Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video

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    After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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    1. Tom Cripps

      Can’t believe it’s finished 😢

    2. Taubi81

      Farewell my king, Farewell my love, Farewell.

    3. Aidan Convery

      Didn't know they had rubber then.

    4. AltuNa

      Bjorn is strong than ragnar

    5. Δημητρης Αθανασοπουλος

      Does anyone know the song That plays?

      1. Sunrise

        Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    6. Joe Rydell

      whole scene gave me chills when i first saw it. vikings was a perfect show from start to finish. my favorite show ever.

    7. Richard Hank

      I so badly wanted Bjorn to take the archer with him (similar to Harold taking the Saxon general before he passed)

    8. Vesna Jeremic

      vikingzi su bili srbi!jel tacno to ?

    9. Vesna Jeremic

      song name ?

      1. Sunrise

        Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    10. The Epileptic Reaper

      Most of the show was inaccurate to the actual history.

      1. WentThereTomorrow

        Bla bla.

    11. cyrille vanoli

      Super sauf que quand tu vas sur amazon prime il dise que la saison et indisponible pour le moment et sa fait 3semaine que sa dure et plein le cul

    12. Suresh M

      War ............?

    13. Ibrahim Mohiuddin


    14. Илья Петров

      Что блять он сказал?

    15. Akshay Bhatt

      This gave me goosebumps.. 😭

    16. KellOfDestiny

      I know this show is about as historically accurate as Braveheart, but they could of at least showed Bjorn becoming king of sweden and bringing the swedes to battle before this epic send off

      1. yuoop noke

        Sometimes women fought in battle , but it wasn't the equal-opportunity fashion parade depicted here.

    17. Wick

      We will never forget you, the real and last son of Ragnar

    18. SonOfPatriots

      So was this a new season? I thought the show was canceled?

    19. shad mar

      why is not on Netflix



    21. Eder Vianna Flores

      Arrepiou até os cabelos do sovaco.

    22. Chito Streegan

      Man if only that was ragnar

    23. víKìñg gāmìñg


    24. Njimukara Brian

      #Goosebumps Mate!s!!

    25. massimo fabbri


    26. byAlex

      _I was an end of the vikings age_

    27. William D'Antilio

      Season 7 season 7

    28. Nico Malto

      GoT or Vikings?

    29. Hugh Balas

      What episode was this in

      1. Sunrise

        Season 6 - 11

    30. TheLastRecord

      SO FUC**** EPIC! Who can't stop replaying this everyday?

    31. ROKlJH UI

      Sometimes women fought in battle , but it wasn't the equal-opportunity fashion parade depicted here.

    32. AyFrin

      Nords are OP

    33. Vampire Bat

      yeah, so looks the past. all with perfekt haire style, perfekt teethe. and no dirt on the body. all is shining.. very historical..... oh boy, in the comedy series "the norseman" you find more authentic as here. hollywood vikings XD

    34. Redbeans & Rich

      Who else shazamed the song?

    35. Taubi81

      Hi. Whats the name of the song / melodie at 0.55 (start)

      1. Taubi81

        @Sunrise Thank you.

      2. Sunrise

        Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    36. Shubham Bhatt

      This is the most apt. ending to Bjorn character that they would have given.

    37. Brandon S

      Horses took arrows like champs back then.

    38. Zolmag

      Ragnar: "It gladdens me to know that odin prepares for a feast, soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns!" Hvitserk: "It gladdens me to know that odin makes ready the benches for a feast, soon you'll be drinking ale from curved horns." Loved the little sneak they added in, absolutely amazing show.

    39. Aleksandr Vashchenko

      Козлов Ты тут не в тему

    40. ayu puspita

      B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G -L-o-V--S-e-X-----۞---------ಠ益ಠ Here √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее созданиеg

    41. Sidhar Shan

      Didn't even fall down from his horse........legend.....

    42. Michael Nolan

      Great, never watched the series - how it seems to end. Time saved

    43. RussianDuck

      This video is 2 weeks old and Is already the most viewed video on this channel

    44. Mr.Bagruk

      Славься Бьёрн ❤️ Скол

    45. Gutsy Productions

      Sure the first half of the show was much better overall but i think this is one of the best scenes from the entire show, if not the best scene!

    46. RekeBear

      4:19 Alloy? is that you? :D

    47. Jarle Beinnes Fredriksen

      One of the best episodes of the entire Series

    48. Gillpocalypse Vids


    49. KellOfDestiny

      If anyone’s not watched season 6B , watch episode one only, it’s a way better ending

    50. Jonathan Nelson

      "May your children one day be as the sand on the shores of Scandinavia and create a distribution chain of reasonably priced furniture and safe cars"

    51. Johnny ᴋ14

      Заслужил билет к отцу 💪😎


      Just don't look at my nickname !

