Hermitcraft 7: Episode 68 - WHAT IS THIS!?

Mumbo Jumbo

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    In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo does some serious progress on the Hermitcraft shopping district Pacific Store, connecting the full banking system together, adding the first Pacific shopping module and creating a Diamond to Pacifico converter. Mumbo also discovers a strange crash site in the Hermitcraft shopping district, surrounded by oddly named items, one of which spelling out HCBBS. The #HCBBS crash site is gradually counting down to an unknown event in the near future... what could it mean!? Let the Hermitcraft conspiracy theories begin.
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    1. Michael Tukuafu

      Hermit craft big bomb

    2. ConstanciaJYL

      it gives you emeralds

    3. Artsy Adwen

      he forgot the text on the into screen again

    4. BookedGalaxy436 Gaming

      15:40 Grian was telling the truth lol

    5. Robert Geraghty

      15:48 is where all of the materials are in his inventory


      You made it right?

    7. dirtsprite stuff

      don't hate on Mumbo for faking, Hermitcraft is mostly scripted anyways

    8. Elizabeth Richaud

      I'm rewatching looking for answers

    9. Dani H.

      H.C.B.B.S Here Comes Big Black Sheep. I would prepare for a giant sheep invasion

    10. Snuskedundret

      Fucking Creepers

    11. NightFallGod

      More to the point of confirming if Mumbo built it, the item frames on the ground aren't invisible because Mumbo said he doesn't know how to do that

    12. Za Ghurdo

      A genius plot to make Scar terraform his base.

    13. Yggdrasil 3011

      wierdmagedon has came

    14. Groozy

      He’s acting kinda sus I think he has my $19 Fortnite card

    15. Anoetic s

      Yall don’t spoil it in he comments :(

    16. Emilie Updegave

      Wait wait wait why ain't he talking in the end

      1. Emilie Updegave

        I mean its cool music but still

    17. Cracky Games

      Hermit Craft Bumbo Baggins

    18. Ibrahim Bahlak

      I know I’m late on the comment but HCBBS means Hermitcraft base build swap I think 🤔

    19. Nathan Hayhurst

      now that i'm rewatching it, when he's talking about not seeing anyone build the button 2.0, he has the exact same voice i use when i lie to my mum

    20. PixelCG

      He said it himself that he was the only person online that day. That’s more then enough of a clue

    21. Mason Gedenberg

      Huh so what would you be doing with magma blocks in your inventory?

    22. Octapea

      anyone know how to get that cool font?

    23. Tom Hodgson

      H C B B S: HermitCraft Be Back Soon

    24. nxsus

      "My head hurts because I'm not doing complicated Redstone" Does Redstone: "my head hurts"

    25. Bohan

      grian was saying 15:46

      1. Bohan

        even in 13:19 It’s unusually clean for Mumbo who is known for having a messy inventory, as if he just emptied to avoid giving himself away.

      2. Bohan

        @PRO gamer well but the blocks he used look like they were for the button and not pacific

      3. PRO gamer

        But it could be just because he was making pacific

    26. SuperSamBam E

      Pacificoes or Pacificoins???

    27. Andrew Carns

      The Hermit Craft Bacon Bagel Saber

    28. James Rose Jr

      Its the same color concrete as Pacific and then he said he was the only one on all day then when he entered his name his inventory was completely clean... mumbo your gunna have to do better we are serious about our Hermitcraft

      1. James Rose Jr

        Also the small decrease in durability on his pick

    29. Mulsuk _


    30. Mike Henchion

      We all know Mumbo made it bot his acting was actually not bad

    31. Giga Wolf

      Grian has been feeding your base mumbo

    32. Shocker8140

      The double repeater setup works for me I used a lever but it might just be that I'm on bedrock

    33. Artim Dutton

      def was him. he voice is ever so slightly different, his inventory to too clean ,he cant find the right words to say, etc

    34. Yendo Tang

      10:00 He has blocks (magma in his inventory) that weren't used in Pacific, but were used to build the machine

    35. Yendo Tang

      10:00 He has magma blocks and didn't use them in the build. They were definitely from the button 2.0 Has well as having blocks used in the machine

    36. Molly Hitchen

      Guys, he had concrete in his inventory because he was making red stone systems! ♥️

    37. Raymond Zhu

      1. He has an empty inventory, like why would he have an empty inventory if he just found this. 2. He was the only one online 3. 15:46 shows blocks used for the building, such as stone bricks.

