The Ultimate "Finding Nemo" Recap Cartoon

Cas van de Pol

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    Directed by
    Sean Cunningham - PaperbagTweet
    Cas van de Pol
    Storyboarded by
    Bassetfilms - bassetfilms
    Production manager
    Niamh MacKenna
    Animation by
    Julia Calle Lorenzo - boniatta
    Bassetfilms - bassetfilms
    Voice work
    Dominik Johann - zerstoerer
    Pepijn Hikspoors - viezedikkeman
    Merel Hamers -
    End credits music
    Zahr Backbier
    Julian Thomas - julianthomasmusic
    Music & sound
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin
    Cas van de Pol
    Niels Beekes - hugets.infoabout

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. Cas van de Pol

      comments are back for some reason! this video is no longer set to "made for kids"! (literally didn't even get notified this happened) deleted the darth vader video because it's served it's purpose, and it got demonetized... lol. thanks for having my back y'all!

      1. Hapies cs:go

        Very good.

      2. Janet Manzanares

        Do finding dory please

      3. Jonathan Forrest

        How about the ultimate finding dory recap cartoon

      4. Pinke Pie61

        Where's the Song Beyond the sea???

    2. Burger King

      Missed opportunity with Crush in his car, could've been lightning McQueen KERRRCHHOOOOOO

    3. Swoops Accomplice

      LOL 1:15

    4. Zennith The Folf

      Ah yes c h i l d h o o d

    5. smiley scout

      beyond the sea

    6. PurPoll

      Their faces at the end give me feelings of uncertainty

    7. Rex RedDude

      Her kid its just imaginasion nemo is nobody so the film its finding nobody

    8. omar villa

      I'm trying to finding nemo

    9. Todd Wheelhouse


    10. Christian Dominguez

      Basically this is a friendly finding Nemo not like the original movie

    11. emlabty

      0:45 impossible he cant cry in water


      1:08 *N I G H T M A R E F U E L*

    13. Hate Monday Now

      Oi orange cat

    14. zoro fire

      wtf sean cunningham is he come frome the family of merce cunningham?

    15. Bluestoneklutz

      This ended way too wholesome and i will appreciate this a whole lot

    16. Cady Elsharkawy

      Ahh... just like I remember it

    17. Kalyn Allen

      *OI* orange *CAT*

    18. Miles Shepard

      I would like to hear the full version of the credit song plz

    19. Rage Raptor

      Bro the way the boat just sorta exploited for no reason the end lmao 😂

    20. Kai Phillips

      0:10 a normal day in the ocean 0:12 Marlins wife gets eaten along with the clownfish eggs

    21. Person

      is it just me or is the production value getting way better on these videos

    22. Evan Mueller

      1:01 oi orange cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Mike Toth

      I can't believe it. I MADE THE MIDDLE OF THE RECAP

    24. Gabriel Quezada

      My favoriteth Moviethe , Finding Nobodyn't

    25. lentokone toveriturbiini

      2:37... Well I don't see that "full versio" anywhere!?

    26. Brian Serrano


    27. Vhiea Liesta

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    28. Knob Chocolate

      The amount of kids here is concerning 😂

    29. vvafels

      what's does the reference at 1:14 mean?

    30. SteamPunkCorvus

      So when is the full cover coming?

    31. Bear

      i want the full "beyond the sea" cover so hard

    32. Nezuko demon-neko

      *нow ι reмeмвered- oн мayвe*

    33. Nezuko demon-neko

      *alмoѕт ѕaмe тнιng-*

    34. •Linda_UwU•

      the crackhead family

    35. Liam Dare

      How do you not get copyright struck for straight up copy pasting films like nothing changed

    36. Emily Stringer

      Everyone’s word: geeh gehehegeghegeg3ge doctor’s word: OI ORANGE CAT!!


      That ship that tryed to abduct nemo and his dad and nemos friend got decimated by a german torpedo

    38. Rafael Torres Sinaulan

      What the fish is this!

    39. Tik Tok Tube

      0:55 OMG Jaws 3d 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    40. ProgressiveInsurance

      my favorite pixar logo variation

    41. Keenan Playz ツ

      1:01 OI, ORANGE CAT

    42. Timothy Uy

      Finding nemo more like finding orange weed

    43. Allison Huddleston

      No one said anything about a flower being planted on a whale's tongue?

