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    Introducing Galaxy Note20 Ultra.
    The Powerphone that empowers your work & play.

    [Power to Work]
    The S Pen responds just like a real pen with its 3x faster latency. Keep your handwriting automatically straightened with Samsung Notes and sync audio to the notes you take with Audio Bookmark.

    You can now convert your Samsung Notes to various formats and keep them in sync across your Galaxy devices. Then use mobile apps on PC using Link to Windows. Simply drag and drop files from your phone on your desktop and run multiple mobile apps at once.

    [Power to Play]
    Play over 100 Xbox games on your phone with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With hyper-fast 5G, you can play what you want with who you want.

    Make pro-grade videos with built-in movie-like effects. Shoot 8K videos, change the zoom speed, and take complete control of sound design with Audio Mic by choosing between front, rear, omni, and bluetooth modes.

    Then simply point your Note20 Ultra to another and share your masterpiece with UWB technology. Even cast that on a bigger screen using Samsung DeX’s Wireless connection. Watch here, play there. Do two things at once without interruption.

    [Power of Performance]
    Note20 Ultra’s 120hz display is super smooth, making it easier to see what's on your screen.
    You get hours of screen time from just minutes of super-fast charge.
    With Note20 Ultra’s all-day intelligent battery, you have the power of work-class technology and the juice to make it last.

    This is not like any phone you’ve had.
    This is the ultimate powerphone. The power to work, and the power to play.

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    1. niphanif

      Only ultra having done😐

    2. Grand Theft Auto Everything

      My note 9 is great

    3. We Play show

      Appl👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮 Samsung👍👍👍🤩🤩😘😘😍😍🥰🥰🥰💝💖💗💓💗💝💖💗💗💖💗💝💗

    4. H Siddiqui

      Hey I'm holding this in my hand right now...😉🙃

    5. Dango Lawrence

      Will 4g sim perform fast on the Samsung note 20 ultra?

    6. Pogi Ako

      Samsung. You are ending the best line. It should be the S series that should be ended and not the Note. Whether it is 2020 or 2021 or 2022, please end the S line not the Note line.

    7. MR. J - SHANGKAR

      Watching note 20 ultra video on redmi 6A is fun

    8. yehia

      Where is j 4 plus android 10 update???

    9. Rebekah Garvin

      Why is everyone talking about the price like they have never heard of such an outrageous price.....APPLE HAS THE SAME PRICES.....and they don't even do as much

    10. John Emo

      Add procreate to the galaxy store

    11. Zachary Hunter

      I'm waiting 5 years for the price to drop. Then buy it on black Friday to save even more.

    12. 모하마디모하맏바절

      samsung i love

    13. Fikri Yudhistira Ramdhan

      Good desaign phone and i think performance so good hmm

    14. MKM_Marcel.

      I'll buy it if You stop scamming Europe.

    15. The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

      Sad to see you stop making the note series when the s21 release

    16. tara among us

      I will buy it Bank account:what?noooo

    17. zaw htet naing

      Stop selling Exynos chip version phone

    18. Gautam Saharan

      Yesterday I bought Galaxy Note20 Ultra. It's a super powerful phone, more powerful than many computers, excellent speakers 🔊,amazing screen and so is huge great Ultra camera. Only issues is battery. I'm upgraded from Note10 plus. Always a great Note Series user since 2011 .

    19. ICYCrew

      I'm so confused I had an Samsung note 4 and it came with a pen and also s6 which I'm using rn it also had a pen

    20. ICYCrew


    21. LulzSec

      Watching from Note 20 Ultra at Samsung store.

    22. Anthony Rochford

      Use code ref-dgjh1o at checkout for up to 10 -15 percent off on

    23. Md Hajikul

      We only see these mobiles on HUgets, someday we will not have a little hand😔

    24. Alex Teodorescu

      Why do you sell two different products for the same price?

    25. Icy Wolf Productions

      But... it’s still an android

    26. Ciri Serra

      The first thing that happens I was

    27. AARAV GARG

      Let's Boycott samsung till they treat all customers equally means-Till they give us snapdragonversion globally!😠

    28. Tharshika Scarlett

      Samsung galaxy note 20 a drawing phone

    29. Diego Rodríguez


    30. Neu-Pøgø chan

      #GalaxyNote20 #LunaFeatGalaxy

    31. Fithri robbiati

      Have have have

    32. Alvaro Emanuel Guzman Serna


    33. Yus Ri

      while watching on my vivo😂

    34. Sharmin Kakon

      Samsung your high end smartphones are monster but mid range phones sucks

    35. Nimali Jayawardana

      Watching on my Note 20 Ultra 😋

    36. Samsung 121

      Me dicen cuanto cuesta

    37. The Chef

      But why have you become stupid lately, all phones have become the same in design, shape and programs !!!!!!!!!! What happened???

    38. Miguel Santos

      Quero um desse

    39. Perms Buddy

      "This is not just a smartphone" Its a phone that i cannot afford

    40. Jabbar Shykh

      I mean in pak its like rs:220000 And this phone is just worst in gaming

    41. qte importa

      Lo que uno hace para intercalar con el teaser de Life Goes On 👁️ 👄 👁️

    42. Vikash Dany

      Apple product a year makes ur money disappear

    43. Utpal Das

      Who can my location from Indonesia to India.Please help me

    44. 胡子昊

      What's this video's BGM? Love it.

