Horror Fights & Red Cards Moments in Football #2

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    Horror Fights & Red Cards Moments in Football
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    1. R Brennan

      I remember that time de bruyne ended Bruno via flying ninja kick

      1. polski

        I have no idea how Bruno survived the pain

      2. Tinodiwanashe Mahwite

        Why do you hate de bruyne so much

      3. J JJ

        @SimplyScoreHD r/woooosh

      4. Mart Manana

        I've always liked the Brown

    2. eric betancourt

      like para que xbuyer reaccione a esto

    3. Charlotte Gabon

      no build in hayabusa

    4. beckysmum1

      Hey Kevin is my bff and he is my brother

    5. Da Slayr

      Everton players, I see you in the street u better watch out

    6. Da Slayr

      Haha maybe Grealish should put his shin guards on right and he won’t hurt as bad

    7. Matthis Azzopardi

      Man Neymar get's mentioned in this video soo many times

    8. Jaider Zuleta


    9. Craig Bryan

      Bunch of B.s. let um fight. Thay do in Hockey. Stop it in all sports hockey mainly.

    10. Hoshiko

      Just makes me laugh how pathetic some footballers are, ofc some of the fouls are hardcore, but the ones where they hardly touch them but visually looks bad is just next level :D i know it helps to sway judgment from the ref but then at the same time it's almost moronic and then the footage viewed makes you look like a twat lol.

      1. Special Order_937

        Haha my thoughts exactly man and we get slow motion replays 🤣

    11. Troubled guy

      They should go to jail for this

    12. Potts

      Hot Date: Brushes hair behind ear. Footballer: *AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!*

    13. Anila Kruti


    14. Tomáš Jelínek

      Those fights are really brutal as hell.

    15. Omar Ahmed

      Wow30k like and 4m views

    16. Xarity Esports gaming

      click bate

    17. Yolanda Shikers

      The numerous clerk distinctly knock because head simultaneously push concerning a lowly tenor. shaggy, abject touch

    18. Robbie York

      The one on Jamal Lewis was a pretty good kick

    19. Gerardo RuizAngel

      Angel18 🥅⚽️🎉🎂🥳🎁🍕🎈

    20. johny ditch

      notice all the incidents were red cards apart from cavani blatantly strangling a player to the ground

    21. Rosa Marquez

      ' 💀👿😫😓😲😰😴

    22. Fernanda Agostinho

      Esses jogadores todos são cavalos e estúpidos e metido a Machao só tem que se ponido

    23. Kacpereczek334

      40% of cards be like Player 1:touches face of player 2 Player 2:OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT A PAIN!!!

    24. Gunberg Lange

      Wow! The Music SUCKS!!!

    25. Lego Man

      I think both players should have gotten a red for the Xhaka thing cause they did push Xhaka around first so I don’t blame him 2 players push him down and stuff

    26. Jed Marchak

      Wow that's brutal

    27. Raining_ Zeros

      Bring in video refs, would fix all the problems soccer has especially the actors

    28. Pebble_ Cl1cks

      soccer needs more protetion

    29. Виктор Николаевич

      Я бы симулянтам сразу показывал бы жёлтую, а лучше красную карту

    30. joamediogamer XD


    31. Jimphol Ballais

      Wow foolball i love it

    32. lutin d landes

      neymar une grosse merde!

    33. Jasmin Schneider

      Also sorry, die Fussballer sind manchmal schon echte Mimosen... Die liegen wegen jeder 💩 am Boden und reklamieren.... Klar ist es nicht so geil wenn jemand einem ins Gesicht schlägt oder so, aber ich geh mit zwei geprellten Rippen ins Training. (Handball)

    34. Aliens music and gaming

      YO don't need with my boys everton I play for everton on my lil league soccer/ Football ⚽ and people were playing dirty with them jeez

    35. SWEAT sin_anii

      All I care about is respect✊🏿🥺❤️

    36. Kram Sniggah

      Bunch of wusses. Imagine if Rugby players acted like this?

    37. Haha 209

      Hockey players : **nearly dies** BRING ME BACK IN THE GAME Soccer players : **wind blows** AAAAHH HELP ME IM DEAD

      1. Carlos Schroeder

        They are staying in the game, they just want the opponent to get a red or yellow card or free kick.

    38. Michal Kawecki

      provide a link to the track that is playing in the background

    39. amanda Turner

      Such pansies 🙄 If there ain’t no blood ur fine Watch a hockey game lmao, you’ll shit ur pants 😂

    40. Rayne Clark


    41. Rayne Clark


    42. Cj Yellow bird

      For professional athletes, soccer players seem to get pummeled as soon as a fly lands on their face.

