This Video Card Costs Over $5000

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    Would you spend over $5,000 on a graphics card? If yes, should you do it?...
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    1. Linus Tech Tips

      Get $25 off Vessifootwear with offer code LINUSTECHTIPS at Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

      1. Samudra Chetan

        can u pls send me a pc I live in India

      2. Luko Gorge

        2 sponsors lol

      3. Sad cat

      4. Rezgen _

        Can I have a RtX Titan if you have two please

      5. Jakstar

        not shipping to the EU? baaad


      Linus: It's good for animators... Rule 34 Artists: Keep talking...

    3. DaggerCatz

      And now all older than half a year graphics cards are basically useless

    4. Tch Farid

      rtx 3090 vs quadro rtx 8000

    5. Sachin Singhania

      me: Can game lag in this graphic card RTX Quadro 8000: Lag uffffff !!! I aM I JOkE To yOu!!!!! LAG NEVER EXISTS TO ME........


      Me now:It's Awesome Kids 20 years later:*Pathetic*

    7. Nathanael Newton

      I don't think i've seen linus this happy in an intro.. ever

    8. Jeremy De la haye

      will it bottle neck me ryzen 3 2600

    9. Soorya John

      Gpu 5000 $ No backplate

    10. DrGamer

      webster's dictionary definition of overkill

    11. houdeX

      pff this is nothing compared to my radeon 6950

    12. Jacob Powers

      the chip side of that card is so complex omg

    13. Lito Domingo

      Will character i played comes out of my monitor when i use this card?

    14. Atha Nata

      this is better than 30 series??

    15. H

      whats the name of the PC case?

    16. Prabhakar Dhar

      imagine if accidentally he dropped the card

    17. Lightning Navy

      Only months he grew a beard :)

    18. harsh kumar

      I could buy a car

    19. XiaNyx

      This one is not even comparable to 3080😂

    20. Leonardo Gaming

      I love the beast CPU in the background love it ❤️❤️🔥🔥🎉🥳

    21. Divya Vyas

      My mom: "So, why do you need this card?" Me: "To render a virtual donut."

    22. The Strange Baby Sitter

      he unboxing the world strongest graphics card thats costs 3 times more that my whole computer.... my playing warzone with 18 fps with lowest settings

    23. ShoMinho

      In turkey, it costs 64,000₺ :(

    24. Francesco Di Giuseppe

      Quadros are the most successful GPU scam ever created.

    25. Dustin Huynh

      linus holding the quadro with one hand casually me holding an rx 570 with my life

    26. Cryshi

      To all now with quadros when rtx 3000 comes out, 🥲

    27. tejwant yadav

      0:22 linus forgot its name

    28. anders b olson

      Ok now overclock it.

    29. Jacob Brown

      test this agenst the 3090

    30. Mr. Simp

      All that money and doesn’t have a backplate

    31. Zhaike Toledo

      So i claim this comment RTX 3090 and AMD 3090

    32. TryEasy

      I like how 3090 just destroys this thing with 1/3 the cost

    33. brim

      bruh rtx 3090ti is better

      1. brim

        Oh I wish man there should be

      2. Ixops Betch

        Bro there is no ti

    34. Abanoub Farah

      me thinking 24 gigs of gddr6 in my 3090 was enough and now i see this 👁👄👁

    35. Omega

      Dual Quadros

    36. Caden Smith

      * drops it *

    37. quxksenpai.

      why would you need a 5000 bux card? my 1060 still runs gta v ultra at 60 fps and it looks great lmao

      1. Eni

        I still have a GTX 660 and i can play GTA V on very high settings at 60 fps

    38. Twig_

      Linus has more voice cracks than a teenage kid crying and screaming

    39. Edjjr

      I'm not really worried about the Titan or Quadro I'm more concerned about that ugly af case

    40. Tismody

      one day i will push minecraft to its limits with this gpu

    41. Ramasubbu Srinivasan

      Real question is Can it run Minesweeper in 8k 120fps?

    42. Eclipser

      Me watching with no GPU: "Why are we still here"

    43. top files

      I wish I could steal Linus gaming desktop

    44. Slownuggets 115

      😭😭😭 why didn’t he run one game

    45. 10 F 15 Mathusuthan Venkatesan

      Wait , isn't the 3090 better in each and every single aspect except ram?

