We FINISHED the $100,000 PC! - 6 Editors 1 CPU Pt. 6

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    After all the kinks have been worked out, we finally build and watercool the 6 Editors 1 CPU PC - let's see if it works!
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    1. EmesCee

      Give NASA their PC back Linus !!

    2. Christmas Crustacean

      "you cant buy this case anymore" you can! Thermaltake bought the tooling and is bringing the case out

    3. jarvis martin

      What tf did he say? Been lost the whole vid

    4. bacon

      Next up: $1,000,000 PC using 25 of those 100 TB SSDs

    5. s

      Kinda funny how a single amd epyc would destroy the xeon while being cheaper

    6. Paul Costeines

      Dude that cable management! /shiver

    7. Ego1232

      Imagine having 100,000$

    8. Girdenis Valiūnas

      wait.Thats illegal... Wait im LATE

    9. James Chadwick

      I was on google and a question was is 500gb overkill

    10. Beanos

      Can it beat goku tho? 😳

    11. Spruce Goose

      What’s the benefit over 6 individual towers? Is it cheaper?

    12. Adam???

      But can it run crysis?

    13. Arkhalis

      This pc can run minecraft seus shaders with all maxed out + 64 chunk render distance on 1000 fps

    14. Hooga

      People who play on laptops 👁👄👁

    15. Andrew Last

      Linus I’ve heard a number of people have challenges with Seagate hard drives and I noticed that a lot of your in-house machines use a lot of western digital is that because of price preference or stability of western digital?

    16. Mason Jensen

      who needs this when you can play 550 fps using geforce lol

    17. Jack Lucas

      piss off loooool

    18. official imagodei

      This isn't a computer it's a heater that you can play quality games on

    19. Henri Shkalla

      I learn to much from your channel

    20. notjustduckydack ttv

      but can it handle 100000 chrome tabs open

    21. 100% definitely Not Garfield

      Now they gotta put 3090s in it

    22. gio b.

      hmm " they went outta business " I think ya got scammed lol

    23. ///

      imagine spending 100k on a computer n only put a big ass eye on the screen as a test instead of running big ass games in ultra 4k or smtg lol

    24. Crow

      wait a sec, haven't I seen you in a honey ad?

    25. Makin' Bacon Pancakes

      Yea thats all cool and all...But can it run Crisis Remastered on "Can it run Crisis" settings?

    26. Dabii

      I think there's only one question left to ask ladies and gentlemen *But can it run crysis?*

    27. Mjhops760

      Me when i see a £200 cpu omg dont touch it the wrong way Linus drops a £9000 cpu ok

    28. Ollie Pollie

      You would think you guys would know that it would be much cooler with the case cover in there

    29. livingonabus

      Is there a video where you compare real world editing with all 6 editors?

    30. DJTube

      Let’s remember that our smart phones are 1,000,000 times faster than NASA Firsy computers

    31. Donald Miller

      But will it run Minecraft ?

    32. TheBlackAnbu

      Finally a pc that fits my budget.

    33. DarkGMD

      i think seasonic PSU's arw better tham EVGA

    34. Chrizzie 78

      The expression is bad boy. This bad boy. No need to be PC.....

    35. cherry lee

      0086-13671843635, 2911282844@qq.com, Skype: linnaniu1 factory supply 19” aluminum server subrack chassis, cnc network enclosure

    36. Sebastian

      It's of idiots buy that pc

    37. Harly

      2020: Holy shit that’s a beast 2050: *pff* my TV is faster than that


        Wow super original

    38. mudhound0530

      Make sure you don't plug those power supplies into the same house electrical circuit.

    39. Studio Image Photography

      Yes but can it run Crysis ?

    40. zona gaming

      Now is best thearprriper

    41. PoshJosh Game Dev

      Can it run crisis?

