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    Player is sick of losing as a Crewmate in Among Us. But this round at the Skeld he takes matters into his own hands as the Impostor. Will he be able to get away with eliminating all the crewmates? Or will he get caught in the act and lose yet again...
    🡆 Abigail Turner -
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    1. Ahmed Family

      what is the code to this lobby

      1. Ahmed Family

        tell me tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Minelle James

      so sus

    3. juliet namayanja


    4. Alaina Hayes

      poor mr.cheese

    5. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      Mr Cheese Is funny killed him Be killd So i de Famliy world

    6. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      massege me now

    7. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      i win massege you

    8. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      Player is cool task the funny silly fun do my class class now 🤣

    9. kaizley powell


    10. David Valdez

      I like this app

    11. Arnold Bharaun

      Why dose ninja talk a different language 🤔🤔🤔

    12. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      I watching among us show like too me

    13. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      Player is good show my plan was too

    14. SB - 02RS 888809 Tony Pontes PS

      Player is good show be killed work

    15. Good to evils and stuff

      Player would have won if it weren't for me. Cheeses stupidity

    16. best gamer


    17. Framy Noor Tobaishi


    18. カデカル.



      awsome.sometimes i meet with mr cheese in among us but he not my friend but now i like mr cheese.who like to eat cheese ??

    20. Hobert Lee :-\

      I'm mrchees

    21. Jonathan St Bernard

      Kill dust yellw player ?

    22. Matt McLeod

      Player was so close to winning but mr cheese ruined it:(

    23. Bunnygamer10

      Wait i heard a shooting thing at the end. RIGGEDDDD POOR PLAYER

    24. CakeNinja

      Bro says; wow, sore loser much. My thoughts; says the sore loser.

    25. Kiyana Ellenwood

      They do

    26. Pao splendore

      Player's voice reminds me of Michael de Santa (GTA 5)

    27. Juliana Villarreal

      My favorite chacaters are player and Mr egg Mr chess and ninja and mother

    28. Donna Rose

      6:20 and 6:26 awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute

    29. Andrea Smith

      What happened to b day and rose and gober

    30. MEWTWO


    31. Swifty4u Fan132

      Ok y is gentleman calling player Mr player

    32. Lucy Davison

      The gentleman: "bullying is a truly despicable thing" also The gentleman: **bullying Mr. cheese** also why didn't player kill mother? i cant quite tell

      1. Mosquile

        He tried

    33. Emily Hudson


    34. Wilbur !

      To this day I always feel bad for player

    35. Bartek74


    36. Meesje

      0:16 that moment you get killed at the end of download and have to do it again and at allmost the end of download the body gets reported



    38. Lloyd_lyle

      Why does this have more views than 1? It doesn’t make much sense

    39. ibrahim sankoh

      3:01 IM TIRED OF YOU MR CHEESE JUST SHUT UP ALREADY 3:04 STOP BEATING ME UP ALL THE TIME *Mr cheese gets his knife and kills him as revenge*

    40. ふーんえっちじゃん


    41. Rainbow Unicorn

      I #### Mr cheese

    42. Bendy Bro Productions

      2:12 Goofy Goober Yeah!

    43. Alan Barajas

      4:48 u go mr cheese

    44. Leiland Sneddon

      Mr cheese my fafrote one

    45. ShadowShampagne Sharp

      MrGentleman went Homer Simpson on MrCheese 😩

    46. Jayde Parker


    47. Jayde Parker

      That's funny

    48. Jayde Parker


    49. Ng Cyn U


    50. Sanita Lauka

      Iol nija was the crarmate

    51. girma abebe

      These cartoon among us is so cute 😍 omggg

    52. Zaini Salleh

      You can only use the email address for the

    53. Joseph Owusu

      Lol it was funny when gentlemen squeeze ednmr cheeze

    54. Hoa Do

      good comment player

    55. bryan pratamaツ

      3:03 lol

    56. Jana Hale

      I roleplay as player in AMOUG us

    57. Klevisa Bashalli

      The closest player ever got to actually winning

    58. Warasat Khan

      Mr cheese is real

    59. Warasat Khan


    60. Shadow cat 33

      Ninja is my favorite

    61. Jose-Daniel Diaz

      i do

    62. Jose-Daniel Diaz


      1. Jose-Daniel Diaz


    63. vanish crxzy

      nice cartoon it was like i was watchinga a episode\

    64. awsome kathy

      AMONG US 2

    65. theresden

      Player will remember that for a long time.

    66. Dimitry Unterzeger

      How can't Player being raged out after that.

    67. Matthew Guarascio

      i cannot wait till player wins .

    68. Sethule Kaseke


    69. Chaos Ren

      Why does cyan remind me of Ms.Puff from spongebob.

    70. Blakely’s Drawings

      Black was Rude

    71. CalebJacetan

      4:17 Ninja Says You Gotta Be Kidding Me?

    72. Player

      Omg franklins eyes were like *_Yeah mom ur right mr cheese is an absolute moron_*

    73. Umar Haq

      This was a GREAT video!

    74. angu den grønne

      shut us mr.cheese

    75. Louie Gonzales


    76. Ernesto Delos Trino

      4:33 yeah mr cheese is too dumb to be a impostor

    77. ethan james palaganas

      I hate u mr cheese player almost won

    78. Nuriyah


    79. StarGolden _YT

      I see

    80. awesometacular

      That's impossible, you can't communicate with the other's still alive. Player was cheated out of a victory. 8:54

    81. Priyanka Das

      that is so true i had to deal with that ones \

    82. Smol Gal

      I love those Mini Crewmates. They are so cute.

    83. Joshua Ogunsakin

      hey what about you do a vid that player finally wins

    84. Cameron Foote

      Whenever I watch this video now, I look back on what Mr. Cheese was like back then and I just laugh. Just look at out much he’s grown as a character.

    85. pro gmer


    86. janis ciems


    87. firey bfb

      *everyone gangsta till mother reveals she’s a boy*

      1. Piggy Gamez

        Ayyy Firey! How are you and Leafy?

      2. Power Puppy


      3. Sarah King

        I don’t get it but you just made my day

      4. IceTAC

        @Mosquile you

      5. Mosquile


    88. Louise Calle Huddleson

      This is how many people wanna know where veteran is ⬇️

    89. Arison Sickles

      In this one mr cheese is a softy and now in 2021 he’s a tough guy now

      1. Mugsi

        Yeah. His character went through a huge transition and arc, haha

    90. Thelma Requji

      Mr Cheese Is Dumb He's To Dumb To Be A Good Impostor

    91. kellie fasano

      Player is going to win lol mayb

    92. Itz GachaGirl YT

      Mother be like: DeS tHiNgS r MaH kIdZ Dats mah mom on Facebook

      1. Ro Plays

        @Itz GachaGirl YT hii

      2. Itz GachaGirl YT


      3. Ro Plays


    93. Itz GachaGirl YT

      Player: Victory is mi- Ninja: *KILL PLAYER*

      1. Ro Plays

        *DEFEAT* Cool guy Ninja

    94. Itz GachaGirl YT

      Lol rip

    95. Michelle Forst


    96. Tyler Maurer