      I cant get enough listening to your music.

    81. DMV Weezy

      Protect this dude at all costs. And I was jus inteoduced 2 his music 30min ago and in that time I know he is valuable to the human race

    82. George Jr

      Everyone deserves to be happy. If you betray yourself the only loser is you. That's the beauty of choice. That said, I've never got that feeling you've changed. I'm happy for you two and families. Congratulations on the start of a great future man.

    83. Trish Paq

      You're not a sell out bro. You're real. That's it.

    84. Maureen Parisi

      Happy Friday!!! Have a wonderful hog weekend!! I love you Tom and Novo and Brandon ❤️

    85. The Destroyer

      I was looking at the dogs they look so cute

    86. Daren Gauthier

      You can't please everybody, I totally like the place that you're at right now.. I've respected your hustle the whole time.. And the past is the past, press the gas and glass into the future.. The ride you're on right now.. Is what I need in my life as far as music and inspiration.. The whole thing you got going on the past year or two, definitely my style, I can f with it... I'm just sad that it might not last, or you might get burnt out... But you left behind a huge legacy and the extremely vast repertoire of songs I can listen to all day

    87. A. Nieves

      Keep it going, you're the change we all been waiting for. Dont stop

    88. Bradley Kelch

      nothing wrong with having nice things you worked hard for, all that matters is remembering where you came from and keeping your values. those are things every person needs to hold true to.

    89. Zane ucss

      I counted about 200k and his networth is 100k, Mut have counted wrong but even so damn


      Stop Parental Alienation Human Trafficking through the Family Court Speak for those without a voice- children deserve to be heard,loved and reapected! Please support by speaking out, standing up and bringing awareness for the children in your life... family, friends, coworkers.. someone in your life needs your voice! God bless both Thomas and Nova and future generations!

      1. Mark Edwards

        what are you tying to say?

    91. Becky Marie

      Love. Truth.

    92. Becky Marie

      Moms want u to spread your message.

    93. Chad Lumpkin

      Thank you Tom, Nova,and Brandon for reppin for those of us who believe in you guys! If you need support me let me know!!!! I will be there!

    94. Damiante Infernus

      The doggy was in the dishwasher? Lol

    95. Lindsay White

      I know there’s an overlap of fan bases and I totally get it, but I have to go to Tom’s saddest songs just to cheer up from hearing one of NF’s 😅 Tom is the GOAT 🐐

    96. Kalan You

      Tom will sellout shows buf not his soul

    97. Roger Davis

      Please do a song with Haystak. And JellyRoll. And Struggle.

    98. J Michael Wherley

      I love ya man....You are giving a LOT of people hope in a hopeless world. My sister told me about you two weeks ago and I just ordered your 4 CD set. I am 53 and have been a hard rocker all my life. But I REALLY dig all your songs. Keep fighting the good fight, Tom, and may God bless you abundantly. Peace.

    99. tucker lancaster


    100. TheHornsfan37

      Do you bro, they either gonna hate it or love it. Realist rhymes bring the most loyal fans!