    42. Tobias Mengo

      Wtf this is crazy

    43. Slownuggets 115

      Of course the craziest build ever but no benchmarks

    44. Baking Bread

      Me in 2020: So cute

    45. Coccullet GAMING

      Nasa:we only give Super computer to our workers Linus:ok i dont need it🙂

    46. SpecsWay


    47. Vansh Agrawal

      What lockdown led us to : HUgets recommendation : here's a thing you can't afford even in dreams Sry I don't know how to spell recommendation

    48. Diss Appointment

      Damnnn that's sick I've been trying to build a pc for a few years now but I'm a broke college student barley being able to feed my self lmao 😂 y'all should cash app me fr $uhohspaghettii If you are interested even a penny would help fr

    49. antifemism makes me nut l

      Laughs in 3090

    50. AltSam Earl

      I don't understand anything going on in this video but it's awesome

    51. Arsa

      Ah hell yeah! Can’t wait to be the first into modern warfare lobbies!

    52. HYPER_Z

      Would it not be easier to just get 6pc’s?

    53. SaiyanPrince97

      Cool, but can it run Crysis in ultra ?

    54. The One

      Can we watch HUgets video at 144p resolution

    55. obesity

      The cpu itself is more expensive than my total apartment rent per year

    56. Spotcunt

      I would blow up a full school bus of kindergarteners for this

    57. Obito uchiha

      nasa pc: weak

    58. glucen

      play Minecraft with the best shaders lol

    59. jose galo magana cuanas

      Finally the lag of minecraft dropped 20 percent

    60. Robert Perry

      We wont let u wait any longer ad rolls TROLLLLING LEVEL 100

    61. oblinity

      this guy is the mrbeast of computer tips

    62. fnn official

      imagine using this pc then play among us in it. epic

    63. w.

      Can I have this?

    64. Crazy Tiger Spy

      This is how much a pc costs according to console players

    65. SImposter

      wait your system has two Xeon chips mine has two Xeon chips as well but a gtx 770 oof

    66. Forza Eagle

      question can surf internet

    67. Al-Khaled ALI


    68. Ja Sa


    69. Montalbano

      Hmm dual Epic 64 core as a replacement ? May be with zen3 cores.

    70. Autismo

      And then the 3990X came out.... and the RTX 3000 series...

    71. MikeyYT

      Ngl this looks old but where can I buy this😂

    72. Petros Komninos

      and then he plays league of legends..

    73. Maxim Korol

      their acting is atrocious ive seen better in budget pornos

    74. Jonathan Fleeman

      I would love to see this mine bitcoin for 1 day and see how much it makes

    75. Gideon Mutuma

      u can buy a used hurracan for that money

    76. Bad Bob

      3200watts for ten hours is more than my house can use?

    77. Rakesh shaw 123

      OMG you are so rich.

    78. Muhammad Ali ghiffari

      Mending rakit pc 👍


      I mean that's cool and all but can it run Flappy Bird RTX

    80. Eimantas Bart


    81. Not a muffin

      Imagine using Amazon’s basics for a $100,000 PC

    82. Grem

      When a machine is more expensive than a house

    83. The HEISENBERG

      Does it run solitaire

    84. July Lost

      But can It run crysis?

    85. Sonof Osiris

      yea but can it run CRYSIS though!?!🤔

    86. Amlan Sarmah

      Imagine two threadrippers and six rtx 8000s.

    87. Amlan Sarmah

      Imagine two threadrippers and six rtx 8000s.

    88. M B

      7000!? I get 1189 with my i5-9600k@5ghz

    89. Κώστας Δαρζέντας

      The sad moment you realise you can't even afford a Pc with 1% of this Pc budget

    90. Xɪɴ

      Bruh 100,000USD in philippines thats 5M peso WTFFFFFFFF

    91. Mortem Rex

      Dude holy fuck

    92. Aleéza Othman Razak

      World class Hacker type PC ..

    93. LORD Savage

      I only watch these type of videos to see how many things on a computer I know.

    94. TheDude

      Would you not get better performance out of your cpu heats sinks if you ran the plumbing in parallel instead of in series?

    95. NRG KILLzy

      but can it run crisis 😌

    96. Airpond :D

      But can it run Crisis?

    97. Mr. Stuff

      My pc can’t even withstand 1 premiere pro app... Yours can withstand 6 monitors an 6 premieres loaded...

    98. Roneen Miano

      You:look at my biggest cpu my mind:wow thats awesome i wish i had that .-.

    99. KrosziZ

      3:38, left side of the screen.