    46. Izo Exe

      I want thi- My Wallet: no

    47. Guagh !

      What is that case? I want it

    48. PRAKESH

      Hey look it's me

    49. Ingmar Van olffen

      acctually linus their is a card that is 20 something Thousand

    50. Quakewr

      Im just waiting for him to drop it

    51. The_J_Channel

      Wooooow. What a difference! The power ports are at the back ! 😂😂😂 4:44

    52. Relix Jesus

      Not that easy to find a good car for 5500 in the US, well not around the ky area, everyone wants too much anymore for crap

    53. nadroj

      but can it beat goku

    54. Tamás Benyovszki

      harmat kerek

    55. Dariex

      This aged badly

    56. John Reisyn Letrada

      That piece of metal costs more than my dads used nissan 2009 rogue that costs 2800$ wow

    57. Ripper

      In India this costs 10000 dollars

      1. XiaNyx


    58. Sonof Osiris

      I wouldn't buy that shit even if I were Donald Trump's son🖕

    59. Yeet Coconut

      this is what your looking for 6:33 , thank me later

    60. Yuvraj Saini

      welcome to another episode of we can't afford

    61. ThugLong

      My mind getting blown by the graphics. and me pretending to have the same graphic card. when in reality I have a. GTX 680 Graphic card😐😑😑

      1. ThugLong

        @Eni lol

      2. Eni

        I have a GTX 660

    62. TheLonelyMoon

      linus putting amazon to it in the description like we're buying em 😂

    63. LATERN TH

      Minecraft power??? 😂😂


      But does it run crisis remastered

    65. Galax Color

      When I have the money (prolly never) I’ll buy this for blender

    66. Matt King

      Bruh 3090 is way better lol

      1. Sadakchap Billa

        10800 cuda cores twice as this one Leave 3090 3070 a 500$ card has almost 6000 cuda cores and is faster 😂

    67. Jackson Lawrence

      Me seeing the power consumption after the 3000 launch. 😂

    68. 0 Infynitexx

      Me trying to make myself feel better for being broke: Over priced much?😅😕

    69. Raskoe


    70. zero void


    71. Kuba Kalew

      1:53 what program is this?

      1. Jabbinnn


    72. Ábel Kende

      WTF that case bro???

    73. All in one pk


    74. Nice Editz


    75. Asterios CR

      What if instead of promoting those shoes you buy some, your closet needs less sandals

    76. Brunas P

      RTX 3090: HOLD MY BEER!!

    77. Martin Tries

      Real question: how many chrome tabs can you open

    78. Idion alt

      Random gamer: I need this so league of legends would run faster than on my RTX 2080Ti

      1. Jordan :L

        RTX 3090: hello I'm way cheaper buy me pls

    79. Abdul Muid

      yes dad i need this for online school

    80. MRNOFILTER718

      There is no reason from the specs given that justifies the price. Should be max $1500

    81. Skippy Dinglechalk

      And then the 3090 and radeon 6000 series

    82. Matiur Rahaman

      Intel hd graphics left the chat. Thanks for coming down.

    83. Ripe Banana

      0:17 when your mom orders you learn how to drive cause she will buy you a car for your birthday

    84. Tito Georgiev

      I got one of these on a crazy good deal back in July, didn't even have the box and warranty but I took it and it works all good, was even with the plastic wraps on... Sadly my work has nothing to do with graphics I can't benefit from it what so ever. Great to have it sitting on my shelf tho, it's really beautifull. If someone in UK area is interested in it, I would sell it

    85. Victor Feng

      Linus: "This scene only takes 10 gigs of GPU memory" Me: *cries in integrated GPU*

    86. ThatOneGamer

      My biggest dream of my life is building the most powerful Pc in the world! I will name it the Force Infinite

    87. Shivam Medhi

      Intel hd graphics 2010-2020 rest in peace !

    88. SnapDragon XIX

      i paused at EXACTLY 10:40 fuck you linus :)

    89. João Pedro

      You fuck

    90. MutedXzn

      3090 Has Entered The Chat

    91. Conservative Atheist

      I want to say something that’ll get me fired but I can’t . It has to do with the package ...I know a dark secret that will make you think twice about buying one

    92. Jaxon Hanjin

      Me who has a gtx 4gb 980

    93. Zach BigBean

      Just Why

    94. no

      6:26 -_-

    95. Mateusz Gawlik

      OMG !

    96. Fatih Rahman

      thats turkish price 50.000 and minimum wage 2300

    97. NapkinMonster

      but is it better than the rtx 3090

    98. ZAEMON

      Gpu costs only 2 kidney and 1 retina 😂🤣

    99. R8

      and now the rtx 3070 which is only $500 has over 1000 more Cuda cores

    100. PyroBlox

      Get a better monitor. Other than that, love your content!