    53. Buckii


    54. Jameela Alanazi


    55. Farhaan Muhammad

      I don't expect biyon will gone. Because he is making his role perfect and attractive. Dear Director you shouldn't do that, and likewise his mother lagather too. Besides that I respect Ivar the boneless he has been participated. Great job

    56. Till Freeman

      What an epic death why was Ivars death so lame??

    57. Vankruze

      Bjorn was my favorite character, this really hurt to watch.

    58. Manchester United

    59. young ceasar

      The look in ivars face when björn is drawing his sword.... fucking epic man!!!!

    60. In uns und um uns

      He didn't talk much, he did.

    61. Bilal khan

      Bjorn my favorite character always

    62. Tangiers Amad

      did he have to sacrifice his life to pull that pincer move? sure, it's more epic of a movie presentation, but c'mon, I'm sure the armies could've pulled that maneauver without Bjorn having to take three arrows in the chest.

    63. Zboro

      PLS SONG 0:55 !!!! PLASEEEEE

      1. Sunrise

        Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    64. Miles L.

      I've never seen a single episode of this show, I've just seen this 6 minute clip. Somehow, someway, I was nearly brought to tears. This is BEYOND epic.

    65. Sons of Italy

      Anyone know the name of this song? It's EPIC!!!

      1. Sunrise

        Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

    66. Dragon Glass

      🤬 all death... Ragnar.. Lagertha.. and now Bjorn ironside. But this scene is awesome 😍 more than epic

    67. alexandre juby

      is the primary character died of covid 19 or arrows who knows??? mystery seround this world

    68. fawa teer

    69. akki

      No spoiler B like seer he know everything but didn't tell anyone😆

    70. T

      Bjorn Ironside > Jon Snow

    71. T

      9 million views in two weeks... I mean...

    72. Osiel Belchior

      Kinda remind me of Thorstein

    73. Jack Herd

      That was the average life timespan for a warrior and a Viking, 40-50 years old max. Bjorn was worse than Ivar, he was a terrible strategist. That's why people followed Ivar at the first place. But Bjorn was a Warrior like Rollo, and a Viking and true king.

    74. Modern Founder

      This ending > GOT ending

    75. Андрей Викторов

      Это..Навальный вернулся..😂

    76. Chief Nosay

      Bjorn ; The king of Norway. The King in the North .

    77. Uta Frei


    78. gol D

      What happened to the Lagertha and Floki? I liked this movie show only for Ragnar,Lagertha,Bjorm and Floki, i'm not interested without them

    79. Bscaine Bees

      You just disgrace this series with this ending!

    80. Rose DF

      They should ended it right there...

    81. Shahid Ahmad Bhat

      I have never seen a web series like this damn it's my second time I'm watching this serial

    82. LeoXholic

      Nothing makes a army fear more than a dead man walking

    83. Rostok_d

      сказка о варварах, не было такого народа как викинги.

    84. Blitz Amatér

      one of the best moments in Vikings, loved it

    85. 6ft2Mini_Bilal

      Why does this have many views?

    86. Robert Andersson

      Han får leva och ta vad han vill, hans val! han skiter ju i vilket.

    87. iambestgreatkhali

      A grand feast in Valhella. One of the wonderful series has now come to end. 😔

    88. Nordmenn

      сыны рагнара вечны

    89. Asgar ali

      The only reason why i stop watching this epic and absolutely unmatched tv series. . . . . . . . . You know!

    90. BRIXOM

      Vikings always has those legendary moments best series ever

    91. Karmo

      I literally watched this like a thousands times, WHAT AN ENDING FOR BJÖRN!! He shall drink from curved horns with his father Ragnar and bask in their tales of triumph, what a legend

    92. Belnick6666

      Björn Järnsida(Ironside) was a Norse Viking chief and legendary king of Sweden. Björn Ironside is said to have been the first ruler of the Swedish Munsö dynasty. but lets ignore that for the show, les make him a norse william wallace instead :P HISTORY CHANNEL :P ALIENS !!

    93. Patrick Sphiwe



      Let me tell you a secret. Russians didn't look like Asians. Russians don't say that

    95. rlupara

      What a BS

    96. krrrruptidsoless

      I get it now. The one guy shoots the lone guy in the lungs to take his breath away. Apparently what the comment section is taken aback like. The shooter king was thinking...I'll take your breath away The shot King... As so will I

    97. Best Scene Films Movies

    98. Toni

      Snake Pit Poetry is what ascends this epic scene to Godly levels.

    99. Big Bolt

      А что это за фильм?

      1. rlupara

        "Данила Казловский в степях Украины"