Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (4 Hunters Rematch)


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    This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
    Original Video: hugets.info/show/yZeXiK_Iy314wWE/vide.html
    This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
    Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

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    1. AREEF 927

      Dream give me a heart attack in every video and he always fix it to make me laugh to the hunters 🤣🤣

    2. Benio here

      2:58 mother russia here

    3. Tirso Zabat

      I used the hunters to destroy the hunters..

    4. Michael Evans

      This is what differentiates dream from everyone else He has to think of different strategies every time

    5. Kio

      BadBoyHalo: "You can't kill EVERY villager." Dream: *You dare challenge my challenging?!!*

    6. Killer Queen: Bites The Dust

      Dream: **talking about the strat and stuff** Sapnap: haha stairs go brrrrrrr

    7. CreeperLukeYT Llanes

      Break the lectern and libarians become jobless

    8. happy kat girl

      The protection 4 was smart, but I feel like if they do it again it will ruin the series. It'll become the standard, and theres only so many creative ways to defeat it. Plus this one was more boring than the rest, simply because he had to tunnel out. It was the only solution, and a whole video in the ground isn't very exciting. THIS IS NOT HATE It is constructive feedback from a general viewer.

    9. Heather Bessee

      I can’t kill you with prot 4 so I’ll trap you into the nether And force you to give it to me

    10. how is gamora?

      dream used the hunters to kill the hunters *he used the stones to destroy the stones*

    11. Frag S -_-

      All pot and gg on 13.1m !!!?!

    12. Magical Gamer

      I got how

    13. Gacha Insomniac

      5v1. Can Dream do it?

    14. Joshua Husher

      Dream as the hunted needs to be the one to use cheap ways to fight but he's so good it's actually the hunters who use cheap ways to win and still can't beat the hunted

    15. BlueReaper75 Edits

      What if we had TechnoBlade, Sapnap and Bad against Dream, George, and Antfrost in another manhunt

    16. Gabriel Sitchon

      In the near future: Dream vs 100 people manhunt

    17. SaydieIsDead Official

      5 hunters but the fifth one is technoblade (this is a joke)

    18. Moshiシ Mosh

      He big brained them

    19. Sean D

      How many time will they say meme? Anyone dare to make a drinking game for every time they say meme in this video?

    20. Dio Brando

      Sneaky dream

    21. Wilson Chen

      Wow that was smart

    22. Prodigy2RUSTY

      1 juggernaut vs 4 survivors

    23. nani what

      This Bad guy is legit fucking salty lol he was so into it, always taunting dream but the one who was always dying lol. Even when they lost he can't accept it and just called dream's win luck like how salty can you be lmao

    24. Apple slices

      Hey if I trick u can I get pined? Plsss Read more

    25. Jonathan D.

      You are the beast of Minecraft. Can we all agree that we found the champion of Minecraft!

    26. PsychoDream

      Dream: Never has a bad plan BBH: Plan Sap: Plan GNF: Plan AF: Plan Me: Horrible plan

    27. Nate The piggy

      George gave levitation to 6 targets. Who was the 6th target?

    28. Theodore Arndt

      I love it when they just look back what just happened and just talk and vibe

    29. Ron Fejza06

      25 k likes for rematch this is only the behind the scenes and it has 369k likes xD

    30. InfoTech Zone - Biv

      Need the GRAND FINALE

    31. Jolly Varghese

      Sub to mrbeast mrbeast gaming mrbeast shorts and PewDiePie

    32. Kodak

      this man thinks of literally anything and executes it perfect

    33. Авазбек Сатвалдиев

      Oppŕèė3ŕ èi

    34. Angela Lybbert

      Dream's plays are groundbreaking

    35. Armin Playz

      Non one : Not even a soul: Dream:POO

    36. nayraa 68

      Hunters with Prot4: _you’ll never kill me_ Dream: _I know, but he can_ *Sapnap enters*

    37. Jayden Lee

      Dream after manhunt: exists George, Sapnap, BBH, and Ant: Abusing Dream in gmc because they cant do it in the manhunt

    38. Chris C.

      dream brain too big

    39. Jared 'JJ' Prince Roundy

      That PORTAL was the best part!!!

    40. Houston Hyke


    41. Kelly Loughlin

      You should have the hunters Film there POV and we can see them trying to kill you and stuff

    42. Pelgye Wangchuk

      Dream: only 5k likes US:500k likes

    43. KM T


    44. TheAdvertisement

      I love that slow process of grief as the hunters realized they were trapped on the roof of the Nether. The denial of wondering if they had anything to light the portal. The anger of hem arguing with each other. The bargaining as Bad gets killed and tries different ways to save them. The depression as they realized they had to lose their op armor. And the acceptance and the other three killed themselves.

    45. b0mbs

      not groundhog day, groundhog dream

    46. Robbe Delvoye

      1/2 of the time was digging

    47. Karcsi Oláh

      You are the first foreign youtuber who I subscribed :D

    48. ushab rana

      Dream and George ask for 5k likes. Grey still plays:rookie numbers. Like this video with extra scenes has over 325k likes. Now that's a lot of likes.