    38. TylerGaming806

      The weird thing is like the button

    39. Hayden Nugent

      It was actually TFC who made it

    40. Katie Lawley

      I worked in a bank for 4 years. Can confirm that this is exactly how banks work. Water streams and all.

    41. felix soetewey

      the pallet is the same his inventory it has nothing to do with the cowntdown

    42. Benjamin Billings

      the button

    43. Kaden Riggs

      Hermit Craft Bad Breath Society

    44. TheGoatChief

      Mumbo might not if built hcbbs because he is using a bunch of coloured concrete to put red stone on

    45. Christopher Petrie


    46. Aries McDaniel

      You may not realize it, but you have made a computer inside of your computer. You my friend, are gaining skills :)

    47. Jake Alan

      And also the reason he had all the concert on his inventory could’ve been because he was using ALL of those colors for his redstone I think grain done it

    48. Jake Alan

      Why does everybody in the comments repeat the exact same thing just with a few different words? Says a lot about people tbh

    49. Jonathan Sorenson

      With his comment at the end it's more worrying that no ones taking a stab at it.

    50. Neeraj Maindan

      If you're here to check his inventory watch from 10:37

    51. Professor Beak

      I think the reddit user was talking about around 15:49, but that's just his redstone color coding stuff so they were probs wrong.

    52. Elijah Partney


    53. Elijah Partney

      Was Brian telling the truth

    54. Doggo playz

      Notice mumbo is the first one to make a vid on it

    55. Stitastic

      things that HCBBS could stand for: 1. HermitCraft Big Brain Society 2. HermitCraft Biological Bombing System 3. HermitCraft Bouncy Bombshell Starter 4. HermitCraft Bouncy Block Storage 5. HermitCraft Bread & Butter Storage

    56. soham kulkarni

      Mumbo has been this all time who made HCBBS Your caught mumbo

    57. Jackson Luskin

      Mumbo Built It. 10:00


      uhh isnt his inventory empty dudes


        grian lied


      bro those symbols are a part of a induan mother toungue hindi

    60. Kartik Dubey

      11:45 mumbo's acting

    61. Toby Winn

      Why did he name his pickaxe indestructible and it is on half its durability??

      1. 90%Nerd

        because everytime it breaks he makes it longer so it has a less chance of breaking. idk. mumbos thinking not mine

    62. Professor Beak

      Came back to see if Grian was telling the truth lmao

      1. Nazira Mulla

        i love that pfp

      2. Isaac Marble


    63. kiro Moran

      Spoilers ahead!!!! Please, let your F for everyone who though the machine was about Pacific brand opening 😔

    64. Owen Keel

      grian really just gave this video another 400k views or something like that lol

    65. Corey Plays

      What is oli

    66. Owen Lenhoff

      Mumbo 100% built it I was looking at the button from earlier in the season and he outlines it with dark concrete ...the countdown in the shopping district is also outlined in dark concrete ....but if you look at the button and the countdown ...both of them are organized,(lime yellow orange red ) and that architectural style is very similar to how he builds so ...I’m sure he built it and to make us not suspect us thinking it was him he started the Bumbo bagins society,when it explodes to he also is the first one in way before anyone else is ...normally you would be cautious when rushing into a recently exploded area with fire 🔥.....😂 I think my findings are enough proof for you all

    67. mouuzse

      For anyone wondering about his inventory revealing if he made it or not. Remember it's made from the exact concrete colour blocks that he decorated his bank system with.

    68. ToothierFrog Gaming

      3:56 he showed the materials for the button 2.0 and said he was the only one online all day!

    69. Vince Emery

      15:47 is what you are all here for.

      1. AxolotlGamer64

        Yeah but it's OBVIOUS that he didn't make the button 2.0

    70. mathew koski

      We made

    71. mathew koski

      My theory that it's the button that fell down from space

    72. Something Was Intended

      Mumbo really went "Guys I have been the only one online the entire day, and I've been in the shopping district a lot. But look at this random thing to pop up the uses lots of redstone. Guys I didn't build it, ignore that concrete in my inventory. Also reminder I have been the only one online, but that does not mean that I built it."

      1. AxolotlGamer64

        He didn't build it because the concrete was from building Pacifics Redstone.

