Sanchovies2g - Best of LoL Streams #1128


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    Sanchovies plays Volibear
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    TF Blade:

    0:00 Sanchovies
    0:43 Caps
    1:06 Tyler1
    1:26 Boxbox
    1:51 PoE
    2:09 Pinkward
    2:32 Comp
    2:46 Sanchovies
    3:06 LL Stylish
    3:29 Boxbox
    3:46 Arrow
    4:01 Ambition
    4:18 Emoirl
    4:40 Sanchovies
    4:58 Bladeorigins
    5:18 Tyler1
    5:27 Ambition
    5:42 Tobias Fate
    5:57 PoE
    6:13 ICU
    6:23 Tyler1
    6:48 Karasmai
    7:14 Sanchovies
    7:34 Caps
    8:07 Pieceofsheet
    8:27 FMJayce
    8:46 Riealone
    8:57 LL Stylish
    9:23 Quantum
    9:41 Caps
    9:53 LegitKorea
    10:26 Boxbox
    10:41 Pinkward
    10:59 Tactician
    11:14 Panunu
    11:29 ICU
    11:47 Pinkward
    12:04 Tyler1
    12:25 Quas
    12:54 TF Blade
    13:12 TheGlacier
    13:27 Spaceaidz
    13:47 Ambition
    14:00 Champamumu
    14:23 Boxbox
    14:58 Nickitaylor
    15:15 Pinkward
    15:36 MrsChimChim
    15:54 Clovaobengala
    16:16 Tyler1
    Intro by Angrydonat:
    Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
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    1. Cristopher Flores


      1. ya


      2. Iron nunu abuser

        @Caspian Jordy plus this is creepy why would you want to hack someone's ig

      3. Iron nunu abuser

        @Caspian Jordy everyone out here, this guy I @'Ed is just a bot don't believe it pls, you can tell because the account is new

      4. myoopsie


      5. EmyaGaming


    2. Kostis Mihoglou

      2:32 fck the greek accent is too obvious🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    3. Erwin Reyes

      3:42 Jg King, Oh...

    4. Henry Perez

      You gotta appreciate the adjusted volume on the T1 clips

    5. John Lavvas

      The wooden card findingsinitially influence because creator specifically allow absent a slow cirrus. breakable, tenuous cobweb

    6. Victor Cordoba

      Wow Pinkward honestly did quite a good play, wp! Respect for that play

    7. MrCotter99

      14:20 amumu hard whiffs a q but it warps reality and just hits anyways

    8. Trần Tuấn

      10:45 all skillz no luck

    9. RuneKatashima

      15:10 this is the exact same cadence laugh as Tidus from FFX

    10. Dark Ace

      llstylish looks like santino d antonio from john wick 2

    11. Eric Cartman

      9:23 OMMMGGGGG he played ekko!! thats crazy dude put htat in a montage

    12. Mario Cruz

      even tho shaco is dead pink is ward is still the best

    13. ya


    14. Sebastian Davidson

      9:45 kai’sai qss?

    15. さくや

      5:34 Miss Fortune gets a penta meanwhile brand is fighting with himself

    16. SmokingDead

      3:46 what... that was insane

    17. VentoM

      pls not boxbox

    18. Kek

      3:10 Darth Vader when he gets told he killed Padme

    19. Huy Lớp Phó

      Hi ! I am a Vietnamese LOL player . I wanna intro to you about a best Vietnamese LOL player who named " Thay Giao Ba " (BaRoiBeo) ! I wish you could add video or clip about him on your channel every clip . Thanks so much . With Love from Vietnam 🇻🇳❤🇻🇳

    20. lucas andersson

      4:19 who is this scuffed voyboy?

    21. T.J.S ChRbrn

      Just na things, imagin ur challenger? Idk and can't wait to ult, until the volibear shield is down.

    22. Happy Bourriquet

      3:50 O_O

    23. Felipe santos

      clovao bengala from brazil

    24. Dystopie

      Can somebody please explain me the tyler1 phenomenon? Why are so much people watching a little insecure guy that acts up as a so called "alpha male" with a blatantly fake personality. He is so insecure about his height that he is taking steroids and works out a lot. Even worse than his cringy fake personality is his gameplay. He would not even be able to get out of platinum in EUW. No hands and sht macro. Is his viewership just a bunch of incels or how is he one of the top streamers i dont get it.

    25. W496

      Friendly reminder that streamer "RTO" beat his own mother on a facebook livestream and deleted the vod shortly after.

    26. the78thHesparian

      mute t1

    27. jiyo

      Netflix: Are you still there? Some guy's daughter at my place: 4:30

    28. Tareq Harb

      first blood at min 22.47

    29. ChosenOneIsBack

      Noone: Toddlers at 3 a.m. for no reason: 16:32

    30. Mateusz.piejko

      i just knew that tyler will scream its a normal thing in his life

    31. Noah Miller

      imagine being neighbors with t1 tho

    32. Scorpion

      2:39 that jinx ult dealt 2112 dmg to baron No smite can secure that

    33. Zachary Barry

      15:00 Me realising it's first blood at 22 minutes

    34. Dark Incursio

      11:14 what the song name

    35. Tuấn Minh

      13:27 in a nutshell: E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q

    36. BYOB Whoom

      9:10 LL gains 300g for dying?