    49. Grail Cortez

      Dream how about technoblade is the hunter and you are the speedrunner or you are the hunter and technoblade is the speedrunner

    50. _MoonFerrum_

      Imagine them blowing up the portal before he went away so he had no chance to survive lol

    51. Vash Jeremy Q cruz

      how to kill dream hacker joins /kill dream

    52. SnarkyNachos

      Like for 5 hunters!!!!!

    53. Roger Songün

      How the fuck are they building with grass blocks? Were they in creative 2:05 min

      1. ShadowLegend

        Yeah, you can see them changing to creative in this video

    54. Bad Gamer

      dreams secret power: luck

    55. Savage !

      Dream about to kill the dragon Sapnap: i am not letting this happen Dragon: f**k off he have to kill me F in the chat

    56. Iniego Tumulak

      Winner ang dreamy

    57. ryanplayzGame R

      POV: You came from the actual play to see their reaction

    58. Rai Mabaga

      Hey Dream

    59. Azira Faeruz

      Dream said poohm x2

    60. Serial Myers

      Dream how bout u find the end portal and go far away and go to nether and since they wont go in u portal travel to the end poratl fill it up and 1 cycle the dragon

    61. Rhino Pal Gaming94

      Dream you should let Drista help you in manhunt the game would end if you and drista get killed but at least if your big brain runs in the family you should totally double.

    62. Angel Cortez

      I would love to see a rematch but with two speedrunners and 4-6 hunters

    63. Seth Marquardt

      Idk how dream is gonna win the next one. If they all can find a good village and get Prot 4 armor, they are just gonna camp him in the nether. I suppose dream could just build a new portal a long ways away and then make the hunters chase him but then he still has to deal with them once he’s in the end. Gonna be an up hill battle next time around.

    64. Kerr Evans


    65. dr.rutuja desai

      It Gave me harte attack when they exploded bed

    66. Kenan El Zein Perbanga

      I realize that this man iq is more than toast slightly


      Hi face reveal

    68. Felix Unterberg

      Dream do a speedruner vs hunter modded

    69. Amber Sanchez

      i love all of this OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    70. Frosty

      Everyone: THAT NETHER AND END WAS THE MOST EPIC PART The Minecart Explosion In The Start: 𝗦𝗔𝗬 𝗦𝗜𝗞𝗘 𝗥𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧 𝗡𝗢𝗪

    71. Aljour James Zoleta

      Dream I recommend is 5vs1 speed run vs hunter

    72. Conrad Toph

      Idea: Technoblade is the hunter and your the speed runner

    73. Was Taken?

      I wanna see dreams face when he playing ;-;

    74. Tom Kim

      Dream asking for 25,000 likes on the original The extra scenes has more then 350k likes

    75. カネキケン

      why does halo's voice sound like that though

    76. Eggs Benedict

      You are stuck on top of the nether where nothing spawns and you have no flint and steel to go back, what would you do? Sapnap: *mass genocide*

    77. Reptillicus

      It’d be easier to grab all the job blocks from the villagers than kill them all

    78. Jake Saeteurn

      it’s weird that diamond items are fast but are actually heavy irl

    79. Dog Gaming420

      Dream: bets 4 v 1 Me: waiting for 5 v 1

    80. Julie Hartley

      Hees the underminer

    81. Dusty_YT

      I’m glad this was the rematch because now Dream has a strat for the finale

    82. [YT] akaRhaegar

      364k dream got so popular, i just knew him since pandemic

    83. Oreofoxy

      cant a bed light up a portal cause it produces flames

    84. Abdul Basith

      If they leave you in the nether without following please try and get a netherite axe

    85. Hunterxql

      Nobody Absolutely nobody: The start of the video: hahahaha ahhaa eeehhaha

    86. Christian Gallegos

      I think we hit the goal of 5k likes... did we? Or have we failed sussesfuly.

    87. FarisImran

      shut up soyboy

    88. Generic

      "Congratulations! You have won the achievement, "Max Ego Accomplished""

    89. Snake Eating Bacon

      1:50 I guess you could say *It was a bad dragon*

    90. Avaruusmurkku

      Four guys with Protection IV armor ganging on one guy: "What are you gonna do Dream? We're invincible!" Dream: "Banished to the Nether!"


      5 hunteres vs 1 runner ? like so dream could see

    92. Pomik 161

      Do you think someone can get trapped in the end with tnt?

    93. Daniel Arevalo

      Dream's nether play in a nutshell: *commit hunter v hunter*

    94. Bintar Putra

      Nice, now try 1v5 :)

    95. Andika Zaffar Ahmad

      Manhunt 5v1(ft:Tommyinnit) manhunt 6v1(ft:Karl) manhunt 7v1 (ft:...)

      1. Lilliegirl1

        No we need TECHNOBLADE

    96. Арсений Высочанский

      Wanna see Manhunt Dream vs Technoblade

    97. Nisha Nijalinge

      Dream saying to fast like flash

    98. Aydin Rafif


    99. Jack Mullins