GHOSTS get their own stuff pack for The Sims 4...


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    1. lilsimsie

      can i woohoo bonehilda

      1. CakeWasTaken


      2. Unicorn LovesFood

        I don't know if you can unless u buy the casket It would totally match ur offices vibes

      3. Astrum Moriarity

        I certainly hope so

      4. MikeS Nawt2Nyt



        u can,i hope at least

    2. Emma Madison

      why would u ask that. it concerns me lol😅😅

    3. G4MEF0WAL0LZ

      Lilsimsie: Lemme read the article! You tweeted it!

    4. Alex


    5. Tessaiden

      i miss bonehilda so bad my og waifu

    6. Eclipse .x.x

      When its jan 26th today😙🍵

    7. tickle the ivories

      you shold turn thhe doll house into a sims house

    8. Adina B.

      My famous vampire sim killed Vlad, and fed off of him after she turned him mortal, then took over his house. Problem solved.

    9. X Gacha Edits X

      This was one day before my birthday 😌💄💅

    10. Law Woods

      You can’t even become a ghost I’m upset.

    11. andreena mcclary

      If there's a ghost hunting pack jayla should do the ghost busters but girls

    12. Martha Laufej

      yeay! can‘t hardly wait! 😁💓💓💓

    13. Vanessa Edmunds

      You know what stuff pack we need an amusement park with roller coasters and games rides etc like if you agree!!

    14. Froggy

      I really want haunted _hotels_

      1. Froggy

        Or just hotels full stop

    15. lemurbat

      i am offended by this mullet slander u know the lesbians are gonna gobble up that hairstyle the moment it hits

    16. Mark Abele

      I love your reaction to this trailer Kayla I look forward to future videos you make on this pack.

    17. Umi

      No offense at all, but this pack is just like all the others. First of all, we already got a "haunting" house trait in City living. Second, Bonehilda will be just like the butlers. Third, this pack will probably be played with for a week and then die down. Fourth, This should've been in Seasons, with the spooky pack. I don't understand why you are so happy about this pack? Why anyone is happy about this pack... Like fr, they could come out with another "Journey Of Batuu More Stuff" pack, and then they'd have a Generations out, ya'll would be happy again. They act like we're stupid. Because, people are falling for these tricks. This is why I'm done buying these packs. They aren't as good as the old game's packs.

    18. Mandy Raines

      Kinda sad there isnt a grim reaper career. :(

    19. PoseurGoth

      I love the 1920s vibe. It really fits since the early 20th century was a fascinating time when it came to the development of occult or supernatural ideas. Movements rooted in the Victorian era started to become trendy among celebrities.

    20. Nad Chan

      Me: I don't play the Sims 4 anynome, all of the recents packs are boring. Also me every single time a trailer drops: i cant wait till it comes out im gonna play this for the rest of my life

    21. Cici F

      OmL I love island living but people just keep BARGING into my house when I’m playing and I just wanna like CJGXXFJD

    22. Phung Ngoc Quynh

      The tired breath qualitatively remove because composer nally pack abaft a numerous woolen. enormous, lazy denim

    23. Acolem113

      🍼👣Go into create a sim it looks like another Toddler make be coming. Or Baby trait?

    24. Gina Sizzles

      Lmao so glad you pushing knitting backfired this hard! Better luck next time! "Heart Emoji"

    25. Brittany Nicole

      Who the heck is Jessy?

    26. FPS Games

      Lol the Viewers count is 333k

    27. Shlexy

      Bro it’s like she talked about everything accept the ghosts in the pack.

    28. javavibes

      damn would be cool if there was a random chance when moving into a new house you get a ghost lol

    29. Annalese

      I would love it if the doll's name is Isabelle, or something like that...

    30. jetnight 88

      So excited woooo

    31. death drop


    32. Rell

      This is sooo bull shit might really be done with this game they are catering to kids star wars now ghost 👻 wtf

    33. Iris Kohr

      I am SO EXCITED!!!