      1. amanda Turner

        Just can’t watch the men; women actually PLAY. It’s not like watching a foreign drama

    43. MadridTV

      What happend to the main channel?

    44. Modsix Gaming

      Watched this after hockey fights.... embarassing lol

    45. Jason Van

      The aggressive instruction seasonally trip because cockroach compellingly stop per a late test. tall, homeless group

    46. Glen Jones

      Plenty of Oscar nominees in there

    47. Eoin burke

      what's the first song called

    48. Pennywise 1900

      Name of this Song??

    49. Daniel Scott

      Screw pick Ford it should be dickford

    50. Daniel Scott

      To slurp scythe there people getting murder stupid

    51. Dara Salkovic

      boring want me to spell it out BORING and what kind of nonsense is this

    52. Ryder Kalaris

      The rustic glider phylogentically bomb because structure intracellularly doubt amid a tight niece. immense, intelligent factory

    53. NuggetMaate

      Horror fights? Have you watched Rugby? This is merely handbags.

    54. Hamid Khabbazan

      some of these are difficult to watch

    55. Leon LF

      Horror Fighst? Eher Kindergarten, Fußball ist so lächerlich geworden

    56. Rhurb'Sta Falcon


    57. Kevin Ossom

      Reece “the Tank” James

    58. Rob Pal

      Kill the music please

    59. Fredy Alberto Hoyos Ramirez

      Alguien mira a neymar: lesionado 6 meses

    60. The Axis

      Diversity really turned this sport into a shitshow.

    61. jordan thompson

      Never seen so many soft ass people

    62. Beanpie71

      Surprisingly, these guys flop more than Lebron.

    63. Daniel Parker

      0:30 Hmmm yes horror fight

    64. Anton Kleinhans

      Are threre still women watching this fake sport. What an excuse for men

    65. Facundo Quiroga

      Alguien de argentina like si

    66. KalliGusta

      Music is a joke. Ruins it all 😡😤

    67. RinGable


    68. Santiago Garza

      Watching football players make me cringe more than tik tok

    69. Santiago Garza

      Soccer players are another kind of cry babies they flop for someone brething in there neck

    70. Formule 1

      i dont get why pickford didn't get a red card twice!!!

    71. Hadyn Milton

      It’s a good thing I’m not playing I couldn’t keep my cool with all their BS.

    72. Videógrafo haro

      puro tronco lloron

    73. wayne mcdonald

      Some of these guys look tough enough to be playing rugby they take a hard hit & keep coming like they were bumped by a 5 year old. Others are complete sissies barely get tapped & fall like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

    74. DepressedFoxy

      1:30 song?

    75. ابراهيم ابراهيم

      اسال بالغباء الشديد 😡😡😡🤬

    76. Lalafell Who

      What song’s I hearing?

    77. Pavel Sendrej

      please, what kind of music is that?

    78. FIFA_BOT Y MG01

      WTF 0:44

    79. eejitseverywhere

      footballers....bunch of pussies.....Drop like they have been shot. SPend 90 mins trying to get folk sent off and falling about. Watch rugby. These guys get dropped and bleed heavy but never go ref chasing and do their damnest to stay on and play.

    80. Just a guy

      These are most prevalent floppers in all of sports

    81. Danil Smith

      1:07 me

    82. serg



      No room for violence

    84. markimark

      Clickbait Thumbnail

    85. 2.0 justin

      Who had came here after Troll Football Nepal post

    86. Patrik Mareček


    87. mmmm?

      Dislike because a lot adds now HUgets is garbage to many add

    88. kabeauregardajax

      Who the fuck taught you your adjectives? 'Horror fights? Click bait.

    89. GABALLA رونالدو مصر

      Futur Ronaldo hugets.info/show/1IWSmrC-mIeR3Kg/vide.html

    90. Santiago Pirela berrios

      no mames

    91. Niklas Klasen

      I'm a massive Mönchengladbach and Marcus Thuram fan but that spit... Yeah he deserved the red card and six games out.

    92. H P

      Bunch of lady boys

    93. Steve Lusk

      I see lebron James opened a school of teaching flops

    94. Davide bing


    95. john casey-tancock

      good vids but why the crap so called music with it

    96. chief- hotel


    97. Todd Evans

      most of these guys would die on a rugby pitch...

    98. Eduardo Tico

      cuanto psicópata se divierte en el futbol XD

    99. Cxdy

      Some of these look really painful and some of them look like total bs reactions to being slightly touched, i mean like cmon a 5 year old is tougher than them if their freaking out because they got touched