Don't talk to me or my sons ever again


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    Playing all the unpopular cars, so you don't have to. But did you know, that there are a lot of hidden gems in this list?

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    1. MERTZY

      Don't talk to me or my sons ever again, thanks. ►

      1. Gilberto Espinoza

        Did you know the scarab hit box is the same as octane?

      2. GamerKid

        Ok im sorry i won't talk to ur sons👨‍👦‍👦 ever again

      3. CD4bfc

        Im french and your accent Insert spongebob meme

      4. FCX Glad

        Please do a video with one of the batmobiles please thanks.

      5. cool boy

        Nice Athena flick

    2. Miguel Hernandez

      The shaggy scissors constitutively glow because ceiling gratifyingly note round a black-and-white iran. tart, nervous friday

    3. Juice Bragg

      5:38 ayoooooo kinda sus

    4. Vonna Baby

      Hey mertzy thx for showing us beauty comes from within

    5. The weird guy

      No one gonna talk about master bate?

    6. Shotwave Multigaming

      Pas de problème

    7. Fenix Pro

      6:48 dang my man said holy shit

    8. Kingsly Gluc

      The abrasive notify ostensibly matter because ukraine synthetically trick astride a equable hexagon. murky, innocent parallelogram

    9. B3NCE

      mertzy doesnt exist in this dojo

    10. Asiathegamer_yt

      The other car videos: Proper thumbnail and title This video: Random thumbnail and title XD

    11. topdog864

      As a Half Life and Portal fan having Wheatley talk was joy to my ears

    12. Martin Udrase-brox

      The person that 1v1’d you with and you used scarab he be like: Bruh two balls witch ball should i go for. Your pov: im not letti’n you Get a chance

    13. Dizma

      hey mertzy, thanks for showing that beauty comes from within.

    14. Argis

      WAIT THAT 5:38

    15. Aaron Hanma Hayabusa

      "Oh this is your sons did you know that?" "No! I didn't know that" "Ed?" 😋 (nods head) 🦁 *Roars* "Tootles" *runs away*

    16. Sky Ripper

      I love the fact only a few people say the things that MERTZY askes them to say in the comments, then they get the most likes lol soooooooo here goes: Hey Mertzy thanks for showing that beauty comes from inside! :)

    17. JOTBC

      my friends and i call proteus the finger machine lmao its accctually a good car

    18. Elbeg Batbold

      0:00 Its been a while since you uploaded

    19. NCC_ THARP

      Us Mexicans reading how he spelled Inglés😂😂

    20. T- Money

      The tritun is my fav srry I can't spell anyway I would like to challenge u mertzy let me be your me lol epic: Tmoney067

    21. Muhammad Laskar

      Make sure to be on the cool side. Subscribe and like also turn on the notifications. :)

    22. GamerKid

      MERTZY: many of u guys might say hey MERTZY is this one of the cars you used in one of ur funny video uhh uh sh shut up Me: dying to laughter🤣🤣🤣

    23. Felipe Quadrado

      AI BRAZIL!

    24. Obama Shmurda

      How do I get anodized paint on ps4

    25. Vebskken 4

      hi can u give me fennic i mess up my faiviret car pls give me fennic

    26. Drxeam Playz MC

      Triton is just yes

    27. Logan Odomore

      2:41 no habla ingles

    28. Aazmeer Rashid

      6:50: "When is my turn to score from a kickoff, I haven't scored with from a kickoff for a long time." Previous Game: Kickoff? For me? LEZ GO

    29. Mikkel Pinholt

      has mertzy got lower angel?

    30. D E E Z N U T Z


    31. Ricky Mcree

      subscribe to Bruhssant

    32. Hunter Clark

      Can I have the thetin

    33. isaac lawal

      is gnna mleld me thith is hans

    34. exceptionalish

      "If I know Arabs..." .............tread carefully Mertzy. lol

    35. Uriah Yang

      Triton is good for mustys

    36. THE MAN

      did the title change?

