Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Xbox Bundle


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    Clip from Lew Later (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - Is It Worth The Price Tag?) -

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    1. Chaika Gaz

      Im getting this bundle but using the trial on xbone series X instead.

    2. Ritesh Shanker

      Is this xbox gamepass only for Samsung ?

    3. life84 angel

      Will you be able to share the game pass on multiple phones samsung 20 or each phone needs its own pass ?

    4. Captin Nimo

      Pubg doesn't let you use controllers lol

    5. Everyone Wins

      Hi, great, in case you need more dollars on your PayPal account, send an email 👉

    6. originalorange1503

      Iphone users are gonna be mad af haha

    7. Salvatore Garfias

      Later clips You have a cocaine face🤭🤭🤭

    8. VinnyVette

      So can I use my Xbox One controller minus that clip for mobile gaming?

    9. Evan Das

      My dad bought this phone

    10. Inderjot Singh

      I preordered Not 20 Ultra I did not see any option of this controller. Is it me only or anyone else?

    11. TumpySquare

      I’m an Xbox player, but I think if Apple and PS got together they would end everyone. PS and Apple just have the world eating out the palms of their hands. I’d say out of all my friends family and work colleagues it’s 98% PS and 80% IPhone.

    12. _ Scra

      All Xbox Contollers (not first gen) work with bluetooth and can connect to your phone.

    13. Ahsoka Tano

      Wait so you're telling me I could've got the Microsoft game pass with the note 20 ultra I paid for 😤😭😭😭

    14. Davis 'Zarrix' DarkFyre

      I’m a trucker and I’m hoping this helps me game. It’s a huge deal trying to pull out a system or computer just to do a few hours of taking with cable and TV then put it all away it's tedious. This looks like a great way to pass the time and easy

    15. Supreme Medjai

      It annoys me that they actually don't know much about xcloud and GamePass, primarily because he is a "tech guy".

    16. Lucifer -

      My mom Got Her Phone Yesterday And She Has It Am I Able To Play Forza?

    17. Jordan Fizgerald

      Okay, stupid I need an Xbox to stream the games on this?

      1. Jordan Fizgerald

        @Supreme Medjai Awesome! Thank you so much, have the phone now, just waiting for Xcloud to release in Sep and then the controller on Oct haha

      2. Supreme Medjai

        No not at all you just need a compatible device and a GamePass subscription. You can literally game exclusively on your phone or tablet if that's what you want.

    18. Sergiu Gatin

      Any idea how to claim this controller for the note 20 ultra? Or is it happening once released in September for the general public?

    19. A P

      With the note 20 coming out stating it's the go to phone to play for xcloud. Is there actually a diffrence in specs compared to the S20 ultra that makes the note20 ultra play better for the xcloud or is it the same?

    20. jooles yi

      I dont have a Xbox, will i be able to sign up for xcloud and play Xbox games on my note 20?

      1. jooles yi

        @Supreme Medjai thanks I appreciate the reply. Bc I couldn't find anywhere that answered my question

      2. Supreme Medjai

        Yes you will be able to sign up, you don't need to own a Xbox at all.

    21. Christian Rivera

      If i preodrer from t moble can i get the gift card ?

    22. Imazey

      Haha not like I’m ever going to use any Xbox apps 😂

    23. The Bear Minimum

      Stadia is Googles version of XCloud...please get smarter.

    24. josh hummel

      Dude, this is legit AF. Been playing on my Note 10+ and dammmm it's sweet 😁 Can't imagine on the 120Hz 6.9in on the Note 20 Ultra. That's gotta be knucking futz 🤣💯

    25. JustArcher

      I don't see the xbox bundle when going to preorder. I saw it day one, but now that I actually want to preorder it, I don't see it

    26. Sean Ranger

      I get a headache when I try to play on mobile

      1. Malicious Asshole

        I think you can play on tablet too.

    27. FaDdEs_key

      Looks like xbox has no exclusive anymore

    28. Jep Sparow

      I like xbox system So i dont need portable console like switch. Just phone with controler

    29. AMV Channels

      Why the game don't the whole screen its kinda annoy me samsung

    30. BabyShoob

      I hate the fact many phones dont support full screen on xcloud.

    31. Terry Turbo

      Can you get this in uk?

    32. ZED Productions

      I cant use xcloud for some unknown reasons

    33. Mahamad amedi

      I really really loved this move from Samsung... Finally It's time to buy a new phone

    34. Ora Monika

      Their version of Google Stadia?? Oh the disrespect. Stadia has nothing on X- Cloud.

    35. 019_Anshuman Tiwari

      Use Samsung sex and play xcloud on bigger devices like your Monitor or TV

    36. 2muchjpop

      It should come with a series x controller

    37. Dustin Miser

      I'm playing Xbox xcloud RN for free

    38. mike hunt

      What’s up with the sssniperwolf thumbnail...

    39. Joey

      I guess Samsung Dex is going to be different in a couple years

    40. Merlin Ambrosius

      This is mainly Microsoft’s answer to the switch.