    73. Payton Crooks

      So it was mumbo

    74. artsy_drag

      Guys there are too many empty plot points to say it was anyone. 1. Grian said there was concrete in mibos inventory. There was none until after he found the thing. 2. There was no reddit post i saw so Grian should be lying of something. 3. Mumbo never has his inventory empty. But on the contrary he could have just died. And had his emergency kit 4. Why would Mumbo work so hard to work on nothing. 5. Grian did not really make any assumptions. And then a non-existant reddit post says it was Mumbo

    75. Martin Dolmer Andersen

      "I've been on all day, and pretty much all by myself, and this just appeared".. sounds legit :D

    76. Mikayla Denton

      •Hermit Craft Bad Boy Squad •Hairy Cube Bean Bag Squat •Hermit Craft Beware Bugs Season •He Came By Balloon Seat •Hermit Craft Block Build Squire

    77. Pounce Thrash

      Mumbo had like 30 carrots before he left and he got to the shopping district he had 11

      1. Pounce Thrash

        He didn’t have levels because he was naming lots of stuff

    78. i.r.y Itay rosenfeld - YouTube

      H- hermit c- craft b- big b - base s-swap

    79. enzo the benzo

      Who came back to see if it is in his inventory

    80. BinGoBo

      13:33 my “big brain” read it as, you have invested in _____ and I thought of game stop

    81. VioletFox #004

      I know what HCBBS means it stands for "Hermit Craft Base Build Swap" 😳😲

    82. FarawayDust 8833

      H-C-B-B-S I think it stands for Hermit craft big build swap

    83. Dead Gamer

      he renamed the items 10:36 to 10:39 his lvl changed

      1. JackSparrow _313

        Yes he also uses the same concrete colors of the button for the redstone wiring at 15:46

    84. Sam Da Artist

      I think that the discovery was staged, purely based off the fact that I've never seen mumbo's inventory so organized...not good evidence though🤷‍♂️

    85. CongoRTX

      I can understand that you have the same blocks as pacific. ISKALL BUILT MOST OF THE REDSTONE SYSTEMS AND HAS BUILT THE WHOLE TOWER. I am definitely going to be creating a hermitcraft myth busting series now. I have thought of many ideas. Subscribe to my HUgets channel to get notifications of when I upload. Do not forget to subscribe to mumbo too as who knows when he will upload a video of himself explaining ehy he did not tell anyone he built the HCBBS. I will also explain why mumbo most likely built the HCBBS.

    86. ImaBanana

      Hey hey 10:40 there’s the time stamp for when he finds that button 2.0 thing

      1. LoganLime 420

        It's his

    87. Tor Bjørnson

      Reviewing all the evidance I think it's too likely that Mumbo made the HCBBS. I think he is being framed.

      1. JackSparrow _313


    88. Matouki _

      too good

    89. Shaun Irimpan

      Hermit Craft Blowing Before Spring? Or Hermit Craft blows up before end of season? #shrug

      1. AI Rover

        hermit craft big base swap

    90. Psyco Cyborg

      Hermit Craft Big Base Swap

      1. AI Rover

        we all know

    91. Bukson

      I think HCBBS can be for Hermit Craft Big Base Swap. What do you think?

      1. David


    92. Arhab Hurairah

      10:00 before he discovered the button 2.0 he had concrete and magma blocks in his inventory, which is used in the hcbbs thing

      1. JackSparrow _313

        And he had some matching blocks at 15:46 too

    93. Corey Nicholas

      In episode 69 he says “I would bet my base on it...” at 8:40 time stamp

    94. Pyter Laso

      wow your bad at acting

    95. Jeremy Earls

      how did i not notice at 15:43 he has the blacks in his inventory!!!!

    96. Kubowski

      5:54 lol play it in x2 at this part

    97. giningmos 233

      here is the link for the reddit post that Grian was talking about www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/comments/lcjmud/a_proof_that_mumbo_could_have_build_the_thing/

      1. Emaduddin Ahmad

        Thanks for posting this.

    98. Kae saysstfu

      Yeah you did see it get constructed 😂 love mumbo trying to fool us.

    99. RedTomato

      Everyone is saying mumbo built this, I don’t know if that’s true, but you should tell us mumbo.

    100. postian449

      Mumbo built it. he was the only one online, and the reason he didn't have enough levels when giving his name was because he had to rename all the warped wart blocks.

      1. Jake Alan

        Butt that doesn’t mean anything lol he could’ve just died lmao

      2. Logan Winter

        Yea, he framed himself. Why? No clue