Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too (Official Music Video)


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    Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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    1. Bang Naxxan

      I thought he used to be a rapper 😂

    2. Raidynn

      I cannot be the only person that wants all of 6 foot something of MGK to come in my house and wreck my shit

    3. Xavier Perales

      Didn't Travis die like a few years back in a plane accident? Or is that the mandela effect?

    4. Ally Wakka

      Why is he good ?? Not too sure I like it... but f*** this style really suits him

    5. Jim MoeFoe

      Halsey sounds like Avril Lavigne wow.

    6. Chris Bailey

      1:25 he head banged into a seizure.

    7. Safety First

      Where is your music kells? We need your voice.. where is your muse sparking new controversy in thing you knew you could stand up too in your own weird style that had to be so puck rock. What is keeping me up at night? A song I had on repeat and a voice of an angle but I was stuck on earth asking what the hell was I stuck in- Cause it felt like hell. P.S. thank you for letting me listen on repeat. That is a saving grace some times. Listen to an angle on repeat.

    8. Crazymonster Rox

      Sounds like Paramore, I mean the vibes ☺

      1. Crazymonster Rox

        @Chris Bailey I didn't say it was exactly the same, take a breath Chris 😅

      2. Chris Bailey

        How can you compare this to trash?

    9. Richard Cyr

      People surprised she has a good voice in this genre obviously haven’t heard nightmare by her lol 😂

    10. Elchinodiabolero

      really REALLY hope he sticks to this pop rock/punk rock style, it suits him perfectly

    11. Adalberto Silva

      Ganhou mais inscrito pelo som, showwww

    12. Barbara Prince

      Emo rock is back thanks to them.

    13. Simply Ty

      Did not expect to cry

    14. Amelya DeWitt

      You 🍻🏵🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥈🥈🥇

    15. TheSykoManz

      This should be Mike and Natalie’s from 90 day fiancée theme song!

    16. Anamika Kel

      This feels like a strange episode of Schizophrenia-

    17. Sam Hendry

      Is it just me or does Halsey sound like exactly like the lead singer of Coheed & Cambria here!?

    18. Sam Hendry

      Travis Barker’s main job for his whole life: take mediocre punk music and make it amazingly catchy punk music.

    19. Smarre

      This song makes me wanna play Burnout 3 Takedown

    20. someone random__

      Kelly looks so cool.

    21. Julie Favel


    22. Marc-André Paquet

      Travis is basically a god, nothing more to add.

    23. SetOnKill

      Am I the only one who can't stomach a Blink 182 song, but anything Travis Barker produces is gold. BTW, I'm a fan of MGK, but a anything with Halsey just makes it better.


      loving this song btw im 14

    25. Samantha Holt

      mgk and halsey: *aggressive fighting travis: drum 🥁

    26. Anna

      When my actual relationship is this song

    27. Ulas Ekin

      The steep blade advisably park because lumber nearly warm barring a faded cheek. lamentable, adamant meeting

    28. Ty. S.

      I love how MGK went from a hard rapper to an alternative artist. Welcome to this side man, glad to have you LOL

    29. Riyadh Ahmed

      this is better for him

    30. Jay Julius

      stop stop stop i’m sooooo gay but this man can step on me in that jumpsuit🥺

    31. An0nym0U5

      This song definitely has an early 2000s punk rock vibe to it

    32. elaine palacio

      💪🤨 love it

      1. elaine palacio

        Everybody I have been through that

    33. hydrantinco

      What is going ?!??!?! The emo teenage inside of me is 2 stepping

    34. Sarvat Mirza

      MGK ♥️

    35. Josh Rowen

      Great song. But quit making songs about my life. Haha

    36. Roland

      The drummer looks like he is taking the breakup the hardest

    37. Nathaniel Zimmerman

      im almost screamed at the end i thought he was gonna throw the guitar

    38. XOJAPAN

      He was wrong for leaving his guitar in the house at the end😂

    39. Sierra

      This music video is so cool!

    40. And Chisco


    41. Zoey Newman

      Me at the start scrolling through my playlist: oh great a machine gun Kelly video ft Halsey, well I love Halsey so let’s play it. End: Whaley mother load that was fricken amazing!

    42. Jamie Hubiak

      Mgk you now you r on tick

    43. Daniel E

      Damn this is giving me 2003-2008 pop punk vibes and I'm here for it.

    44. elisa lwt

      I wish Halsey did more music like this because her voice suits so well. This and Nightmare are just perfect examples of that.

    45. imtilong kichu

      I love you both

    46. Julia Rudick

      ok ok halsey did not need to kill this as much as she did

    47. I am weird Yeet

      i like how mgk and halsey are fighting and travis is just vibing and playing drums back there lol

      1. Ariel Carmack


    48. Taylor Bee

      Did Eminem destroy him or did Eminem destroy the the idea that he only had to pursue the rapper in him so that he could go and live his life to the fullest extent St Shady

      1. Naman Sinha

        He was always into pop punk

    49. Wombolean Tribe Leader

      not good song thumbs down!

