Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? - Part 22 (Pacifist Challenge)


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    The best Grand Theft Auto V challenge is back! We continue to answer the question of how many people you personally have to waste to complete Grand Theft Auto 5 (with a bit of comedy thrown in). ‘Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? (or Pacifist%) also counts as a melee only challenge as the end result will also answer the amount of people you MUST melee to get to the end. This is of course very different from my old speedruns of the game but my knowledge in that area does help me sometimes. I hope you enjoy it.
    - No personally ending anyone unless I must.
    - If I have to do so, I must do so with melee.
    - If I can't melee, I use my weakest weapon.
    - No armour unless I can't progress.
    - Mission must be completed without mods.
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    1. DarkViperAU

      I don't think I ended up testing it but no, it shouldn't be possible to just tow Rocco into the ocean. One, not very pacifist. Two, the car would be destroyed long before he'd die from loss of air so he'd get out of the car and swim to shore.

      1. UnSubFromMe

        The entire time i was thinking that you should tow rocco's car into the train like u did with the hotel assassination mission

      2. Jamie Buckley

        What about a cargobob? You wouldn't kill them but the drop would 😉

      3. Emel Kurttepe


      4. Killburndeluxe

        Maybe the towtruck strat would work if once you latched the car, boxed them with other cars and use that as the explosion source.

      5. Cooper Jay Studios

        Should've just cargo bobbed Rocco up onto Maze tower and let him loose 🤣🤣🤣

    2. juo buz

      5:02 slav king anyone?

    3. AlmightyMAD

      Scott the Woz reference earns you a like

    4. Vince godly McMahon

      13:09 I love that aeroplane

    5. cod

      New pacifist video!

    6. Kind of a Gamer

      You didn’t trip him, he jumped over your foot

    7. wnzay999

      11:27 who else kills her because you feel bad for Howard

    8. Lew_Charnock

      Scott is pissed

    9. Car Central

      I lmao when the disengenuos sense mf came up on the screen

    10. Mister Bean

      Was expecting you to park the tow truck in front of the train

    11. AL3JANDRO GV

      13:37 Hahaha

    12. Jason Hitzer

      Gas tank?

    13. Bence Szabó

      Just helping the algorithm

    14. Ryan Talley

      BREAKING: Local Architect Runs From Black Man for Thirty Minutes, Gets Fatally Hit by Random Car

    15. Chase & Torr

      where de pacifict

    16. Matthew G

      Pacifist is more like a slowrun, driving all the way to paleto bay with Rocco.

    17. FIB

      I am confused, is he not allowed to use a stun gun?

      1. Justin Lokere

        Correct. After using it, you can hear the police scanner say: “assault with a deadly weapon”.

    18. Daniel Christie

      I love your how persistent you are with not killing Rocco even know it could have only been one melee

    19. Brodie 123 is Poo

      You can’t

    20. 4rsh1

      The fucking hardbass is so good

    21. a random youtube channel

      10:12 Betrayal - Lost the Lead

    22. FlexGxD

      modest pelican viper gaming

    23. e e

      gym teacher after girl turns 18 13:34

    24. Im AuTistIC Give ME a_ BreAk

      The best series ever

    25. dante angelo doit

      How bout putting rocco in the ocean? Drowning would be an option

    26. Mikey De Santo

      13:33 i approve this message

    27. Alex Ruthbone

      Oh Please I need an ending to this

    28. POTATO PC king

      Guys Guys Guys, Can we take a moment to appreciate that this guy only takes a few seconds of our time and doesn't click bait any of us? The power of honesty will always reward you in a way.

    29. Zombie Crusher

      You can just say no

    30. Mohamad Ali

      Where is the next part?

    31. Chtholly

      We need VAR to check whether that was Michael or Rocco's fault.

    32. max day

      that 10:46

    33. Pun City

      9:43 I’m wheezing

    34. Nicholas Temple

      Only just discovered this series and I've got to say it's fucking genius. Looking forward to the following episodes.

    35. MorseAnalphabète

      14:39 USA USA USA !! way too real...

    36. Allan Thomas

      Fine I'll do it myself

    37. Brandon 69

      new episode plz 😕

    38. THE ALPHA

      Just one thing that will be insane And the biggest question How he is going to do "Wrap up" ? 😈😈🤐🤐🤐🤐

    39. KingSlayer Gamer

      He’s supposed to get in the other one when he gets in the elevator

    40. DavidPlayss

      You can with mods

    41. Manuel Villaruz

      You could've just launch him of a cliff by using your tow truck

    42. JROCK 70

      I was waiting for BOIS!

    43. John Orr

      Brilliant, he shoots his own friend! (cough) 2:18 *affected (cough)

    44. vapidnine242 gaming

      Darkviper: why is youtube roccomending my videos less? Also Darkviper: 10:48

    45. W1sD0m To0tH

      The fib building heist and the Lamar one is gonna be so hard

    46. Richards Majestic

      @DarkViperAU I'm Waiting For The Wrap Up Lamar Down & Meltdown Pacifist

    47. I used to be gromit mug

      13:37- a unexpected suprice but a nice one

    48. Thomas Moerschel

      Anyone else expecting to hear "BOISS!" at the intro?