    37. rocket league clips

      You are a king

    38. Ella Travers

      Bruh why

    39. Hoda Elomari

      It’s nemo not finding nemo finding nemo is the name of the movie

    40. Riley Lambo

      your better than musty at musty flick

    41. The abnormal Canadian

      Don't all goals come from kickoffs?

    42. Panda's air

      Just saying my favorite car is the mudcat

    43. Rocket league fn simply

      U could have there is a thing called boost

    44. The Notorious F.A.T

      2:28 you are now my favourite youtuber. Congrats RIP DOOM

    45. Mason Yates

      Anyone think he sounds like jamesski🧐

    46. elvis iles

      i just got rick rolled off a ad

    47. Juan Jose Morales

      Yo que soy de Colombia viendo a mertzy escribir en español 🙃

    48. Gamer R Jaques


    49. Luke Bately

      He did a athina flick

    50. Däru 27

      How ugly should your cars be? mertzy: yes!

    51. creative54321

      5:39 I'm sorry, what did you say?

    52. Armando Vaca

      This is panish hola amigo no ablar aquí si no te pego

    53. Ollie Gregory

      Do a video on your car colours and settings

    54. Liam Ryan


    55. Oliver Lightbourne

      5:45 master bate 😭😭

    56. Teslaboi x 24kobe

      "we r dribbling I like when we are dribbling Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    57. Biel Escoda Bernada

      6:50 game before scored a very nice kickoff goal

    58. Lar Tue

      1:38 probably lag

    59. Ansel S

      he's just mad bruh u cant stop me from talking

    60. Arnas Rudys

      Man the hospital doesn’t have enough beds because you broke everyone’s ankles

    61. Greasy Kadiabi

      Hey why

    62. Riley Field

      u didn't randomise on the triton

    63. Keatz Playz

      Why do you have camera shake on turn it off it will make you better

    64. Riktiga Pontus Rasmusson

      poor Nemo

    65. MSF Jack

      Please could I trade you fennec

    66. Finn Carter

      4:04 Nemo if they didn’t find him

    67. AZXY On 26 ping

      Camera settings? Plz

    68. Colton Refill

      6:47 isn’t this a family friendly yet channel? *or is it just me*

    69. Fifi Nouri

      I speak French

    70. Something Not

      Hey Mertzy! Thanks for showing us that beauty comes within ❤️

    71. Kip Howland

      7:39 what just happened with voice there

    72. WHLwarrior20 RL nitros

      Mertzy did you actually get your own flag on randomise! That luck though

    73. dragonblade boii083

      How dare u use the scarb it's the best car

    74. Yorum ‘cu


    75. Koby the Weeb

      NICE SHOT!

    76. Pro Brawler Brawler

      Esper is good

    77. mr picolo

      I use the triton and it is pretty good

    78. Venom Robert

      eyy is that mertzys face in real life

    79. Moonwatcher

      Me: English in spanish is ingles.

    80. Daniel McLaughlin

      No hablo inglés

    81. Shayne D53

      for my ... minor issue

    82. ajp0822

      slow down your kick offs a little bit so they hit the ball first and then you hit it last so it goes on there side.

    83. Yousef Qarmeesh

      Can you please trade me the fennec that is all I want

    84. kamil

      Hey Mertzy!

    85. Bob Bryson

      Your garbage 1v1 me

    86. Bob Bryson


    87. Goatwards 1

      super creative title

    88. Fotboll _Theo

      Ok Ok

    89. Fotboll _Theo


    90. Henry Sharley

      My name is not noob in your name is nobody

      1. Henry Sharley

        Henry is the best

    91. Henry Sharley

      You are so bad you are so so so so bad 1v1 me noob my name is Faze Henry noob

    92. lmMurdo

      Hi mertzy I'm a massive fan I subed and liked the vid

    93. harvey wadkin

      bro proteus is op

    94. Esmar Justinussen

      Is it rare to get meteor storm from lvling up? Idk if it is cuz im very new to rl and im only lvl 22ish

    95. CrackedOutside


    96. Deanna Mae Celino

      Its hola amigo

    97. guust_sb

      tank for chowing your ugly cars