Why is Apple making a 5.4" iPhone?

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    1. G3htDichNixAn

      3:18 spot on prediction

    2. Artem Yakovlev

      In fact, his guess about the price of the 5.4 inch iPhone was super accurate.

    3. haukionkannel

      Why so big? Can we get small phones instead of these huge 5.4” versions? 5.4” is middle sized phone, we need smaller ones!

    4. In My Opinion_

      Because some people want their phone to be a phone and not a tablet. I still want a phone the same size as a 5s.

    5. H.E.H.

      Smaller is better , I’m very excited for the small iPhone 12

    6. C.C. ORR


    7. Seven K

      What the hell are you talking about. Even people with big hands like the idea of a smaller one handed phone

    8. M. D

      I have no small hands but i will buy the small one because my ding dong will look bigger 💪🏼

    9. Underground Rap Rockets

      Can we stop with the comically big Phones!

    10. André Vondran

      Why are you so childish? Are you not able to do a Seriuos Video?

    11. noahmeme2

      They should just replace face id with a fingerprint scanner.

    12. malva malva

      Can’t wait for that small iPhone

    13. shreyash sahu

      Shifted from an iPhone 7 to the 11 and man this thing is huge and heavy Af! The phone is great no doubt but i miss the convenience of having a handy device which does not weigh a ton :(

    14. Jesse Armstrong

      Because it’s what we asked for when the original se and iPhone 8 was around. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and I used that for watching videos or doing anything else. I need a smaller phone that I can throw in my pocket and use when I’m not using my iPad without feeling like I am carrying a brick. Plus my iPhone 8 Plus is heavy.

    15. Pep & Lemonade

      I was actually waiting for this one. Im ditching my big phone for this one.

    16. Austin Khual

      I forward to see 5.4😍😍

    17. Muhnnad GH

      If apple really listens than : hey apple please no more stainless steel iphones. They are heavy and no one really asked for it .

    18. sabr

      I want the 120hz display but the pro is tooo big for mee :(

    19. T K

      Everyone I knows wants the smaller 5,4 inch phone including me. The Max is heavy and uncomfortable and to huge in the pocket. Everyone I know who bought exchanged it for the smaller one or will buy the smaller now.

    20. [J.P] _


    21. Everything Pes Pro

      I love small version, free bezel should be very nice

    22. SiloNova

      I recently held an iPhone 5S I bought for a friend in pristine condition. When I held it. Wow. Made me miss having a phone which fits nicely in one hand and in your pocket with ease.

    23. Shimmy

      I have an iPhone XR and I think I might get the iPhone 12 because the size seems really nice. I almost switched to the X because I feel like 5.8in is the perfect screen size and it has OLED, but the better camera and cpu made me stay.

    24. Omar Lucas

      I want this size, definitely. I don’t want to be attached to a giant addictive screen. There is a life out of it.

    25. Connor S.

      Palm to tip of middle finger, my hand is 8 inches long, and my 5.8 inch iPhone 11 Pro still feels to big sometimes. Try to reach from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner. Not a comfortable gesture at all.

    26. Yash Oza

      5.8 inch was the sweet spot. Why did they stop making phones of that size?

    27. Adnan Talović

      Never used Iphone before, I want the 5.4" now :D I'm excited, considering to buy it actually. :D

    28. Bisno Lal Jangde

      5.4" screen is too small for gaming, watching video surfing net. xr and 11 are most selling smartphone, why?

    29. karthik manikanta

      SE squad ,waiting for iphone 12 5.4 inch

    30. Maxwell S

      Mobile phones have turned back into bricks. 5" is the ideal size for a phone.

    31. Bruce Kennedy

      I’m stoked for this. I’ve been happy with my 6s all these years, now this feels like a fantastic upgrade.

    32. Little Princess

      I want an iPhone 12 with Touch ID either embedded on screen or on power or side buttons

    33. james Rockford

      I can’t wait till the new 5.4 to come out and I hope it will have the blue color option? I was Thinking of the New Se but if the new size will be small I would rather wait.

    34. Joe G

      there’s no need for theories. it’s just better. big phones are dumb af

    35. niks dew

      I want 5.4 inch model

    36. Followers of The Way

      6.7 is too big lol that’s a whole tablet

    37. Daniel Bromberg

      iphone se came out and there is corona

    38. Ali said Aytek

      5.4 isn't small dickhead

    39. Graham McDonald

      Smaller phone lover right here! Lightweight, small in pocket. Can't wait

    40. sleepless1978

      I have a XS and I hate it’s size. Can’t wait to get the 5.4 inch (if it’s real) and up/downgrade to a more comfortable size for my slightly smaller 🖐

    41. Hans Assel

      well I in my opionen everybody with a phone like a tablet on his ear looks....like a really special person I don`t need a cheap phone I need one for my pockets and usable with one hand.

    42. Reum Pipes

      I am so damn excited for a full screen but way smaller footprint!

