How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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    1. Linus Tech Tips

      Buy 128GB of RAM on Amazon :P (PAID LINK):

      1. SC35 Viswajith KS


      2. Johhn Smitth

        Hello IT mainacs! The CPU performance flaws might be related with the Windows OS and its predefined Kernel timings of CPU handlers / cycles - the switch time defined between them. I believe the same experiment will be way more successful uder adjusted linux kernel with support of proper GPU enabled acceleration.. Also using Chrome you should define in "chrome://flags" you should enforce GPU acceleration Good luck and keep going with your crazy experiments ;) Kind regards Stefan,

      3. Mark Campione

        i have 32 gigs of ram with 4 corsair ram and 1 unknown ram company makes more then that

      4. adam HRuška

        @Rags boyieee me here with 4x2gb

      5. Carter Sharer

        Linus Tech Tips

    2. X-CITY

      After watching the video Me: daz cool but I dont see anyone needing to open that many tabs 😅 hopefully no one else does that

    3. SarunasGaming

      But can it run minecraft?

    4. BottleNeck Gaming

      How many chrome tabs can you have open with 2TB of RAM? All of them....

    5. pc play's


    6. Icy Tech

      linus: 6000 tabs :) my mom hahah with 1000000 tabs open ;)

    7. Josh Oh

      Feels like a school computer at 6000 tabs

    8. The shadow 76

    9. Afonso Luiz Dilda Bucco

      next step: 16 GB of CPU cache internal chip memory

    10. 13 Point Black

      Haha! You are wrong you fool! I have infinite Ram on my pc! So much that Internet Explorer Doesnt stuck on 98%!

    11. Sujatha NM

      My pc can barely open chrome... It's gonna open 3-4 time after 3-4 minutes I have clicked on it

    12. Tarik Manoar

      6k tabs on fire

    13. Emersyn Jacqueline

      About 2 years ago, I made 200 videos on my channel private due to copyright reasons. I can never release them back to HUgets. So many videos that many have not seen. My secret stash of videos...

    14. zero zer0

      the real question is how much minecraft tnt can it handle?

    15. Legend Gaming

      My rom

    16. Kartik 66666

      Imagine chrome sending them a countdown message to leave of nuclear explosion😂😂😂

    17. Roj Monti

      Dude is a glorified pc salesman. Can't you just ask an intern to write a script than opens up many tabs and logs ram usage on file. This is so lame considering how much money this guy makes..

    18. Lilaf

      "25 seconds to right click." My Mid 2011 iMac: Amateurs.

    19. gregorius william Tanuwijaya

      Linus tech : i have 2TB of ram Me : happy with my 4gb ram

    20. Virus Gaming

      Which extension use for "open all tabs in new window" ?

    21. Daniel Rivera

      He has more ram than i have general storage ) :

    22. Vibe City 代違ピ

      three, take it or leave it.

    23. Mr Roflpancakes


    24. Chip

      Save time 11:50

    25. Francesco Guerrero

      Chrome: 1, take or leave

    26. sjj

      i love this concept so much, it’s like the far lands in minecraft. just the pure break down of software pushed to the limits

    27. Vapor_Synthesis

      my pc crashed while watching this and i only had one tab open 😞

    28. Preme Plug

      Can't wait to watch this again in future and think to myself: "just 2TB, that's cute"

    29. Walking Dead

      I have 1,7 gb memory at my computer lol

    30. Stefan Bunoiu

      can it run minecraft in 30 fps tho ?

    31. Luka Weixler

      Me with 4gb ram 😐

    32. itAchiOP

      if i do the same with my laptop, it will file a rape case.

    33. Aidan Nguyen

      Sk Hynix: so what do you need for your next video Linus: ram Sk Hynix: how much ram do you need Linus: Y E S

    34. emil

      hynix is a scam lol

    35. Ismail D

      It took 6000 tabs to reach the performance that I get with 8 tabs

    36. MrRedo Gaming

      7:11 apple lamp

    37. HeyItsSam

      Me watching this with 8gb ram

    38. Abijith Jayakumar

      when you have more RAM than your storage

    39. Απρόσμενος 2ΔΦ

      The problem that makes pc lagging is that windows 10 cant manage all these tabs...with linux you didnt have any problem even with 100.000 tabs

    40. Namikaze Minato

      LOL you should use a better internet connection.

    41. S M

      This happens to me when I try to open three tabs in chrome

    42. Gaming World S1

      Seeing The Video Really Hurts

    43. Hoverboard2525

      how about my 5 TB

    44. Shimul Parvez

      I only have 8 Gigs of ram on my pc. Can you tell me how can I increase my ram up-to 2 TB without paying any money?

    45. GoputAD

      who else skipped to the part where he started opening the tabs xD

    46. Armaan Patel

      6k Tabs? My RAM cant even Open 1 Tab.

