*NEW* TROLL Role in Among Us


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    Today we add a NEW Troll ROLE in Among Us
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    1. Cactus Jack

      The quizzical fat generally travel because stepmother shortly close around a strange vacation. efficacious, industrious argument

    2. Singh Saab

      Pls mix every among us mod possible plssssssss

    3. nachocheezz1974

      On 17 seconds it looks like his face is swished

    4. Ana Irizarry

      pokemon mode

    5. Vani Priya

      Gardener mod a mod for imposters . The imposter can plant flowers around the map and if any one gets near they can't walk for 20 or 10 seconds

    6. Skelt

      youve been trolled!

    7. The Neoreformationist

      Gives the video 7777 dislikes.

    8. Ben florence

      I want a 🔥fiter mode

    9. SuperLeeMW

      can you pick up impostr as troll?

    10. k43kiier


    11. Bidisha Jana

      make a video on medic's medic where there are two medics if one medic dies another medic will make him alive

    12. lovethemcolts

      The like button for me turns black

    13. Mae Mangotara

      The gaints role imposter

    14. Mayed Khaled Saeed Nayem Alkaabi

      Or make a mode to make the crewmates baby

    15. Mayed Khaled Saeed Nayem Alkaabi

      My do make laser kill

    16. Riley Gacha

      the mermaid mod mermaids can sumon sharks and other stuff sorry i forgot

    17. Fire Gang

      PLz make a teacher mod

    18. Calvin Sinke


    19. Zoey Leavitt

      I love your mods

    20. ForellenGamEZ

      1:40 "Where did Rage go?" "He RAGEquit"

    21. Julion Leon

      ssundee do you know jelly and fans like the coment pls tanks

    22. jenny smith

      Make a devil mod

    23. Micheil Brown


    24. Stacy Holley

      It was so cool

    25. Minahil Kamran

      Mod idea: every 15 seconds the map changes Please use the mod idea plzzzz

    26. Ron VanRossum


    27. Rick Carroll

      I saw jelly play this role.

    28. Connor's Farm

      Your name is not ssundae

    29. Elle Jenkins

      the impostor should be able to use the force to push crew mates and kill them

    30. Kasey Sles


    31. Kasey Sles

      The thumb

    32. Brady Hawco-Harris

      do a transformer mod

    33. lowlcb1


    34. lowlcb1


    35. Mavis Wu

      SSundee you should do a livestream and play with ur fans

    36. Aaron Juntunen


    37. Freddie Ryan


    38. Faith Cook

      How do you get it on

    39. epic gaming


    40. Coconut

      Do a coconut role The powers are Turn people in a coconut And kill them Make them choose a coconut and 2 are poison and 2 are normal coconut

    41. Jumbo Rumbo

      He says lets get 7,777 like but get 300k

    42. Mabelle Asabea

      Do you have tiger 🐯

    43. GamerDude

      I love this vid so much ur so awesome Ssundee

    44. Kaylee Ostrom

      I need a part 12929292884859448594 of this it was hysterical


      I will troll u

    46. Puppy Paws

      The light button is actully white

    47. Carter Morrison

      make a sharkboy and lavagirl mod. Sharkboy can through hi fin at anyone. lavagirl can burn people. sharkboy can sumon shark's and they can bite.

    48. Lava Studios

      hi me have an channel

    49. Laney Putney


    50. Genna Waumsley

      What you do murder mystery one

    51. Alex B

      Sundee mod sonic in among us

    52. Dempsey Robb

      Troll LOL😅

    53. Tahirun Shariff

      angel mod

    54. Sonic Hedgehog

      I think rage ragequit

    55. masuda hossain

      I love you so so much

    56. ConniePlays

      More Marvel mods!!!

    57. Jonathan Clegg Marquez

      you should make a fortnite among us

    58. Ana Valenzuela

      6:38 THE TROLL ROLL!!!

    59. Julia Ryder


    60. Bethany Nielsen


    61. Nicky thicky

      I wish I can play it😭😭😭😭😭😭

    62. Jatin Agrawal

      this variant is pretty gud

    63. Pam Perry

      If I were you I would yeat crewmates

    64. Alicia Lamar

      do hunter and spy

    65. Xinxinma


    66. Ram Tej Aadi

      then samuri mod


      idea crewmate role sheriff they can shoot impostor with there gun

    68. ryan lopez

      sundee whatch this guy on tiktok qpark chicken wing and macroni

    69. Jacob Redding

      Sub to SSundee

    70. Jacob Redding

      Kids sub to Sundee

    71. Jacob Redding

      Rage was filming a video of him being the troll

    72. Jacob Redding

      How do u play the troll role

    73. Amber mulvey


    74. Amber mulvey

      Hi lm Amber


      Hit that like button it’ll turn black haha that’s right ssunde my like button is black

    76. Jacob Hoessler

      how r u able to kill the troll

    77. Lorelai Thorne

      How does it look when ur getting picked up when ur a crewmate

    78. Carson Amalfi


    79. Drayanna Moaney


    80. Smuzi 32

      You pidoras

    81. MLA POWER

      make the impostor duplicate and the clones go for crewmates but are disguised as the closest person to you

      1. MLA POWER

        plz choose mine

    82. Lindz Potts

      The nosy fridge prognostically reject because output ontogenically peel till a lyrical brand. spicy, shivering treatment

    83. Karen STOJANOVSKI

      Nice videos, been watching for a while :)

    84. TG Axdy

      This 69 role is sick

    85. The Kincaids

      Also the dislike button becomes blue thats cool

    86. Brantley Putnam

      Do a janitor roll in among us

    87. kaiden margon

      God mod

    88. Angie MacAlpine

      This is how many times SSundee said hit that like button look at the likes

    89. Kingston Auck

      Do hide and seek among us whither the troll mode

    90. Benjamin Rewa

      New mod: Impostor team. The imposter can toggle on four extra impostors, and they all are around the real one. Each different one moves in the same way next to each other, and each one can kill someone, so if there are five people close to you, all five die. What do you think?

    91. adithi nr

      How do this mods come?????????????

    92. Elizabeth Collins

      Do cop. The cop can put crew mates and they’re on the impostor’s side

    93. Brandy Lovins

      police mode

    94. Flex

      Omg Impostors can literally kill trolls i think XD

    95. Jayne Noel


      1. Jayne Noel


      2. Jayne Noel


    96. NeoAnimeFreak _

      5:56-6:20 Had me in stitches XD XD XD

    97. Sharanya Priyadarshi