That One Friend Who Always Comes in Clutch. #shorts

Daniel LaBelle

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    Who's that one person in your life who's always there for you at the perfect time?
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    1. Leno Shajan

      Time saved=infinite

    2. Ghina NiNa

      I need this friend!!

    3. Izzy C.

      I feel bad to get those jeans off

    4. Adonis Lee

      That’s pretty dope

    5. Vidit Shah

      is anyone wondering why is there a shorts video for already short video?

    6. Daking Cobrakai

      Yikes got so many likes

    7. Erika Griffin

      0:18 hes just flexing the cool stuff he has i don't have anything like that ball, and i wish i did

    8. Thegirlsquad

      Imagine how many takes to do this right

    9. Rem Remm

      Imagine what humanity could achieve if the whole world was this harmonious and in sync lol

    10. CURSE I NOVA

      Brooo that's kind of dud perfect lite

    11. Sxnnysky’s

      This is smoooooth


      Dude perfect looses here 😂😂🤣

    13. Odd Cartoonz

      Dude average

    14. Kruxen Wulf

      He’s better than dude perfect

    15. Brandy Montgomery Reeves

      Great video 📸!!

    16. Lovely Isler

      Why was everything was so smooth

    17. LemonadeLia4943

      Wish I could responds to @yikes but there is max replies

    18. yousif alyousif

      Everyone: I wish my friends were like that Me: *i wish my friends even cared about me* PS: some of my friends are like that not all

    19. Rus Lan

      OMG last one, didn't expected that 😆

    20. Vedprakash Kashyap

      What a timeing 😂😂

    21. Aspen B

      Walks and face plants into the mud, someone right there to dump a bucket of water on him and throw him a towel.... lol

    22. Seth V

      I wish I was that in sync with someone we don’t have to be friends

    23. Mariana Romero


    24. spiderbat2300:]

      Epic freind

    25. Caleb Madrid

      Me name Caleb

    26. BTS ARMY

      ⁱᵐᵃᵍⁱⁿᵉ ʰᵃᵛⁱⁿᵍ ᵃ ᶠʳⁱᵉⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ

    27. Rita Sylliboy

      I would love to see his bloopers.

    28. Akimitsu kun ATAKU

      This look cool... But Not for someone who doesn't have a friend

    29. Lydia Sosa

      These dudes are supposed to be in Dude Perfect

    30. Children Of Jesus-

      That fall-

    31. ice Scream 4

      How long did it take you to do this

    32. Gaming Cuber

      The tittle should be renamed as real life trickshots

    33. Thị Vinh Nguyễn

      That so fast🛫

    34. BARI

      Y'all should join dude perfect

    35. Traveling The World

      I wonder how many attempts there were

    36. Rosethz

      The next dude perfect real life trick shots

    37. Nimisha Khare

      Dude pefect 2.0

    38. Young Jose

      It’s the ftttttttttt sound that the Mail made for me

    39. Mikasa Ackerman

      Dude perfect, but more perfect

    40. Jerry Huang

      0:25 what a terrible friend, a true friend would slide to give him comfortable pillows to fall on so he wouldn’t get dirty or get hurt

    41. Inline Skate Ethan

      Better title: If someone was always there for you.

    42. sleepy salty

      I have no friends

    43. waffle_

      I see that Daniel rocks that roku tv.

    44. blackheavyblans

      This is so satisfying to watch

    45. TheJustice_RocksYT

      Image how many tries this took

    46. Mini Mario

      DudePerfect be like:

    47. The_ SmokeArtiste

      My guy literally just dunked his head into the mud just for our entertainment

    48. Tal Ebbs

      I bet the bottom thing in the bag for the first one is JUST RUENED

    49. Tal Ebbs

      Behind the scenes of the first one 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🤯📴📵

    50. Mariana Del Rio

      i seriously thought that when he fell in the mud the video would end there lol

    51. Siv Lee

      Is this the second dude perfect or wut?

    52. Pip Peacock

      Love all your videos

    53. Pip Peacock

      Hey u are so crack up

    54. Sigurdur Stefan

      0:25 That sound made me laugh for an hour🤣

    55. Đào Quang Huy UwU

      I call this video is trick shots

    56. VIVO GAMER

      I was like ,where is the fucking intro....

    57. MAKE IT!

      dude perfect 2?

    58. cheeseman cheesycheese

      Imagine having friends like that. No, scratch that, *imagine having friends*

    59. elys renata

      wow 😳

    60. Paige Corbett

      that's a good friend

    61. Star :D

      Don't even get me started on how he just face-planted into mud for our entertainment ✨

    62. Adnands nml

      One of the best video 😇

    63. Kyle Brake

      I love your videos!

    64. Maryanne Alfred

      oh and plz subscribe to me

    65. Maryanne Alfred

      the mail part reminded me of hes got a frisbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAT

    66. arun aravind

      Me n Raj

    67. Iola Island

      He has the Roku TV.

    68. RaidenLP

      Are we gonna talk about how his friend is basically living in his house...

    69. Lil Sis And Lil Bro

      My husband

    70. Al Kafi

      Your country of origin....

    71. StrangeWolfGirl - KPOP CAKEPOP


    72. Hanzel Fonferek

      Dude u have talent! Btw! Do you have a son? Because I think that there is this knock off guy that is like from the uk. And when he talks he sounds foreign! Pretty sure at least! His channel is called Daniel labelle's son just wondering.

    73. mono

      0:06 he was just using the force lol

    74. Reggie

      He’s so fast, my grandma can’t even say a word!

    75. Zakari Anderson

      No one gonna tall about how he threw a letter 1 mile away like a shuriken?

    76. David Ghera


    77. Wakhal Khroe

      New dude perfect

    78. Tiff TwT

      You know it’s good when you got a Roku TV- 😌✋🏼

    79. Levi Neinas

      I have to admit there never really was a time where i did a faceplant streight into a mud puddel

    80. jape skape

      (stands on chair) (throws rope) wtf why do i need this??? sorry. force of habit

    81. Jared Jansen

      Yall have to have bloopers, where's the bloopers colab?

    82. Magickal Mermaid

      Your videos remind me of old HUgets and I'm here for it!

    83. Tal Ebbs


    84. Jųzo_kãītø

      I wonder how many tries did he tried to catch his stuff in his bag.

    85. Sharp Potato

      Actually imagine if you had a friend like that

    86. Jaydon Ng

      Literally so good almost like dude perfect. Get this man famous

    87. Kid Flash

      Is no one gonna talk about how the stuff slid into his backpack smoothly

    88. MaxconnerVR

      Impeccable timing

    89. leon

      Wow 0_0

    90. Net's Artistic Expressions

      Really like how your friend cleaned cleaned you up.

    91. Space

      When your crush winks at you with both of her eyes: 0:28.

    92. Unidentified Object


    93. dktzlee

      Dude perfect seeing this Hello what is this guys name we want him now👍🏻

    94. Zmorph666

      That is me and my only friend

    95. Aazib Hussain !!

      watch it again and again 0:25

    96. xiifleuriix

      what does clutch mean

    97. Benedict Eldon

      The next dude perfect

    98. Taliyah Forever

      You got a Roku because I just heard the noise sounds a lot like it

    99. i watch youtube

      I’m the friend

    100. Kaydence P

      0:16 roku