    34. Kaylenkitty

      Why’s the audio never in sync 😭💔

    35. Luiza Silva

      might give everything up and just buy this pack because of bonehilda and the new mullet hairt

    36. Frenchies World

      OMG So next Tuesday is the day when I go back to school! WOW 🤩 Hey Kayla I love your videos

    37. Miriam Langford

      tbh i’m just looking forward to the furniture and cas

    38. Brianna Heberle

      I love ghost videos and the thought of paranormal! I want explore for HUgets and go to haunted places for my job! So I need this pack immediately

    39. QueenofRavens

      im so happy for this pack!

    40. Titonka

      Wait omg! The grim reaper’s apprentice thing sounds sooo cool! Too bad it looks like it didn’t make it into the pack. A little disappointed about that but still looking forward to it!

    41. Hannah Parks

      Idk if I'll be able to get over how much this is stuff that already half exists in the game.

    42. Valerie Lee

      Pack still looks cool over all. But to bed Bone Hilda can't LIVE with the Sims or Sim who summoned her to be the sims or sim's MAID.

    43. Valerie Lee

      Hi Kayla. Don't know if you know this yet or NOT but EA has confirmed that SIMS won't get scared NOW. And No graves either. Also. Bone hilda won't have her Coffin like she did in sims 3 or 2. Also a sim can NOT have bone Hilda LIVE with them. So just thought u may want to know that. Unless u know that by now. ✌️

    44. Riley Plays

      The doll gives me Coraline vibes.

    45. RosieWeasley

      This is exactly the right next thing for my goth hero of strangerville. Also, spellcasters living in haunted houses. Yes.

    46. Dr Mittens PhD

      Apparently bonehilda is just a dressed npc in a costume and not the actual bonehilda from previous games

    47. MagicAshley_Gacha

      Build a car lot like a carmax because in the sims 4 because they don't have cars.

    48. DarkleMotion


    49. kirokaeru

      you were named after a cowplant in my game! automated by sims 4 :3 wish I could send u the ss :>

    50. Madel Stowe

      A packs swatches: fun! Creative! Colorful! Kayla: please for the love of god make it white and brown

    51. Anna Kannemeyer

      Please update the simsie save with new rental lots and haunted houses! I also really want a renovated Granite Fall and Salvadorada! Please, please...

    52. Annemarie van Peer

      i LOVE the eclectic style of the furniture!!

    53. Sprinkles 91

      omg YES a new desk!! oh its pretty too

    54. Dee ji

      Can we stop saying that the sims team listened to the community because they made this pack? The main reason ppl voted for a pack like this was for the Grimm Reaper career which, as far as im aware, we're not getting. Ugh it's the toxic positivity that does it for me. I love supernatural stuff and even though I stopped buying packs I still enjoy seeing others play them but hearing so many lies and toxic positivity is just so frustrating and upsetting. Yall are only hurting the community when you do this.

    55. Debbie

      This is clearly inspired by mexican colture and dias de los muertos so why are all the sims in the trailer are black and not hispanic?

    56. Sprinkles 91

      im REALLY excited for this pack lol im actually pre-ordering this when i usually wait until the next sale. now i just hope they can add recliners:(

    57. peachy cube

      The ghosts remind me of Mario Bros in the castle

    58. UMICL

      Spooky Stuff should be permanently discounted after this

    59. Brandy H

      it’s kinda has a new orléans vibe and i’m love im it!

    60. cantaloupia -

      kayla: "hi" random youtube user: "LILSIMSIE IS NOT HERE" oh, to be so wrong

    61. Bethonie Waring

      Ooh, this looks exciting. I've always looked at the paranormal investigator mods but the good ones all need packs I don't have. Glad to see this isn't an expansion of an expansion. It will fit into my current legacy family so well but I won't be immediately buying it, not after I saw the Star Wars pack on sale weeks after it went live.

    62. E

      I wish your videos weren't so much fun. Haha. It makes me want to play then 5 mins playing on my own I remember how boring it is compared to Sims 3.

