MEDUZA - Paradise (Lyric Video) ft. Dermot Kennedy


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    1. Dominik Osiak


    2. Stephen Williams

      Great song this going to cheer up a lot of people in lockdown and later at parties both in and out doors.

    3. Fabricio Ayres

      Música muito top mesmo. Parabéns ao cantor e aos produtores!!! Show

    4. Diego Antunes

      Ilike it

    5. DS Media

      Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck, I was there in March 2019. Island 🇮🇸 is beautiful.

    6. Ashley O.

      I am obsessed! I cannot get enough of this song

    7. eric bubbles

      Yeah wow this song. Very inspirational up beat and just flowing. Takes you on a journey for sure.✨🔊🔊✨🕺🕺✨🚁✈️🎉🙏🙏✨😊😀

    8. XxEllielcxX

      they must’ve filmed this when doing the selected session at Iceland! It’s the same setup!! So cool! ❄️

    9. Jade Santana

      Olha essa voz do Dermot Kennedy! Amoo

    10. Kemilly Amarall


    11. Landscape Drone & more

      LOVE IT!

    12. Jesper Kristensen

      Cool location that's for sure.

    13. Emily Hibberd

      U have a new sub meeee

    14. Virginia Souza

      Eu sei cantar a música

    15. djgforceofficial

    16. Jose Angel

      WTF this persons of dislike?? This song it's awesome ❤️❤️❤️🎶

    17. Melody Of Independence

      Music is always an inspiration !Stay Safe 🌍from wherever you hear!

    18. Andrew Nunan


    19. Ruben Ballegeer

      For the people who are interested: this beautiful place is in Iceland, I've been there in 2019. The crashed plane is like a real touristic attraction there!

      1. glen danzig

        Thank you

    20. Thomás Ubieda

      Find paradise🌠

    21. Natascia Berti

      Amazing ❤

    22. Anders Lundgren

      All I can think while watching this video is: the video of DJ Aligator ! Is it the same airplane?

    23. big Red rub

      Oh my my my

    24. Gintonic Gintonic

      Meraviglioso🔝🔝🔝❤❤❤🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 GO ITALYYY🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 PARADISE ❤💎💫💫

    25. Rogério Rodrigues de Lima

      Essa Música é do Caralhoooo!!!

    26. Frederic Reid


    27. Frederic Reid


    28. Иман Иман

      So beautiful 🤩

    29. Kelly Ganum

      Amo amo amo essa musica demais !!! Escuto varias vezes por dia e nao enjoo

    30. Aga Mega


    31. Moro pl

      Wow very nice song

    32. zululuga

      OH MY MY MY

    33. Yuny Alexandre Franco Molo

      This music and the others of course are very special to me

    34. pArK

      멋진 배경과 멋진 음악!

    35. Pocket DJ

      I hope you enjoy my new set!

    36. Cris Cyclope


    37. Michael Steve


    38. HowToEssential

      Think video made in iceland

    39. E. Drenalin

      635 miles.... But close enough. This song is Fire 🔥❤️🔥

    40. Gergely Brázda

      the very best so far

    41. #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior song

      finally a great song with lyrics who don't blind or look like it's having a seizure. clean af. niiiiiiiice

    42. signalduck

      hello frend

    43. Emmi Dj


    44. Deon Kleinhans

      Music is the only language every human can speak

    45. SR Reviews

      i just dont understand how people can hate this song......if its not your type of song why listen to it and dislike it........let me ask you think you got the balls and talent to even do half of what these guys do? didnt think so this is a amazing song with a chilled beat keep up the good work Meduza

    46. Tyler Shufelt

      bruh how you not gonna shout out selected....

      1. Diskoqube

        Selected weren't involved in this shoot

      2. Tyler Shufelt

        watch selecteds meduze live set in iceland... posted in november. literally wearing the same jacket

    47. Igor Larionov

      Шикарный,красивый трэк!...

    48. Leonardo Pereira

      2:20 vazou filmagem kkkk

    49. diane carter

      Make me happy

    50. Joan López

      the name of the light sticks please?

