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    1. Devaughn Squire

      Ahahahahahahaa y'all mad over ppl y'all not gonna ever met or ever lay down with 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Kita Lawrence

      Damien don't play fair

    3. james foreman

      I Thais this was a family channel

    4. Joe Star

      This ratchet chick is too critical of people's looks.. she ain't all that.

    5. Adam Andulsada

      I have seen that movie as well!!!


      Who watching in 2021

    7. Morpheus The Virtuoso


    8. Ryleigh Riddle

      It’s Snowing!!!!!!🌬🌨❄️🥶☃️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️☃️🥶❄️🌨🌬It’s Snowing!!!!!!

    9. Sidney Landis


    10. it’s iilunexlla

      Imao ari Italian

    11. shaynella Joseph

      Who here in 2021

    12. Alyssa Miles

      Did she say niggas

    13. quay martin

      this is quay and i love you

    14. Kiah Vlogs and gaming

      He saying long big style omg he got me dead on the floor laughing but when Biannca say smash it’s a problem

    15. Jessie undetected

      Wow hi epicvoiceguy from screen junkies

    16. Sahira Thomas

      ariana grande is not white you are she is mixed

    17. Kimani Hardy

      Biannca is mean just wait for them to watch this they are going to call her ugly to

    18. Kylie Kiefer

      DAMIEN what if all of those girls said I want to get with you! What would you do?

    19. Kyle olin

      Ps lebrons nothing compared to kobe.and is NOT the greatest in history.and if he's considered that then its only because rigged judges,people,corporations and rigged shit period.and its like that.

    20. Molses qL

      she passed will smith

    21. Abbassi O’Brien

      You nigga you must love biancca more bruh

    22. Sevion Campbell

      10:36 lllloooollll

    23. KYLIE AH

      What’s with all this n word

    24. Lwazi Mdleleni

      I knew dis wasn't gon end well

    25. Royal Hearts

      He forces her to say smash but love them

    26. Royal Hearts

      Damien is annoyed in this video but love them

    27. Mariyah Jackson


    28. Mariyah Jackson

      4 years ago and 1-month feb 1 2021 is today

    29. Annie Brown

      Did bainnca say n*gga or it’s my hearing

    30. Max Iion

      Bruhhh damien funny asl 🤣🤣😭😭

    31. Zoe Squad

      Biannca if you would have did cardi B it would have been a problem

    32. Zoe Squad

      Biaaaaaaaaaaanca you right lebron James ugly Damien come on now

    33. Zoe Squad

      Biannca you ain’t got no taste you like trey songz but not my boy will smith

    34. Bluebexry_ Simplyy

      OML THE LANGUAGE IN HERE IS Astronomical-

    35. Breylin TV

      How did this get 5k dislikes

    36. Jaziyah Perry


    37. massy Eason

      I know Bianca isn't talking about ugly

    38. Lyndon Lewis

      she said will smith ugly girllllllll u crazyy

    39. baddie Vu cute girl

      They cussing to much they keep saying d*** in f******

    40. All Patience

      I'm sorry but she white and she said the n word

    41. Elijah Taylor

      Bianca always calling somebody ugly and that they not all that maybe she need to look in the mirror

    42. Regina Proctor


    43. Regina Proctor


    44. Charmaine Bush

      Ok be careful she might actually do it

    45. young mann mann


    46. Mackenzie Elliott

      Damien is childish

    47. TikTok Master

      It is actually Michael Jordan the best

    48. Jacqueline Thomas

      Long what style😂😂😂

    49. Dominic Petrocelli

      rumor has it y’all fucked after this

    50. poetic

      "you gonna come out wit diseases wit these mfs" lmao I'm hollering

    51. Lambily

      Been a cute couple since day 1

    52. Jenely Baez

      Omg you watch madeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes 🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💕💕

    53. Joyless Rocket16YT

      Anyone here in 2021

    54. Bianca and Damien Prince


    55. Ashley Lopez

      WARNING jesus is coming be ready jesus comes share gods word please ❤❤

    56. YNR VONTE

      Bianca u should’ve been left Damien

    57. Tiffany Fuller

      Shut the freak up you lyeing piece of GIRL 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    58. Tiffany Fuller

      Who here in 2021

    59. Shantell

      Looking back at this video Biannca was annoying

    60. The Virgo King

      Now she saying nigga? 😤

    61. LilJakeTheGoat

      Bro did Biannca just say nigga at 2:22 I’m just kidding she not racist I love y’all it’s just all jokes okay 😂😂

    62. Monicia White

      who stephanie curry?? lol

    63. 4pf Jerome


    64. Loud Eyes

      He in his feels lol

    65. charlene bonner

      why is she saying the N word?

    66. Lavera Moore

      Oop she passed on souji boy ikr he not good

    67. Ruby Smart

      Who else is watching this in 2021

    68. OrangeOnes Gaming

      Funny how this got recommended on new years day for me

    69. Bigga Biggz340

      Damien you are jealous

    70. Rinzler

      She says there ugly it's not them its you

    71. The Alpha Males

      Is Bianca a guy?

    72. Della Brown

      Damien is toxic 😂😂

    73. B&t universe B t

      That don’t know how to act with each other tho

    74. Islam Mahmoud

      Ey will smith aint ugly wymmmm

    75. gassedout. ky

      i love how she says most the men there asking are not all that but look at damien 😂

    76. Shea Stagner

      Whos here after ALYA PRINCE !

    77. NeemoTv

      Bro they used to cuss a lot damn

    78. Hated Kekz

      Anybody in 2020 lmao

    79. Clarence Adams

      Will smith ugly wow Bianca imagine what people are saying to you

    80. MB aka God

      This nigga said “ we not on dancing with the stars nigga you what type of dancing we talking about “ 🤣

    81. Fatima Machuca

      whos here 2020

    82. dave andrus

      no ring?!?!

    83. NeemoTv

      Who's here after Ayla was born? 😍

      1. Sup Bro

        I am but I came here because Bianca said the n word

    84. Sean Greer

      Lebron looks better then Damien

    85. Viktoria Zivkovic

      Everyone BIANCA is MIXED

    86. Cheryl Conley

      And like biannca said when he say he smash and when biannca say smash it is a problem 🙄

    87. Cheryl Conley

      Damien be doing to much cause he getting jealous cause biannca saying she want to smash this men like 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    88. Eliie 123

      I KNOWWW she did not disrespect will smith LIKE THAT

    89. Chris Uzumaki

      She did not just call the king ugly

    90. Chris Uzumaki

      She really did not just call will smith ugly and she calling Ariana grande white girl when she is white

    91. Ajay Gibson

      This lowkey make me feel uncomfortable 😅

    92. Isiah Kingjr800

      Damien sounds like lamer davis

    93. Celicia Robertson

      Damien was kinda rude in this video 📹

    94. Jaida Cakes

      Can y’all do a part 2 of Smash or Pass? Plz? 🥺👉🏾👈🏾

    95. imbadkiddnae

      Damien doin way to dam much

    96. hairgirlbeautygirl hair girl

      Why y'all saying cuss words in the camera

    97. LawdOnly

      This manz funny

    98. Barbie girlz

      Damien talking bout some wired stuff like Damien saying smah to everyone 😏😏

    99. Jazlyn Cardoso

      Who is here in 2020 and was shocked when she did not go baaaaaaaaaaaaaacin