We Brought Back The Most *OVERPOWERED* Meta Rainbow Six Siege Has EVER SEEN!


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    So we decided to but out the old Yellow Meta, but NEW AND FRESHLY BUFFED with Ying, Finka and even Flores in some scenarios, with some crazy new strategy plays included reviving everyone at once with Finkas adrenal surge! This is Peak Rainbow Six Siege content.
    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist will have some of the best Rainbow Six Siege montage videos you'll ever see. Flores Siege? Indeed it is blossoming.
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    🎵 Music:
    Undertale - Bonetrousle
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time OST - Lost Woods
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Windfall Island
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Pop Star REMIX
    Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum OST - Route 201 Music
    Super Mario Galaxy OST - Blue Sky Athletics
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Golden Age Radio - Stompin' Jazz Night
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky OST - The Gatekeepers
    Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout OST - Survive the Fall
    Doki Doki Literature Club! OST - Doki Doki Literature Club!
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Ship Rex
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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      10:50 the pro aimer returns

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      0:03 undertale papyrus soundtrack

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      The R6 version of dive comp.

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      Hello everybodhi

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      The first room you raided must have been lit up like a rave show!!!

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      02:00 There were 8 Go's

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      I love the doki doki song :)

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      i would have Wishlist just hacked my acc xd

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      Bring thatcher idk if it works but it prob should get rid of his ability

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      You actualy like team fortress 2

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      Bikini will single handedly get all operator nerf to fking hell

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      The best rainbow 6 video in existence by far!

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      Bikinibodhi must stop swearing to the people who kills and getting killed. They maybe unsub to him if he is still going to do that. And thats toxic af dud why is he doing that thats why i dont sub him. Siege tales bring me here

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      1:23 legoshi


      Nothing: Me : hop hop sound frost trap 😂

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      Every video of bikini is just pure torture for the devs

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      The best r6 channel on the universe don't @me

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      I heard the Doki music and immediately flinched

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      I like how you play it out 🤣

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      i am just worried kini puts up a video and ubisoft nerfs the thing in video

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      Song at the beginning?

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      What about wama yeet and jager?

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      4 ppl injured in main hall of bank Finka: I don't think so that one impact nade...

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    31. Seab Seye

      I am a swede so did I here it right when you said MEN VA FAAN

    32. SLAV ́

      1:37 rip lt custard

    33. Raphael Macedo

      Flores + finka +ying

    34. Joe Bookstaver

      MAN FILTH! Hope you see this editor, Shadow of Mordor+War are some of my all time favs

    35. R3DACT3D

      Rainbow is the worst game i ever played.

    36. itzsiriusdafloof

      hey bikini theres a way to get insine the car in house + secure area

      1. itzsiriusdafloof

        (you have to prone and it might take a little to get it

      2. itzsiriusdafloof

        you go between the bomb and the car and try to get inside it + you can still kill others and they wont see you

    37. Josiah Duff

      9:37 I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of mirror’s edge Easter egg.

    38. Dr. Roof cliff

      Nobody: when bikinibodhi do a video zero is the best operator

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      Hablas español?

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      Why u no ask for Bosg3x scope

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      Are we just gonna act like we didn’t hear guts theme in the beginning?

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      Crash Twinsanity songs is very good.

    49. Big Booty Business

      "did you hear about the new disease boffa?" Yeah bro just saw the release trailer. Did you hear they're nerfing covid? Yeah apparently they're making it obsolete if you hold your breath. Kinda hope they add some disease that attacks your sinuses.

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      This is easily one of the funniest videos you've put together, I was giggling and laughing out loud the whole ass time for real. I mean, I basically do that with every single one of your videos, so... Wait, maybe that means this video *isn't* one of the funniest.... Maybe it's just average.... wow bikini, i can't believe you gave me such an average video.... subscribed in case they get better.

    54. aphotic

      i had fucking flashbacks from the ddlc music

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      and you could tell how to get a lot of yellow credits

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      Eu amo os videos do Bikini e fui indicado pelo meu amigo que é Americano,Sorry for speaking Portuguese.

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      Does anyone else know that he uses the crash music

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      2:32 how is this music called?

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      I watched the stream and I was laughing my ass off

    63. SharkBait SH4RKB417

      that is such an awesome headgear for finka


      hi bikini i'm brazilian and i love your videos, i can say that they excite brazilians more than the videos of brazilian youtubers and streamers, i was so sad for some things that have happened here but your videos have put me up, thanksooo

    65. xNekoz I

      custard hates you

    66. Person

      I think this video would raise the rate of finka’s pickrate! Thanks bikini for making the game more broken and epic

    67. エルハム

      bikini, have you tried far cry new dawn? bc I loved your far cry series

    68. skypzz_

      Anyone else just listening to the fall guys background music

    69. Jeo daking

      Is this in the new update or the test server?

    70. galaxy hunter

      You put a music from. hotline miami 2 to that is on the hard news level

    71. Henry Contreras

      yo im diying on Oryx sound FX

    72. Street Satire

      I don't mean to be a scrub but I've played this game for about 1000 hours over the past 3 and a half years or so I have done all there is to do and I do love this game ....but its so boring I partially don't understand why and I like some of the stuff they are adding but I'm not really a fan of the new sites, the map reworks are unsuccessful at best and detrimental at worst there hasn't been a new map for 2 years playing in ranked is now only really fun when I smurf ,my friends have quite and that there is now only 1 operator a season really has finished it f for me so I reasontly decided to quit the game I wrote this partially just to kinda unload my iand because I'm curious what other think about the state of the game rn so...reply I guess I'm curious

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      Hey bikini, for any chance are you a nintendo fan?

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    76. Attila Kovács

      If anyone who is wondering what is the song from 6:23..the name is Magna-Divide,but it's easier to check it as Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack

    77. Marton Soos-Eory

      What is that music at 6:27 when rushing bank?

    78. Skrt_bullet1

      When you hold ying’s candela what does it do beside get 3 green lights

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    80. El_de todo negreó

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    81. S.O.D.C


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      14:38 Bikini should have said no one IMPORTANT died yet

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      up next: Warden is OP and needs a nerf by Get Flanked

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    86. Bruv Momentos

      guys i need help with rainbow six siege on my Playstation 4, i used to play rainbow six siege like a year and a half ago before i had problems. At the time when i played rainbow, my game started to crash every 1-2 hour and said Error CE-34878-0. This crash started to happen more and more until i couldn't play anymore because how much the game crashed. I've looked on google to find any solutions but i couldn't find anything useful until someone said that i need a new disk (i bought my old disk from Turkey but i don't think that's the problem). so i bought a playstation card and with that i bought rainbow AGAIN for like 30 euros. But unfortunately this didn't work as well and started to crash every 5 seconds i open rainbow on PS4. worst thing is, fking sony don't want to give the 30 euros back because i already donwloaded it. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME PLAY ON OF MY FAVORITE GAMES AGAIN I MISS IT SO MUCH

    87. Randy r6

      Im diamond on console and I didn’t know this and me and the stack did it on ranked and works like a charm

    88. KingSkip2020

      And now everyone will use this strat and rb6 devs are going to nerf finka🤣

    89. k1omi

      Hey, how about to make a video where you pretend to have a soundboard record your voice there and use it during the game, and if they tell you that you're fake, keep pretending, and then when you want you'll show your real voice P.S use alt account if you have it

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      it is the fault of videos like this that the communty becomes toxic

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      we did ! we got the higurashi no naku koro ni reference in the video

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      Custard does not approve of this strategy because it involves baning warden

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