    51. cleise gabrielly


    52. Josely Sylva

      Que interessante música no avião quebrado iiiii

    53. NIO PANDA

      Me inspictscions

    54. Mindaugas Trumpaitis

      Sometimes I can hear "between me and parrot eyes" :D

    55. Sparky Universe

      I love this 🎶. :)

    56. Spartaka

      love this music. I WE THEY LOVE YOU ALL. :)

    57. MadMix Black

      Looks good, will be perfect if you don't have a cameraman running through the scene

    58. Cristian Cinzano

      This is the Paradise! I found it.

    59. Nuri Alonso

      I absolutely love this song, but I don’t know why I wanna cry while listening it gets me kind of sad

    60. Juju


    61. DIMPLES

      I have been so scared to live my life with a recent nasty breakup... this song seriously inspires me to put all that aside 😭🖤

    62. Jordan Tweedy

      Yes what a great song!

    63. João Pedro

      Meduza: lança uma musica eu: tem remix ?


        eu: tem cu?

    64. Jacqueline Castillo

      Dang how many videos y'all Mae for the music video😂🤙🏻

    65. Leoncia Leuterio

      love meduza😊😊😊

    66. Bobbo Robbo

      Siete i migliori non lo dimenticate mai, noi italiani ci siamo e saremo sempre con voi. Grazie di esistere 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

    67. Bean

      My 3 yr old cousin heard this song on radio and asked: "Will that good song be again?"

    68. Byron Turner

      Just love this song and the drone shots

    69. Sohan Sahoo

      This is the same place where the Bollywood movie ‘dilwale’ was filmed

    70. ya si

      Where's this?

    71. darek 33451


    72. Sufiyan Coffie

      So underated like how

    73. Cynthia Gaia

      Que música joia! palmas!

    74. fenna bergsma

      it is my favorite song

    75. Gui Sousa

      Thais song is amazing...From Brasil.. Agnaldo...Hope..e fé

    76. Cung Vuong


    77. Ariel Felix

      Very good🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    78. Neha K

      Selected subscribers represent! (If you know, you know.)

    79. Rizki Lingga Waryono

      Fuckin cool

    80. Sun Comes Up

      It was better with Dermot.

    81. Michel Zaninella

      Estamos vendo uma revolução da música eletrônica por causa desse cara.. Meduza criando um novo conceito internacional

    82. N3T1NN


    83. RiTA DE CASSIA

      🎶😍 Brasil🇧🇷

    84. Minh Anh

      so good

      1. Peter Wu


      2. Horváth Zsombor


      3. Kim Namjoon


    85. Gilang Surya

      there's a thousand miles between you and i

    86. CMC

      2:19 thank me later

    87. CMC

      This music is powerful!

    88. Cristiano Pelissari

      Hi there, Brazilian here. Your sound is amazing. I follow your job since 2019. Could you please show us the backstage of these unbelievable productions? Sorry my poor english. So, congratulations for the music. Thank you so much.

    89. Miguel Sousa

      What a magnificent landscape a true PARADISE ❤️

    90. Alessia Kumlpp

      Maruis BAY Mo11 Schule

    91. Lucas Calisto Santos

      Algum brasileiro aê ??? \o/

    92. TONYT

      I LOVE THIS SONG! So much so that I put a cover of it on my youtube! If youre into Rock/ Electronic, check it out... apoligies.. the video is nowhere near as cool as this though 😂

    93. Sebastián Cárcamo Figueroa

      Me gusta meduza pero siento que toda su musica se parece a lose control, va pasar lo mismo que con aronchupa que hizo 20 canciones de i'm albatroz :/.

      1. Angel Adriano Ruiz Rojas

        Si es cierto jjsjjsjs 😂

    94. Daniele Sorvillo

      Orgoglio italiano🇮🇹

    95. Arnas Tutkus

      Covid need to hear this song

    96. Abel josue Ipenza yepez

      Beutifull song how all yours song paradise

    97. Shirin Hasan