    49. K Strike

      2:19 Huh which is better?

    50. TheCreepysanta

      Yo Matt how come u don’t post more of these vids more regularly it makes my day watching gta 5 played the completely wrong way. Ahaha also Ps your non belief in your jokes are what makes them funny remember that! Okay about time I press enter I guess have a great day who ever reads this!

    51. John Doe

      Why didn't he just pickt them up to the tracks, and just watch how his problem resolved itself?

    52. Elisha Pro 101

      I have a way to kill rocco just tow him to the ocean

    53. Maceira Coronado Amadeo

      13:36 AHHHH!!

    54. Cojanu Nicoleta

      If you are Mikhail and go to Jimmy and he is playing ps4 Then go in slowmotion the screen dont go in slowmotion

    55. Cojanu Nicoleta

      I have a clicht

    56. Alco 251B

      I wonder if he realizes that he could have towed them onto train tracks and had them get hit

    57. Baker Mohammed

      Nice guys always finish last

    58. Lord Vader

      He could have towed them to gang territory & let the shootout commence

      1. Lord Vader

        @DarkViperAU sad face

      2. DarkViperAU

        If I recall, didn’t work.

    59. bruchpilot747

      okay, then, see you in a year and a bit :)

    60. BEAThatesyou


    61. Qunt

      What if you towed the car to the military base and then reversed them in?

    62. Crazyfire

      Ok the therapist don’t care bout him killing people

    63. Unicorn_Bro123

      I don’t know why but I just find his voice calming? Does anyone else also think this??? No? Just me?...

    64. WlatPziupp

      On pace for a sub century pacifist run? Holy wowo man, fucking hype!

    65. Erin Haider

      Why do you say bad words

    66. Chad

      You technically can't complete the story without killing anybody, since at the end you have to choose to kill, Trevor, Michael, or death wish, and in every one of them you're forced to kill someone.

      1. AOXDOG

        you don't have to kill Trevor, if you wait long enough Michael shoots Trevor instead of Franklin

    67. Powerate

      Wait, that's all you had to do in the architect mission?! I just kept follow him stealhly

    68. Rebecca Moran

      Darkviperau says FUCK YOU!

    69. dusty bowman

      I wonder what the psyche profile is gonna be

    70. ReaZzor Graphics

      this is the 5th time im watching this, and its still funny

    71. Mudit Mahna

      14:47, Kid flash chasing zoom

    72. _TheJacob _

      Theoretically you could tow car to a train tarcks and wait for a train that would blew them up... so that might be one option.

    73. Marek Biroš

      Thanos as a truck second time really got me

    74. Roshi 710

      2:31 I love that Scott the Woz reference!

    75. ItzKilluminati

      14:37 "This Has To Be Racist"

    76. Mr. potato Gta5

      How do you get that beard? I want it please

    77. LukeThePelican

      Post more pacifist now, or I'll break into your house and eat your Valve Index.

    78. Ward

      Popcorn castle at the start oh yeahhh

    79. Jorge Velasquez

      I really love the ragdoll

    80. Bryan Steacy

      I've always watched the GTA clips, but this is the best series I've watched in a long time. I binge watched all 22 episodes so far. Please make more, you're really breaking new ground with these ha

    81. Sparky Phantom

      Love these! Keep up the great work!

    82. chaotuc

      somehow i found it very funny how complicated he made getting the plans from the architect unless there's a rule about not even pointing a gun at people, i'm not too familiar with this series

    83. Saturday Nights In

      Absolutely love the editing, although being EXTREMELY consistent, this series is incredibly entertaining. I admire your work Matt

    84. Gabbbman

      this thumbnail is a masterpiece

    85. JustARandom _Person

      By the way Matt. If your wondering about which ending is best.. I’ll let you know that technically you don’t kill Trevor.. Micheal does! Just don’t shoot the gas and micheal will do it himself! Or do kill micheal and choose to try to help him therefore he kills himself..

      1. North penguin

        Stole my comment

    86. vCuda

      14:34 sees black guy "HES GOT A WEAPON"

    87. North penguin

      In 3 years when you complete pacifist% you should pick A because when you get the option to kill Trevor if you wait Michel will shoot him instead and you won’t have to kill anyone

    88. Kristian Spot

      This is the best thing I ever watched. Thanks DarkViper. I am Happy now

    89. Tense alience

      I love ur videos and how much u spend time on them ur my fav yt

    90. Anant Gaur

      I had an idea that if u tow his car and drive off the pier in to the water will it work?

    91. *VAL1EV*

      13:35 XD

    92. cool pickles

      0:00 BOYS!

    93. Bret Morgan

      What happens if you drive them somewhere with hostile enemies? Altruist camp or military base maybe?

    94. Dob by

      I need your boots pants shirt and motorcycle

    95. Rolando Reyes

      13:33 this is my fav part

    96. Captain Braggy

      The editing is just god tier

    97. Paddy Cooper

      The thanos quotes are gold in this

    98. Twiggy Armstrong

      2:27 beautiful editing 5:23 Lol

    99. Carter Nichols


    100. Chill Boi

      i just watched all parts :(