    41. Miguel Garcia

      Not hating on Xbox or anything, haven't used one in years but my brother has one. My opinion is, how come you still need AA batteries for the Xbox controller, yet this one is practically the same and has a built-in battery and it goes further, can charge your phone lol...again. Not hating on Xbox (:

    42. Ryan Olsen

      I did this with my s8+, now with my Note 10+. Put it on my 15 inch portable screen and whalah. Not new.

    43. Dwight H

      Iv been doing Xcloud beta since Oct, it's GREAT. It might be great on the Note 20 but if got a note 9 and ok depending on your games. FPS is good, 3rd person like boarderlands is bad. I ended up getting a tablet and it great

    44. Varde

      I really hope they have this gaming bundle for the z fold 2 aswell.with sucha big screen, and a controller, ona 10+ hour flight would be the dream. but then again, there is covid 19.....

      1. Varde

        @icymeow dont think the clip will be touching the screen, not sure

      2. icymeow

        wouldn't the clips damage the screen since it's soft plastic?

    45. Adam Higgy

      Should've been a Razer kishi controller instead

    46. Jermaine Williams

      This is the future

    47. MR. SAMSUNG

      Yo I Pre Ordered my Note how do I get the controller anyone know?

      1. Pjiggy

        You can either get it in the bundle like I did, or order it in September when it officially comes out. I got everything today! Texting on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra right now!

      2. Christoffer Calmén

        I think you can order it when you get your new Note using the Samsung Members app. :)

    48. Joshua Nf

      I am definitely moving to Samsung now!

    49. Jake La Motta

      holy sh.

    50. its KETZ

      Can we have willy do only videos where willy do host it. I really love him and his passion on tech.

    51. Ray O

      Xbox is better then Playstation

    52. Ray O

      Samsung is better the apple

    53. AMON Noatak

      No google stadia is there version of xcloud

    54. 10 ball memes

      Could the note 10 do this?

    55. Brant Brian

      Yeah but here’s my question can I use my game pass and my Xbox at the same time on an android phone and on TV multi user account

      1. Supreme Medjai

        As long as you are not console streaming and you are using a different profile it shouldn't be an issue. Also if both profiles are on the same Xbox you can share gold access. It's a simple option in settings.

      2. torey brown

        @Brant Brian yYah that would help but it's still in beta so it may come in the future.

      3. Brant Brian

        torey brown Then we need a family plan

      4. torey brown

        No it will sign you out on whatever you were last using from my experience.

    56. E Smith

      Xcloud is a 5G or AG Wi-Fi if not it doesn't work any better than the competition.

    57. Blake Russo

      Can't wait for my note20 ultra 5g hope it works good with xcloud

    58. Sidharth Sahu


    59. Rzv R

      This ad make me so unsettling

    60. Dre TrunkSlump Drizzah

      No Google Stadia is Google's Poor version of Xcloud... I have both Xcloud is better...

    61. Gagandeep Singh

      Whatever they do nobody's gonna buy xbox until ps launches in November.😂

      1. Kingwolfboss

        It funny that xbox will be making more money than playstation do to not depending on stupid consoles.

    62. Duncan Jack

      I use cloud on Samsung s10 plus it works well and looks good and good feedback and response, downside u need a good mobile package if your.useing 4g/5g

    63. Rito

      It's cool, but who's gonna carry around a Xbox controller everywhere they go? Hopefully it works better than Stadia.

      1. Duck's

        Obviously its gonna be better than stadia

    64. dark side

      Samsung is the best in world ❤


      Lew take a look at my channel if you want to know more about xcloud

    66. Judex Atshatshi.b

      It's dope but I personally think that should make a ps5 of 4 able to game on phone

    67. Chaika Gaz

      saw the bundle and the 3 month xbox game pass is for new users only. Rip for ppl who have been using it.

    68. David Wright

      Mobile gaming, 3g ,4g or higher downloads a must, best Mobile gaming should allow and test for games to be put on storage cards for maximum space and storage or the best paddle should allow for data cards, multiple cards with huge storage to choose from, and the nice phone for mobile is just a screen the the controller uses along with the phones interface and internet service.

    69. Bolshoi Booze

      too bad region with exynos variant will not have this feature with xbox.

    70. Jacob Tedford

      I love how a few years ago there was the whole meme about being a mobile gamer, now you legitimately can be a mobile gamer

    71. sn3blackstar

      Will this work with the s20 ultra

      1. BeastlyBonsai

        Yes it works on any android phone

    72. Jeffrey Felcan

      Samsung actually does fun and interesting stuff. Why can’t Apple do the same and not be boring af with their products? Like, cmon!

      1. PopCap Music

        Money is money and money make them happie

    73. Jayesh Batra

      People Don't get it, if you are on XBOX XCLOUD you don't own a game you just happen to have access of it for a month And it's the proprietor's decision to remove that game at his discretion XCLOUD is awesome but it's a trap which will eventually leave you with nothing, XCLOUD shouldn't be the primary gaming platform but a access to all the games you can have access to which you can have later a permanent ownership of . Although it's a great step but should be seen correctly 😉

      1. Kingwolfboss

        That wat steaming service are retard why do you need to own something to enjoy it.

