We Protected IRON MAN and WON


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    Who cares about getting a win in Fortnite? What really matters is getting Iron Man a win!! Today we attempted our hardest challenge of the season, taking 65 attempts in total. We hope you enjoy!
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    1. Ayush Pindoriya


    2. Joanna Yee

      S0. M1nd bl01n9

    3. Tristan Blansaer

      And now Mando's time! 😂😂🔥

    4. Rakeside Gamer

      Mystic could transform into a start robot

    5. Alim abla

      Merry fishmas! 🙂🎆🐟🎁

    6. Tim Quinn


    7. amos dickhoff

      Someone tell me how many time they have said thunderpump

    8. Wyatt Evartt

      R.I.P for IORN MAN

    9. Levi Somerville


    10. QT KAYA

      Guys I think that that can get iron man a win because they got Doctor doom a win so I think that they can do it

    11. Tyler Lavelle

      They should of been mystic killed a stark bot then disguise as the bot

    12. AfkMaster1004

      That thumbnail is wonderful

    13. Jane Calabro

      The stimulating seeder findingsinitially milk because badger excitingly film against a apathetic creature. knowing, melted sink

    14. Leon Webb

      Myth: if you are mysteek and disguised as a stark robot and disguise as a bot of doctor doom and get shot what happens

    15. Megan Martinez

      The equable sack subjectively print because dress laterally regret times a pointless camera. dangerous, lumpy punishment

    16. Partap Sahi

      Bye season 4. Miss u.

    17. Brandon Davydov

      use the shockwaves


      The stark bots can heal him

    19. Your sunshine

      Them screaming me 👁👄👁

    20. Kaan Baran

      6:45 omg that was mcCreamy

      1. Partap Sahi

        Can’t tell if ur joking or not

      2. Partap Sahi



      Who here in season 5

    22. Leeds Judson

      hologram iron man looking real THICC

    23. Ghex FN

      3:41 THAT WAS ME NO WAY

    24. Isaac Jeffrey

      6:47 mecreamy

    25. Isaiah Williams

      You are my favorite

    26. Isaac Acedo

      When he is about to unibeam use the boogie bomb then you guys will be unkillable from iron man

    27. ashley ross


    28. FishyOnTopTJ

      Wide x wins. Eisjx. SJSU’s. SJSU’s s Nehemiah s. She s. s ueue

    29. Jayden Reynolds


    30. Jayden Reynolds


    31. Noah Coffey

      Those are true youtubers 65 Times🎆

    32. PlayerYT

      Around 6:43 mc creamy was killed

    33. PlayerYT

      I have a feeling that the x2 twins are better at the game when they have a challenge on it

    34. Saturn_slow 724

      you killed mcreamy at 6:45

    35. Matthew Thompson

      Please do random squad

    36. Elite Charged

      New fav you youtubers

    37. CHILLER

      2082579876730997858 games later :/

    38. Memekid

      I wish I had this game :(

    39. Itz_Pav08 RXC


    40. Libby Duncan

      Ńop im english

    41. Libby Duncan

      Im polish chèsh

    42. Libby Duncan


    43. Libby Duncan

      Ola im not spanish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    44. sparkZ

      99% wont see this but God bless you and have a wonderful day I’m struggling To get 20 subs 🥺❤️

    45. MessiGODER

      You all are legends no cap

    46. Kabir Sangha


    47. Kun

      Play amoung us

    48. Liam toys and Games

      Drop a sub if you have not yet because it Took 2 whole day! To do this challenge

    49. Derek Johnson

      The thing the twins do for content are amazing

    50. WolfBoy86


    51. Diecast Frenzy

      Sub me

    52. Sebastian Ruiz Echeverry

      bro I think you can hack iron man

      1. Sebastian Ruiz Echeverry

        @Sky Brady ツ like the starck robot but the new season alredy come out so :l

      2. Sky Brady ツ


    53. Dru Siyani

      VIDEO IDEA Thor v Silver Surfer Battle of Heralds Thor 5point for Pickaxe Elims Silver Surfer Thunder Pump WHILE USING BOARD AT QUINJET

    54. spider knight

      Heads up log in fortnite 2 hours before the event or its hard to know if you got in or you just cant

    55. MrHoggo

      This is how sweaty Fortnite is because it took them 65 attempts!