    43. Supashoppa69

      Because people like me want something the same size as the iPhone 6/7/8 but with max screen for that footprint.

    44. red comn

      I just wanna use iPhone in one hand like it used to be

    45. niborrandoacho

      I don't care if 5.4 is the super mega pro price. Expensive should imply technological challenge. Getting high specs by making the phone bigger is no challenge. Why are laptops getting smaller and phones bigger? I already have a tablet. Thank you though

    46. niborrandoacho

      Not small enough

      1. kareem Saïd

        the body is smaller than SE 2

    47. Chin Opai

      6 gigs of ram would be amazing. And I still want a bigger battery more miliamps still means it lasts longer regardless of power efficiency

    48. Abdul Rehman

      Bigger is not always better. From when did 5.4inch become tiny and small. Just few yrs ago 5.5 inch phone was considered as phablet. 5.4inch is small by no standard. In fact it’s the right size to carry around in pockets. I for one don’t like to carry huge 6.5inch phones. If ppl didn’t like iPhone SE and iPhone 7/8, then Apple would not wouldn’t even making phones with these sizes.

    49. OGkush69

      Why u keep talking about bigger hands ? I got big hands and love smaller phones.. i have ipad, tablets, computers all with huge screens, i dont need my phone with a “big screen” for when im laying down using my phone. My 11 pro doesnt feel too big bug it feels to heavy. My iphone 6s was so light, slim and although it did feel a lil small felt comfortable when using laying down or lounging around. I knew going from a 4.7 to 5.4 wuld be better but i couldnt wait another year as my 6s started not charging right so i had to upgrade last year

    50. Super Saiyan 3

      I would rather go for a 5.8 over a 5.4 if battery and power is a concern. Any phone above 6 inch is quiet big for one handed use and i have big hands

    51. Super Saiyan 3

      Wow apple are listening hold the front page

    52. C.C. ORR

      It’s not small enough, they really are a bunch of tossers Just keep my SE supported if you can’t deliver apple you bunch of retards. ITS BEEN YEARS FUCKKK YOOUUUUU

    53. OnLyStrahl

      I would like a 5.4 inch pro. But i will also happily buy a normal 5.4inch. 5.8 iphone 11 pro is already a bit too big for me.

    54. Magdalena Nykjär

      I still got my iphone SE.. I hate all those big phones, I really hope for iphone 12 5.4

    55. bex

      I'd totally be willing to pay 1k for an iPhone 5 with all of the features of the new iPhones. I just like smaller phones. The new ones are so large and is the reason still use an SE

    56. Keres Administratum

      I use an iPhone XS and will hold onto it until they make something smaller but flagship featured. I mainly use it as a phone and media player but even then most of it is audio, when I need a big screen I use my iPad, or MacBook. I just want something smaller and more portable.

    57. weightycarlos

      Wait, are we talking about the screen size or the size of the phone?

    58. Jason C

      Why? Because we want it. Who wants a big ass 6.5 inch phone?

    59. riley busse

      Iphone 12e 5.4

    60. G3htDichNixAn

      I switched from iPhone 6 to iPhone SE in October 2016 because of the size, and have been using the SE til today since then. It's running the iOS11, which I think is its limit, and is supper laggy now, and the battery only lasts for an afternoon. Can't go out without a power bank. Can't wait for the 5.4'' iPhone. If it's true, it's next phone.

    61. Sunset Rider

      My 75 year old father loves the smaller screens. He loves his iPhone SE.

    62. PunjabiM8

      Are you ppl kidding. 5.4 is perfect for holding one handed. It’s not small when you consider the real estate. This will be the perfect phone for many people

    63. A M B

      Remember the iPhone 6 Plus 7 plus 8 plus is 5.5” screen size and that was huge with bezels , no one complained it was small. Now 5.4” is small ??? Your stupid to think that’s small but the 5.5” wasn’t. Dumb asses

    64. Patrik Erdosy

      Usually when we speak about phone inches, it’s about the exact screen size. 6-8 iPhones have a 4.7’ screen but the phone is bigger than this. 🤔

    65. Ponyboy

      at the very least, apple need to make a bezelless iphone 8 sized phone. If they continue to make bezeled phones they wont sell international markets. Oppo and Vivo are dominating india and they need to target india

    66. Shahar Rozenbloom

      iPhone Air 5.5 inch will be Mini LED with 2 cameras with FaceID With No Notch and will cost 650$ and Our best Selling Model. While iPhone 12 will cost 700$ with Mini LED. Tim With Mini LED with FaceID with No Notch.

    67. Pip Squeak

      That’s not that small...at all

    68. Ryan Vega

      I like that with my iPhone SE I can use it with one hand and it doesn't slip out of my hand. Still works like a charm to this day! I have two iPhone SE's 16GB and 32GB and both still work. Before I had an iPhone 6 and kid you not the screen broke like 5 times. Previously had iPhone 5C and 4S. Excited to upgrade to 5.4" iPhone 12.