    45. Akunn Bbaru


    46. Gabe P

      Me:yes My mom,wallet: No

    47. Zubayer Ahmed Zidan

      Amazing ❤️❤️

    48. Paul Generoso


    49. One two

      I ran into some issues on my Note20 ultra after buying 2days ago i was just using the phone to watch a movie 30 min in the movie the phone overheated then the phone went to reset mode by itself. the phone screen setwent to flash mode. I took it back to the store and they said that it voided warranty. i took two a smaller shop to get fix but the man at the shop said the phone is not a software issue. it's because the motherboard burnt out on the phone and that's the reason that code comes out on phone. the phone is not a good quality don't purchase it. I'm stuck with a phone that does not work the store does not want to return my money back.

    50. Cassy Pfeffie

      I absolutely love it 😍 Samsung! Great 😊 video 👌 So Beautiful and Amazing 💖

    51. Tech Dossier

      Imagine how smartphones will look like in 2030

    52. {YURI CHAN} wmw!

      اهئ أريده 😭

    53. Sandy BoleYT

      Samsung: we have lots of battery life but we’ll add more Apple: despite positive feedback we have decided that there is too much battery so we’ll take it away a bit next time

    54. 1mJatur


    55. ped dep sloww

      Yes use HUAWEI's idea 😒

    56. Paing Khant

      It will take me 5 years to buy this phone 🤧

    57. d u s k i i_ r x s e

      “The first to merge a pen with a phone.” the other galaxy notes: am i a joke to you?

      1. Rebekah Garvin

        I have the note 9😄

    58. Favio Alexander Peréz LLamo.

      Aunque mi celular es antiguo pero al menos es bonito y hermoso 😊

    59. Manas Singh

      I like how this introduction mentions 5G for just once and then there's apple who said 5G like five times in every sentence acting like they invented it. 🤦‍♂️

      1. WarLordWegee

        @Manas Singh good 4 u

      2. Manas Singh

        @NARAYANA JEE SOLUTIONS I bought iPhone 12 yesterday.


        🤣🤣🤣yeah so true go and check '5g song' on HUgets apple said it 60 times

    60. Matheesha Dassanayaka

      Cant wait.. mines coming in a week

    61. Go Tamil Art

      PLAEASE SEE TO GoTamil Art channell

    62. Emi Arzola

      Apple commercials, way better.

    63. Alan M.

      I have this phone and for the people out there who wanr it you should rly good phone

    64. Nethiasinggam Jeganathan

      It looks extra ordinary...

    65. Jesus Buelna

      Upgrading from 11 Pro Max... apple stop playing with your consumers money👎

    66. BTS IS LIFEU

      Just buy an iphone

    67. Sikebara

    68. Mohamed hassan

      God willing, in Samung you put us in a garbage phone, which is Samung Prime Plus, the area is the pitch of the asphalt, the one makes an area of ​​8 sheets, and the available 3, so it vacates most of the device's functions.👎👎👎👎😢💔💔💔💔💔

    69. Universe of Game

      *OnLy suPporTed On thE NoTe20 uLtRa*

    70. Syed Mohammed Ali

      Finally I've bought this phone ... Best phone❤️

    71. Im DhruboStation

      What a joke😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    72. Khadija's Remix Collection

      Nice sharing

    73. Marcus Lartigue

      Still waiting for a better attractive software

    74. Myname IsJefff

      My dream

    75. Shanu Negi

      Waiting for next year big billion day sale .....🤣🤣

    76. Pak Le

      I won't buy this phone because they use exynos chipset instead using 865.

    77. Hector Garcia

      Watching this on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Great phone.

    78. Ana Stojevska


    79. Sava Mrdak

    80. akashr1982

      I have this its really one of its kind flagship phone which overheats . Customer service is pathetic. I have use note to note 20 worst phone ever

    81. Puvan Ananthan

      Bought this phone after waiting for months. It was my dream to own a Note and finally switched to this Note 20 Ultra from my Galaxy S5. Loving it and it rocks as usual. Samsung ❤

    82. Soy Benny

      Seeing this on duos is really satisfying

    83. 까만안경

      왜 외국인 밖에 없냐?

    84. Lefika Setlhoka

      My next phone

    85. Sat Man

      Its the best phone on the Market purely for its functions. I had a Job interview that required a presentation and my laptop was broken so I created my presentation on this phone, I presented it and had my interview virtually on this phone I signed my contract on this phone And no im not a Samsung Rep😆

    86. dhruv dixit

      Hi galaxy 😂😂😂😂

    87. Robbi Jan

      WOW...I need this!

    88. Mahesa Sanjaya

      Worth kidneys

    89. Nooby Dev

      why do people keep roasting smasung when iphone is more expensive and lower quality than samsung

      1. Nooby Dev

        @Larry 457 Samsung has better specs than apple idiot

      2. Larry 457

        Samsung is more expensive . Don't be a Dumbass

    90. Lizzy Cruz

      steamedhams mmaworld wwetop10 hindimovies cool korn queen

    91. Manish Motu

      Please add a graphene battery for next year

    92. my gaming RJ

      Me -- Ohh great phone lets buy it My budget -- shut up Me -- 😶

    93. Lionix

      I am watching this on the note 20 ultra

    94. Random Person

      "First to merge pen with phone" I thought we had this way back in 1992 actually with the Simon Personal Communicator

    95. Netboy1

      Note 20 s pen defective, do not buy...

    96. Ulvi Nuriyev

      You know apple said the first 5g phone but it’s so fake you made it you win

    97. isaac villalba

      increible , solo que F por la economia en este momento,, el que lo compra seria un maldito millonario

    98. Jfransss

      Watching it with my s7 edge 😊

    99. ocac77

      We, the abroad loyal Samsung customers, should sue and demand a stop to this: