Unlocking IRON MAN in FORTNITE! (Season 4)

Typical Gamer

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    New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 solos gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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    1. Sharon Morgan-Levine

      Rip Chadwick boseman

    2. Bradley Rosser


    3. E F

      I already watch to plays and it’s insane

    4. E F

      The tac is going to get unvaulted in season 5

    5. E F

      I like charge and the pump

    6. E F

      Yes I got the season 4 battle pass

    7. Emma Wesley

      R.I.P Chadwick Boseman god bless him he was mi favourite comic book character 😭😫😭⚰


      Rip pather

    9. Gemma Carruthers

      RIP we love you

    10. lakeisha butler


    11. Reem Al-Saleh


    12. Clouted Spamz

      fell asleep to BasicallyIdowrk....woke up to Typical Gamer

    13. Sohum Mohan

      Rip Chadwick, WAKANDA FOREVER

    14. Billy Romero


    15. Billy Romero


    16. Billy Romero


    17. mcpherson gh

      R.I.P. CHADWICK Bozeman we well miss you you are the true goat👍👍👍😍😍😍🔥🔥

    18. SinzEu

      R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

    19. Stefani Higa

      Wakanda forever for black panther

    20. Big Jumpshot_Family Blogs

      Like yup amber love ❤️

    21. Tanvir Ahmad Bhatti

      Rip black panther my friend miss you

    22. Harina Clement

      Im crying R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

    23. Axcel Torres

      R.I.P black panther he was my hero

    24. Emmanuel Cook

      My favorite shotgun is the charge shotgun

    25. Rusty Junquers


    26. Tim Crichton


    27. Emmanuel Chavez

      Rip Black path

    28. Emmanuel Chavez


    29. mirah thompas

      rip blackpanther

    30. Kaden Lucas

      Chadwick boseman died the same day my grandma did

    31. Teknique

      Wakanda forever

    32. Teknique

      R.I.P black panther I was really sad when he did die because I am a huge fan of marvel and black panther

    33. Nate Carroll

      Well at less last time you did better you came 6th this time you came 7th

    34. Nate Carroll

      Rip black panther / Chadwick bossman

    35. Nate Carroll

      Yeah I like it it makes me laugh as well

    36. Nate Carroll

      TG is Ready for everything

    37. Elvin Ponce-Rodriguez

      Black panther kept his secret of cancer for 4 years

    38. Daniel Shipman

      RIP Blackpanther:(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    39. Toi Mcdonald


    40. Sword Kid

      I watch TG plays more than I watch typical gamer and it’s good

    41. Casey Hurst

      R.I.P I didn't even know until now OMG!

