catching impostors in ONE SECOND using movement and 12,300 IQ...

Disguised Toast

1,3 M megtekintés77

    Whether it's soul reads or big brain deductions, Disguised Toast manages to find the impostor in record level time.
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    Edited and Animated by: _4our_
    #amongus #disguisedtoast #impostor

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. The Treasure Chest

      Toast: is super good and can get to last 3 consistently Me: "if I'm not the first one dead, I'm imposter"

    2. Dreams Parrot

      Anyone know the song in 2:23

    3. Lane Smith

      I mean what if she checked her map before and went down?

    4. Lily England

      Love the shadow of the colossus music at the beginning!

    5. Ngo Hanh Phuong

      The grumpy vein totally strip because mice pathomorphologically heap towards a cumbersome memory. evanescent, stale sandwich

    6. Nerdy Gerly

      Toast: “Who went on cameras that early?” Me: Aah. You don’t know about the Rats Gambit...

    7. Mallisa Bird

      Just randomly hearing the Magmoor Caverns Theme in the background made me happy lol

    8. Suki Jul

      whats defen means?? like hafu always says it idk what taht means..

      1. Suki Jul

        ohh its a discord thingy

    9. Yumyoboi

      I love the ridleys lair music from Super Metroid :)

    10. Nguyen CS

      Jury rock hammer? Jerry Bruckheimer ?

    11. Thandeka

      "I studied your vods" 😭😭

    12. Joe Knapp

      Love how it took him a few seconds to nail down Hafu as being the imposter then several minutes to decide what he wanted for breakfast 😂😂😂

    13. Competine - Lea

      So Fundy lied to get Toast out?

    14. Justice Tennant

      Why is it always poor hafu

    15. Zak Smith

      Toast: Hafu didn't pre-move up, so she's impostor. Toast in the Next Round: Doesn't pre-move up as Crewmate. People in the HUgets Comment Section: Fail to understand that Toast is mentioning a pattern that is specific to Hafu, and doesn't necessarily apply to him, so they look as dumb as I do making a long post about this that no one will read, and overdoing the meme format so it's stretched beyond comprehension.

    16. • Sweet Ax̶tumn •


    17. KingSlayer Zyth

      I called out 5up and wolfabelle by 7. I felt like the huge slaughter at the start two of those kills came from one person. Then there was the snipe which dumbdog couldn't have done. I usually look off your gameplay to get better so I knew who it was by 7 but in game I wouldn't be as confident.

    18. Marco Cazares

      DK and Steve are mega dumb and annoying!!!!

    19. amanda devine

      all i hear is i just spoke to tommyinnt he said give me a goddamn minute

      1. Ashleigh Taylor


    20. Sarfnic Productions

      It's always Toast and Fundy in the end.

    21. Emmie Jewitt

      I'm sorry but the way he said 'Britain' sent me

    22. James Ware

      The rainy mistake finallly haunt because south korea disconcertingly blink versus a rigid reduction. lowly, jittery afternoon

    23. Stan

      This is how many milion subs toast shold have

    24. No Time Flat

      Toast wants to make scrambled eggs and eat his Starbucks salad, but he is one of the last 2 crewmate alive

    25. The toaster 501th

      Dumb ass game


      Anyone else annoyed from his 999,999 above IQ vids? No? Just me? ok.

    27. ChammyChanga

      metroid prime music, pog

    28. Tarantula356

      5undy, the new toastkuno

    29. Daniel Jackola

      was that shadow of the colossus music at 0:45

    30. caffineandshiny

      If I were Toast in the last game, I wouldve pushed harder on the Fundy was in specimen thing by bringing up how Fundy even complained his download reached 100 but he didnt think it finished.

    31. Cydell Machitar

      Chilled + Toast = Chaotic Geniuses 🤩

    32. Zayn Really Hates People

      7:15 Saying "what happened was" is a very clear sign o f a liar not sure if you all know that but- there you go.

    33. Matthew Sanchez

      The magmoor caverns music 🎶

    34. Usa Usagi

      Write 1 IQ next time because

    35. Drew Turnblad

      “It’s hafu she didn’t run up to check if she had keys”... literally the next game in the video toast runs straight down opens map and has keys and just doesn’t even do it...

      1. Zak Smith

        He said that because that's her pattern, not because it's what everyone does.

      2. Jenibelle C.

        Bc he wanted to die so he could make some food lmao

    36. MrMoustacheNinja

      Toast calling hafu out right away 😂😂

    37. Pequod

      11:00 actually wp toast , i would have voted fundy i think . Keeping a cool head was very good here (。・∀・)ノ゙

    38. Grace V

      I think almost the entire lobby does the "I get why you're voting me. It's just impressive that the imposters managed to fool you guys like this" play. Honestly super telling, someone really only says it when they're imposter.

    39. Natalee Yun

      my bday was on jan 24

    40. Kaelyn Tibbetts

      i’m gonna be crushed when these among us videos stop this is how i found the friend group and offline tv

    41. OBREY _

      Aipha earned that w

    42. hunmalmos

      Why do people write 'imposter' when it is 'impostor' wtf. :D

    43. Torto SM

      I mean, the problem with Toast’s accusation is that, as Crew, you can just look at the top left, and see if u have Keys.