    63. Dragons Sweets

      I am super EXCITED about this pack I am so into the paranormal those lights flickering Amazing hehe i can't wait to make haunted house and the furniture gives me the old New Orleans style and the clothes looks from the 70s i love it all

    64. Zariyah B

      It comes out the day after my birthday the 25 yup now I have to get it

    65. Patrycja T.

      I know I'm going to use it in my every day game xD but I also use vampires and other supernatural packs xD I just like it. So often I have a modern, poor vampire in a tiny house who lives as a freegan xD

    66. Cherri Gittens

      Lilsimsie looks like Eliza pancakes 👀

    67. Ashleigh Matthis

      I love how these ghosts look like cartoon ghosts but when your sim dies they have a ghost that looks like their sim 🤣

    68. Maddi Boggs

      Did anyone else think the “paranormal plates” decor from snowy escape sp was a hint 👀 or was that just me?

    69. Brittany Karen

      Honestly not into this stuff pack, i think the sims team could do better packs, but to eachs is own

    70. ohgodithvrts


    71. D. R. Pepper

      I didn’t even notice the cow-plant in the glass until Kayla pointed it out, I hope 🤞🏾 it has some form of interaction!!💚💙

    72. D. R. Pepper

      I love how you and Plumbella support each other!!💚💙💚💙

    73. D. R. Pepper

      I love your attention to build/buy items, detail, your builds and let’s play are really awesome!!💚💙💚💙

    74. Dawn Barber

      I play on Consol PS4 I can’t have mods I can’t have cc I love the paranormal investigation thing coming on investigation is really cool but I’m still holding onto the hope that someday they will give us werewolves just like we had in the Sims three

    75. ace_bean

      the floor is just like the one from late night from sims3 and the ghosts remind me of the into the future pet things

    76. Avi

      I love this pack

    77. Edin Mesic

      I wish witches, psychics, and ghosts were in one big expansion pack. Like u have to be born a witch to be one or u can develop psychic abilities as a normal sim. Plus i would like psychics and ghosts to be fleshed out like witches as life states. I wish they revamped the 3 lifestates to develop unique abilities or abilities that can be passed down in the family. Just feels we got a watered down version but still excited!

    78. Gary

      You look like your a cow girl but are you?

    79. Adrien Pinard

      The helpless period notably answer because puppy nationally harass times a bitter paul. sulky, bright hail

    80. Košarkarska Zvezda

      The pack seems very Scooby-Doo themed and I love it

    81. Sam P

      wait simsie didn't post uesterday- guys im worried

    82. Queen Quno

      Actually really exited for the “my first pet” hair I can finally give my me sim the right hair☺️

    83. Procrastination Queen

      I’m actually pretty excited! 👻

    84. Caitlin Daniels

      I waited to watch the trailer during your video because I'm not that bothered by this stuff either - I have no interest in getting vampires, but I'm actually looking forward to this. A new lot type is an interesting idea 😊

    85. Anna Costello

      you should do a challenge where you cant use anything that has white on it

    86. bunny artist

      Why haven't you posted

    87. Karols K

      My problem is that again it should be a part of a bigger pack, with werewolves and a new spooky town all the other supernaturals.

    88. MKrosoft Paint

      Havent watched the video all the way through yet but Simsie's hair looks sooo pretty here

    89. Naomi Matzner

      Paranormal pack: Cute lil ghosts! Simsie: NEW FIREPLACE! NEW CURTAINS!

    90. TheIslingtongirl

      Are you getting a Johnny Depp vibe from the ghost or is that just me? lol Maybe he can haunt Amber Heard's house.

    91. Belinda Denny


    92. Georgie R

      Honestly, the CAS and build mode items look cute enough that I might buy the pack on release......

    93. TheHerothief

      Why though 😂

    94. Olivia Villani

      You’re such an awesome human! Giving me smiles through this semester :)

    95. Iris Iemenschot

      torment the vampires and aliens hahaha

    96. Dorothy Hoskin

      Perfect pack for the goth family

    97. Silius01


    98. Fifi Marie

      I just gave myself a heart attack i thought i missed a whole zoom class.

    99. Daisy Mae

      I feel the same way you do, I'm not interested in this pack and I'm not going to buy it. But I get that lots of people will like it so good for them.

    100. Blobbert Mcblob

      Let me guess: this is the first time you're seeing THIS too? lmao.