Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

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    A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
    Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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    1. Ulquiorra

      Can i get that background music when a moment Sena and Lucian entered the mist ?

    2. STREATX

      Xin zhao buff


      Good to know that Mordekaiser is still in the game. :)

    4. zachary rahamn

      wtf is his sword

    5. Marvin Agustin

      make YI AP again

    6. Death

      karma should denied ruination spell and says no

    7. DanyalsonCorgiMan

      Had a moment where I realized the symbol poppy and vane find is the same one in yuumis champ trailer

    8. HeyyAyyOne

      my baby Vayne in a Cinematic omgggg

    9. Yunus efe Yildirim

      this is amazing !

    10. Akuamei OMG

      avengers 5 looks amazing

    11. Harry Valiente


    12. JJ Heredia

      cinematic sett please in 4k

    13. doliio volay

      "we dont run from darkness" Me pressing flash when my teams nocturne ults

    14. Name Faust

      Thats supposed to be Ezreal right?

    15. Name Faust

      Someone just make a League shooter....or a storygame based on Luci and Senna

    16. Ezza Longford

      i swear to god if one more movie, game, series makes their villains super attractive

      1. doliio volay

        Girls when they lose their boyfriend: Oh well I'll get someone else Guys: I'll curse the world until I can see my love😎

    17. мне очень скучно.

      Vergil in DMCVI looks amazing.

    18. MoUD

      senna. got no belly button. why?

    19. i


    20. iMMortster

      Hello! Sorry but... MOVIE WHEN??!

    21. ja du

      have bin waitning a year for this to come...the chills aren't just year i want 2 see more like the 2 previous ones. This was quite a disappointment to be honest :/ but the animation was terrific

    22. Javier Ortiz

      Well it looks like someone in Riot watched the third season of castlevania

    23. Jetoschi jets


    24. negerito Pizza

      Give back old aatrox

    25. plichu09

      Astonishing video, as always.

    26. Blue

      I guess we now have a backstory for The Necromancer from Diablo 2

    27. Hernan

      Uh, I didn’t know female Yordles were covered in fur.

    28. sokin jon

      Imagine poppy accidentally bashing vayne's head

    29. No Quad

      This doesn't need a movie. It needs a cinematic universe. I hope there will be a new game mode like odyssey

    30. Владимир Зет

      Эфиопы )

      1. Владимир Зет

        @sokin jon ага. В ожидании что может быть будет фильм. )

      2. sokin jon

        riot made movies might greater than games )

    31. John-

      Girls when they lose their boyfriend: Oh well I'll get someone else Guys: I'll curse the world until I can see my love😎

    32. Pink Blush

      Vayne's glasses looks so cool

    33. 18 163 Galih Pratama

      He looked like King Arthas

    34. Guy Boo

      We don't run from darkness.. We're one of them

    35. Quetzalcoatl

      The sentinels of light vs the mist is LOL best story arc by far. Worthy of a movie honestly with the ending scene being the Shadow Isles vs the Demacia, Noxus, Zaun, the yordles, etc.

    36. Farina Amelia

      I thought there would be 2021 cinematic like awaken / warriors

    37. Good Genius

      Can someone explain who is "her" that viego and senna talked about?

      1. Yolinda Echague

        She is Isolde, Viego's queen trapped in Senna

    38. SurikenTSD

      Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно!!!

    39. IntX shox

      make a movie already

    40. Xposed Gaming

      Xerath wants to destroy the world,aatrox wants to destroy the wolrd,viego will destroy the world riot pls make aatrox come in this cinematics

    41. RC2788

      This one sucked compared to the last two years, those two have over 80 million views each and I doubt this one will be anywhere near that.

    42. raze

      So Senna kept Isolde soul or was it someone else?

      1. No Sana No Life

        Yes, that's Isolde

    43. Spirits & snowfall

      Night king vibes

    44. Gman

      Where's mah boy Shen?

    45. Not an annoying Weeb

      "Return my Queen" "You will ruin this world" "SHE IS MY WORLD!" I looked at my gf and she's just there, smiling.

      1. kozumikku

        league players have girlfriends???

    46. Sky&star

      riot made movies might greater than games )

    47. willy nembra

      sooooooo gooooddd ✨

    48. alan lu

      The natural quiver molecularly offend because holiday normally cheat toward a depressed uncle. sable, obtainable dad

      1. Hughvon Ramdass

        godzilla had a stroke reading this comment and died

    49. YuuNCO SAMA

      "For senna!"