    74. one game

      iphone? ipad? No Xcloud? WTF

    75. Casey Grogan

      I want to know what they’re keeping from us about the Fold 2 like are they going to have same kind of bundle and credit or more credit like $200 instead. I feel like they had more to say but are wanting to have it’s own event.

    76. James Buccola

      How do you get the bundle?

    77. Matthew Buendicho

      Does anyone remember OnLive? They were the first to play anywhere. Been using xcloud and console streaming, this is the new way of gaming.

    78. H G

      u need to have a wifi router with a good 5Ghz connection, or if you wanna play outside, u gotta have a good 5G connection, i believe... i see it more useful at home, like when somebodies hoggin the TV to watch the news, you can play anywhere else in the house with that good good 5Ghz connection.. i played the Beta, and i guess theyre releasing it in Beta. im sure theyll work on it more to make it flawless.

    79. Ian M

      Xbox and Sony aren’t really as much of competitors this gen. Xbox is paving the way for the future while Sony is giving us the best of what is out currently. I’m really excited for both consoles even though I lean more to Xbox since I have most of my games on there😀.

    80. Marky 360

      Yea if Samsung would just offer a headphone jack with the Note 20 I wouldn't completely laugh it right out of the room 🤣🤣🤣

    81. BIG ROB DUB

      Check this out right here

    82. harshil mange


    83. harshil mange


    84. harshil mange


    85. jcru40

      I can carry My Note 20 ultra and Xbox One in My pocket !!!!!!

    86. Ultimate GamerYT

      Why xbox tho. They're the worst

      1. BeastlyBonsai


    87. Gelo Mendoza

      Am I the only one who wants to have his beard shaved?

    88. Yardie Forlife

      There version of Google Stadia... WTF are these two talking about. Microsoft been doing this for years before Google so how is it a version of Google. Sometimes these two say the dumbest shit.

    89. Rell Da Barber

      So I take it this dont work for note 10 ?

      1. Greg Little

        It will still work with the note 10, and any other android device.

    90. Prateek Goswami

      "Good business" I see wat u did there cheeky

    91. Yohance

      I have questions, the xbox controller is bluetooth right? So can you use the xbox controller with earbuds? Can you connect two bluetooth devices to the phone at the same time?

      1. Yohance

        @Greg Little thank you

      2. Greg Little

        Yes, most new devices allow you to connect more than one Bluetooth device at once. The controller will just be labeled as an input device and the earbuds and an audio device.

    92. Rob Sch

      Product names have been getting really lazy lately.

    93. Hassyboy11_

      looks dope

    94. Michael Philip

      Not even available in Australia. What a joke. Samsung bending us over again

    95. Dani 08

      Bro I cant wait I'm trying to get the galaxey it's bad ass

      1. icymeow

        @PopCap Music - You don't need to save more, if you pre-order you get Galaxy Buds Live for free with the Ultra and Galaxy Buds+ with the standard.

      2. PopCap Music

        Save more and buy also the buds live, that would be so cool.

    96. Jonathan

      It’s going to be tough moving from the iPhone to Samsung

    97. Noob master

      I would say the best thing to do is wait till xbox release those new exclusives and games while they release series x and then watch a few game rating videos on youtube and do some research and make a list of great games in game pass like halo, gears ,rdr2, what remains of Edith finch, forza , etc etc. And then buy this deal and I would say within 2 months you will be able to finish all the good games. That's it. With technically 30 dollars (if you have first month for 1 dollar offer then only 16 dollars)

    98. Nathan Elcoate

      Bye Apple

    99. Enoch Gitonga

      In 2020 we have all these personal smart devices; watches, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, VR headsets. The question becomes do I really need all of them, and which devices can be merged? Apple is a closed eco system now with the move to Apple Silicon on MACs. With Big Sur you can tell that there is a renewed focus by Apple on gaming with addition of support for gaming controllers as an example. So if they are not playing nice with Xbox or Stadia, you can bet it is because they are building their own gaming ecosystem. A game developer will be attracted to the huge Apple device market share. As a developer I can develop cross platform games for Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Android, and Apple. I won't leave out Apple especially if the work of porting my games to the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac is simplified by having to write just one set of code. Xbox is not just a game developer though Microsoft own a few studios now, they are more of a gaming platform. As a platform the one area of weakness is, they don't have a mobile OS or a mobile phone product line. So they have to partner with a Mobile OS and a Mobile Phone manufacturer. Mobile gaming is so important that is why we have Sony with the PSP and Nintendo. However those are one more devices we don't need to carry because the Smartphone has become capable. Apple and Google as a mobile gaming platform have the advantage of offering a hybrid service where you can either download the games and play them locally or you can play the games on the cloud. Microsoft strategy for mobile gaming heavily depends on partnership since they don't have their own their mobile platform and phone. This is also why I believed we would see a Surface Phone running Android. The partnership with Samsung makes sense. The phone app brings the Android experience to Windows. Again Microsoft don't have a Mobile OS so it makes sense making moving between Android and Windows as seemless as possible.

    100. Amit Padhan

      Can't wait for xCloud... With my smartphone