    50. Piotr Szumny

      I don't know, but hearing Halsey in this kind of music gives me some good Paramore vibes from "Riot!" I want more! :D


      Damn emenim shit on mgk so hard he went to rock ha! Lol good song

      1. Naman Sinha

        Someone's feelin jealous

    52. Kerry Egan

      Really hope they do more songs together 🥰🥰🥰 And they both look really good in this 😍😍

    53. Vanessa Kaiser

      That super awkward moment when you're with your Friends and they start arguing

    54. scorpio angel

      "i'm keeping you waiting... but I won't wait on you."

    55. SupportThings

      More Pop-punk genre Miss Halsey? ☺️ PLEASE.

    56. trap 2791

      Awesome 😎🔥❣️

    57. Adrian Ing.

      Grate one

    58. Vale


    59. edibleflowers

      Major MCR vibes. Love this song but now I'm major missing MCR era.

    60. Sirine_ Uchiha

      He look like Gojo from Jujutsu kaisen

    61. Gabuun Papaschikova

      i like it but her voice sounds super forced and processed

    62. Lord Karlo

      Halsey come here baby I will treat you right

    63. J & A Upholstery


    64. Kaleb Wieland

      Halsey works so well with a rock band.

    65. Hoopbaby 07

      Why do I feel like this whole album is a big fuck you to Eminem ? It’s subliminal

      1. Hoopbaby 07

        Like Halsey g -eazys ex. In the video , Megan fox from movies and an Eminem video , is now banging Mgk he’s doing music other then rap as I can get stars on my video that date your dude but come to find a man , and Megan fox just acted in his shit and split , she came to Kells and didn’t spit 😜

    66. Slime Panda

      He’s so cute 🥰 Megan fox is so lucky

    67. Josh Grant

      1:44-1:47 idk what’s so hot about that

    68. Eric Midnight

      Halsey needs to do a punk album. She fuckin’ rocks

    69. Jessie Costello

      For the bitch boy who awoke my feelings with no intentions of loving me. I've already forgotten you ;*

    70. Wafa Elmaghbub

      He reminds me of Howl, in Howl's Moving Castle! ♡

    71. Adele Thompson

      i think machine gun kelly looks so hot and sexy! great head of hair he has too. . i was in the mood to say that today!

    72. Kay Dawnie

      This music genre is perfect for both of them lmao damn

    73. Brandyn Bassett

      Who is your girlfriend what’s your name

    74. Reina Sepulveda

      linnnkkkkkkkhhhiill me seee iiiliikk sun

    75. Batuhan Öztürk

      Çok sağlammış

    76. EXIST

      Чел ты крут

    77. Tryn Ozzy

      I am listening to this over and over again

    78. Sebastian Gavilan

      halsey reminds me of the lead singer from evanescence when she's singing in this genre

    79. MultiRenegade666

      Travis just jamming the drums like a domestic dispute isnt happening

    80. Renan Augusto

      ó o machine mo

    81. Apollo James


    82. yi chen

      Y r u so pop?!

    83. yi chen


    84. James Dean

      I just skip mgks part lol

    85. Reina Sepulveda

      bloooond done likkkkeeesddd000likkkkhhhuhhh bbiiiisssnna

    86. Lauren Marcee

      I’m dying with how good this album is! Bringing back my punk rock emo music 20 years later!

    87. Joel Vincent

      Genuine not trying to be a hater... just asking a question. Did this guy quit rap after the Eminem diss track?

    88. tj pretty

      go back to rapping please

    89. Jonah Thakore

      anyone else see halsey as love from the second season of that netflix show you?

    90. Saroj Chettri

      My girlfriend suggested me when i was having headache, this reduced somehow. Thanks beb ♥️

    91. Emily Barrera

      I highly doubt you'll see this, but I'd like to say this is not only what I needed to see but also I absolutely love that you can go from rap to what we all LOVED soo much in the early 2000s. Not only that I watched your most recent interview and the just real human coming from you. The honest I appreciate that thank you.

    92. Sehjot Singh guram.

      Me: WTF 👁️👄👁️

    93. Alex Mohler

      Nobody: My mom: get your shoes off the bed!!

    94. Alessandra Spengler

      Highlight of the year

    95. TractorAlex

      This sucks!

    96. a scar

      Emo emo emo

    97. BEST AMV

      Em realy made him change genre.damn but his good with this kind of music

    98. matthew taveras

      This is like a twin flame anthem lol shit

    99. C Splashwatercrook

      We need a new song call where’s my air guitar 🤷‍♂️

    100. Xlectricity

      Acoustic coming soon?????