    47. Triple Boom

      My laptop i open chrome 1 tab google not responding me like wtf when i hve 12 gigs of ram and 10 gb of it is left

    48. Jesús Jiménez Sánchez

      It would be interesting to do the same test with other browsers like Firefox or Safari

    49. Srijan VII-B 54

      Ram:2TB Processor:Dual core

    50. Mem e

      bro he has 8x my my storage in RAM!!!!!!

    51. P1ckl3d P0t4t03s

      my computer can't even handle one stick of 128 gb unbuffered ram

    52. Trip Dapperson Jr.

      I remember neopets lol. And how come you didnt run a game with all that ram? lol

    53. bryan pulisic

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    54. XNA Nkoxx

      0:40 me with 128.1GB of ram

    55. Silvertarian

      Performance at the end remind me of using my mom's old Dell from 2001

    56. Name Surname

      I have 4 windows of chrome with 350 tabs opened in each one and it only takes 2-3gb ram even less, i have 8gb ram and computer runs fine

    57. mirat parmar

      Rich people be like


      Can't imagine how the game runs in that pc 😍

    59. Larson Samuel Roy

      Can I get Half of that One Stick??... Me: Running on 2GB Ram😢

    60. Abhijit Nair's Channel

      My computer with 2GB RAM: 👁 👁 👄

    61. mister kk

      4:50 cinematic

    62. Aiden Martinez

      Woowoowoo 2tb that’s a lot lol

    63. Urs Barosan

      fortnite: 150930893458345 fps Minecraft : 10000000000000000000000000000 fps roblox: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 fps.

    64. IbrahimDDeveloper

      A 2TB RAM is no match for how many tabs I open.

    65. tonystaaark

    66. Ray99k

      Linus is so stupid u can just download 100Tb ram

    67. Indu Ji

      How many file explorer can we open with 2 TB of RAM? 🤔🤔

    68. Nitzu

      At least now he can export that 15 seconds after effects video

    69. Patchouli Knowledge

      That can't run minecraft

    70. Zendar

      Linus: WE HAVE OPENED 6000 TABS! My mom: aww that's so cute

    71. NTH47_GAMING

      Linus, I just need four GB ram stick

    72. Md.Abdullah Muddakir

      BUT....... CaN iT rUn MiNeCrAf?

    73. tehgreatdoge

      Bruh he has like 1/9 of the entire cube craft server’s ram right there

    74. Gumball Watterson

      2tb ram = 2 millón USD



    76. The Donut Man

      "A single stick of this ram, has more capacity than your entire system." yeah i have 750 gb, stfu (no i don't normally use "stfu" [no i dont usually brag, dont talk to me about it])

    77. Justine Zafra

      You sounds like steve o sometime

    78. Photodeus

      Must have been Windows' allocated resources running out, for example GPU RAM and the subsystem that handles icons, video rendering etc...

    79. Solomon Phronesis

      The year 2040: only 2TB. Mine has over 9,000....😀

    80. CyanPerseverance

      and i thought my 16g ram was big

    81. Coolkid 295

      When he did the wavy thing his face slowly revealed

    82. sz.attila

      Watching this on my 1GB 343MHz RAM 10-year-old netbook. With Chrome. With 7 other tabs opened. I guess I like extreme sports.

    83. Kyle Vin

      2025 this is in your phone

    84. Brandon Dammers

      I just got 32GB RAM and this guy flexing with 2TB😂

    85. Fabyan Tanase

      My pc has 4 GB ram at 800mhz :)

    86. Mookie

      0:34 ouch

    87. Mailbox

      Who knew a tech tip channel could be fun to watch.

    88. 陈北宗

      When you want to do high-memory tests, spin up VMs first and load memory hogs within them. For example with your processor you cna spin up 32 2-core 4-thread VM's with 64GB RAM each, then start loading up Chrome tabs.

    89. Siddharth Jaiganesh

      Dankpods in the corner with a 4 tb iPod

    90. WashedAIO

      this guy: pays a lot of money for RAM. me who downloaded RAM for free: 😎

    91. Luiz Campos

      Now that Chrome 87 is out, it would be very interesting to see this test revisited. Or better, redo the tests with some base versions of Chrome to see how it evolved.

    92. TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing

      knowing chrome, 4 or 6 maybe.... :/

    93. Lancelot Oquindo

      You have 2TB RAM Hoho, I have TB too "TUBERCOLOSIS"

    94. no normies allowed

      not watching the video, the answer is 4


      imagine making a minecraft server with 2tb of ram lmao ur server tps must be stay at 20 everytime if someones lags it lmaoo note:a joke

    96. Hema Dwivedi

      00:32 GOOGLE employee watching this at work on his server : Huh, kidzz !!

    97. Xtreme Gamers

      How did you have that memory can you tell me where do i get that

    98. Joe's Junk

      I have twin 64GB 10,000rpm raptor hard drives & 1GB of DDR2 so, I feel small now

    99. Satyendra Singh

      I have a 34 T of RAM What is the big deal 😒

    100. Keshav Taneja

      Linus: One stick of these has more memory than your entire system. Me: Laughs in Mac Pro

      1. Tado