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    minecraft vid inna couple weeks. hopefully

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    1. Dynamic Thunda

      I love how the default legit changed genders after the haircut

    2. Rayhab Goraya

      He is the best controller player in the world

    3. Trent Williams

      What happened to him

    4. kayden lee

      UR BACK

    5. Adam Doan

      0:59 what that cursor doing?

    6. Reece Quinn

      I hate how little kids fake to be an “OG” subscriber when they’ve been watching you for probably a week. I’ve been watching you sense you posted bo3 videos.

    7. Alexa Jackson

      XD fe4rless

    8. xRel3NT

      ily Ali.

    9. Ivan Carvajal

      Tysm my stomache has been hurting all day and now it dosent cause of u ty so much

    10. Zonify xexu YTッ

      Who's been a fan of him before fortnite was a thing

      1. Zonify xexu YTッ

        Ok don't have to have a account to watch his vids?

      2. S and

        Why u always lying

      3. S and

        U created ur channel 10 months ago

      4. Zonify xexu YTッ

        Wrong wrong so wrong this is so wrong Donald Trump mode you're so wrong😂

      5. S and

        Not u that’s for sure

    11. Vinny da Funny Dog

      Fearless- when did u start The default- ummm July 14 Me.... boi u got Fortnite on Valentine’s Day

    12. Maria Herrera


    13. Maria Herrera


    14. Viper Chaos


    15. Life with Shamaya

      Omg I miss you

    16. Yuhhnookyuhh


    17. Yuhhnookyuhh


    18. Michele

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    19. coldmirror117

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    20. The Legend of Kendra

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    21. pauluskka

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    22. Yashay Smith

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    23. lada shamelashvili

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    24. ari_venture

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from

    25. Abdoul-Kader Harakoye

      "i have notin :("

    26. Heather Fielden

      Fearless big fan been with you from 1 mil

    27. Lloyd Young


    28. Lesley Kirby

      The best

    29. Ezekiel Steele

      Jarvis got nothing on u

    30. Logan Cline

      Found where he was all this time, editing that montage

    31. Millionaire MindSet

      i know im not the only one that watches fe4rless sooooo many times and laughs every single time

    32. Aon Aon

      The able beret encouragingly desert because breakfast archaeologically influence forenenst a evanescent ceiling. secretive, gaping kite

    33. JVR

      3:35 CARLOS!1!11!

    34. Emely Moreno

      Hi! My name is Emmie and my son loves watching your videos! He brags about you so much as if you and him are best friends!

      1. Emely Moreno

        @WesMaizter I don’t know his Instagram. Lol do you mind telling me? Thanks so much!

      2. WesMaizter

        @Emely Moreno try sending him a dm on instagram, he doesnt reply to his youtube comments :)

      3. Emely Moreno

        His birthday is coming up and I was hoping that maybe you could play a game with him on Fortnite! That’s something he keeps asking to do.

    35. Patricia Watson

      MY BOIS BACK!!

    36. Hachi

      This is the only thing that entertained me in 2020

    37. Cameron Greenwood

      The kid you played with is a legend

    38. Kajtek Z

      Now we just need Ceeday back.

    39. 1xoibby gaming Alternative acc

      Holy shit there lots of verified

    40. Hassan Mohammed


    41. Hassan Mohammed

      Fiwllow your dreams

    42. Hassan Mohammed

      Fr4less I hope you are happy plz If you read this comment plz reply I'm a new fan but I saw you cry I'm just hoping you will be happy don't give up 🙂🙂🙂

    43. Ae Jarvis

      Is it just me or just fearess is a Greek god

    44. Omar Family

      6:18 cracked me up asf like bro im dying

    45. Omar Family

      4:04 dont mint the fishstick back like 3-2 years ago

    46. ethan scott2919

      That vo said shutup and upload already

    47. Danny Martinez

      Only FORNITE person kid i respect

    48. TFletch

      Has gg gamer 4863

      1. TFletch

        Added u

    49. Grace Clark


    50. YVONNE TEO

      Fearless hitting his 9mill

    51. Emiliano Velasquez

      please post again

    52. Shaqs nice big Toothbrush

      The only youtuber I can’t hate ever

    53. Cormack Neihart

      this is actuallyfunny but uhhhhh wheres the aimbot lol

    54. Danyl Mcdaid

      Man I love you xx

    55. Easy bot Lamma

      Calm down Jamal

    56. Braiden Hall

      when will you upload a new vid man

    57. Souxy YT

      if your still watching fearless videos subscribe to my channel as a support for me

    58. Calvin McNutt


    59. MonarchXD

      Fe4rless should be a montage editor

    60. MonarchXD

      The only youtube that i laugh at every second of there video

    61. Catto


    62. Lawrence Potoker


    63. Hadi Hisham

      Start uploading plz

    64. YouTube Gang


    65. SkinnyFatDude

      When yall needs a bunch vbucks then use this incredible to all platforms^^ ⚙

      1. Mama Koita


      2. Leo Boi

        This is a scam and he has to work on his grammar

      3. Bruh


      4. Auri

        tose it work

    66. BlaZe g

      Keep uploading

    67. BlaZe g

      Man your goat

    68. The battle Twins

      Mabye he’s gone be I wait for 10 mill subs to do a face reveal

    69. LGND-Sean goat

      8:15 did he say the n word

      1. LGND-Sean goat


    70. Ethan Eisenberg

      fearless you should show your face so epic makes you an icon series skin

    71. Pauli bosire

      The worst coach ever i have played 3 days and im better i got 40 kills in creative and 11 kills in solo in one game

    72. annick youmbi

      Come back please


      at 3:59 he added the vid. in December it said " I like your cut g" and know there is nothing

    74. crypto break

      He is not alive anynore

    75. Laysandro

      You finily hôtel the passeword of you chanel

    76. Mitchell Marchbank

      Yo is he dead

    77. Miles the Skull

      How could he win with the the default’s enemy

    78. Larry Wyndham

      Fearless i love you

    79. Cane Munguia

      Help me help me help me! -jimmy


      POV : Jimmy doesn't play anymore

    81. Shannon Fayson


    82. Beast Iggy

      3:12 the editing skills though

    83. Arham Ahmad

      1:15 who else saw the mouse cursor

    84. Ivan Sanchez

      It’s good to have you back !!!

    85. NGS _Dragonite

      What fearless has built its not just a community, it's a family

      1. Tarek World 10


    86. Myles Poulin

      the best

    87. Gamer yoyo 1

      “I have notin”

    88. Andrija Cepic

      U best

    89. Andrija Cepic

      Please upload again

    90. Flow

      4:34 who noticed? 😳

    91. rip juce wrld i cry all day

      Bruh this dude sweating the game I ran into a game with him

    92. NoobGod Just


    93. Lucky da Llama

      Fe4rless plays on Xbox

    94. Prettiamiya a


    95. David Pomfret


    96. cherry playz cherry yt

      Also one like equals one rip for kitty

    97. cherry playz cherry yt

      Me: time to watch this for the 11kth time Dude:

    98. Brantley Votruba

      He trash kid

    99. Morthekingz - Its good...