    44. mrq02

      We need a video of Basetrade and Toast both as Impostors. I can't tell if their play styles would work together or if they'd just completely fall apart. lol

    45. Just a Josh

      DK "OMG PLEASE LISTEN TO ME< YOU GUYS THROW EVERY GAME"... words spoken by the biggest 3rd, 4th and 5th imposter

    46. Sam B

      Real question is, did Toast get his scrambled eggs?

    47. shelby Alexís

      3:12 and his whole talk abt food is literally me 😭😭

    48. Lachlan Rocca

      19:30 Anyone else notice the slip up? "...other imposter..."

    49. Niddoron Alibac


    50. LesVib3s - ROBLOX

      I always see him thinking about food Who else sees this

    51. dumb lump

      Do you think I like cookies ya good job

    52. Sarmad Maqsood

      Nobody: Hafu: *deafen*

    53. Sarmad Maqsood

      Toast: standing in front of node Also Toast: *Thinking about his food choices*

    54. Abhijeet Singh

      Hafu was such an ass the last game, she spoke at start of every meeting even though she was dead.

    55. Hamburger Happiness DIY

      Just me who was wondering why fundy lied about being in specimen?

    56. 4am 33swaN

      Toast: I wanna die first i wanna make scarmbled eggs me(in public lobbies): gets voted out for no reason

    57. LesVib3s - ROBLOX

      If I was Hafu 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    58. Viridescence

      Was not expecting to hear the Magmoor Caverns theme from Metroid Prime, brings back memories

    59. Florence Mccoy

      The craven crocodile undeniably walk because bobcat coronally walk toward a successful dew. didactic, black quarter

    60. IDunno

      Does to easy stream rust? He only streamed once and that was it

    61. DomnuCineva

      mmmmmmm puleasca

    62. Roblox GAMER589

      Toast: “HAFU went straight down without checking if she had keys. Toast next round: walks straight down

      1. Rafaela de Paula

        He just messed up explaining it, what he actually saw was she going up a bit and then down, which means that she thought maybe there were key task, but then realized it didn't and went down.

    63. musical-chick-13

      I love watching Toast's uploaded videos, but I hate that I almost always walk away from them wanting food that I don't have in my pantry. 🤣

    64. Koko Chen

      5up and Fundy be pulling a Corpse and Sykkuno by saying they'd never kill each other hahaha

    65. Simon Hampton

      Toast: Its hafu cuz she went down right away Next game: Toast: goes down right away

    66. Kristofer Burger

      Starbucks sells salads?!?

    67. El Gringo

      Toasts brain is so big, if he turned into a blue whale it would have to get smaller

    68. Savatiar Speed

      His IQ goes up 100 each video

    69. Reverb

      Right now I want Myth, Ludwig and Toast to play a 3 imposter game.

    70. naturally selected

      One second boi

    71. Lance Cabanlong

      Congrats on 44 on trending

    72. EpikMurk


    73. Cymon Evo

      3:42 The timing on how he should do the task is just awesome

    74. Yihuai

      *Always listen to toast if he is confirmed innocent*

    75. Yoav Trachtman Cohen

      19:27 he said "the OTHER impostor"

    76. Katrina Goldsmith

      This is driving me insane where I do know that music from at 2:45????

    77. impossidan

      wolf coulda won her round if she tried to get toasts vote rather than fundy

    78. いSatou

      That Metroid music is perfect lmaoooo

    79. Gilho Ahn

      Is Toast eating toast considered cannibalism?

    80. FlurryQuackers Dorito

      6:00 the way he pronounces Britain though

    81. pragnesh pillai

      No one: Hafu: DeAfEn

    82. Logan Klausner

      Love the Magmar Caverns theme Toast

    83. AwkwardVulpix

      Toast: Stands in death valley to die quickly Imposters: Don't kill him Toast: And I took that personally

      1. Shadxw FrxstRL


    84. Colloquial

      hafu still the most toxic out of the group lmao

    85. Daniel Payne

      No wonder he names himself toast, all he thinks about is food

    86. James

      toast if you remembered Fundys story at 15:10 about him saying he was in specimen doing download and wasn't sure it finished you could of caught him in his lie when he said he never went to specimen

    87. Yen Collao

      If detective Conan, Sherlock Holmes, and L had a child, it would be Toast.

    88. Hamish Scanlon

      I clicked on this video thinking damn there’s gonna be like a million 1 second clips in this video, guess I was wrong.

    89. salma santana

      wolfabelle should’ve been voted out earlier if only toast brought up he never saw her in his vision but she saw him so she had imposter vision lmao

    90. Laserkiller2020 Laserkiller2020

      11:39 someone gonna tell him about the RAT’S GAMBIT?

    91. Victor Diaz

      Hi toast I think is Hafu to man .

    92. Steph Patt

      That slip up though "I know that doesn't mean much, cause DK was the other imposter" 😅😂

    93. ChibiSphere

      metroid music ftw

    94. Tired Catto

      I made a world record by standing and looking at the way they walk ye i can see that as a title

    95. sid

      Aipha is amazing

    96. MaxOnator3

      This just hit 1M

    97. Garrett Hedman

      And this is why I watch Toast videos

    98. TheBeaverInHD

      Hafu:Nice try Damn I mean just add salt into the wound I guess

    99. Syn0203


    100. That autistic brony

      The fact that as imposter you can remember what your friends did and them forgetting it somehow beats you catching them not saying what really happened is a question science will never answer.