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    00:10 Gadget for insect bites
    00:44 Portable toilet
    01:49 Baby bed in your bag!
    02:13 Waterpool cleaning tool
    03:58 Automatic can opener
    04:11 Laser cutting gadget
    04:47 Cleaning tool for tall glasses
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    1. Mabejg27 Jerónimo

      Like quien able español

    2. D. Gaurav

      These things doesn't work sometimes because youtubers like insaan proved it

    3. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      Lol 5 minutes with your moms credit card be like

    4. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      15:22 ah yes get all that toe fungus out

    5. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      14:57 ah yes I need a random bag of dirty water

    6. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      13:45 kinda sus

    7. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      Lol 5:47 the cat: dear god please help me

    8. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      Exept the can opener

    9. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

      5 minute crafts more like 5 cent crafts cheap ass

    10. Tolancé Fraser

      10:21 ok like how does that even happen a hold doesn't just magically appear in ur shoe

    11. Aisyah Embong


    12. SMPLY Gaming

      9:42 this is actually helpful

    13. melisa hana



      16:48 splashtoon?!

    15. REX

      Minuto 14:08 te disi ero que más pendejo no se puedes ser y te lo tomates como un reto XDDDDDD

    16. Carlos Castillo


    17. Hxted Dev

      3:30 Your a fake your a fraud

    18. Emerson HM

      1:51 Baby: hey? Wtf are u doing? mom please, people are watching us >:l

    19. Farel Lisa


    20. laikyn and bailey

      Ah yes clean yourself with dirty lake water

    21. laikyn and bailey

      Did yall see the one where she puts a comb in her mouth and combs the cat

    22. Angela Evans

      Wow and why 11:48

    23. bianca rosa

      ALEXANDRE Jesus Souza🖒🖒🖒🇧🇷🖒🖒🇧🇷🖒🖒

    24. Clynt Ocampo

      You guys just buy it from other companies

    25. jehovahuponyou

      I LIKED THE STAIN REMOVING IDEA - THEY SAID IT WILL EVEN REMOVE YACK URINE STAINS - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Cristhian Abdiel Serrano Beitia

      Demasiado tiempo

    27. Alma yocio Mendoza


    28. Eole Mboumba


    29. Ragan Kullman

      Who cuts pizza 🍕

    30. FlakyX

      Woah look at all these useless products that will soon be a part of the garbage island in the middle of the fucking ocean

    31. Violet KalinowskiAkerlund

      1:50 ok watch throughout, WHERE DID THE BABY GO?!?!

      1. Emerson HM


    32. drag yt

      Nice things

    33. Leeian adoremos

      1:50 wheres the baby

    34. rRaven201

      Dirty pool? Just clean up your pool!!!!

    35. rRaven201

      Yeah i always putting my shoes into a c0nd0m

    36. omega_ play

      0:55 wtf



    38. Lps Videos

      8:09 is this a flex tape ad?

    39. The Flying Dragon

      First one is for venom

    40. Ben Alleman

      630 is just weird

      1. Ben Alleman

        Flecks seal 8:08

      2. Ben Alleman


    41. Isaac Venger

      Why would you want to lick your cat to clean it 11:45

    42. Isaac Venger

      Why is she cutting jeans 4:24

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        Cause 5 min crafts

    43. banido kk

      there are only ugly children in this video

    44. Tango _Bean

      3:32 Nice phone case

    45. Pisu Pranjal


    46. Jordan Vongkoth

      Guys pause the video go to 3:18, look at the arm and don’t you dare tell me that’s not a fake baby

    47. Juana Ilario

      Latino América:perras Ingles:bitch

    48. Dark light

      해ㅐㅇ ㅔㅐㅕㅜㅅ

      1. yurmuguk su

        한국인을 드디어 찾았네

    49. Syameel Daniel


    50. doodlebob pencilpants

      Send me a link for the phone charger thing for samsung 8:26

    51. Hector mauricio Montoya alvarez

      Fwhkvi gijciuf

    52. salex kun

      Todo toca comprarlo que estupidez

    53. Edna Nabarte


    54. Alex I

      0:26 i am pretty sure that's not how it works...

    55. Alberto_thethug

      13:33 ah yes she used her powers to make that little fan blow her whole face

    56. Kellan Dawson

      (her sprays flex seal on colander) me screaming in pain for her to just get a bowl

    57. Kasy the lassey

      These are already products......I feel like your just trying to take credit or make it look like it's super brand new .......

      1. Mateus Henrique

        14:32 beatufully

      2. Rin Lofi

        Yeahhhh... pretty sure these aren’t new at all

    58. ASmol_Tiktoker 28

      1:23 I had one of these bowls. I miss them-

      1. ASmol_Tiktoker 28

        @Shane O What?

      2. Shane O

        Your rlly weird like rlly weird like stop

    59. Abigail Wallace

      A lot of this stuff is just what you normally use or buy

    60. Nicola Cartoscella

      Siete inutili o provato a farne uno non a funzionato e ho sprecato materiale che serviva

    61. Grant Cerdan

      These are so stupid ngl

    62. Baez Torres Karla Ximena 4to

      Tontos en el minuto 7:36 nisiquiera ahí bebé

    63. AJ AD

      These babies must get paid

    64. Blair Kaminari

      Is this what American people do nowadays??

      1. Super Mario Jesus

        You do know that 5-Minute crafts isn’t even an American thing?

    65. костч Островський

      Все що ви не показали явсе бачив нового нічого

    66. Mr. Rainbow

      I love how some of this are completely useless

      1. Arlo the bulldog Bulldog

        What are you smoking don’t you mean all of them

    67. Aldiasgamer 26

      0:16 Indonesian: hey, I've seen this one American: no it's not it's brand new

    68. Guilherme.c.k C.k

      Porra eu não sabia disso Caraí

    69. Eka Nurwulan

      Eka n

    70. Harton Family

      No do not buy a gadget to take out a bee sting be a ra\real man and pull it out your sel f it won’t hert

      1. Super Mario Jesus

        Or how about you just buy tweezers? Instead of whatever that thing was.

    71. Фаррух Юсупов

      I love you all

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    73. Khajiit Warrior

      I love all your videos. 👍🏻 So helpful and informative.

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    74. Hania Chmielecka

      1:52 gdzie ona dołożyła to dziecko?

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      4:14 Italiani.... Quella pizza

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      Plz subscribe me

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      5 minutes late

    80. Sreedevi Sudarsan

      This is not real we can't cut tree with that

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      I don't like the crimped hair not a good look on her

    86. Настя Ворончихина

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    87. 성월

      8:11 still leak

    88. brandotoao

      u can see the twitch in the frame where they edited the frame to make it look like it works. WHAT IF SOMEONE WAS STRANDED ANDNNEEDED THIS PRODECT FOR IT TO JUST NOT WORK AND DIE FROM YOUR LIES

    89. Evangeline Wingerden

      Uhm I’m scared for our future...

    90. Jaime Roque

      Suscribete. A. Este. Canal

    91. Lola Buell

      she can just turn it upside down

    92. your cursed picture location

      16:48 Look like she is splatoon player

    93. Olga Oliveira

      Quero um como Fasso p comprar.?

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    97. Sergei Popov


    98. FlamingoAlbert Fevertime

      10:11 just get a normal Boal

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        But flex seal

      2. Rose Gaming

        FLEX SPRAY

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