    42. Elijah ball

      How was your day doing

    43. RED SUS

      he did 5 movies with cancer

    44. RED SUS

      i like him so much i call him Chadwick Bossman

    45. Yazmin Palframan

      Will you do tac shotgun

    46. thcoffeeSinga fortnight

      RIP Chad 😓

    47. Jerycho Johnson

      rip black Panther i love him he Was Cool to me

    48. A Alsitri

      Rip black bnanther

    49. Diego Ramos

      Rip black panther

    50. moniquem2jones


    51. Eli O Flener


    52. Eli O Flener

      Whoop flash is is Iron Man’s car

    53. Juan Escobar


    54. Shadow Gamz jr

      Rip REST IN PEST

    55. Priya Osman

      Rip black banther

    56. Vaughn Krausher

      Rip Black Panther

    57. Google User


    58. DanMonster 9830


    59. Jayden Shears

      He was my favorite hreo

    60. Jashawn Cheatham

      R.I.P Black Panther 😭

    61. Landon Carter


    62. Ali Abbas

      Who’s watching in season 5

    63. Samer cool dude S

      I want season 4 back I pliked oron man and doctor doom

    64. Daisy Dahlstrom

      Zxgxxggxxxxgxxgxxxgxxgxgxgxgxxxgxgxxxgxxgxxgxx😏x🤬xgxgxggxxgxgxgxxgxxxxgxxgxxgxgxgxgxgxgxxxxgxgxxxxgxgxx🤬😏🤬😏😏🤬😏😏🤬😏🤬😏🤬😏🤬😏😏🤬gxxgxxxxxxxgxgxgxgxxgxgxxgxxgxgxxxxgxxggxgxgxxxxxgxgxxgxgxxxgxgxxxxxgxxxxxxgxxgxgxxxxxxxxxxxxxgxgxxxxxgxgxgxxgxgxxxxggxgxxgxgxgxgxgxgxgx🤬😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏gxgxxxgxxgxxgxxgxgxxgxxgxxxgxxgxxxgxxgxxxxgxgxxxggxxgxxgxggxgxxgxgxgxgxgxgxx🤬😏🤬🤬😏🤬🤬😏🤬🤬🤬😏🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😏😏😏🤬🤬😏🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😏gxgxxxgxgxxgxgxxgxgxxxgxxxxxgxxgxxgxxxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxgxxggxxgxxgxxgxxgxxgxgxgxxxgxgxgxgxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxgxxgxgxxgxxgxxxgxxgxxgxxgxzzzgxxgxgxxgxgxgxxxgxxggxgxgxgxxxgxgx🤬gxgxgxxggxxgxgxgxgxgxgxxgxxgxxgx😏😏😏😏😏🤬🤬🤬🤬😏😏🤬🤬😏🤬🤬🤬🤬😏😏🤬gxxgxgxxxggxgxgxxxxxgxgxxxxgxgxxxxxgxgxxgxxxxxxxgxxxxxxxxgxxxxxxgxxgxgxx😢😢😢😢🤓😢🤓🤓😢🤓😢🤓😢😢😢😢🤓🤓😢🤓😢🤓😢🤓😢🤓😢😢🤓😢🤓😢🤓gxxgxgg xgxxgxxggxgxxxxgxgxxgxgxxgxxgxgxgx gxgxgxxxgxxxgxxgxgxxxgxxxgxxgxxxxgxxgxxxgxgxgxxxxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxxxgxx xgxxxgxxgxxxxxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxxgxxxgxxgxxgxgxxgxgxxgxxxgxxxgxxgxgxxxxxgxxxgxxgxxxxxgxxgxxgxxxxxxxgxxgxxgxggxxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxxxxgxxggxxxgxxxgxxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxxgxgxgxxxgxgxgxxxgxxxgxxxxgxgxxxxxgxgxgxxgxxgxxgxgxxgxgxxgxgxxgxxxgxxggxxgxgxxxxgxxgxgxxxxxxxgxxgxxgxxxxgxxxggxxxgxgxxxgxxgxxxxgxxxgxgxxxgxgxgxgxxxgxgxxgxxggxxggxxxxxgxgxxxgxxxxgxxxxxgxgxxxxgxxgxxxxgxxxgxgxxgxgxxxgxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxxxgxxxxgxxgxgxgxxgxxgxgxxgxgxxxxxggxxgxxgxgxxgxxxxxxgxgxxxxxgxxxgxgxxxxgxxgxxxgxgxxxgxgxgxgxxgxxgxgxxgxgxxxxxxgxgxgxxggxxgxxgxxgxgxgxxggxgxgxxxxxgxgxgxgxxgxxgxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxgxgxgxgxgxgxgxxxxggxxgxxgxxgxxgxxxgxgxgxxxgxxgxxxgxxxxgxxxgxxgxgxxgxxgxxgxxxxxxxgxxggxxgxxgxxgxgxxggxxxxgxxgxgxxxgxxxxxxgxxxxgxxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxxxgxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxxxggxxggxgxxggxgxxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxgxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxxgxgxxxxgxxgxgxgxgxgxgxxxggxgxgxxxgxgxxgxgxgxxxgxgxggxgxxgxxxgxgxxgxgxgxxgxxgxgxxxgxgxgxgxgxgxxgxgxxgxxgxxgxgxgxgxgxxgxxgxxgxxxgxxggxxxxxxgxgxgxxgxxgxxgxxxxgxxxggxxxgxxxgxgxgxxxgxxgxxgxxggxxxxgxgxxxgxxxggxxgxgxxxgxgxgxxgxxxggxgxxxgxxgxxxggxxxgxgxxgxgxgxgxgxxgxgxxgxxggxgxxxgxgxxgxxgxxggxgxxxgxxgxgxxggxxgxxxxxgxxgxggxgxxgxgxgxgxxggxxxgxgxgxxgxgxgxxxxxxgxxgxgxgxxggxxgxxgxxggxgxxxxgxxgxxxgxgxxgxgxgxgxxgxxxxgxxgxgxgxxggxxgxggxxxxxggxgxgxgx

    65. larenasiti

      I used your code

    66. larenasiti

      R . I . P black panther 🐆

    67. Jaiden Rare

      R.i.p black panther

    68. Jaiden Rare

      Black Panther versus

    69. Jaiden Rare

      Ha gghhggihoup😉😉😉❤️😭

    70. Dominic Forin


    71. the goat

      POV its December

    72. fahim Ibrahim

      Wakanda Forever

    73. Miguel Cruz

      Sup my goodest youtuber

    74. Gina Morrissette


    75. Apple

      Who’s here in fortnite season 5 oh and btw he’s about to hit 11m

    76. Cookie GachaErika

      He must of been so tired doing this about like 3 mouths ago

    77. Carter Tifft

      I’m getting bullied today I need you guises help tomorrow

    78. Witty Kidz Channel

      G04T TG WOW YOU

    79. Sir Yoda Squad

      Rip its so sad

    80. Gray Nicholson

      R.i.p Black panther

    81. Kylie Aylett


    82. LMA 1304

      “In my culture, death is not the end” RIP King Tachalla, we will never forget you.

    83. kingbill 1234

      U are the best player I know I have just started at chapter 2 seoson 4 at the start

    84. kingbill 1234

      Am bored

    85. kingbill 1234

      My name is Dimondox07

    86. kingbill 1234

      Can u get me a win I have wins but I haven't won with u

    87. kingbill 1234

      Do u know me?

    88. kingbill 1234


    89. Gaven Butera

      typical its ok if your colered blind

    90. Quantez Gentry

      A Sharck

    91. Quantez Gentry


    92. YouTube Zlow


    93. Samantha Ryan


    94. Kendalynn Stevens

      Typical gamer You are my favorite HUgetsr I’m still a default I always wanted season five battle pass is live please send me season five battle pass my name is banana man 6743 please send me the season five battle pass if you see this please send me it I’ll do anything or is a ginger renegade raider

    95. Zachai Ortiz

      R.I.p chad we miss you 😣😭😢😩

    96. William Malone

      What’s your two cats mean

    97. William Malone

      Hi I watch your videos and there is somebody right behind you I saw it with the corner of my eye he’s about to say might be still

    98. Morris Morris

      Wacnda for ever

    99. Charles Mayo


    100. Zachai Ortiz

      R.I.P chad he’s my boy