    44. Ryan L

      Weird and disgusting but not until it gets too much for me to do it again today and I have to go to the store and get a lot of money for you to get Luca tomorrow morning I have to go to sleep 😴😴

    45. Jesse Co

      I need the full ending song

    46. Trudy Hemsley


    47. Evan Mueller

      0:54-0:56 my favorite

    48. Chairman Nom


    49. Evvy _unicorn2013 berry bean

      Nemo is mean no man :/

    50. Jakub Štec

      1:13 i dont get it

    51. King Primal736

      When the Orange Cat is sus! 😳😳😳

    52. Duston Reese

      Request: The Concorde Plane air port 79 Cartoon Recap

    53. Himiko Toga

      im watching a movie. its about a mans wife who is brutally murdered along with a lot of other children. Leaving his only child left physically disabled. In a twisted turn of events his son is kidnapped and the dad has to track and chase the kidnapper thousand of miles with the help of a mentally disabled woman. Its called finding Nemo.

    54. Jaime Rivas

      Hey Hey Hey "Dory Cartoon"

    55. MA-K-A-R Parshin

      Whole cartoon on 2 minutes.

    56. la hiena

      2:27 bobby darín

    57. Samuel Arana

      1:09 *D I E*

    58. Samuel Arana

      0:56 when this shit walks up to you,you do one thing *R U N*

    59. Alexander

      OÍ ORANGE CA- 1:01

    60. Alexander

      2:16 !!!WTF BOOOOM!!!

    61. ANONIMO


    62. Pokémonfan _2009


    63. Pokémonfan _2009

      1:01 OI ORANGE CAT

    64. Jim

      *Boy Orange Cat*

    65. Braden S.

      This is very funny! I wish one of my fan made movies had a recap like this. In fact, watch this video:

    66. Muy Bien YT

      The smile at the end is what got me

    67. Unreal Construct

      I love how the boat that catches the nemo, marlin and dory just explodes

    68. Lucas Patrick

      2:15 easy way to solve problems

    69. sam simpsons

      Anyone know when will the end credits song cover come out??

    70. Liam Gavin

      It gus

    71. GUDI 71

      Can't wait for the godzila vs monkey ultimate recap

    72. Smirking Spy


    73. Sofia Garnica

      he broke the forth wall-

    74. Ronald McDonald


    75. Rare

      Why is this kids channel in my recommended?

    76. Hayden Russell Thomas *

      0:54 RTX off 0:55 RTX on

    77. Vladimir

      nice bruh

    78. ArmiGirl90

      0:14 YES! Because THAT’S how the barracuda ate all of Marlins children!

    79. ReDocktah

      1:01 my teacher : what is the common cats in the world me raising hand and anwer: *Boy orange ca-*

    80. meagafreak

      pretty much the movie

    81. Allaine Pelayo

      Wow, how "adult friendly"


      Loved it😂😂❤️❤️

    83. Luna Oficial

      Vocé cas van de pol

    84. Shrkkng55

      I thought this was some video that was years old in the algorithm, then I saw the date. You know you've made a great vid if it compares to HUgets's algorithm recommendations. 👌

    85. Squobidal

      Bruce turning unto a normal looking shark is just funny as fuck

    86. Vu Dao

      The music was so good 0:06, what is that song please?

    87. Nathan

      2:23 What the?

    88. I Foot


    89. cierra Jones


    90. Marisa Chesler-Gonzalez

      Hahahaha Agafafafgaafffq Aghaav Ahah Ahhhhahh 

    91. Hero animation

      WOW.... Cómo llegué aquí?

    92. Marisa Chesler-Gonzalez

      _______DHEJEJD Ahahhashss

    93. Danny Here

      bro that fishing boat sucked ass

    94. Maya K.

      I lost it when he planted a flower on the whale's tongue x'''D

    95. Joe The Trusscus 2020

      Oi, Orange Cat.

    96. koolmunch

      I remember being so obsessed by this movie

    97. InssaneBeast

      1:14 OH SHIT!!!!

    98. Alexandria Tapia

      1:00 OI ORANGE CAT

    99. gaming and fishing

      dorys smile at the end will forever haunt my dreams