200IQ vs 10IQ Minecraft Plays #4

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    Please note: On Gamers React, you will discover highly edited gaming clips from streamers. Clips used in the video are submitted by fans through our email and discord server. I spend over 12 hours per video editing to transform these clips into something that has never been seen before! There is also commentary from me that is included within the video for either added entertainment or to highlight something the audience may have missed out on without said commentary. My edits include creative subtitles, that we edit (it may go bigger or smaller based on the person’s speech or have some other kind of edit). Creative sound effects like cartoon effects when someone either falls from a high place, hits the ground, falls in lava, dies in the game, and much more. We include many memes in the video to make the video more entertaining for the viewer to watch as well as include many green screen effects to make the videos more comical and creative. We also spend time zooming in on peoples faces as well as zooming into certain parts of the video to highlight something the viewer may be missing out on if there were no zoom ins. We also manipulate audio or video in our clips to ensure there is no dead air for our viewers to watch. Over 50 clips are used in every video and we come up with a creative way to alter EVERY SINGLE clip to make it our own and UNIQUE to OUR channel. The majority of the unedited (or original) version of the clips I use can NOT be found anywhere else on HUgets. If you have any concerns or want a clip of yours removed, please send an email at GamersReactingYT@gmail.com
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    This is the FOURTH video we are doing of 200 iq vs 10 iq minecraft plays!!! In this video, we have some INSANE clutches that you won't believe happened! A lot of these 200 iq plays come from bedwars which is super cool. We pair each 200 iq plays clip with a 10 iq play and its hilarious because of the contrast of both clips and we add music to each clip to make the contrast even more dramatic! You don't want to miss this video!
    ▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
    (In order of appearance)
    Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
    Sapnap www.twitch.tv/sapnap
    DuckioFTW www.twitch.tv/duckioftw
    Adal www.twitch.tv/adal
    ignMqxS www.twitch.tv/ignmqxs
    MichaelM - I can’t find his link, so if you can, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due
    Hannahxxrose www.twitch.tv/hannahxxrose
    HAchubby www.twitch.tv/hachubby
    DIONYO0 www.twitch.tv/dionyo0
    GeorgeNotFound www.twitch.tv/georgenotfound
    steadypsycho www.twitch.tv/steadypsycho
    DaniMilkman www.twitch.tv/danimilkman
    CarnageLTK www.twitch.tv/carnageltk
    pizdziak_ - I can’t find his link, so if you can, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due
    PurpleCrafted www.twitch.tv/purplecrafted
    jojosolos www.twitch.tv/jojosolos
    justinchen_ www.twitch.tv/justinchen_
    Specularpotatat www.twitch.tv/specularpotat
    Nerdi www.twitch.tv/nerdi
    Dowsky www.twitch.tv/dowsky
    Freezecz www.twitch.tv/freezecz
    quack123abc www.twitch.tv/quack123abc
    european_lynx www.twitch.tv/european_lynx
    illumina1337 www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
    kunoo_ www.twitch.tv/kunoo__
    fishyonpc www.twitch.tv/fishyonpc
    mas4k www.twitch.tv/mas4k
    ClutchCps - hugets.info/like/GFyvLHW7o3n5LI5l6Yl2lg.html
    knives_exe www.twitch.tv/knives_exe
    duckdan www.twitch.tv/duckdan
    Weegee www.twitch.tv/weegee
    MathoX www.twitch.tv/mathox
    Zipfile69 www.twitch.tv/zipfile69
    skeppyisnotbald www.twitch.tv/skeppyisnotbald
    RyanDCB www.twitch.tv/ryandcb
    Jibo3D hugets.info/like/VVwiScXTCT0XwbzYza9jfA.html
    karljacobs www.twitch.tv/karljacobs
    iiNub www.twitch.tv/iinub
    AgenteMaxo www.twitch.tv/agentemaxo
    obese_duul www.twitch.tv/obese_duul
    resttpowered www.twitch.tv/resttpowered
    onlyjayus www.twitch.tv/onlyjayus
    aka_ahdio www.twitch.tv/aka_ahdio
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