      1. BYOB Whoom


    37. Максим Беспалов

      How i need to outsmite that? 2:40

    38. El Gran Lino

      Somebody calls me. My friends: 4:30

    39. pack wolf

      16:33 when you hit your little finger on the wall

    40. Ryan Phan

      9:15 when there's a cockroach crawling around

    41. BladeOrigins

      Ayy we made it. Thank you 💓

    42. HUMSS- Andrea Morilla

      Now Synapse is finding the best tf than Grossie

    43. Sofus Valentin

      12:19 every time you're 2/10 and deal about 200 damage in a team fight kekw

    44. Rishitha Premachandra

      B R U V K E K

    45. 2Nooby2Die

      Me: Mum can we get voyboy Mum: No we got voyboy at Home Voyboy at Home: 4:20

    46. patchata

      15:43 eminem's first words

    47. J. Davis

      3:11 When you forget to press remember me when you log in.

    48. FireTalon24

      7:50 "You thought the pink ward was the bait, but it was I, Dio!"

    49. Shyvadi


    50. Tawksick

      11:07 more people need to have that reaction when getting outplayed

    51. Cilace

      14:41 got me dying im not proud but i have to admit

    52. Dennis

      1:16 Me feeling like a champ with my new bike when i was 8

    53. shutupliferules

      Hey Synapse, doubt you'll see it but someone who clearly hates to be reminded that black women exist have been reporting Mrs. Chim Chim's clips to the plug-in SponsorBlock which makes it so those with the plug-in will skip the sponsored segment. Since this is a clear misuse of the plug-in, you can report harassment to them and they can disallow that user to submit segments. I'm sure you're busy, but it's disgusting to see that her segment in all of your videos gets skipped due to someone else's racism and misogyny.

    54. Alessandro Grunwald

      1:47 cleaning the bathroom mirror

    55. Leon Holuch

      Ambition never plays League, does he? Just watches 6 hours worth of clips on stream every day

    56. Jules PREVOST

      8:11 drain gang fans when they get the aux

    57. Samuel

      No babus ☠️ 16:32

    58. Amin Fendi

      5:35 shows u a way to get rid of anxiety through league of legends

    59. wqeqwewqeas

      Not saying that I don't like either of them, but it's nice not finally having one of these videos just filled with GrossGore and TheBausffs clips

    60. zhamkend

      12:49 this guys is almost as zooted as i am while playing league

    61. Naoh Fnamhcsirn

      6:42 even i muted the phone, i hear it

    62. Seve0524

      2:40 "are you fuckin trolling" - meanwhile jinx rocket rank 2 did 2,1k dmg to nashor. Riot u are such a joke company :)

    63. Joseph Seo

      15:06 When I ask a girl out

    64. Ethan W. Lin

      15:07 When your teacher says a really bad joke but you're tryna pass the class

    65. Ner-chan!

      1:20 me on the weed sesh with the homies

    66. Jydex

      15:06 Tidus laugh

    67. Insharai

      6:13 It's so nice to know exactly what goes through ICU's head every game xD

    68. Enerjack

      15:07 When your family starts telling jokes in a different language and laughing so you just go along with it

    69. Máté Péntek

      10:51 Did he just breath??

    70. Zhrine

      maaan gross gore be lookin fine nowadays, 5:43 I'm surprised tobias can show his pic on stream like that sheesh

    71. Big Swordsman

      2:32 TIL that jinx can deal 2k damage to a baron with R. I really hope no one flamed the kha'zix

    72. CraytoN ML

      15:05 22min and first blood lmao

    73. ThatFlyAlex

      9:11 where did llstylish? get the 300 gold from? was it compensation for inting? XDD


      I was taking a massive shit while watching this and Tyler1 pulling his arm let the last piece out Feels real satisfying

    75. Beiko

      FFX Tidus be Like: 15:07

    76. Chris M

      stealing candy from a kid like 9:53

    77. Sergi DUMA

      11:07 so nice!!!

    78. Tsuki

      3:11 darth vader be like

    79. elttab

      2:40 WTF? 2112 DMG??

    80. Amir Coralde

      2:42 nightfamm!

    81. Jovan Kocic

      Me: about to make my first penta Some random dude: 1:03

    82. SundaySunRise

      9:15 Yanni looking for his Qs

    83. Anirban Basu

      15:05 a 22 min first blood ? Wtf ?

    84. SimianSasquatch

      15:07 when you've fallen right into the anime villain's trap

    85. Kaname Date

      15:07 22 Minutes game, First Blood. What?

    86. Clément Cazes

      4:24 is that chinese Voyboy??

    87. Hipsterberg

      7:53 when my friends ask me how im still iron

    88. Antwan

      Gross Gore's child: B B B Gross Gore: OH MY LORD he is about to say his first word!!! Gross Gore's child: BRUVKEK

    89. Damian


    90. Thepowerlies

      1:39 trying so hard to fake a laugh

    91. quilin

      16:33 when you step on lego

    92. DJGrath

      00:36 When you peekaboo your baby sibling

    93. Detoxive

      Jizuuke doesn't even look good in solo que LOL

    94. Sh1zO

      16:31 When you step on a Lego block

    95. Daniel Andrade

      4:38 truly a shrimp

    96. Muhammed Nurullah Balcı

      Hi me again sup ?

    97. Dominik Kucharski

      16:31 - first letter of the alphabet

    98. Ethan L

      2:40 that ult did 2000 dmg to baron, what was the jg gonna do

    99. TrueKing

      When general sniper gets his license 6:19

    100. TwistedTree

      9:15 when you’re staring at someone and they look at you so you gotta look away.