    69. Albert Kocharyan

      With thin bezels you might think making the phone bigger would make sense but it just makes it hard to reach what actually makes more sense is to have the small bezels but keep the phone small. Like the 5.4 inch.

    70. Owen's Hot Spot

      I have a 5s getting a 7+ soon though

    71. Jeferson Priebe

      I'm currently using the iPhone 8 with a 4.7" so 5.4" isn't small for me.

      1. dazai rampo

        Jeferson Priebe it’s a bezel less screen type, are you living in a cave ?

    72. whiteandnerdytuba

      Because smaller is better. I want to buy a 5.4 pro

    73. M_X_C_N

      Apple: "it's not the size that matters it's how you use it"

    74. Captaindras ss

      Small ? Huh ....

    75. Miau Dot Tk

      Will it be waterproof? What about repair-ability?

    76. Niraj Gosalia

      Yeah looking forward for the 5.4' OLED display dimensions phone similar to iPhoneSE design....

    77. amit singh

      I feel comfortable in typing on big phones

    78. Eric Nelson

      Jesus Christ Tailosive, it’s not about small hands, it’s about fitting in my god damned jean pockets! I’m 6’1”. I don’t care about the screen size. I want something functional that sits in my pants pocket. Just give me wireless charging and water proofing and I’m good. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    79. eeejokesno

      Wish they made one with a 3.7-4 inch screen. My 5s is bigger than I want in a phone. The 4 was an ok size. And I have largish hands and sausage fingers

    80. Kardo Laanemäe

      I hate that market is full with huge phones

    81. Steven Skywalker

      5.4 small Not everyone wants a tablet in their pocket, which they get after them all the time, some also use iPad, MacBook, smartphone has its own distinct

    82. Vrmonsi

      If I can get a 7 sized iPhone X I’d be happy

    83. Tobias Praschel

      5.4, i like it

    84. Anna Marfa

      They want to cater to midgets..

    85. وليد ٠٤

      A 5.4 inch iPhone would be a similar size to the iPhone 6,6s,7,8 but with a bigger screen Edit: so it’s not that small

    86. Matthew Gomez

      2014: The Samsung galaxy note 4 is so big (5.7 inches) that it needs its own street address!! hahaha 2019: I can't believe Apple is making such a small iPhone (5.4 inches)

    87. Connor S.

      I would want it, but I know that they’re not gonna put a 3 camera system in a 5.4 and will lock that behind a paywall with the 5.8 and larger phones

    88. Marivel Goosby

      Great video!! I got free Samsung S9 phone becausee I signed up for a giveaway last month! I still can't believe it. You can try it out too - all you have to do is look for Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google & sign up free of charge!

    89. Thib

      Hey applesheep!! Can you give us your thoughts on the new Samsung “Galaxy Book Flex”?? It seems very interesting to me... (this coming from an applesheep too 😃)

    90. Tito Bob

      Hope it’s an iPod

    91. Jacques Cristobal

      Two phones or more. I do enjoy my two 6 inches android phones. Reading, writing, videos. And, discovering those days the tiny, tiny and beautiful iPhone 5s, I enjoy it too, as a second phone. Size of a mp3 reader but with lot of power and divinely working. And so beautiful a little device. It would be great to get this little 5s or se thing, full screen and maybe slightly wider. Because you know, I read and write..... a lot. 😂

    92. Mitta Connor

      I’d buy the smaller screen but only if it has the same specs as their flagships....

    93. thierryf67

      I'm a iPhone SE happy user. I didn't bought it because it would be cheaper... I actually choose it for it SIZE ! I wanted a iPhone i could keep in my wallet pocket, even with its protection. I wanted a iPhone to easily handle it in one hand. I wanted a phone, not a "small" tablet. That's why i'm still using it, and didn't changed it for a newer larger one, till now.

    94. G E

      the body of the 5.4inch model will be smaller than a 7/8plus *screen only*. Why tf is it so small. Don't forget that it's also more narrow

    95. Shahar Rozenbloom

      Also next iPhone Pro and Pro S will have 400 more Nits. With Super XDR Screen.

    96. Shahar Rozenbloom

      And iPhone 11 Will cost 500$ and XR 400$. Solve it Tim.

    97. Bryan G.

      I don’t need a tablet size phone when I have a iPad. Just that simple bro.

    98. brionna95

      Honestly hope they give us a premium option between 5.4 and 6.7. 6.7” is way to big for me and 5.4” is too small. Personally, the 5.7” is PERFECT for ME but if they put out a 6.1 inch 12 Pro, I’d go for that. Really don’t want to go any bigger than that though.

    99. c888

      I have big hands and I love iPhone se and 5s

    100. Peedy

      I work at an APR and we constantly have people asking for the smaller screen versions. So many People still using the 5/5s/se, just because of the size. and I partly agree with them. especially considering I like having my phone in my front pocket, and since the phones keep on getting bigger they don't fit comfortably in my pocket anymore which I find important. Lets hope Apple really listens.