    50. No Sana No Life

      I felt dirty cheering for Vayne when she appeared.

    51. Mihai D

      I just hope Viego wins in the end

    52. Edgar Magas Jr.

      Now the champions are speakint

    53. Tifrea Adelin

      They brought Dante from DMC :)))

    54. KawKa

      It's hard to beat 2019/2018 trailers, You know.

    55. Assuntos Expressos!

      A poppy andandinho onw

    56. 朱子祺

      movie plz

    57. [GD] Auto

      yup, ruination of season 2021.

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Galio: hey, what did I miss?

    58. Renae Pollack

      Go back for her? For who?

    59. arthur moura51

      Why can't i found a single aperance of Veigar in these? Riot pls FIX. Just put him in one forgodsake.

    60. Spellmaker Niar Official

      Guy take the soul with claymore = nice Arthas influences. :D - Shadow (shadowlands) :D Still rocks! :D

    61. Martty Dredd

      God iam addicted to these

    62. Marshall Mathers

      Why is it, that every company has to push this black main character narrative in the last 2 years? Wtf

    63. Julien Dejosee

      Please give him a full plate armor thx :)

    64. awoimhere #1668

      how about the TFT have a practice tool and do what ever u want

      1. awoimhere #1668

        reply is open

    65. LuisLegend0712


    66. Subham Kumar

      When it releases in India?

    67. disneyrockz12

      Will we see his dead queen as a champion? Or will they just rework Elise? LoL.

    68. Đen

      League of legends: End Game

    69. Naty White

      Now i wonder if Yorick will have a role to play in all this. I sure hope so :D .

    70. Young Multiverser

      Galio: hey, what did I miss?

    71. Drip too hard Jim Tropf

      Viego: "return my Queen!" Senna: "you are a SIMP!" Viego: "she is my WORLD!"

    72. reib Gaming

      WTF hero mobile legend brody .. Walang originality tlga to wildrift nato 👎👎👎 mobile legend number 1 bren export lng malakas

    73. fuat can sevinirrr

      Samira da maşallah erik gibiymiş

    74. Artan9000

      Good to see Lucian again

    75. Connor Stickels

      Really cool to see a new arc in Runeterra's lore! Now, will the void become involved in it? Because my void beasties have been hungering for new lore

    76. JUNE!

      "We can't defeat him alone" basically sums up trying to play against Viego unless you're late game Nasus

      1. Dolphinz

        i've been playing him as jungle and I rarely do anything with him, it might be my build but he just does barely any damage and his cc is tiny? Or am I just rarted

    77. cro

      We don't run from darkness, we are darkness xDDD

    78. C M


    79. Revanth Rao

      Coming up nxt: lol urination

    80. ceerw buty

      I swear this is lookin to be an avengers movie.

    81. Thanatos

      Sire Denathrius is that you?

    82. JSP3NC3

      Love league animations!

    83. D.M.P.

      Fun fact Viego is Vladimirs Nephew, the ruination took place about 1500 years ago, which means Vlad must be at least 1600 years old thanks to his hemomancy.

      1. ceerw buty

        why isnt the whole game like this cutting to the fighting takes me out of immersion and its boring i like the cinematics more

    84. Iron Storm

      is there an extended version of the music from 1:00

    85. Seanneken -PH-ZC

      this is so good i hope they can make a movie out of this

    86. Red Zone

      Where is Yorick?

    87. DreAdNova_TV

      Riot needs to make movies about champion stories.

    88. Fahim Sadi

      "We can't defeat him alone" says the Darius who literally 1v5's in a game after getting a trinity force.

    89. Balavignesh .R

      I love these animations. I wish there was an RPG for these to experience these scenarios.

    90. Joao Guerra


    91. 하준형

      그래서 비에고가 가져간게 뭔데 누가 알려줘봐

    92. That guy With the face

      Who wants to tell Viggy that his sword looks dumb and super impractical?

    93. Fizco

      This dude looks like jankos wtf


      Biggest Simp in History:The Ruined King

    95. Best Slowpoke EU

      kinda miss the music though

    96. Basic Counter

      Where is twisted tree line?

    97. Animegersub

      ahhh now i understand why they all focus on me first in a gank

    98. VOLËNA Love

      why isnt the whole game like this cutting to the fighting takes me out of immersion and its boring i like the cinematics more

    99. Aashish Shashi

      Whats the music at 1:00 ?