FORTNITE *GALACTUS* LIVE EVENT! (Fortnite Galactus Season 4 LIVE Event)

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    Fortnite GALACTUS Live Event in Fortnite NOW! New Fortnite Season 4 LIVE Event as Galactus completes the NEXUS WAR! Fortnite the Devourer Of Worlds LIVE Event, FULL Fortnite Galactus NEXUS War Event with BEST VIEW and NO COMMENTARY! Enjoy the Full Galactus LIVE event in 4K HD
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    1. Home Of Games

      ALL Fortnite WINTERFEST 2020 PRESENTS, TRAILER & SKINS! - Fortnite Season 5 Update

      1. Animated Pikachu

        Where my father

      2. Darnell Shuman

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    2. Larry Soldier


    3. Dora Rapp


    4. Issa Nasser


    5. Christine Werner

      Gros ouf levent

    6. Krista Dhaene

      I'm on this HUgets vid yaaaaaaaaa

    7. Tu Le

      Wow its happening

    8. Chase G


    9. Monica Dempsey

      Oh my god.

    10. Michelle Cervantes

      You did a face realvil

    11. Sian Dickinson


    12. Sian Dickinson

      I'm back

    13. O I

      Iron Man sound so happy

    14. O I

      Hand is bigger than the whole entire map

    15. O I

      Kids hand is really big is bigger than mop

    16. O I


    17. O I


    18. O I

      Be home already

    19. O I

      oh my God

    20. O I

      really weird But he sounded really weird.

    21. O I

      Man he is so huge I was so excited for the live event

    22. O I

      I screamed when he saw

    23. O I

      Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God

    24. O I

      Man he is huge

    25. Blue dino


    26. Blue dino

      2:11 holy jesus what is that

    27. Blue dino


    28. Lauren Lilly


    29. Jessica Orrey

      Me: ahhhhhh help

      1. Jessica Orrey

        And my brother: omg so cool

    30. Geani Daniel


    31. Brigette Bryce


    32. Burcica

      This video has one of the fakest thumbnails

    33. Animated Pikachu

      Where my dad

    34. Animated Pikachu


    35. x rg


    36. x rg


    37. Animated Pikachu

      Ohhh YESSSSSSS


      Μαλακά το πιο facking cooll event ever

    39. Darnell Shuman

      I like your face cool

    40. Malik's Toy Chest

      fortniite Chang a lot

    41. Brenda overstreet

      I'v all ready seen it and now im in seoson 5

    42. Ghost Kit

      Why can't people just skip to the part where galactus is growing

    43. wolf mooncookie and alex mooncookie

      I miss senson 4

    44. Roza Rasan


    45. lilninjakid24

      I always want to see what you look like cuz I always was like hey I'm subbed but hey I want to see what he looks like if his dogs look like

    46. Eric Gomez

      I got your mech

    47. Motse Oniyesan

      They said he was going to fight the robot but he didn't

    48. EpikDamage

      I got into this when there was 20 minutes left

    49. A & J Sparkle squad


    50. masjah mayy


    51. Simone Borrelli


    52. hus 788

      your face is funny when galactus talks

    53. Logan Kizer

      What do you hunger on

    54. Justice Lucero

      One of the iron Man's was typical gamer

      1. Justice Lucero

        I know I watched typical gamer's video

    55. Carlos the Sweat

      Ur face is getter than mine

    56. Maria Giacobbe


    57. Rayleigh Shoulders

      I love him

    58. Asil Roblox arsenal

      Face reaval

    59. maysaa fahour

      can u gift me?

    60. NEYMAR lopez

      I WAS IN YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!

    61. Life with laylay lay Lay

      Can you please send me the battle pass for season 5

    62. Carmit Krief


    63. Carmit Krief

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    64. Renu Verma

      Insane gameplay

    65. Julian Juarez

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    66. neil josling

      Oh god

    67. Stephanie orkney

      And away we go go go

    68. Stephanie orkney

      If galactus keeps obzobong the zero point we we go into collapse

    69. Stephanie orkney

      Oo he's getting right In to it energy readings are going bazerk

    70. Stephanie orkney

      There you go

    71. Brandi Rusniak


    72. Stephanie orkney

      Hey welcome to the party you look like so done that needs a jetpack

    73. Stephanie orkney

      Raahhhhh Beware I hunger!

    74. Owen the muffin

      Yo this was insane I was playing it was kinda scary

    75. Alicia Mavis


    76. Zotacmiami USA

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    90. Sir Seb


    91. Tracy Collis

      I wasn’t in the collectors event so I want to see it

    92. Tomás Yomaha


    93. Tomás Yomaha

      The season 5 is amazing!

    94. Heather Azarvand

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    96. donna dasilva

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