Among Us but it's Order 66

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    Hello there, we're back with another Star Wars / Among Us video! When it comes to Order 66, everyone is an impostor, and the Jedi are sus. The clones must execute Palpatine's orders, but some may not be successful in their tasks.
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    1. Nicholas Damiani

      Here is part two of the Order 66 Among Us video:

      1. Ender Dragon

        No problem

      2. Bernhard Sonn

        Obviously xD

      3. The Memer


      4. Luke Egan

        Absolutely beautiful man 💜

      5. Tamra Robinson

        @Nicholas Damiani hello ppl execute order sixty sus

    2. Molten Freddy

      Yoda sus ngl

    3. Федя Гемс

      www ooouuuwww

    4. Jason_ RCM

      Execute Order Sixty-SUS 🤣😂🤣😂

    5. Атай Эркинбек Уулу

      Блядь, серьезно? Я только посмотрел 7 сезон войн клонов зв!!! Ещё не отошёл, жирный дизлайк!

    6. benedictus pramudana jesudas himawan

      The Time has come, Execute order 66

    7. José Daniel. exe

      1:22 mmmm sus

    8. DaReal Ninjadab


    9. Никита Нефедьев

      The best video... 👌

    10. steven castner

      1:07 baby yoda

    11. Iman Flexington

      Kowabunga it is

    12. Iman Flexington

      This should've been the real one

    13. Isaiah Calabro

      obi wan survived order 66

    14. Maria Perez

      darth maul sus

    15. Abuhamzakhobar

      obi wan is imp I saw him have the lowground

    16. ゆとり主義

      Micro Yo-da is so cute!!

    17. Geier Cart

      Two Imposter remaining. Hmmmmm, I wonder how it can be??

    18. Sub Loq

      *The jedi order was not the impostor*

    19. Death Ahoy

      See you in 6 years boys

    20. Robo Fin

      Red is kinda sus

    21. Robo Fin


    22. Hannah Sherrill

      This is AMAZING OMG 😱😂❤️

    23. Beta _ Nugget


    24. Rory Selley

      That was lit!!!

    25. FrederikATAT

      I love it.

    26. marvin

      Dude all the clone wars references crazy

    27. Bladecharge


    28. LEGO Ki-Adi Mundi

      L O N G B O N E

    29. Dentingclaw4675 Playz

      Commander Rex is my fav guy and he didn’t do order 66 hooray

    30. Zinxxo

      this is fake the clones don't have that good enough aim

    31. Grizzy TP

      Eventually u had to sacrifice every character to end up killing the 2 imposters, And that is Yoda with a Child and the 1:40 guy

    32. Kaotic YT

      Ngl, Palpatine kinda sus tho

    33. Кириенко Семён


    34. Tificraft, der Erhabene

      Plo Koon & Ki-Adi-Mundi :(

    35. That GamerGuy

      0:34 the detail. U have to really pay attention to know he did it without mercy cause he knew she couldn’t escape

    36. Mikołaj Sadowski


    37. Mlecznyy !

      Dnia 17.08.2016 o godzinie 17:00

    38. Máté Ferenczi


    39. Al96


    40. Analisis numerico

      when you have seen clone wars won't be able to contain your tears......

    41. Suryadi Mulya Ismauz X MIA 2

      Wait, yoda was an impostor?

    42. Mando

      This is the way

    43. TheWolfNinja

      Girls: Have you ever experience sadness? Me, an intellectual:

    44. Quincy Upchurch

      Clones sus

    45. Blaise Fontenot

      Did I see one of the clonetroopers with a tear in his eyes?

    46. Gustavox Casagrande

      "Only 2 there, the master and the apprentice, no more, no less"

    47. Akbarul Ariffin MOHAMMAD HASNI

      1:36 Eventually you have to do the right thi...

    48. VLAD 110

      Impostors when is 3 v 2 "Time has come execute order 66

    49. 7E_27_Saint

      Yoda didnt double backflipped This wasnt the Order 66 i asked for

    50. XsEeNoN Xe

      You don't forget about Ashoka Tano? Wow, I love you

    51. Timothy Michaels

      Execute order 60 sus LOL THIS KEEPS ME LAUGHING ALL DAY

    52. Jose Cardenas

      Pt 2???

      1. Nicholas Damiani

    53. David Brickey


    54. Jarate38

      dude I love plokoon model

    55. Flashbang

      Clones was the imposters

    56. Mr.Person

      0:25 The death of aayla in this video is 100% screen accurate

    57. artiruj buranakul

      i love star war i love among us but now i like this video palpatine was an imposter

    58. Natalie Lee

      I like that you add Baby Yoda in this

    59. Jäegersjäeger

      Im gonna show this to my kids and say it was made by joss wedon

    60. sparta

      0:57 screw it I'll just get the revolver

    61. nothing ?

      1:12 wait I don't remember there being a red clone on the ship ?

    62. Kevin Jenkins Jr

      roger roger plalps

    63. artiruj buranakul

      i very like star wars and ilike ur video it cute and funny😋

    64. Erase

      Emergency meeting at the jedi council 😂😂

    65. A_ Tree

      Now if only they made skins that would make blue the 501st, orange the 212th, yellow the 327th, purple the 187th, red the corouscant guard, green the 442nd, and so on

    66. Viktor Pietroczuk

      Star wars kinda sus

    67. A A

      Palpatine seems sus...

    68. deadpool pro

      not funny...

    69. Antonio Del rosario

      Yoda was the imposter

    70. Aiz Gnoix

      I knew yoda was a monster

    71. ShadowTroop26

      Nice video

    72. Hunter Adams

      why in this does it have baby yoda

    73. Hunter Adams

      i like revenge of the sith a lot r i p to all those jedis

    74. Gibster

      Amazingly well done.

    75. Shinji Mations

      Palpatine really used all his emergency meetings smh.....

    76. Jakob Koep

      I like the Battlefront II (2005) and clone wars reference

    77. Tekkadan Reborn

      Yoda’s an imposter?

    78. Tekkadan Reborn

      Plot twist: The Child is Yoda’s grandkid

    79. Caleb GamerTv


    80. Yahiko Sharanami

      This was funny af ahhahaha

    81. Daut Marat

      ecxute order 66

    82. Jay jay Smith


    83. Cha Meleon

      Rex... 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    84. ian beauchemin

      imagine copy righting

    85. Admiral Avocado


    86. Scherz YUBoi

      Jedi highly sus

    87. Yeetman 27

      Idk the jedi sus

    88. Teanoly Teamon

      This is just sad to watch

    89. David Stears

      This was great xp

    90. Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu

      Best one yet..

    91. Greg Anderson

      Order sixty-sus lol

    92. Tidal Halo

      Sixty sus! LMFAO

    93. Kuuk99 :3

      Emperor palpatine was the imposter

    94. Nigerian Killer

      That’s kinda sus ngl

    95. red

      "Jedi was the the imposter"

    96. Chandrika Ayyappan


    97. mior azhar musa

      This is ok