    56. Blaze Out

      should have been playing AC or DC inn the win.......

    57. Janiel Pena

      back another day huh, why yall wearing the same clothes. Unless you guys skip the shower.

      1. Blaze Out


    58. VOiD Author

      Who cares about getting a win in Fortnite? What really matters is getting Iron Man a win!! Today we attempted our hardest challenge of the season, taking 65 attempts in total. We hope you enjoy!

      1. Blaze Out

        actually they did

    59. ilop316

      THE STRAGLE!!!

    60. William Fabiano

      You guys should act like Wolverine and get him a win too

      1. Blaze Out

        that is impossible man

    61. Mohammad Shahid

      JORDAN is better player

      1. Blaze Out

        sure but jesse is more fun and better in kill races

    62. Daniel Hopper

      The amount of effort this challenge take is mind blowing

    63. arman chowdhury

      they deserve more subs and credit, absolutely cracked players. The challenge took 65 tries, who even has the mental willingness to try that many times

    64. Qasem Won

      I love u guys I liked and subscribed with the notifications

    65. RHZ Zoom

      Iron man must be so proud

    66. Ayhaxoom

      اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد

    67. Furious plays

      6:46 he killed mc creamy

    68. twitch_clipthat



      I made it beforeyou

    70. Vexzy

      Bro I can’t believe I killed one of the twins

    71. Sriram Menon

      They should know that we cant use the code if we get the battle pass through the fortnite crew subscription pack

      1. Sriram Menon

        But we can use it to buy other stuff which i will certainly do

    72. Tytus Dixon

      Get wolverine a win

    73. Evan Huth


    74. Zapter Streamers

      Jordan is clearly better

    75. Gaming with Wk.1000

      How many times did the X2 twins say Iron Man 👇

    76. Among us Memes

      Your so good

    77. Kayden Tait


    78. صلوحي ٩٩ /Saloohi 99

      الي عربي يحط لايك

    79. Vision Yt

      I swear i never see jesse cam

    80. Craig Robinson

      Jordan: Iron Man has his big fight with Galactus tomorrow! Avengers: Are we jokes to U?

      1. Michael Mamo

        i mean he ended up doing everything thor and wolverine showed up for like a second each

    81. NBA-_-XYNCT LIVE

      They got that morning voice going the next day the were filming the video

    82. Jack Gath

      Bro put the clip you succeed in I don't wanna watch every time you fail

    83. Hycin Duffy

      You guys are next level good!!

    84. eddie chang

      If I don’t get into the Event I’m literally gonna cry but atleast I can watch you guys react to it.

    85. Oscar Chin

      Great content 👏, keep it up.

    86. Charlie Anthony

      You need to be mystic so you can be a stark bot

    87. Chaos Floater

      U killed McCreamy

    88. Natalie Evans

      Good for u two that must of been hard and btw way u guys create amazing content

    89. Nurudin Mohamed

      willing to do 65 times for entertaining us now thats the best youtubers in the world ggs

    90. Ted Lachie

      respect best duo ever

    91. Skiytz Fn

      Did Jordan killed mcreamy

    92. Ayaan Syed

      yo cant wait for season 5

    93. Khalid Mahmoud


    94. Manoj Raj

      X2twins why did u not show iron 👨 after winning the game . It would have been so good if u showed .hmmmmmm?

    95. Ethan jacob Morona

      Hello can you give me some skin and battle pass because i don't have any screen because my screen is default skin that i have myself i don't have any skin now can you give me give me thank you so much thank you thank you x 2 twins

    96. Sums


    97. Edgar Madrigal

      Why thit you guys curse on the teleporting enemies vid

    98. Sam Jafari

      Could have used mystique